How to check iPhone 11 upon purchase

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If you go to the section “About this device”, you can find the serial number of the phone. It needs to be driven into a special field on the official Apple website. The search engine will display the status of the phone: model, date of purchase, warranty period. This operation must be done without fail, otherwise there is a risk of running into a snag: for example, when the filling from the 6th model is sold in a 6s case.

Call test

The best option is to insert your SIM card and call a familiar number. If there is no SIM card, it is recommended to call 112: the answering machine will work there. You can listen to it and disconnect without waiting for the connection with the operator. This is one of the most important verification parameters, because after all, the phone is purchased primarily for calls.

IMEI check

This is a unique 15-character number that identifies all mobile devices internationally.

Sensor operation

To check it, you need to drag one of the icons across the screen. In addition, you should open the keyboard, click each key, pull out the notification curtains in all modes. The operation of all sensors should be smooth and uniform. It is imperative to check the Touch ID, best of all with your finger, but as a last resort, the seller can also demonstrate its work. Without completing these operations, the buyer runs the risk of finding dead zones on the display after some time, which will complicate the use of the device.

Checking the accelerometer and other sensors

The accelerometer allows you to determine the position of the iPhone in space. If you enter the “Notes” section and twist the device a little, the landscape mode should change to portrait mode. You can also go to an application such as Measure (formerly called “Compass”). Here you need to turn on the level and use it to check the operation of the accelerometer. In addition, other sensors need to be tested. For example, turn on auto brightness and bring your palm to the camera. In this case, the screen should dim. And if you call someone and bring your hand to this camera, he should completely go out.

Button operation

How to check iPhone upon purchase

How to check iPhone before buying?

How to check the iphone correctly and what problems can you face when buying a phone over the Internet?

First of all, make sure of the very possibility of such a check. To do this, carefully read the terms of delivery and warranty. Do not hesitate to ask the manager again the important points of interest.

We will tell you in more detail how to check the iPhone for originality and performance, as well as what you need to pay attention to when buying:

  • The iPhone needs to be thoroughly checked externally There should be no dents, scratches, chips, cracks or other damage on the case and screen. IPhone screen protectors should fit snugly (no bubbles underneath). Please note that the box is not opened before you. If you see signs of an autopsy, you should think about why it was opened before you and did not buy an iPhone.
  • It is also necessary to check the completeness of the iPhone. Perhaps the charging adapter will not be placed under European sockets, in which case the seller will be able to replace them. Or give an adapter as a gift.
  • To make sure that you are purchasing an original device, it is worth checking the iPhone on the official Apple website ( To do this, you need to know the serial number of the iPhone, as well as its IMEI number. The information you need is usually listed on the iPhone itself and on the shipping box. Checking the IMEI iphone on the Apple website is not difficult. You will find out if such an iPhone is listed in the company’s database, its model, color and release date. Checking the iPhone by IMEI is also useful to identify a used device, or a phone taken from a showcase.

How to check an iPhone before buying a used one

The situation is more complicated if you buy an iPhone hand-held. Such an acquisition requires a more careful approach and additional checks. To be sure of the purchase, completely protect yourself from possible fraud and correctly check the purchased iPhone, you will need the following:

  • A valid SIM card.
  • Charging cable and adapter.
  • Connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Things to check especially carefully when buying an iPhone by ad:

