How to Check Xiaomi Smartphone for Authenticity

Any Xiaomi device needs authentication, and later in the article we will consider several options for how this can be done. You will need a little time, the device itself and the desire to find out the truth, which does not always turn out the way we would like to see it.

The first way. the most reliable

The first method of verification is one of the most reliable, since it is provided by the device manufacturer. I would like to warn you right away that if this verification method shows that your Xiaomi Redmi 3S or other model is unoriginal, but with the help of extraneous applications, such as Antutu Officer, CPU-Z or others, you will get a positive result, most likely you have the device unoriginal.

It should be understood that the Chinese are quite inventive, it is not difficult for them to fake the results you get from unofficial sources, because there are no guarantees that such methods of verification were developed by the pirates themselves. In general, then you decide what is true and what is fiction, we just show how to distinguish fake:

How to Check Xiaomi Smartphone for Authenticity

  • The first step is to go to the official MIUI device verification website at
  • After that, download the application for verification by clicking on the Download App button.
  • Next, we scan the QR code, by which the device will be recognized.
  • It is important to understand that the results are displayed on the same page where the QR is located, so do not close it. The results are not sent to your phone!

The second way. verification via security code

There are two more ways to check for IMEI and security code. There are two verification methods on

  • By clicking on the link, initially before us opens the verification window for the security code.
  • Take the box from your Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro or other Xiaomi device, and then find a protected field on it that can be erased. You have seen such fields on mobile recharge cards.
  • Erasing the shell, we will find a 20-digit code, the numbers from which we enter in the first field of the window on the left. Then register the captcha in the second field and press the Verify button.

So you will be able to understand whether your device has passed the verification of originality. A positive result will display the number of checks of this code, which should be no more than one.

The third way. imei check

In the same window, we switch the verification tab by clicking on the Verify your phone purchase inscription, where we can verify our Xiaomi phone for authenticity using EMEI and S / N (serial number). You can get this information:

  • On battery, phone back cover or box.
  • Enter # 06 # into the dialing menu.
  • Go to “Settings”. “About phone”. “About the device.”

We enter the found numbers in the corresponding fields, and then click the check button. Having received factory data on your device, we can say that you have no fake on your hands.


Thanks to the methods described above, you will probably be able to verify the authenticity of the Xiaomi device, since verification methods are official and can hardly be faked. As for the methods of verification with the help of third programs, no one can give any guarantees, and you can decide how much you can trust them.