How to check which devices are connected to the router

We find out who is connected to your wi-fi

Let’s figure out how you can find out who is connected to your wi-fi. Today, numerous programs are used to protect personal data, they are considered safe. Some time ago, using such protection helped to make sure that your Wi-Fi access for outsiders was closed, provided that good passwords are used, but there will be just to see the “extra” guests.

The use of graphic adapters and other devices allows for the selection of strong passwords. But if you cannot guarantee that your Wi-Fi network is inviolable, then you need to at least know who has connected and is already using your Wi-Fi. It’s one thing when a neighbor uses your network. A completely different situation arises when your network can be used to commit criminal actions. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to ensure the security of the network, see and find out who can be connected to it.

List of Wi-Fi clients on ASUS router

Everything is very simple. We go into the settings of our router asus. We open the browser, go to address 192.168.One.1, enter the user name and password (by default Admin and Admin). And we are in the settings. If anything, here is a detailed instructions for the entrance to the control panel.

Immediately on the main page, you will see a network card, and there will be a customer item there. We click on the icon itself, and on the right there will be a list of devices connected to your Wi-Fi router. If you press the View List button, you will have a list with detailed information. If you notice, then even the signal level on each device is displayed there.

The names of the devices, IP and MAC addresses are indicated there. To make kaik changes for a certain device, just click on it. Another window will appear in which you can change the name of the bonds, IP addresses, tie the MAC address of this device to the IP address, turn on parental control for the client, block the Internet, and even change the device icon.

How to Block WiFi users on Huawei Router

To block access to the Wi-Fi Internet for the client on the ASUS router, you must first install the Mac and IP Address Binding switch to the ON position. Thus, we will fix the static IP address for this device. And enable Block Internet Access. This we will block the Internet access for the Wi-Fi client. Do not forget to press the button to apply.

A icon will appear near the device, which says that the Internet is blocked for this client.

So, we looked at the list of connected devices, and even learned to block access to the Internet for individual customers.

If you have found any third-party devices in the list, then the best way is to just change the password for a Wi-Fi network. You will connect with Wi-Fi with a new password, and third-party devices will no longer be able to connect.

How to see connected devices on the Huawei router

Huawei routes settings are less standardized. This means that for different routers and in different versions of the firmware, the path of access to the list of devices is different. But on any Huawei you can check which equipment is connected to Wi-Fi. The most common addresses for entering the web-intake are the same as for TP-LINK. IP 192 are a little less common.168.3.1 and 192.168.100.One. If the name and password “Admin” are not suitable, try to enter in both text fields “User”.

The entrance itself is made through the browser, according to the same scheme as the previous manufacturer. To find out the names of active and disconnected customers, use the link in the “Status” section. It is located under the home network on the main page of the web-intese. In the absence of this item, you need to go to the “home network” menu and check the “Lan” tab “. For each connected device, you can enter your name in order to find it out in the future in the future in the list.

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Note! After clicking on the icon or name, the menu will open, which allows you to turn on parental control or set speed restriction. These functions allow you to control the Internet access.

Blocking an unknown device in a Wi-Fi router

How easy it is to find out who uses my Wi-Fi, we showed. Thanks to this now, you will easily find the one who steals the Internet. A banal shutdown of the thief from the network, it will not be enough. After all, after a short period of time, the thief to connect again and continue to steal traffic. Here it is necessary to take more radical measures, one of the effective measures, this is the setting of the MAC-filter function. Let’s look at how to include this function in more detail.

  • We reveal the section “Wi-Fi”. Click on the line “Mac-filter”.
  • Then you have a choice of settings for this function. Or in the paragraph “Mac of the Mac Filter” to put “allow”. Next, click below “Add”. Now it will be necessary to make all the MAC addresses of your gadgets. Thus giving full access to a wireless network.
  • Or set the meaning “prohibit”. With this choice, it will be necessary to introduce the MAC address of third-party devices. To which access will be closed in the future.

The second option will be faster, because usually there is one violator, therefore, you need only one MAC address to enter the MAC filter. But the devices in the house are many times more, and therefore add more to the filter. And do not forget, when a new gadget appears in the house, it is necessary to add it to the filter so that the Internet works on it.

We look who is connected to Wi-Fi

The easiest and most informative way to find out which devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network is to see the router settings (web-integer). Almost every modern router (in 99% of cases) has a tab showing all active devices.

Most often, to enter the router settings, it is enough to enter the IP 192 browser in the address bar of the browser.168.0.1 (or 192.168.One.1, 192.168.Ten.1 // approx.: IP address indicates the router!).

As a password and login, “admin” is usually used (without quotation!).

For example, in my Tenda router there is a tab “Status”. Opened by default (at once, as you go into settings).

In it you can find out the number of connected devices, the total speed of loading and recoil (see. Screenshot below).

Note. Depending on the pattern of the router, the firmware version. The menu and sections of the settings may be slightly different. As a rule, you need to find the “Status” tab (status).

Connected devices (Tenda router) / clickable

For detailed information about the connected devices, you must go to the “Passing strip” tab: Pay attention to the name of the devices, and the activity of their operation.

Strip passing control (Tenda router) / clickable

If you touch on models of other routers, then, for example, in the TP-Link routers, you can see a similar tab in the “Wireless mode” section “Wireless mode”. Opposite each device, the MAC address is shown (you can immediately find out which device is a neighbor).

TP-Link router. Wireless connection statistics

Another example below: in the English version of the firmware (D-Link router), you need to open the “Status/Wireless” tab (on Russian. “Status/wireless connection”).

