How to Check Xiaomi Redmi 5 Phone

6 ways to check Xiaomi for originality

How to Check Xiaomi Redmi 5 Phone

This is the easiest and fastest way. The verification results are 100% correct, since the algorithm reads the IMEI or serial number that you entered and looks for it in the official database of Xiaomi phones released.

  1. We go to the official verification site of Xiaomi Verify.
  2. Enter your IMEI (you can check two, but separately). To find out IMEI. look at the back of the box, or enter a special code # 06 # in the menb calls and copy the numbers.
  3. Enter the security code (captcha).
  4. If the phone / tablet is original, you will receive a green message on the successful verification.
  5. If the device is a fake, you will see a red inscription.

Verification via IMEI

This method does not always work, but is ideal for those who, for example, do not have enough internal memory to install an additional application. And here you need only direct access to the phone and an online translator.

The problem is this: the most skilled and experienced “thieves” sometimes assign fake official IMEIs to mislead the user.

How to know your IMEI

But still try to carry out the operation. First, find out your IMEI and S / N (serial number). There are two options for this:

  1. We find the factory box in which they bought the smartphone. There should be a barcode on the back. If you look carefully, you can see the necessary data on it.
  2. Or open “Phone” and enter the following number: # 06 #. Do not forget about the symbols, do not change or rearrange the numbers. Immediately after typing a command, IMEI will be displayed. In order to show the serial number, go to “Settings”. “About Phone” and “General Information”. In the list that appears, the necessary material will be sure.

In fact, the second method is identical to the first, only here we use instead of the IMEI serial number of one of the SIM cards.

Verification through the AnTuTu Officer app

Also an easy way, identical to the first. Only here the program is already provided by the benchmark AnTuTu Officer (should not be confused with standard AnTuTu) First, do the same procedure as with the Verification Tool. Namely:

  1. The application has been removed from Google Play, but the latest working version can be downloaded from w3bsit3-dns.com.
  2. We are waiting for the installation to complete. We go into the application.
  3. Now we open the official page on the computer, do not close it until the successful completion of the procedure.

On the smartphone, click “Start“And again scan the QR code. The real-time check begins. As soon as it ends, we get the result.

A green screen with the name of your device means that the phone is original. If a fake. there may be several options. A black or red page is possible.

Performance Check

This is an addition to the main testing, but quite true. The fact is that in all real Xiaomi, the Android operating system contains the MIUI shell. Whereas non-original smartphones may have any other software. No matter how they are advertised by sellers and not given out as unique, know that genuine Xiaomi is only MIUI.

Another important fact: it is impossible to install firmware on a fake. That is, even getting root-rights will fail. During this operation, the phone will constantly fly out, turn off, you can observe obscure characters and screens.

Identification of fakes based on appearance

It is not always possible to determine the fake. The most experienced “pirates”, earning thousands of dollars on their fakes, have learned how to draw them up with such accuracy that the average user very often gets into a network of lies.

Signs of a Fake Phone

  1. Cheap bending plastic, which constantly scratches and dirty marks;
  2. Fragile body;
  3. Low quality display; the screen was shattered from minimal damage;
  4. A high-performance camera takes terrible pictures, the flash does not respond to distant objects;
  5. Sound with interference, the speaker is cracking, the interlocutor is almost inaudible.

Note! Some of these points can sometimes be observed in real Xiaomi, so this data is not enough to bring charges of fake.

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