How To Check Nfc On Iphone 7

How To Check Nfc On Iphone 7

How to authenticate your iPhone

Buying a used iPhone is always fraught with risk, because in addition to honest sellers, scammers often go online, offering non-original Apple devices. That is why we will try to figure out how to distinguish the original iPhone from the fake one.

Check iPhone for originality

Below are some ways to make sure the original is not a cheap fake. To be sure, when studying a gadget, try using one method at a time, not all of them, but all at once.

Method 1: Compare IMEI

Even at the production stage, each iPhone is assigned a unique identifier. IMEI, which is entered into the phone programmatically, is printed on its case, and also registered on the box.

When authenticating your iPhone, make sure that the IMEI matches both the menu and the case. Identity mismatch should indicate that either the device was manipulated, something that the seller did not say, for example, the case was changed, or you do not have an iPhone.

Method 2: Apple website

In addition to IMEI, each Apple gadget has its own unique serial number, which you can use to verify its authenticity on the official Apple website.

  1. First you need to know the serial number of the device. To do this, open the iPhone settings and go to “Main”.

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select item “About this device”. In the graph “Serial number” You will see a combination of letters and numbers, which we will need later.

Go to the Apple website at the “Verify Device” link at this link. In the window that opens, you will need to enter the serial number, enter the code from the image below and start testing by clicking “Continue”.

The next time the test device appears on the screen. If it is inactive, it will be notified. In our case, this is an already registered gadget for which an additional indicative date for the expiration of the warranty period is indicated.

Method 3: IMEI.info

Knowing your IMEI device, you should definitely use the online service IMEI.info, which can provide a lot of interesting information about your gadget, checking your phone for originality.

    Go to the website of the online service IMEI.info. A screen will appear asking you to enter the IMEI of your device and then continue to confirm that you are not a robot.

A result window will appear on the screen. You can view information such as the model and color of your iPhone, capacity, country of manufacture, and other useful information. Needless to say, this data should be completely identical?

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Method 4: Appearance

Be sure to check the appearance of the device and its windows. no Chinese characters (unless the iPhone was purchased in China) should be spelling errors.

See the back of the box. Technical characteristics of the device. they must exactly match what your iPhone has (you can compare the characteristics of the phone itself through “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”)

Method 5: Software

The software on Apple smartphones uses the iOS operating system, while the vast majority of fakes work on Android with a shell that is very similar to the Apple system.

If you have a fake, most of all you will see a link in the browser to the specified application, not being able to install it on the device.

Here are the basic ways to determine if an iPhone is real or not. But perhaps the most important factor is the price: the original working device without significant damage cannot be significantly lower than the market price, even if the seller justifies the fact that he urgently needs money.

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