  • Check the iPhone for dents, chips, cracks and other damage. As a rule, it is better not to buy an iPhone with major mechanical damage. After another blow, the phone will stop working. In this case, repairs can cost a round sum.
  • The safest way is to check the iPhone by the serial number on the official Apple website ( Here you can check all the information you need about iPhone model, color and release date.
  • Having an iPhone box is always a plus for the seller. But here, too, you need to be careful. It is necessary to check the iphone again by IMEI and serial number. They must match those indicated on the iPhone packaging. If this is not the case and the previous owner of the iPhone kept silent about it, then perhaps he is hiding something.
  • Checking your iPhone at,, or is a good idea. Using the IMEI number here you can check valuable information about your iPhone, such as model, color, release date, expiration date of the warranty, as well as check if the phone is on the list of stolen and wanted ones by the former owner.
  • There are 3 categories of purchased iPhones: 1) compatible with SIM-cards of any operators without additional settings. “unlocked” or Neverlock; 2) iPhones tied to a specific cellular operator and requiring additional settings to work with other GSM networks. “locked” or Lock; 3) iPhones reprogrammed to have no network restrictions. “unlocked” or Softunlock. We recommend buying only the iPhone of the Neverlock category. The rest usually have problems. You can check if the iPhone is locked by the presence of a substrate scheme in the SIM-card tray, as well as by how easy the iPhone will be to catch the network with your SIM-card and whether it will require additional settings.
  • Next, we check the performance of the iPhone: 1) Buttons and switches should not sink, stick and respond slowly to pressing; 2) The Home button and the TouchID function combined with it should be triggered by a light, effortless press; 3) There should be no debris behind the camera lens, the photos should be clear and crisp; 4) The iPhone screen should not contain “dead” pixels, the image should be bright and focused; 5) The sensor should easily and quickly respond to touches, the icons should easily follow the finger; 6) The jacks for the headset, charging and data cable should not be loosened, they should provide a reliable connection; 7) The rechargeable battery must withstand test operation in talk mode, watching video via the Internet using Wi-Fi for several minutes with a maximum decrease in the charge level of no more than 1-3%.
  • Pay attention to the phone screen. Ideally, if it remains native, not repaired or replaced with a copy.
  • Check iPhone charging. It should charge quickly and not warm up at this moment.
  • It is also necessary to check the work of frequently used applications. GPS navigation, text editors, media players, etc.
  • Be sure to ask the seller to disconnect the iPhone from the account and reset the previous settings. You can check if your iPhone is linked to iCloud on using the serial number or IMEI number.

Now you know how to verify an iPhone for authenticity, health, integrity and account linkage. If you have any doubts during the check, you can always bring your iPhone to our Service Center, where it will be professionally examined and tested by competent specialists. We will help you make the right decision and protect you from possible mistakes!

We wish you a successful purchase and only positive emotions from using Apple appliances!

How to check iPhone by serial number on Apple official website

Go to the special page of the Apple website to check the iPhone by serial number (link).

Enter your iPhone serial number in the field and click “Continue”.

Wait for the results page to load and read the information received.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

How to find IMEI on iPhone? Elementary. To do this, you just need to enter the command # in the Phone application. IMEI will instantly appear on the screen:

This is how the iPhone IMEI is displayed after entering the command #

If the iPhone is packed, you can see the IMEI on the package:

IMEI was found, now it remains to punch it and find out additional information. This can be done using the following services:


Just go to one of the listed sites and enter the IMEI of the smartphone in the check field. Verification is performed in just a few seconds.

? What does the iPhone serial number check give

What information does this page allow you to find out?

You are convinced that the iPhone is truly original. If Apple’s verification service recognizes the iPhone, then it is 100% original.

The exact iPhone model is determined. Very often in the secondary market, scammers try to sell iPhone 6 under the guise of iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 under the guise of iPhone 8, etc. They rely on inexperienced buyers. On the Apple website, it will definitely become clear which iPhone model you have in your hands.

The status of the guarantee is being clarified. Apple’s service accurately answers the question of whether the iPhone is under warranty. Often unscrupulous sellers lie about the guarantee. It is said that the official smartphone warranty is still valid, although in reality this is not the case. A quick check through the Apple website and you know it all.

The verified purchase date is checked. And last but not least, the service allows you to make sure that the iPhone is officially purchased, not stolen. This is very important as a verified purchase date will allow you to contact Apple support for any questions.

How To Check ANY iPhone Activation Date!!

How to check iPhone by serial number and IMEI on Apple official website

Check iPhone by name and serial number.

When buying an iPhone off-hand, you need to be extremely careful. Fraudsters are trying to sell various kinds of fakes on the secondary market, without checking which there is a chance to remain at a broken trough. How to check iPhone by name and serial number on the official Apple website was described in this manual.

How to find the serial number of your iPhone

? In order to get more information about the iPhone, we need the serial number of the device. You can get it in various ways, for example, look at the back cover of the device (or on the SIM card tray in older models), but the easiest way is to go to the settings.

Go to the menu “Settings” → “General”.

