How to check your balance on your computer

How to know the balance of a cell phone

To check your balance, you most often use a short command. it allows you to instantly see the amount on your phone screen. Each operator has its own combination of digits for this. The universal way for all users. to enter the personal cabinet. The account status is displayed at the top of the main page, so that the subscriber can see this information immediately after entering.

MTS subscribers have the largest choice of short commands to check the account:

  • Dial 100# and press call. You will see a notification with the amount on the balance.
  • Send a message to the number 111. In the body of the SMS, type 11. The answer will also be delivered via SMS.
  • Call 111. this is “Mobile Assistant”. The voice menu will tell you what digits you need to press to find out your phone balance. For quick access. number 1, then 1 again.
  • “MTS Service is a mobile menu. Opens by requesting 111#, call button. Send digits, corresponding to the desired command: 2. account, then 1. balance. The information will be shown in the SMS.

Go to your profile on the operator’s site or download the “My MTS” application to your smartphone on Google Play or AppStore.

You can ask a question about your balance to the office staff. To call technical support, dial 0890. Prepare your passport to receive help from the specialists.


Almost all modems send SMS messages. To inquire your balance via SMS, send an empty message to number 000100. You will receive an answer in 1-2 minutes. If your phone doesn’t support sending empty SMS, press space in the text. it will be enough. There is a similar instruction to send SMS to 0500, but it does not work. There is a help service at 0500, which receives subscribers’ questions in text form.

Install “My Megafon” application on your smartphone or tablet. Authorize with the phone number and password (instructions for obtaining it are given above). The balance is indicated in the application on the main page.

One more way. use “Balance of dear ones” service. Send from your modem the USSD command 4381XXXXXXXXXXXX#, where XXXXXXXXXXXX is the number used in your phone. Dial the command 100_modem number# on your phone, and you will find out the current balance. The service is free, but not available on all tariff plans. It is able to check the account balance on three numbers. it is convenient for checking the accounts of children and elderly relatives.

Capabilities of a personal cabinet

The easiest way to find out the balance of Internet is to enter the Personal Cabinet. It’s quite simple and fast. You usually have no problems logging into your account. To get into your account, you’ll need to enter your username and password.

Some providers may require other information for authorization and logging into your personal account:

  • the number of the service contract;
  • number of client’s personal account;
  • Number of cell phone which is connected to the LOC;
  • email address.

After authorization the system will remember your login and password for the next logins. Registration procedure in the personal cabinet does not take more than five minutes. In his account, the user can see the balance of the home Internet and get other necessary information on financial expenditures. In the Personal Computer Center you may not only find out which tariff plan is connected, but also change it. Also here you can manage all connected options. Many providers offer an online refill of your account with a bank card or payment system. For convenience, you can activate the option of automatic notification. Thus, every month you will receive e-mails with the data on your balance.

With the help of USSD command (only for Rostelecom mobile communication subscribers)

For subscribers of this operator it is possible to use USSD-request 102# and quickly check your balance. It will come in the form of a notification directly to your cell phone.

Read this article carefully, and choose your own way to track your balance at Rostelecom. Pay for the services of this operator on time and enjoy fast Internet from the leader of the national telecommunications market.

“Rostelecom” is one of the largest telecom operators in Russia. Among the services of a telecommunications company: television, mobile and landline communications, Internet and other.

Millions of users regularly use Rostelecom services. Naturally, in order to ensure smooth operation, subscribers of any operator need to always keep track of their balance.

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Keeping your account positive allows you to stay connected and avoid unpleasant consequences such as blocking services. That is why subscribers regularly ask: “How can I check my phone balance at Rostelecom?? Internet, TV, phone and other services, alas, are not free.

How to know, check balance on cell phone. all ways.

It often happens that before calling your friends or relatives you need to check your account balance. It is done to know exactly how much money has been charged for communication services.

All mobile network operators have different commands and requests to track account balance. In this article I will summarize all the options and commands that will help you to quickly find out the balance of your phone number.

How to check your account status on Beeline?

Dial 0697 and press the “Call” button. An automatic voice answering machine will tell you what is your account balance of Beeline mobile operator. This service is free of charge.

Dial request 102# and press “Call” button. Balance will be shown on the screen of your mobile device. This service is also free.

You can also use Beeline SIM-card menu, which is located in the main menu of the phone. After logging in press “My Beeline”, and then press “My Balance“. The balance will be shown on the screen of your mobile device. The service is free.

How to check balance of other Beeline phone?

If your children or relatives don’t know their cell phone well, then you can control the balance on their phone by yourself. Connect “Balance of close people” service and check your balance by means of request1311 phone number#. After typing the command, press “Call” button.

