How to check the charge of iPhone headphones

How to charge Airpods?

To charge your Airpods, simply place the earbuds in the case. A fully charged Airpods case gives you over 24 hours of listening time or up to 11 hours of talk time. If you let the Airpods charge for 15 minutes in the case, you can use the gadget for 3 hours for listening or 1 hour for talking.

How much to charge Airpods? It takes just 25 minutes to fully charge Airpods!

If your Airpods or Airpods Pro are in a case, an indicator light inside the case (or on the front of the case if you have a wireless charging case) shows the charging status of the Airpods. When Airpods are removed from the case, an indicator light shows the charging status of the case. Green means charged and yellow means less than one full charge remaining.

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To charge your non-wireless Airpods, connect the included Lightning cable to the Lightning connector on the bottom of the case. Then plug the other end of the cable into a USB charger or a computer port. At the same time, finding the Airpods in the case is optional!

How to charge Airpods with the wireless charging case?

Airpods Pro Wireless Charging Case (also Gen 2) The Airpods Pro can be charged with almost any Qi-compatible charging cradle (although we’ve heard of Airpods not being compatible with some Mophie chargers). How to charge Airpods using wireless charging?

    Place the case on the charging pad with the battery status indicator on the case facing up (or towards you if using a cradle). Please note that you can charge the case with or without Airpods inside.

  • Step 2: The battery status indicator should turn on for a few seconds and then turn off while continuing to charge.
  • Step 3: If the indicator does not turn on when you put it on the charging pad, try changing the position of the case.
  • If you are having trouble charging the case, make sure the cable is securely connected to the charging cradle and the other end is properly plugged into an outlet. If the case still won’t charge, remember that you can charge it by plugging the Lightning cable into the bottom connector and the other end of the cable into a USB charger or port.

    How to charge Airpods, Airpods 2, and Pro?

    Today’s article will be devoted to answering the popular question “How to charge Airpods?” Here I will analyze different charging methods, I will give tips and ready-made instructions on how to charge Airpods, Airpods 2 and Airpods Pro headphones.

    New Apple Airpods usually come fully charged. The earbuds offer about 5 hours of music listening and 2 hours of talk time, and in the case of Airpods 2, up to 3 hours of talk time before you have to charge them again.

    There are several ways to manually check the charge level of Airpods, but the common indicator is a beep when the battery of the Airpods is low, and a second beep before the gadget is completely discharged.

    Battery life

    Even though Airpods have a long battery life, charging capacity naturally degrades over time. If your Airpods are still under warranty and their lifespan has decreased, Apple offers an Airpods battery (or charging case) replacement service for 49. While an out-of-warranty battery replacement service costs 69.

    If your battery has a manufacturing defect and is covered by an Apple warranty or consumer protection law, Apple will service it at no additional cost.

    How to charge Airpods wireless headphones

    In the last article, we told how to check Airpods for originality, today we will tell you how to properly charge Airpods wireless headphones (one box or together with headphones) so that they last longer, how long they need to be charged, how long the charge holds and how to check the charge of Airpods for phone.

    Perhaps the main innovation of Airpods headphones is the complete absence of wires, the headphones are connected to the device via Bluetooth, are not connected to each other in any way, and are even charged using a special box. At the first acquaintance with this technology, many users have a quite reasonable question “How to charge Airpods wireless headphones?”. The answer to this question is given by this article.

    How long does it take to charge the Airpods wireless headphones

    Now about how long it takes to charge Airpods wireless headphones. Charging is very fast, you will receive a full battery in half an hour after you put the headphones in the box.

    As mentioned earlier, boxing has one more interesting function (or rather, even two). It gives two more additional ways to check the charging level of the headphones.

    Inside the box, you can see a small indicator light. This indicator performs two functions at once. When there are no headphones inside, it tells us about the state of the box’s battery (green. high charge level, yellow. energy left for one charge, red. box is discharged). If there are headphones inside, then by the color of the indicator you can understand whether they are charged or not.

    Another interesting feature is provided on the iPhone. If you bring the box to the smartphone screen, then after a while a window will appear on it showing the box’s charge level. If at this moment there are Airpods inside, then you will also see their charging.