Select “About device”.

Find the line “Serial number”. It contains the serial number of the iPhone.

The serial number was obtained, it remains only to check it on the Apple website.

? What does the iPhone check by name give??

The status of the iPhone is determined: stolen or not. The main thing that the IMEI check shows is the status of the device. If the iPhone is lost or stolen by its real owner, then the check will warn about this. There is no need to buy an iPhone that is reported lost or stolen. Only if for spare parts.

The result of iPhone punching by IMEI. We see that the smartphone is already without a guarantee, but it has not been stolen or lost

The country of purchase is determined. The IMEI identifies the exact model number of the iPhone. It is necessary in order to check which country the smartphone is intended for sale in.

Model number lets you know where the iPhone is from

The status of Find iPhone is shown. Also, the IMEI check allows you to find out if the “Find iPhone” function is enabled on the iPhone right now. If it is enabled, then the seller must be asked to sign out of his iCloud account.

Start check

  • So, let’s start examining the smartphone. To begin with, you can try turning off the device and immediately turn it back on. Switching on should happen from the very 1st time, without any delays.
  • We do not hesitate to remove the protective film in order to check if it hides any significant flaws. Sometimes, with its help, former owners seek to disguise chips, scratches on the smartphone display, and even cracks.
  • Checking the lock button. The device should fade out and reactivate each time you press it. Don’t forget about the Home button. Like the lock button, it should work properly the first time.

In addition, the pressure itself should be soft, without difficulty.

  • Next, you can check the vibration call by turning it on and off. We also press the volume button, which should work smoothly and immediately. The sound should fade out or become louder evenly.
  • If possible, we get access to a PC or laptop. We examine the delivery set, where the “native” USB cable should be, and connect the device with it.
  • It is very important that the smartphone has everything in order with synchronization, as well as with recharging from a computer.
  • How to check iPhone when buying: tips

    IOS-based mobile devices are a very expensive pleasure, and therefore many people prefer to buy a smartphone “hand-held”. At the same time, they are often interested in how to check the iPhone when buying.

    There are several general recommendations that a potential buyer can follow when planning to purchase a device on the iOS platform. What to pay special attention to?

    We continue checking

    • Another important point of verification is a call to someone from this smartphone. This is important in order to rule out communication, microphone and speaker problems.
    • Headphones must also be “native”. Insert them into the appropriate connector, check the fit and their work. for example, when listening to the player.
    • We also check the playback of music files and videos without headphones. It is better to change the volume several times to make sure there are no problems.
    • We check the accelerometer. for example, through the Safari browser, turning the device over. The page should immediately return to its original viewable position.
    • Also, you shouldn’t neglect to check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi operation. To check the smartphone display for dead pixels, open any page in Safari and take a screenshot.

    To do this, simultaneously hold down the “Home” button and the power button of the device. The presence of broken pixels will be indicated by different points in the resulting screenshot.

  • And finally, let’s check the touch-screen by launching the keyboard and alternately pressing each of the buttons. In the process, there should be no problems with pressing the buttons.
  • The actions described above are the main ones when testing a mobile device. Following these recommendations, the person will be able to determine what the quality of the device is, and whether it is worth buying this iPhone.

    Required. Test call

    Don’t miss this moment: you need to insert your SIM card and make a test call to your friend’s number. This is how we kill two birds with one stone; we check the operation of the spoken speaker and the cellular communication module.

    In the extreme, if there is no SIM card at hand, then you can dial 112, listen to the robot answering machine, and then reset without waiting for the connection. Better than nothing.

    Checking the camera and microphone

    Make sure there is no debris or condensation in the camera’s eye. Check your flash, take a couple of photos and videos. There should be no artifacts on the frames. Do not forget to play the captured video with sound. this is how the rear microphone is checked.

    Exploring the screen

    The display is a treasure trove of weaknesses. What you need to pay attention to.

    Press the screen in different places with little force. There should not be anything crunching, creaking or dangling here. Otherwise, the smartphone was dropped or opened.

    The backlight should be uniform. Open an image with a white background and black and notice the glow around the edges. There should be no obvious spots and too bright places. If there are no such images, open any application with a suitable background. Well, or take a photo, for example.