To find out more information, activate, deactivate, and check the account of another Beeline number you can call 06409.

Dial request100# and press “Call” button. You will be replied with an SMS message or your balance will be shown on the screen of your mobile device. The service is free of charge.

Dial 111 and press “Call” button. Voice answering robot tells you what is your balance on the cellular operator MTS. This service is free of charge.

Using “MTS-service” application. The application is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

The 1001# request. shows the balance of minutes and SMS for your tariff plan.

Request 217#. displays the remainder of the Internet traffic.

Request 1111123#. will help you to use “Promised payment” service.

How to check balance of another MTS phone?

You can check the account of another MTS subscriber, if his number is included in the list of “favorite” subscribers. This option is free of charge for MTS subscribers. You can check your sweetheart’s balance by dialing 140 phone number#. After typing the command, press the “Call” button.

How to check the account status on Megaphone?

Dial number 0501 and press the “Call” button. An answering robot will tell you what is your balance on your Megafon account. The service is completely free of charge.

Dial 100# and press “Call” button. Balance will be shown on the screen of your mobile device. The service is free of charge.

Check your account on the service page.megafonnw.Follow the instructions.

With connected “Live balance” option. Account information will always be displayed online on the cell phone screen.

I hope that this tip will help you quickly find out your balance in the “Big Three” cellular network.

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How to check the balance of MTS

Questions & Answers

MTS services, available with a negative balance are considerably restricted. Not having money on your account you will not be able to make calls, send SMS and use the Internet. Of course, it is possible to use the service “call me back”, but it is not the most convenient way of keeping in touch. Lack of money in the account leads to significant restrictions, and it is a fact. Therefore each subscriber must know how to check your balance on MTS. In this case, the operator provides customers with several ways to find out the balance on their account.

You can check your balance on MTS:

check, your, balance, computer

The above methods are equally convenient and easy to use. You can use any option on the basis of personal preferences. Certainly, there are other ways to check your balance, but they are less convenient and therefore are rarely used. For example, you can call an MTS operator or even go to an MTS office, but this is not the case when it is worth spending so much time to get the information. Agree that it is much more convenient to use USSD-command or self-service system and find out your balance instantly rather than wait for the answer from the call center specialist.

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How to check balance on sberbank card: 5 ways

The answer to the question of how to check the balance of Sberbank card does not give the only option. The bank client is offered a number of methods to choose, with the help of which it is possible to be constantly aware of the balance of the debit or credit card.

There are several ways to find out how much money is currently on the Sberbank card:

detailed information is presented below.

How to check Sberbank card balance via ATM

Using any ATM of Sberbank you can easily get the required information. Insert the card into the receiving section, dial the individual pin-code and follow the instructions on the screen. You can see the account balance on the display or get a paper receipt by selecting the “Print receipt” option.

Gadget owners can quickly check the balance on a Sberbank card through a computer, requiring only access to the Internet and connection to Sberbank services.

PC holders can check card balance in Sberbank Online personal cabinet. Previously, we described how to connect this service. The verification algorithm is simple: you need to open the website and enter your login and password into the appropriate form. Next, type the code received by SMS to the number indicated at registration. After that, access to the personal cabinet will be opened. There will be information about the current balances on the card and other accounts of the client in Sberbank.

“Mobile Bank” from Sberbank will allow you to check the card balance even faster. the entrance to the personal account from the iPod or iPhone is carried out without a confirmation code, by dialing a personal password.

How to check the balance of the sberbank card by phone

After calling to the Call Center, you can check the card balance: Sberbank provides this information to the clients based on the card number.

  • Call the 24-hour center 8-800-555-55-50;
  • After receiving the sound information, dial “2” in the tone mode;
  • Enter your card number and dial #;
  • After that, you must enter the numeric code of the first three letters of the code word that is specified in the application form. The number code of each letter is equal to the serial number of the letter in the alphabet, 1. A, 2. B, 3. C 33. I. Press #;
  • It will open the menu to access card information. By dialing “1” you can find out card account balance.

This option is not easy, but it can be useful, if you need to check the balance on your Sberbank card from your mobile, without access to a computer or ATM.

To check Sberbank card balance using the card number, you can use the help of a support service specialist. Call a support center number and wait to be connected to an operator. Then give the number of the card, passport data, and the code word.

You can check the balance of Sberbank card via SMS-service by sending a request to number 900. To do this, you should first activate the “Mobile bank” service of Sberbank. The next steps are simple: send an SMS with the text “Balance” and the last 5 digits of the card number to the number 900. Instead of “BALANCE” in the message, you can use the words: OSTATOK, BALANS, BALANCE, 01.