    The same function is available for the macOS operating system. Here you need to open the lid of the box, bring it to the screen and click on the Bluetooth icon, then select your device from the list.

    How to charge wireless Airpods from the box

    As you most likely know, the Airpods box is not just a convenient case, but a real PowerBank. It has its own battery built into it, which is refilled when charging from the mains, stores energy and then transfers it to the headphones when you insert them into the box. I think you already figured out how to charge Airpods wireless headphones, you just need to insert them into the box, so further we will talk about some of the features and parameters of the case.

    Let’s start with the size of its battery. It is significantly larger than in headphones. The energy stored in the box is enough for four full charges of Airpods. Therefore, if you put the headphones in the box on time, then the charge in them will be enough for eleven hours of calls or for a whole day of listening to music.

    How to charge the Airpods case

    The Airpods case is charged via a regular USB cable. How do I charge Airpods one box or with the earbuds? Some users mistakenly believe that this method can harm the headphones. but this is not the case. At the time of charging, you can easily put headphones inside the box, then they will be charged at the same time. Even company representatives are of the opinion that in the question “How to properly charge Airpods wireless headphones?” there is no correct answer, and they suggest using both methods.

    The charging time of the case varies greatly depending on the quality of the cable used and the connection method. Charging the box from the mains using the original cable will be much faster than from the USB port. In general, charging takes much less time than charging a phone.

    So it is worth mentioning the new technology that Apple announced relatively recently. This technology allows you to charge your AirPods wirelessly.

    Airpods headphones: how long does the charge hold

    First, let’s figure out how long your headphones can last without recharging. The battery built into the earbuds is quite powerful and in a static state (the earbuds are on, but not playing sound) can last up to two weeks. If you use them to listen to music, then the charge will be enough for five hours of continuous work. The battery runs out the fastest when talking, it only lasts for two hours of communication.

    The battery consumption of the headphones is also affected by the volume set. The data above is for average sound volume. A higher volume will make the earbuds use up faster, and a lower volume will make the headphone use up more slowly.

    Of course, it would be extremely inconvenient to count the time left until the headphones are turned off. Therefore, Apple has provided two ways to check the charge of Airpods on your phone.

    • The first is the beep. The first time you will hear it, when the charge level drops to fifteen percent. If you hear that the sound was played twice, then you should know that the charge of the headphones has reached a critical level and it will only last for a few minutes of active work.
    • The second way is the battery indicator. It appears at the top of the phone screen after you connect headphones to it.

    There are two more ways to find out the battery level of the headphones using the box. We will talk about them a little later.

    Charge the earbuds from your phone

    How do I charge headphones from my phone? Is it even possible? Yes, but every smartphone will do. To do this, it must support such a function. There can be two implementations:

    • Charge headphones from your phone via USB. An appropriate cable and / or adapters are required. The charging process (from the headphone side) follows the basic instructions.
    • Wireless charging of headphones by phone. This applies to fully wireless models (charging case) and specific compatible phones. We just put the case on the allocated place of the smartphone and see that the necessary indication appears.

    But the phone cannot be charged with headphones. With rare exceptions. But these are mainly TWS models (here’s an example), the cases of which can be used as USB powerbank

    How to charge wireless headphones?

    In this tutorial, we will figure out how to charge wireless headphones and not ruin them at the same time. Of course, the process itself is intuitive and does not cause problems. But there are nuances. What kind of headphone charging do I need? And how to properly charge the earbuds? And how. wrong.

    Below we will analyze all the subtleties. This general guide will give you a clear idea of ​​how wireless headphones charge, and will work for all models. Well, if charging your Bluetooth headphones will cause difficulties even after reading this article. welcome in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    Is it possible to charge headphones from an outlet

    Modern charging adapters for the phone have more or less the same characteristics (current and voltage are important). However, there is a possibility that due to a mismatch, for example, the permissible current for the headphone battery and the output current on the adapter, the battery will be damaged: it will become worse to hold the charge or even “swell” and become unusable.