    There should be no yellow spots on the screen. Those that appear after the smartphone overheats. The fact is that under the influence of temperature, the glue between the touchscreen and the display changes color. Similar jambs appear if the device is constantly squeezed, for example, held in the back of jeans and sat on hard surfaces.

    With the same set of pictures we check for stripes and broken pixels.

    Don’t forget the buttons

    Do not fall for persuasion, the broken Home button is almost impossible to fix. After replacing the part, you will be left without Touch ID.

    To the heap: sensors and accelerometer

    iPhone is able to determine its location in space thanks to the accelerometer. Open Notes and rotate your smartphone, check how changing landscape to portrait mode works.

    You can also go to the new Measure application (or the old Compass) and turn on the Level. Check how the accelerometer works in different planes.

    Don’t forget the other sensors as well. How to check them?

    • Turn on auto brightness and bring your palm to the front camera. the screen should go dim.
    • Call someone and bring your palm to the same camera. the screen should go out.

    How to check iPhone upon purchase. Top Tips

    I am often brought to Avito in search of nishtyaks at low prices. Yes, I haven’t gotten lucky yet, so I wasn’t lucky like our editor-in-chief recently. But a couple of times I managed to profitably exchange smartphones.

    It is important to understand that any site with ads is a field of action for various scammers and, in general, unscrupulous people. It’s as easy as shelling pears to run into an unpleasant surprise.

    Therefore, any equipment must be examined in detail before purchasing. I bought an iPhone several times. I’ll tell you how to check them.

    Need to go online

    At this stage, your SIM card with the Internet will also come in handy. It is enough to go to any page to understand that the smartphone works in LTE networks.

    You should also find a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, or distribute it yourself. Nobody needs wireless internet problems.

    It will be useful to go to Maps and determine the current location of the smartphone to make sure that everything is in order with GPS.

    All sensors should work

    Few people want to find a couple of dead zones on the display after a while. So check everything at once.

    The easiest way is to go to the menu, turn on the icon arrangement mode (hold one of them for a long time) and drag it across the screen. It should move evenly, smoothly, not stop, and not twitch.

    Open the keyboard, click through all the keys. Pull down the notification shades and Control Center in both portrait and landscape modes. Everything should work.

    Don’t forget to check Touch ID. Ideally, put your finger in there and unlock the device a couple of times, but you can also watch the owner of the smartphone.

    5 Make sure if you can call from him?

    “Gray” phones that are not intended for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation may be locked, that is, they work only with certain mobile operators. To be sure of this for sure, immediately insert your SIM card into the iPhone at the stage of checking the corresponding tray. Anyway, to enter the command for determining the IMEI, you will need it.

    If, after installing the SIM, the iPhone does not detect the Network and, accordingly, does not allow you to make calls, the situation is extremely simple: they are trying to sell you a “gray” device, for which unlocking you will have to pay a considerable amount of money if you are not able to do it on your own to please saving finances.

    However, there is a little trick. A special thin-chip substrate can be installed in the SIM-card tray, which will allow a locked smartphone to bypass the binding to one operator. The presence of such a substrate in your Apple iPhone immediately indicates that it is locked.

    4 Compare the serial number and IMEI

    After turning on the phone, you should make sure that the IMEI on the box matches the one indicated on the smartphone itself. You can do this by going to Settings | Basic | About this device “, either by entering the command # in the dialing window, or by checking the SIM card tray, which should also contain the serial number and IMEI identifier.

    Did it all coincide? Fine. It remains only to punch through IMEI on one of the many services on the Internet (for example:, where you can find out for sure whether the Apple smartphone that you hold in your hands is officially sold in Russia, and whether it was stolen from another owner.

    When checking the iPhone, remember that a stolen smartphone can be blocked remotely by the former owner at any moment, after which the phone will turn into a brick, like a carriage into a pumpkin. And if the police also figure out such a device, there will be no problems. So if you have the slightest doubt, refuse to buy such a device.

    1 Checking the packaging and contents of the box

    Apple is kind to every little thing. Including the execution of boxes, which should be made of thick cardboard with a logo embossed on it. On the bottom of the box, the serial number and IMEI are always indicated, which must match the corresponding numbers in the settings of the smartphone and on its body. So feel free to open the box and check its contents.

