How to Check Unlocked Xiaomi Bootloader

How to Check Unlocked Xiaomi Bootloader

Many Xiaomi users know that the company has already relatively long ago begun to block the bootloader on their smartphones. This innovation is due to the fact that the company’s products are growing in popularity, and in order to get certified by Google and use Google Apps, you need to follow some security rules established by Google. And now it turns out that those who want to install custom firmware on their Xiaomi have a lot of difficulties and problems, although earlier this could be done in just a few clicks. thanks to the blocked bootloader. But in order to do the firmware, you must first find out the status of the bootloader. whether the bootloader is locked on your Xiaomi or not.

If you have been using Android devices for a long time, then you know that unlocking the Xiaomi bootloader gives the user many advantages, such as:

  • The ability to install custom recovery on the phone;
  • And since custom recovery greatly facilitates many aspects of working with a smartphone, you can reflash your gadget with any firmware or put additional scripts to improve its performance;
  • You can also easily get root-rights to Xiaomi, or superuser rights. They are needed to control the device and so that you can configure your Xiaomi as comfortable as possible for yourself: delete all ads on the phone, delete pre-installed unnecessary applications, speed up the chipset, increase the battery life of the gadget and much more.

Convenient, isn’t it? So let’s figure out how to check the bootloader status on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Method 1: Via the developer section

This method is the newest of all presented:

  • Go to your smartphone’s settings and select the item at the very bottom "About the phone".
  • You will see a line "MIUI Version". you need to click on it 7 times. If everything is done correctly, you will see a message that you have become a developer.
  • Return to the main menu and open the menu item "Additionally". At the very bottom of the list you will see a new section. "For developers". Go into it and open the item “Bootloader Status”.

In this section you will see the information you are looking for. If you already have permission from the manufacturer to unlock the bootloader (bootloader), then here you can also log in to your account to unlock.

Method 2: Using Fastboot

Disabling driver digital signature verification

For windows 8

  1. Push button combination WinI. Come out to the right "Parameters".
  2. Clamp Shift and click "Shutdown".>Reboot.
  3. After rebooting, a window will appear. "Choice of action". Choose "Diagnostics".>"Extra options".>"Download Options".>Reboot.

After the reboot, we will see the “Reboot Options » press "F7" and wait when the Windows reboots.

For windows 7

When you turn on the computer, after the BIOS boot phase, we often click "F8". A menu will appear. "Additional download options". Choose "Disabling Mandatory Driver Signing".

P.S: F8 does not always work the first time, so if it doesn’t work out, you can either repeat it 2-3 times, or resort to an alternative method.
Download and install the driver.

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Checking bootloader unlock

We draw your attention to the fact that this method of checking the status of the bootloader lock does not work on chipsets from MTK.

In addition, you will need the ADB / Fastboot package and correctly installed drivers. You can find all these components in any good Flash Kit for your Xiaomi.

Suppose you already have one. Download the adb.rar (1.4 MB) and (9 MB) files from there. Run and install the second file. these are the drivers necessary for further work. After that, we reboot our PC, and then unpack the archive adb.rar and drop all the files from there to the folder C: / adb. Now remember what operating system you have on your computer and complete the following steps:

  • If Windows 7: Press WinR on your keyboard and type cmd.exe. Next, write the command c: \ adb.
  • If Windows 10: Click File. Open Command Prompt.

Put the phone in Fastboot mode and connect the phone to the computer.

How to go to fastboot:

We put the phone in FastBoot mode. To do this, when the phone is turned off, you need to hold down the “Volume minus” and “Turn on” buttons, the device must be charged!) A picture will appear with a hare in an earflap that is fixing the android. The phone is in FastBoot mode.

Further actions are the same: write fastboot oem device-info and you will see information about the status of your bootloader. If it says true. it is unlocked, if false. there is a lock. If you try to perform this action on a smartphone with an MTK processor, it will inform you that it does not know such a command.

To exit Fastboot mode, type in the field "Fastboot reboot". she will restart the phone and start it in normal operation mode.

We hope that this article helped you find the answer to the question of how to find out if the Xiaomi bootloader is locked. Good luck!

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