    What kind of charging to charge the headphones? Information on the recommended current and voltage values ​​for a particular model can be found in the instructions. This is rarely indicated in a short manual. Usually full. And / or safety instructions. If they are not included, they can be found on the headphone manufacturer’s website. In 90% of cases, an adapter from a phone (not from a tablet) will work. Exceptions can only be for models that support very fast charging (high amperage).

    How to charge wireless headphones. this instruction is in video format:

    How to charge wireless headphones.:

    ⏱ How long do wireless headphones charge. indicators

    The charging time for each model of wireless headphones is different, depending on the size of the battery (usually from 2 to 6 hours). The manufacturer writes on the box, in the specifications or in the instructions for the model for the specific time, how much you need to charge the headphones. There are other “pointers”.

    Headphone charging indicators

    All modern Bluetooth headphones have an LED (light bulb or sensor), by which you can understand whether the headphones are charging. The diode lights up in one color when charging, and in another color when the headphones are charged (may blink). There is an option that the indicator is separate (not combined with the connection state) and it does not light up while the headphones are working. But it is worth putting on charge. it lights up. If there are several indicators, then during charging they may go out and light up in turn.

    If the headphone charging blinks red (charging indicator), it is most likely time to charge the headphone. The main idea is that when charging, the headphones blink. precisely, an indicator. Or changes color.

    Can wireless earbuds be charged from the wall outlet, from the phone and without charging? (all ways)

    How can I charge wireless headphones? First, I recommend using the supplied cable. If it is lost or short (which is often the case), you can take a good replacement with the same connectors. The most logical thing is from your smartphone. They are usually equipped with good wires. The main thing is not to use cheap Chinese wires. They can indirectly harm the battery in the future.

    And the easiest way to connect the complete cable is to the USB connector of a computer, laptop or power bank. But you can also take a network adapter. Best of all. also from the phone.

    Wireless charging capability

    In order to charge the headphones with wireless charging, you need to install / put the headphones on the charger with the right side. This nuance will definitely be indicated in the instructions, because wireless charging for headphones (and a phone or watch) is a “fashionable feature”. And, of course, the charger itself must be connected to the mains. Or, if it is a power bank, have a sufficient charge.

    If, with the correct installation of the headphones on the charger, the process did not go (we are guided the same way. according to the indicators), try to gently move, twist the headphones. The only thing left to add is that the headphones take longer to charge wirelessly than via a wire from the network. Depends on the model, but on average 1-1.5 hours.

    How to tell if your wireless headphones are dead?

    Wireless headphones are very popular now. They are incredibly easy to use, you can always take them with you without worrying about the ever tangled wires. Typically, the biggest problem you may encounter is a dead battery. It often happens that the battery on the device sits down at the most inopportune moment. To prevent this from happening, you need to monitor the charge level. How to do this, let’s try to figure it out.


    If your wireless headphones support the energy-saving GATT protocol, as well as the function of accepting and rejecting incoming calls, you can find out about the battery level using the BatON application.

    Your actions are extremely simple. First you need to download this application. Install it and run.

    The application is easy to use. In the main window, you will see a list of connected and compatible gadgets. An icon will be highlighted next to each of them, on which you can track the charge level. Information can be displayed through desktop notifications.

    The app also provides additional settings. When using them, you can configure the function of receiving messages, you can also turn them off altogether. You can set a specific polling period for devices paired with your gadget.

    How to tell if Bluetooth headphones are dead

    If you’re using Bluetooth headphones and don’t have any additional apps to track their battery level, how can you tell if they’re low? The indicator can notify you of this, as a rule, a red light is on when it is completely discharged. On some models, the indicator blinks to warn you that the battery needs to be charged.

    Checking the Remaining Battery Power

    Several apps can help you control the state of bacteria charge on your wireless headphones. By downloading which you can always know about the need to recharge your headset.

    Bluetooth Headset Battery

    If your wireless gadget doesn’t include GATT support, you shouldn’t despair. You can use another application as well. His work is organized according to a different principle. This is Bluetooth Headset Battery app. It also needs to be downloaded, and during installation you will see instructions on how to use it.

