How to choose a microSD memory card for phone

How to choose a microSD memory card for phone. Secure Digital memory standards

From logic, it is clear that any digit indicates the speed of a MB per second (MB/S).

Types of memory cards. How differs

SD or Secure Digital cards appeared in 2000. They are characterized by small sizes (24 x 32 x 2.1 mm) and weighing about 2 grams. They also have 9 contacts and a switch blocking the possibility of recording. SD cards are most often used in laptops and digital chambers, as well as in old GPS navigation devices, drones, video cameras and sports registrars.

For easier distinguishing containers, SD cards are of different names:

  • SD means that the card has a container of 2 GB
  • SDHC reports that the card can accommodate from 4 GB to 32 GB of data
  • SDXC is a memory that can accommodate from 64 GB to 2 TB data.

Knowing combinations of several letters allows you to quickly determine how much data can be saved on a memory card.

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SD carriers revolutioned the memory market for mobile devices and quickly won the recognition of users. However, the dynamic development of mobile devices led to the fact that SD cards have become too large for use in mobile phones. Then Microsd memory cards are used to the stage, which are used today in many smartphones.

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Microsd memory cards, which are successors of SD memory cards, until recently were the smallest memory carriers in the world (now they have been bypassed by Nanosd cards). Compactness is their main advantage. They are dimensions 11 x 15 x 1 mm and weigh a quarter gram. They are so small that they can easily fit on one coin.

choose, microsd, memory, card

These ultra-compact dimensions led to their success. Microsd memory cards are compatible with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and headphones. After installing the SD adapter, they can be used in any device compatible with a full.Fledged SD expansion slot. Repeating the hierarchy of a big brother, they are divided into Microsd, Microsdhc and Microsdxc cards. Separation, from the point of view of the container is exactly the same as in the case of SD cards.

CF (Compact Flash memory cards today can be found in professional mirror cameras. This standard has gained popularity among photographers, thanks to a large capacity and speed.

The latest generation CF cards, theoretically, are able to store up to 147456 TB of data, surpassing the SD standard. And provide an impressive speed of reading, which reached 300 Mbit/s, but the appearance of CFAST cards raised the bar to 500 MB/s, while maintaining size 42.8 x 36.4 mm. CF thickness, depending on the type, is 3.3 or 5 mm. Therefore, they are much larger than SD cards, however, they compensate for their size by technical characteristics.

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So maybe them, these memory cards?

In an ideal world that Apple and Google is like to talk about, the owner of the smartphone travels between Wi-Fi access points with impeccable speed and in the territory with an unusually high-quality, unloaded connection of the LTE-DVANCED standard. Over, he does this with an unlimited tariff plan (ha ha ha ha!), through which 4K-video, films in the resolution of Full HD and gigabytes of games are evenly smeared according to drives with a capacity of 64 GB or slightly less. Reality is so more prosaic that we will not better paint it in detail. The dreamers will be upset.

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Do not forget that the mobile systems on the chip switched to the 10 Nm Finfet technological process, which means that the further development of the technroma will pass painfully for a long time. That is, the processors in smartphones will develop less intensively, as is already happening in desktops. And, if customers of smartphones are less likely to change them to new models, the drives will become a “bottle” neck for owners of smartphones without a microSD slot.

You see a capacity of 16 GB. Do not believe your eyes (

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And buying a high-capacity memory card is still more profitable than a couple of years of payment of cloud storage (for access to which the appropriate Internet quality is required). Over, the reliability of modern “flash drives” will help save all the necessary data when the smartphone died and did not have time to synchronize with the online drive.

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May there always be an effective “plan B” in your life even in the most unpleasant situations, and data dear to your heart are never lost! After all, only in them and dear people the details of everyday life are captured, which we will recall with warmth decades later.

choose, microsd, memory, card

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