How To Choose A Filter For A Turtle Aquarium

If you started a red-eared turtle, then it is important for you to know some rules for selecting a filter for an aquarium.

Aquatic turtles feed on food that quickly deteriorates and pollutes water, in addition, they themselves strongly pollute the microflora in the aquarium with their waste products. Therefore, do not think that you will not need to clean the aquarium often.

Today, fans of aquarium turtles come to the aid of special filters that automatically purify water and saturate it with oxygen. In this article we will tell you how to choose such a filter element.

What are the requirements for a tortoise filter?

In order to choose the right filter for aquarium turtles, it is necessary to take into account the technical requirements for them, learn about their types, and understand what their advantages and disadvantages are.

So, as for fish, filters are divided into external and internal.

  • Internal filters for turtles aquariums made in the form of a small container made of plastic. On the sides it is equipped with special slots through which water flows.

Cartridges with filter media, usually a sponge, are installed inside. Over time, when beneficial bacteria grow in the filler, the sponge begins to work as a biological filter.

At the top of the device is a pump with a diffuser that pumps water and saturates it with oxygen.

Internal filters are often used in aquariums of small volumes (50-100 liters), where small turtles live.

They can be placed in the aquarium in any position (vertically or horizontally), which allows them to be installed in shallow aquariums.

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Note that when buying an internal filter for a turtle, it is worthwhile to install it in a separate compartment, because turtles can bite the tubes.

Also, many owners of aquarium turtles complain about the poor performance of the internal filter elements, which is why they quickly become clogged.

  • To get past all these shortcomings, you should get an external filter, especially to the owners of one or more large turtles (with a shell length of 10-15 cm).

For such amphibians, a capacity of more than 120 liters is required. When buying an external filter, it is worth considering that it should pump at least 8-10 volumes of the aquarium per hour.

Externally, the design is made as a canister. Water purification takes place in a tank in the form of a tank attached to the outside of the terrarium.

The circulation of water from the aquarium to the filter and vice versa is provided by the pump, through the intake and exhaust plastic pipes.

Inside the canister there are several compartments for different types of fillers that cleanse the water polluted by turtles.

Also, as in the external filter elements in the fillers of these devices, bacteria multiply, ensuring effective biological purification of water.

The advantage of external filters is their high performance, space saving and lack of contact between parts of the filter element and turtles, as it is located outside the terrarium.

What to buy – overview of external and internal filters

A wide selection of aquarium filters for turtles makes you wonder which device is best and what to ultimately choose.

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We bring to your attention several reliable and productive options for aquariums with a volume of 50-200 liters:

  • Aquael Asap 500. Internal filter with a productivity of 500 l / hour. The design of the filter allows it to work at a shallow depth (about 10 cm). The upper part of the device is equipped with a compartment for the filler (sponge), and the bottom is equipped with an engine.

The filter provides biological and mechanical cleaning of water. It also creates a flowing stream of water, saturating it with oxygen.

Benefits: quiet; to replace the sponge, it is enough to disconnect the container without having to remove the entire filter.

Disadvantages: fragile plastic; inconvenient cleaning of the pump chamber. Cost: 900 rubles.

  • Aquael Unimax 150. A good external canister-type turtle filter that purifies and oxygenates water. It passes 450 liters per hour through itself, while it is very economical. Dimensions: 26 x 22.5 x 35 cm.

Benefits: the presence of a sprinkler nozzle for aeration; silent thanks to the adapter, the hoses can be disconnected without removing them from the terrarium; Built-in automatic water filling system – provides easy start-up.

Disadvantages: water may leak out from under the lid. Cost: 5350 rubles.

  • JBL CristalProfi e701 greenline. External mounting filter that purifies water through continuous circulation, which is provided by a maintenance-free pump.

Productivity: 700 l / h. Dimensions: 18 x 21 x 35 cm.

Benefits: profitability; high performance; silent operation; the presence of beads; giving the effect of self-cleaning the filter.

Disadvantages: the manual pump for pumping water does not always work. Cost: 6000 rubles.

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Good to know

Where and how to install filters in aquariums for turtles.

Internal filter elements are installed in the aquarium as follows:

  1. The terrarium is half filled with water;
  2. Dry all filter parts before assembly;
  3. We immerse the device (not connected to the outlet) into the aquarium on the opposite side of the coast, where turtles rest;
  4. Using suction cups, we attach the structure to the walls of the aquarium – it should not touch the bottom;
  5. We bring out the tube that takes air;
  6. We turn on the device, after which a flow of water should appear.

Mounting sequence of the external filter:

  1. The ends of the tubes for the intake and release of water are immersed in the opposite sides of the aquarium;
  2. We fill the device with water from the aquarium: for this we connect a hose for water intake to the threads on the filter cover. We open the crane and fill in water;
  3. We attach the outlet hose to the device and pour water through the free end, after which we attach it to the plastic outlet in the terrarium;
  4. We open two taps on the filter and connect the device’s outlet to the mains – the water will begin to mix.
How To Choose A Filter For A Turtle Aquarium

Attention! Filters for the Red-eared Turtle need to be cleaned once every 1-2 months, as these animals leave an abundance of waste in the aquarium.

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