    It is not written very clearly. Therefore, we will consider how to use the program:

    • Activate the Bluetooth function on your smartphone.
    • The headphones should be fully charged.
    • Next, you need to pair the devices. Find the application widget and bring it to the main screen.
    • When performing the widget takeout procedure, you will be prompted to select the device that you would like to track.
    • In the “Connection Time”, select the value 0.
    • In the documents for the headphones, you need to find the time of their maximum operation on a full charge. Eat this period at “Maximum Running Time”.
    • In the “Update Frequency” item, mark the desired time for updating the widget.

    Finally, you need to activate the countdown timer. “Count Backward”.

    Check your Airpods charge using the widget

    You can also check the charging status of your Airpods and case using a useful widget on the Today screen, which opens by swiping to the right on the home screen. It will be displayed only when at least one earphone is in the case.

    Using your phone, you can check the charge level of Apple Pencil, Apple Watch and other accessories in the same way.

    Open the cover of the case with the headphones in it, next to your iPhone. After that, on the screen with widgets, find out the charge level.

    Find out the charge with the Airpods case

    The easiest way to check the charging of your Airpods is to put the earbuds in the case and then open it next to your iPhone or iPad.

    iPhone Headphones Not Working! ��[5 FIXES & TIPS!]

    A window will appear on the screen with the charging of the headphones themselves and the case as a percentage.

    Unfortunately, this method only works when the headphones themselves are in the case. To recognize the charging of Airpods when they are in your ears, the following method will do.

    How to see the charge of Airpods on iPhone and Apple Watch

    Airpods are magic headphones that last 5 hours after each charge. The charging case extends this time to 25 hours. When the Airpods charge is low, you hear a special beep. And how to check the charge of Airpods on iPhone at any time?

    This can be done in several ways, and below we will tell you about all.

    How to watch Airpods charge on Apple Watch

    If your iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods are connected to the same iCloud account and are active, you can recognize the charging of Airpods directly through your Smartwatch.

    In the article with tips for Airpods owners, we already wrote that you can find out the charging of the headphones through the watchOS Control Center 5 and newer.

    In Control Center, tap the charging percentage icon to see your Airpods charging. This works even if the earbuds are connected to your iPhone and not the Apple Watch directly.

    Ask Siri

    If you already have your Airpods in your ears, double-tap the earbud to activate Siri. If you have new Airpods 2, you can say, “Hey Siri.” When the Personal Assistant is activated, say “how much charge is left on Airpods” or “how much charge on Airpods”. The assistant will announce the percentage of charging Airpods.

    other methods

    The approximate charge level of Airpods can be seen by the light in the charging case. If the light is green, the case is charged. If the light is orange, it is not fully charged.

    On Mac, the charging level of connected accessories can be checked in the Bluetooth menu.

    Checking the Charge Status: Procedure

    How do you know if your Airpods are running low and need to be recharged? Apple has provided several methods for managing the situation. Depending on which gadget is close at hand, you can easily determine if the Airpods need to be charged or the headphones will still work offline.

    Using Android devices

    In conjunction with gadgets on Android OS, Airpods headphones (for example, Airpods with Wireless Charging Case) have limited functionality, yet many users use the accessory with a smartphone on this platform.

    To control the charge of your headphones using Android, you need to download the free Air Battery app to your phone. The software is available through the PlayStore. When the utility is installed, further actions are similar to the previous scheme. Data is updated once a minute.

    Via Mac computer

    Working in a duo with an Airpods laptop, there is no need to use an additional gadget to control the charging of the headphones. All data on the battery of the accessory is also available on the MacBook. The synchronization process is similar to the previous version, using Bluetooth. It is necessary:

    • enable the data transfer function on the laptop;
    • bring the closed case with the headphones closer to the Mac screen;
    • click on the Bluetooth image in the upper right corner of the display;
    • gadgets “connect”;
    • find the line with the name of the headphones in the Bluetooth menu;
    • click and see the charge level.

    The same information will appear through the system settings of the computer. You need to find Bluetooth in them, bring the accessory to the display and wait for the output of the necessary information.

