How to check the authenticity of the Samsung phone by IMEI

How to check the Samsung phone for originality

Samsung phones are one of the most popular mobile devices in the market. Each year, the manufacturer represents a line of new smartphones, moving forward farther and further than the boundaries of the possible. Due to their popularity and demand, smartphones are massively faked by little-known manufacturers that produce low-power and cheap clones of apparatus. How to avoid buying such a clone? And how to check your mobile phone of the Samsung brand for originality? We will tell in our material.

Most Samsung cloned phones are made with cheap components that reflect their low quality. Therefore, it is quite easy to find a fake, just paying attention to the appearance of the purchased device.

To check the originality of the Samsung mobile device will help the appeal of our view of the following:

  • The fake screen is made of cheap glass;
  • The fake screen is not as bright and alive as the original device;
  • Some sensors do not work or are completely absent;
  • The “home” button is located in the same place as the original device;

How to identify a forgery: a few simple ways

Buying an inexpensive Samsung phone, you should not worry. Most likely, you will have an original in your hands. But with the devices of the flagship series Galaxy S and Note, you should be on the alert. They are faked most often. And if in the old years the quality of copies was frankly weak, which made it possible to easily identify the forgery, then recently it can be very difficult to do without certain knowledge. Often, the falsifier is how skillfully copies the brand device, that problems with it are detected only during operation. Some applications are not placed on such a smartphone, even with a slight load, it begins to hang and “bug”, which requires constantly cleaning its memory, reloading, etc. D. If you decide to buy samsung Galaxy Note 10, S Plus and T. D. Offline or in the online store, then check it according to several criteria.

  • Carefully inspect how well the smartphone is assembled. Even cheap Korean.Made apparatuses have no creaks and crackling when pressing, not to mention models of expensive series. The latter are made of premium materials and look appropriate.
  • Test the work of built.In software. Find in the Samsung Garexi settings the information about the apparatus and compare the version of Android and firmware with information from various sources, including specialized forums. On fake phones, it is often installed with “sewn” viruses that can transmit confidential information to third parties: online passwords, numbers and secret codes of bank cards and accounts, etc. D. Remember that the manufacturer constantly improves its firmware and releases updates to optimize processes and safety. If such updates are not available, then this situation is an occasion to think about whether the phone is genuine.
  • See if there are company branded programs among the installed applications (for example, Samsung Pay). The manufacturer introduces them directly into the OS, therefore, on the falsified devices of such programs, it cannot be.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the translation of individual points and words in the menu. There will be no inaccuracies, errors and non.Transmitted words and phrases in the genuine device.
  • When activating the device, try to go to the pre.Created Samsung account. If this is not possible to do this, then taking such a device is definitely not worth.
  • Check the quality of the main and front cameras, inspect the display for the presence of “broken” and “hot” pixels, evaluate the sound quality and make several trial calls.
  • When making a decision to choose something from the latest Samsung Galaxy models, be sure to “try on” the apparatus in a company store (unfortunately, only residents of large cities have such an opportunity). Evaluate the speed of the sensor, image quality, inspect the menu and settings, make a couple of photos and videos. Holding the original in your hands, you will easily identify a fake when buying a cheaper version of the Galaxy S9, S10 or Note 9 (10) at any outlet or online store.
  • Go to the service menu and test the performance of individual components of the device and its functioning. This can be done using a combination #7353 #or #0 #, which is entered in the open window of the “Phone” application. You can find access code to the engineering menu of older models on thematic forums. It should be noted that the lack of access to such a menu is a direct occasion to refuse to buy.
  • Check if Samsung Galaxy has a manufacturer’s guarantee. Often, sellers offer “gray” devices that are imported to Russia unofficially and at the same time give a guarantee from the outlet. It is clear that if such a store closes, then there will be no one to ask with. The official service in the free repair of such a device will refuse. Therefore, it is best to purchase Samsung products, which enters our country in an official way. By the way, you can buy Samsung Galaxy Note or S Rostest in our online store. In this case, your purchase will be protected “100%”.
  • Finally, IMEI should be applied on the packaging, the device itself and the official website. Of course, for modern craftsmen there are no difficulties to fake the code of the original apparatus, but the features are not joking. Suddenly even such an elementary check will reveal a discrepancy and refuse to buy in time.
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As you can see, identifying a fake Samsung Galesx is not so difficult. However, you can avoid the need for such a check by buying electronic equipment in trusted online stores-they include Best-Magazin.Com on which you are now. We offer only certified Samsung Galaxy smartphones, S and A with the sign of the PCT (Rostest) and give a warranty card from the manufacturer. As the proposed products and the high level of the Best-Magazin service.COM can be seen by watching the reviews of our customers.

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Original Samsung smartphones codes

Samsung phones recognize a number of codes that can be used to check the filling of your device. Most of these codes are available in all genuine devices. If your phone does not have these codes, then perhaps your gadget is a fake.

To check the codes given, go to your phone number and enter the codes that we will indicate below. The device will go into a secret diagnostic mode, and display information related to the gadget.

Codes: purpose:
# General test mode Samsung.
# Information about encryption.
# Bluetooth test mode.
# Service mode.
# Information about the device and software.
# View according to PDA, CSC, Modem.
# Reading ADC.
#7353# Service menu.