How to check the card balance at a bank branch

Another available way to check the balance is a personal visit to the nearest Sberbank office, with a passport and a card. You can easily get information about funds on your card account after addressing to a specialist at the operating room and presenting your passport. The operator will issue a certificate of cardholder’s balance, which is sometimes required for obtaining a tourist visa or other purposes.

As you see, there is a choice of ways to quickly check the balance on Sberbank card. The convenience of using mobile applications today raises no doubts. But in case of lack of access to it you can choose any other variant of getting information.

How to check the balance on the modem?

Every user of mobile Internet sooner or later faces the task of checking the balance of his number. If everyone is familiar with such operation on a smartphone or tablet, but if you use a modem or mobile router, many subscribers are not aware of the possibility to check the account balance directly via the device’s interface.

If a modem is nearby, at hand, you can remove the SIM card from it, insert it into the phone and, by entering the command, get information about the balance. But what to do when the modem is located in the amplifying antenna, outside the window, on the roof, on a mast several meters high?

Actually it is very easy to check the balance of the SIM card in the universal modem Huawei E3372-h with Hilink firmware. You do not need to remove the SIM card from the modem, or dismantle the antenna. Usually a modem installed in the antenna box is either connected by cable to the WI-FI router, or directly to the USB-connector of PC or laptop.

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Open the browser on your device and perform a few actions, which do not take more than a couple of minutes.

Web interface modem can be accessed via a browser. You do not even need to connect the cable from the antenna or the modem to your PC. Simply connect to the WI-FI network from a router with your mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

The screenshot to the left is a view from a smartphone with an Android OS. 1. In the address bar of the browser type or just copy and paste this link2. Go to USSD item. USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). service, which allows organizing interaction between the subscriber of the mobile operator and the application in the mode of sending short messages. In simple words, this is an interface for sending inquiries and receiving responses with the help of special codes.

You need to enter service code in special field and press “Send” button. Each operator has its own code and description below is provided for each operator.

MTS, Megafon and YotaTo check your SIM card balance from a modem with Hilink firmware, enter code 100#To check your Tele2 SIM card balance from a modem with Hilink firmware, enter code 1051# Beeline To check your Beeline SIM card balance from a modem with Hilink firmware, enter code 102#

Rostelecom To check Rostelecom SIM card balance from a modem with Hilink firmware, enter the code 122#

What to do if your balance is zero?

On the account of the cell phone there is 0

It is always unpleasant when the phone balance is close to zero. It is impossible to make calls or send SMS messages and it is not possible to get on the Internet to visit necessary services without the phone. But the operators took care of subscribers and offer a set of simple manipulations, which will help to use the services without limitations.

Tele2. the balance is close to zero, there are 3 ways out of this situation:

  • To get “Promised payment”: 1221#call key.
  • Send a free text message to your friends or family asking them to call you back: 118#callkey.
  • Send a free SMS through the Internet. You can do this in the subscriber’s profile.

Megafon. if your balance is close to zero you can activate “Promised payment” service. There are several ways for this:

  • SMS with an amount (150 or 300) to 0006.
  • Call 0006 and follow robot instructions.
  • Dial 106#call key or 1006#call key.
  • Order the service on the official site, on “Replenish my account” page.

MTS. “Call me back, please” service. Do the following:

Beeline. “Live zero” service functions with a zero balance on Beeline. In this case you will not be able to make calls, but calls and SMS of other operators will reach you without problems. If you need to make a call, then do the following:

  • Activate “Auto-Payment” service by dialing 1149#callkey.
  • Trust payment” service: 141# call key. To find out how much money can be credited to your account, dial this combination: 1417#call key.
  • Service “Auto-trust payment”. This service will help you to top up your balance automatically, if it turns out to be less than 50. You only need to dial once: 14111#call key.
  • SMS “Replenish my account”. You can send this free request to your friends, family, or any other subscriber of this operator. Dial this combination: 143 subscriber’s number#call key.
  • Call at caller’s expense” option. Dial 05050 before the number of the called party. Wait to be connected to the caller, and if the caller agrees to talk, you will be connected. If the person you are talking to does not want to pay for this call, then there will be no connection.
  • The “Call me” service: 144 subscriber’s number#call key.

Yota. if the Yota operator has no money on the account, the subscriber does not need to do anything, since the operator has already taken care of it. You may continue to use the Internet even if you do not have the opportunity to recharge your account. But this service is available if you are currently abroad, and you are unable to recharge your account. It will be valid as long as your phone will remain in roaming. It is possible to communicate with others with a zero balance by means of such popular messengers:

As you can see, each operator has provided everything necessary to make it easy for the subscriber to use mobile services. The combinations of requests and USSD commands are simple, as are the phone numbers by which you can find out specific account information.

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