    How to properly charge Airpods: 3 tips

    Airpods are a premium accessory. Along with the iPhone, these headphones have become classics in the world of stylish and status. They emphasize individuality, showing a love for quality and laconic design. AirPods work perfectly, consistently delivering clear sound without interference. The only thing needed for uninterrupted operation is to ensure that the charge remains at the proper level. How to properly charge the case and the Airpods with Charging Case themselves can be found in the article.

    On an iOS device

    Any device from Apple is suitable. To display the charge indicators of the headphones and case on the screen, you need to go through 5 steps. The whole action “from” and “to” takes 10-15 seconds. So, you need:

    • Synchronize the accessory with the device to which information will be displayed (for example, with the iPhone X) via Bluetooth.
    • Put the headphones in the case and bring it to the gadget.
    • Open the case and wait until a connection request appears on the phone (or tablet) screen. Select “Connect”.
    • The information will appear on the display after a moment. The data will contain the charge of the headphones and, separately, of the case, as a percentage.

    If suddenly, after performing all the actions, the “miracle” did not happen, you need to close the box and try all over again.

    To check the charge level, you can also use the “Battery” widget by connecting the devices via Bluetooth in the same way. The headphone information is shown below the power indicator of the smartphone.

    How Airpods Replenish Energy Wasted?

    Apple headphones are charged from the case. It comes in a set and combines a mix of 2 functions: a charger and a case for storing an accessory. It is convenient, because the “box” is always at hand, which allows you to restore energy Airpods even on the go.

    All you have to do is put the earbuds in the case and they will start charging by themselves. No additional manipulation is required. The energy of the case is enough for several recharge of the headphones up to 100%. Only 15 minutes in the case and the accessory lasts 3 hours.

    The manufacturer itself recommends storing Airpods in a case every time they are not used for their intended purpose. Thus, the accessory will always be charged and ready for use.

    The cover also requires periodic energy recovery. To feed it, you need:

    • take a Lightning cable (included in the kit);
    • connect one output to the socket of the cover;
    • the other end must be connected to any compatible charger or USB port connected to the mains.

    You can speed up the process as much as possible by using an iPhone or iPad energy recovery device.

    For your information: 2 types of cases can be used in the headphones. a regular charging case that recovers its energy through a cord and a case with wireless charging capability. In the second version, the power indicator is on the case, and in the first. under the cover, between the headphone jacks. Cases with wireless charging (Qi) can be placed on the charging block when closed, indicator up.

    The case charges both independently and with the headphones. But you won’t be able to charge Airpods without a case. If you lose or break your case, you will have to buy a new one.

    How to check iPhone by serial number and IMEI on Apple’s official website

    Check iPhone by name and serial number.

    When buying an iPhone off-hand, you need to be extremely careful. Fraudsters are trying to sell various kinds of fakes on the secondary market, without checking which there is a chance to remain at a broken trough. How to check iPhone by name and serial number on the official Apple website was described in this manual.

    How to find the serial number of your iPhone

    ? In order to get more information about the iPhone, we need the serial number of the device. You can get it in various ways, for example, look on the back cover of the device (or on the SIM card tray in older models), but the easiest way is to go to the settings.

    Go to the menu “Settings” → “General”.

    Select “About device”.

    Find the line “Serial number”. It contains the serial number of the iPhone.

    The serial number was obtained, it remains only to check it on the Apple website.

    How to check iPhone by serial number on Apple official website

    Go to the special page of the Apple website to check the iPhone by serial number (link).

    Enter your iPhone serial number in the field and click “Continue”.

    Wait for the results page to load and read the information received.

    How to check iPhone by IMEI

    How to find IMEI on iPhone? Elementary. To do this, you just need to enter the command # in the “Phone” application. IMEI will instantly appear on the screen:

    This is how the iPhone IMEI is displayed after entering the command #

    If the iPhone is packed, you can see the IMEI on the package:

    IMEI was found, now it remains to punch it and find out additional information. This can be done using the following services:

    Just go to one of the listed sites and enter the IMEI of the smartphone in the check field. Verification is performed in just a few seconds.