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D-Link. English version of the firmware (watch Status)

In general, give screenshots for all models of routers and firmware in one article.Almost unrealistic. But fortunately. In almost all menu models is identical (you can also use those. Instructions for your device).

If you notice that you have more computers (devices) to the router, than you connected to it yourself. Be sure to change safety settings.

Install a new password, check that the WPA2 standard is used with AES encryption, turn on the lock on the MAC address, and turn off the WPS technology. All this is simple enough to do in the web-integer router.

How to find out who is connected to a wireless network

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Suspect that someone connects to your wireless network? In this article, we will tell you how to find out who (or which devices) are connected to your wireless network (Wi-Fi) using different methods.

Run the browser. In it you will open the page of the configuration of your router. On this page you can not only configure the router, but also find out who is connected to it.

  • As a rule, the IP addresses of routers are 192.168.One.1 and 10.0.0.One.
  • The IP address of the router can be found through the Windows command line. Open the Start menu, enter CMD and click on CMD in search results; The command line will open. On the command line enter the ipconfig /all and click ↵ Enter. Find the IP address in the line “Basic gateway”.
  • If you see an unfamiliar device, change the password to the wireless network. If possible, turn on the encryption of WPA2-PSK. In this case, all devices will need to again enter a password to connect to the network.
  • On the MAC computer, open the terminal. To do this, click on the icon in the form of a magnifying glass in the upper right corner, enter the terminal in the search bar. And then click on the “terminal” in the search results.
check, which, devices, connected, router
  • Each device connected to the Internet has a unique MAC address. As a rule, the MAC address of the device is displayed in the “Settings” menu of the section “Network and the Internet” or in information about the device. MAC addresses can be found for computers with Windows and MacOS, as well as for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobile devices.

How to block connected devices from airtel xstream fiber | Block connected users from airtel wifi

Go to http: // www.NIRSOFT.NET/UTILS/Wireless_NETWORK_WATCher.HTML in a web browser. Any browser is suitable for this.

Scroll down and press the Download Wireless Network Watcher with Full Install (download Wireless Network Watcher). This is the second link in the “Feedback” section (feedback) on the page.

Click on the downloaded installation file and follow the instructions on the screen. The downloaded file is in the download folder (for example, in the “loading” folder). Click on the Wnetwatcher_Setup file.Exe “to run the installer Wireless Network Watcher. Follow the screen instructions to install the program. When the installation process is completed, the program will be launched.

How to check how many devices are connected to the router

1st method

To find out who connected Wi-Fi, you need to go into the router settings. To do this, open the browser and enter the IP address of your router in the address bar. If you go into settings for the first time, then you will need to enter a login and password. IP address, login and password, you can find out yourself. To do this, you need to see the sticker on the back of the device. You can also find out these data in the search engine by introducing your router model. Provided, of course, that you have not changed them before. On the start page, select advanced settings, and then the DHCP tab. This tab displays all the devices that are currently working from your router. By MAM-Adrow, you can find out if someone is connected to the wireless network connected. The possibility of network administration is provided. Having deleted MAS-Adres, I will prohibit the access of someone else’s device to my Wi-Fi. Watch a detailed video on how to determine who is connected to a Wi-Fi router, for example, a router from D-Link:

check, which, devices, connected, router

2nd method

Using Wireless Network Watcher. Download the Internet free utility WNETWATCher. Run it. The program will scan the network and show who is connected to your Wi-Fi router. The first in the list are my computer and router, below are devices that are connected to my Wi-Fi. For each device, the name, MAS-Adris, the manufacturer are indicated. Find out who uses your network, you can by the name of the device. Another option is to see the Mas Adris of your devices and compare with the addresses that the program issued. The advantage of this utility is not only that you can see who is connected to your network at the moment. This program works in the background. If someone tries to use your Wi-Fi, a sound signal will sound.

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Disadvantages Wireless Network Watcher:

There is no way to block an unknown user. Even if you find that the attacker is connected to your router, you cannot interfere with this. For the work of the program, it is necessary that at least one device is connected by a cable to a router. Watch a detailed video on the use of the program:

Signs of unauthorized connection

Fall of speed

The first sign that something is wrong with your network-a drop in speed. Of course, this may have many reasons from electromagnetic interference to problems on the provider’s side, however, if the connection constantly freezes, the pages are slowly loaded or there are problems with the connection should be worried and check your network for hacking.


Pay attention to your router. If you are not connected to the network or connected, but do not perform any action, and the WAN and Wi-Fi shop indicators are intensively blinking, it is possible that someone else is connected to the router. Turn off Wi-Fi on all your devices and observe the behavior again. If the indicators continue to blink actively, most likely your network was hacked.

List of devices

An unambiguous sign of hacking is the presence of devices connected to your router in the list of devices. For example, you have a laptop and a smartphone in your apartment, and there are not two, but three active connections on a router. This third is superfluous and there is a cracker.

How to see a list of Wi-Fi clients if the TP-Link router with a new settings page

Some top models of routers from TP-LINK have already acquired a new web-intese. Basically, these are devices from the ARCher line (but not all). In the settings, in the new control panel, go from above to section “Basic” (base setting). You will see a network card. There will be wireless customers. We click on them, and from the side or below there will be a list of devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi.

It is a pity that they did not make the device to block devices at once from this table.

To block devices on routers with a new firmware, you need to go to the “Advanced” section (additional settings). Then open the “Wireless” tab (wireless mode). “Wireless Mac Filtering”, and create a rule, as I showed above.

That’s actually all. Now you know how you can see a list of all devices that are connected to a wireless network. And if necessary, block individual devices.

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