Authenticity Samsung Galaxy S7

Typically, the Samsung Galaxy S7 fakes are made of low.Quality plastic, and the internal components of the gadget (use the AIDA64 program for tests) differ significantly from the declared in the original. The fake has only 512 megabytes of memory instead of 4 GB, a weak camera for 5 megapixels and a battery for only 2000 mAh.

All ways how to find out IMEI Samsung phone

No user knows a sequence of 15 digits by heart. If necessary, you need to know several ways to find out. If the phone is turned on and at hand. Everything is simple. And what to do if it is stolen, does not turn on, and the packaging box is thrown into the trash or lost. Consider all the possible options how to find out the IMEI phone Samsung more.

On the device battery

On smartphones that provide the ability to remove the battery, there is a sticker with the necessary information. Algorithm:

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This method of clarifying the code has a shortage. When buying a gadget former, the sticker can be deleted or contain fake data. The probability of buying a smartphone from the hands, which was previously stolen from a legal owner, is great. In this case, scammers will try to change the identification number.


Phone case

When buying a new Samsung gadget on the rear cover, a sticker with important data can be placed. There is a warning on it about the need to hide the codes. It can be removed or closed with the help of an additional decorative cover or cover.

Special service combination for viewing IMEI

Check Samsung, subject to its efficient state, you can, by typing a special service code. This verification option is available on each smartphone operating on Android OS.

This method gives a result, which is 100 percent reliable. For some tablets of tablets, it may not be suitable, since they may not have applications for the performance of voice calls.

In the settings of the device

The device settings menu allows you to get a lot of information useful for the user: identification number, Android version, phone model, etc.

IMEI check

IMEI. Identifier of mobile devices necessary for working with cellular networks. This code is unique for each phone. At the same time, the number of IMEI corresponds to the number of SIM cards with which the device can work, that is, a two-sympton smartphone will have two identifiers.

How to find out the IMEI phone Samsung: Open the application for making calls and enter the service code #06 #; IMEI data and the serial number of the device will appear on the screen.

An additional way of how to check the Samsung phone for originality is to verify the IMEI numbers in the firmware of the device and on its box. They must match.

Go to the official Samsung website; In the upper menu, select the “Support” section; Go along the path “Information and Guarantee”. “IMEI Samsung Galaxy” check; Choose your country of residence; Enter e-mail (email address should be real-it will be sent to it); Enter the IMEI number; Install both checkboxes in the lower part of the shape; click on the “Send request” button; Wait for receiving a letter with a report (this may take a few minutes).

Samsung check for IMEI is not a complete guarantee of the authenticity of the device. In some cases, scammers recognize real numbers and tie them to fake smartphones, but this happens extremely rarely.

Example of the report report IMEI.

The official site does not always issue information for devices older than the Galaxy S7. In this case, there is another way to check Samsung by IMEI. Use special services, such as Sndeepinfo or IMEI.Info.

How to find out information about the smartphone through the Sndeepinfo service: go to the main page of the site click on the Samsung button above the field for entering the number. Enter the IMEI or Serial and click the “Check” button (in order to get information about the country and date of production, it is necessary to indicate precisely the serial number).

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We recognize IMEI on Samsung devices

There are several methods by which the user can find out IMEI of his device. For example, you can study the box from the device, use the service menu or a special application. Let’s start with the first.

According to the standards adopted in most countries, the IMEI identifier of the device should be printed on the sticker, which is located on the sheet box from this very device. As a rule, the sticker contains the name and color of the model, barcode, well, and actually have it yourself. Each item is signed, so not to notice or confuse this number with anything else is impossible. In addition, there is a sticker on the apparatus with a removable battery in the battery, duplicating information from a similar sticker on the box.

The disadvantage of this method is obvious. Buying a used gadget, you are most likely a box from it and you will not get. As for the number under the battery, cunning entrepreneurs learned to fake them and.

Checking by

If the visual inspection has not given anything, you can use the software diagnostics.

Important! Haki can be sewn in the firmware of many fakes that allow you to deceive a variety of benchmarks and applications for checking hardware components, so you should not rely on them 100%!

  • The main step in checking the software of a dubious device is to find out if the firmware is presented by branded applications and Samsung services. These are part of the operating system, and it is almost impossible to install them separately, as well as to make a custom option for installation on any other Android Smartphone. The main indicator will be the Samsung Pay application. On the original devices from the Korean corporation, it looks as follows:

IMEI check

Each smartphone, regardless of the manufacturer, has a unique code called IMEI. It belongs to international identifiers of mobile equipment. Its use is required so that the cell operator has the opportunity to identify phones in his network. The uniqueness of the number is that it is assigned to the device in manufacture, but can be changed in some ways.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Original or Fake. How to Check Real Samsung Smartphone. Bangla

To carry out IMEI check, you must first find out the number of a particular model. It can be in the following places:

You can also find out IMEI by typing #06 #in the smartphone, after which the required 15-digit code will be displayed on the screen.

Next, you will need to visit the official website of the manufacturer and enter the obtained numerical code into a special verification form. But a similar method is relevant only for smartphones not older than the Samsung Galaxy S7 model. Otherwise, you can use specialized services, for example, IMEI.Info, which can confirm the originality of the device or show counterfeit.

In order not to fall for the bait of scammers, it is recommended to follow simple rules when buying a new smartphone from hand or used samples:

Fake SAMSUNG – How to Check IMEI & Serial Number

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