    ? What does the iPhone serial number check give

    What information does this page allow you to find out?

    You are convinced that the iPhone is truly original. If Apple’s verification service recognizes the iPhone, then it is 100% original.

    The exact iPhone model is determined. Very often in the secondary market, scammers try to sell iPhone 6 under the guise of iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 under the guise of iPhone 8, etc. They rely on inexperienced buyers. On the Apple website, it will definitely become clear which iPhone model you have in your hands.

    The status of the guarantee is being clarified. Apple’s service accurately answers the question of whether the iPhone is under warranty. Often unscrupulous sellers lie about the guarantee. They say that the official smartphone warranty is still valid, although in reality it is not. A quick check through the Apple website and you know it all.

    The verified purchase date is checked. And last but not least, the service allows you to make sure that the iPhone is officially purchased, not stolen. This is very important as a verified purchase date will allow you to contact Apple support for any questions.

    How to check battery on iPhone?

    The battery life is not infinite. even with the latest iPhone in your hand. After about 2-3 years, the battery starts to lose its charge. You unwittingly notice that you started charging your smartphone much more often, but it discharges much faster. In fact, iPhone batteries lose power for many reasons, but the main one is natural wear and tear. Add this article to your favorites to check the battery status of your iPhone, iPad on iOS at any time.

    How long is the battery?

    This parameter is measured in cycles. the stages of full charge / discharge after the battery is filled to 100%. For Apple phones, this value is 500 cycles, for iPads. 1000 cycles. Apple Watch starts to deplete after 1000 cycles, iPods are rated for 400 battery recharges.

    In what cases it is impossible to do without verification?

    We recommend that you check your iPhone battery wear if you plan on buying a used, refurbished phone. Also, this procedure will be useful for those users who want to check the deterioration of their battery and determine whether it is worth buying a new one.

    Third party applications

    Next, we answer the question of how to check the battery on the iPhone using special programs. Introducing free apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. these are Battery Pro and Battery Life.

    • The Battery Pro program is suitable for checking parameters one way or another related to the battery of a smartphone. Displays information about the battery status. You can determine which actions discharge it the most, whether there was overheating, and so on.
    • Battery Life. A simpler, minimalistic application that is responsible for checking the status of the battery. Allows you to determine the health of the battery, check the wear. However, compared to Battery Pro, not as functional.

    Checking the battery wear

    There are two ways to check the status of iPhone:

    • Use stock tools built into iOS.
    • Use third-party programs and applications.

    For a more accurate assessment, we recommend using 2 options. Starting with iOS 11, all users have the ability to check wear right in the Settings menu. The check is carried out in the “Battery” / “Status” section. If the maximum capacity is kept at 90-99%, the wear rate is low. But a value of 80% and below indicates that the battery will have to be replaced in the near future.

    By the way, here you can also see which games and applications consume a lot of energy. Remove or disable them, limit usage time to save iPhone battery power.

    How to check the battery charge of Airpods

    How do you know if your Airpods are dead and out of battery? The most obvious way to check the remaining charge. Airpods make a sound in your ears to let you know that there is about 15% battery remaining. But waiting for the sound isn’t the only way. There are several ways to check the battery life of your Airpods.

    How to check the battery life of Airpods with a case

    Just like you originally connected your Airpods to your iPhone, lifting the case lid will display a message on the display that will show you the AirPod’s battery life and tips from

    Bring the case close to your phone and open the cover of the AirPod case. An image will appear on the home or lock screen showing the battery life of each AirPod individually, or as a pair if used as a pair.

    Close the case cover and the battery charge pop-up will disappear from your device display.

    How to find out the battery life of your AirPod if the screen is locked

    You can also check the battery life of Airpods using the lock screen widget. Using the widget will show the battery charge of both the Airpods and the case, depending on which items are within reach. The widget will also appear if Airpods is charging.

    How to check the EXACT Battery Life of Bluetooth Headphones

    To check battery life using the lock screen widget, swipe down from the top of the iPhone screen to open the notification window, then swipe right to see the Batteries widget. If your phone is unlocked and on the home screen, just swipe right to see all of your enabled widgets. I advise you to read this topic “How to increase the volume on Airpods”.

    Checking the battery life of Airpods with Apple Watch

    Not only can you check the battery life of your Airpods with your iPhone, you can also check the battery life with your Apple Watch.

    On the watch face, swipe up to go to the control panel. Select Battery Percentage Icon.

    If your Airpods are in your ears or the case lid is open, the battery life of each device will be displayed on the Apple Watch screen. Scroll down the list to see all Airpods and charge percentage in the list.

    Box shape and kit

    On the left is the original, on the right is a fake

    Apple always packs its devices in a heavy cardboard box. Original gadgets will never fall out of it with ease.

    How to check battery life of any BLUETOOTH device

    There are no gaps inside the packaging of real headphones. Above there is an instruction, and under it are headphones in a case on a special tray. Under the tray. Lightning charging cable.

    Good fakes are packed in a better box, it’s inflated with a curved liner

    Counterfeits have less abundance. As a rule, the case is wrapped in a blue film, and underneath there are instructions and a second-rate Lightning-cable for charging. No headphone tray provided.

    Other differences between headphones and fakes

    Even if these features are soon adopted by Chinese masters, the signs of the original are not yet finished. Pay attention to the diode and its glow colors. Real Airpods have red, green, orange, and white lights. In fakes, as a rule, white is absent. When connecting original headphones with a serial code, the device immediately recognizes them and offers to connect. And the Chinese you have to connect as a regular Bluetooth device.

    When you try to listen to music and put headphones in your ears, you will hear the signature sound. He notifies that the device is ready for use. If you do the same with “fake” ones, you can often hear a woman’s voice. Try now to test your Airpods for originality with a unique serial number. You may also have been the victim of scammers claiming to be a real Apple product.

    Quite often, our customers, interested in buying Airpods headphones, ask the question: “Do you definitely have a copy?”.

    Of course, this question hurts us to the core, we just want to take a bundle on a stick and go into the sunset, like Tom from the cartoon, but we don’t hang our nose!

    But seriously, we do not sell any copies. Only original Apple Airpods with an official one-year warranty.

    Before purchasing headphones, we always recommend checking the serial number on the Apple website:

    If they are defined as Airpods. in front of you is the original, if the site gives an error. in front of you is something else.

    And in order to dispel all the remaining doubts of our customers, we purchased these, God forgive me, fake Airpods and in this article we will compare the “formidable competitor” with an excellent headset from Apple.

    Case appearance and click sound

    On the left is a fake, on the right is the original

    The charging case, as well as the headphones themselves, must be milky white. Fakes usually cannot convey the truth of white and go to yellow shades.

    Oh yes, there is always an additional button for connecting or resetting on fake cases. It just sticks out of the body. Often from the front. The original has the button for breaking the pair coincides with the line of the back surface.

    In addition, the real case can be identified by a firm click. It’s pleasant and slightly muted. And for a fake. loud and sonorous, in general, unpleasant.

    Box appearance

    For those familiar with Apple technology, everything should become clear already at this stage. Apple never skimps on packaging its products. The box from real Airpods is made of quality cardboard in a minimalist design:

    • two earpieces are drawn on the front side;
    • shiny Apple logos on both ends;
    • on the third end there is a shiny Airpods inscription;
    • on the fourth end there is a brief description of the configuration and the serial number of the headphones, which you can always punch on the Apple website and check if these are real Airpods.

    In general, Chinese craftsmen tried to copy the design of the box, but when your goal is to make cheap squalor, and not a quality product, even then they failed.

    The box is made of disgusting quality cardboard, there are no inscriptions on the ends, there is no serial number, but on the front side there is a drawing of headphones resembling Airpods. By the way, the print quality of the picture on the copy suggests that the Chinese also have trouble with the toner on the printer, the picture turned out so faded.

    Checking Airpods by Serial Number

    Don’t think Apple is unaware of counterfeits. over, they have created a special page on the Internet where you can check your device for originality. And also determine if anyone has used it before you. It is located at This form requires you to enter the serial number of the device, which fake Airpods often do not have.

    It is by the serial unique code that the system will be able to recognize the headphones that were released by Apple. After that, detailed information and other privileges on the company’s website will become available to you. But in order to check the headphones for originality, you need a serial number.

    So, let’s see how to get it in different ways:

    • Take the Airpods case in your hands and open its lid. On the inside you will find the information you need. A code will be indicated here, which must be written out in a notebook or directly into the verification form on the site;

    Serial number of the original device If you have already managed to use cool headphones and connected them to your smartphone, you can get the series data directly in the mobile device itself. To do this, open the settings in the iPhone. Select the “General” section and find the item “About this device” in it. Next, select the name of your purchase. Airpods. And in the next window you can find out the serial number of Airpods in order to take it to check for originality;

    Checking the serial number of Airpods through a mobile device And the last option. find the correct code on the packaging of the headphones. This option is also suitable for those who have not yet had time to print the device. But he has a desire to clarify its authenticity. In the new version of Airpods, the “serial” is located on each earphone. over, it is different for everyone. In this case, you can enter them in the form one by one.

    Serial code on Airpods packaging

    How to know if Airpods and case are charging?

    There is one more way. You can check the charge using the Battery widget.

    • Swipe right from the home screen to bring up “Today View”.
    • Step 2: To add a battery widget, click Edit at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3.Next, click on the green circle next to “Batteries”.
  • Step 4: done!
  • You can now view your Airpods’ battery level in the Batteries section of the Today View at any time.

    How to find out the charge of Airpods?

    Today I will answer another important and popular question “How do I know the charge of Airpods?”. You can use your iPhone to check the charge level of your Airpods case. a quick way to find out if your Airpods case and headphones are charging, and how much time is left until the end of work. I’ll start, perhaps, with how to control the state of the headphones and the Airpods case on the iPhone.

    How to check the charge of Airpods on iPhone?

    Note the small black lightning bolt next to the battery icon. This indicates active charging.

    Popular headphones

    I will present 3 ways to check the charge of Airpods. But for this, the headphones must be connected to the smartphone.!

    How to know when Airpods and case are charging?

    And finally, 3 way! You can check if your Airpods and charging case are working properly using Siri. Just ask Siri, “How much charge does Airpods have?” and she will reply about the status of both batteries. But, if you are using headphones, you will need to ask specifically about the battery level of the Airpods or charging case.

    How to see the charge of Airpods on iPhone

    To check the charge level of your Airpods case and headphones on your iPhone, the first step is to make sure the device is connected to your smartphone. After that, bring the case within Bluetooth range and open it by activating the screen on the iPhone. The screen will immediately display information about the charge level of the headphones and case.

    If you need to know the charge level of each earbud, remove one of the Airpods from the case. On the screen, the image of the headphones will be divided into two, and each of them will have a charge level.

    In addition, you can put a widget on your iPhone to always be aware of the charge level of Apple wireless headphones. To do this, swipe the home screen to the left towards all widgets, scroll down a little and click “Change” at the bottom under all widgets.

    Find “Batteries” in the list of available widgets and click “” next to it to add it.

    The widget will be added. Now you can get information about the charge level of your iPhone, headphones and Airpods case from it. As in the case of checking the charge in normal mode, in order to see information about the charge of each individual earbud in the widget, one of them must be taken out of the case.

    How to check the charge level of your Airpods and earbuds

    Like any stand-alone electronic device, Apple Airpods have a rechargeable battery, the capacity of which determines how long the device can operate autonomously without being connected to the network. In Apple Airpods, a battery is built into each of the earbuds as well as a case. It is important for the owner of the device to know how charged each of these devices is. Read our article on how to determine the charge level of your Airpods and earbuds from both your iPhone and MacBook.

    How to see the charge of Airpods on MacBook

    If Airpods are connected to an Apple computer, then looking at their charge level is no more difficult than in a situation with an iPhone. It is enough to click on the Bluetooth icon on the top panel, then move the mouse cursor over the connected headphones in the drop-down menu. After that, information about their charge level will appear.