    Of course, there must be a phone, documentation, a warranty card and additional accessories: wires, charging, headphones, etc. Again, let’s not forget that we are talking about Apple products, so make sure that all cables and plastic joints on the wires are perfectly smooth and free of burrs, and the cables themselves are soft.

    Visual inspection of iPhone upon purchase

    Depending on which model of the “Apple” smartphone you have decided to buy, you should be extremely careful already during a visual examination. Let there be no catch at first glance, but if the iPhone X is definitely not confused with other models, then buying an iPhone 5S / 6S or iPhone 8/8 Plus, you can be the owner of an ordinary iPhone 5/6 or iPhone 7/7 Plus. Outwardly, they are very similar, and differences can only be found upon close examination.

    But in the case of other models, you should keep your finger on the pulse and not relax. Chinese clones of iPhones can look very believable, and in a hurry, they can also be confused with the original. Especially if the seller hurries you up and distracts you all the time when checking. By the way, this is the first sign that they are trying to sell you a “left” device. And also do not lose sight of the fact that in original Apple smartphones, all parts must be tightly fitted to each other without backlash and squeaks, causing the feeling of a monolithic structure.

    In order not to be left with your nose, study in advance as much information as possible about the iPhone model you decided to purchase. For example, the iPhone 5S smartphone was produced in several variations, and you can distinguish them only by the number, which should be indicated on the back cover. If you buy an Apple iPhone 5S, make sure it is labeled A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, or A1532, and no other. In the case of the iPhone 8. A1905. Modifications A1863 and A1906 are made for other countries, and other numbers indicate that they are trying to slip you another model.

    3 Checking localization

    If the visual inspection did not raise any doubts that this is the same iPhone model that you dreamed of, it’s time to move on to the performance check. So. we turn on the phone. A smartphone intended for the Russian market must have Russian firmware, and if during the download you find any hieroglyphs or errors in the translation of the interface, you should be wary. Chances are, this is a perfectly executed Chinese clone.

    It is not difficult to check the fears: the voice assistant Siri or the “Find iPhone” option will not work in Chinese fakes, since it is very laborious to fake the functionality of these features. In addition, the serial number of a fake will never be verified on the manufacturer’s website, but we will talk about this a little below.

    How to check iPhone upon purchase?

    Decided to buy an Apple iPhone? In our article, we will tell you how to check a smartphone for belonging to the original line. Armed with the suggested tips, you can be sure that you can easily figure out a fake or used device.

    A modern smartphone, especially when it comes to a brand new iPhone, is a rather expensive thing, so no one wants to accidentally buy a “pig in a poke”. And unknowingly, it is very easy to become a victim of scammers and become the owner of a “gray” or, even worse, a used device. Offices selling illiquid gadgets today are a dime a dozen. At the same time, their are noticeably lower than those of an authorized dealer, and the smartphones themselves can look ideal from all sides.

    However, let’s not forget that for every advanced user who understands all the intricacies of Apple smartphones, there is always a sly one. Nevertheless, many of the tricks of unscrupulous salespeople can be avoided by knowing the information and being careful. In this article, we will tell you how to check the iPhone upon purchase and not allow yourself to be “thrown”.

    6 Checking the iPhone: is it really a new device in front of you, and not a used one??

    How else to check the “Apple” gadget? The final action will be as follows: go to the smartphone settings and make sure that the “Find iPhone” option is not enabled, and there are no traces of the Apple ID account in the device itself. Also, make sure the account fields are blank in your iCloud, iTunes Store, and Apple Store settings. Otherwise, they are definitely trying to sell you a smartphone that already had an owner. over, it is possible that this iPhone was stolen, as we wrote above, and the consequences may not keep waiting long.

    How to check an iPhone for authenticity on the Apple website?

    This method is the most suitable, because to use it you don’t even need to print the box and take out the device itself. Follow the instructions:

    Look for the serial number of the device on the package. it should be located on the back of the box between the IMEI and the Part No. Serial number consists of 11 or 12 characters (numbers and letters).

    If the iPhone is printed and activated, check the “serial numbers” on the package and in the device settings (path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”).

    Go to the site and in the upper right corner select the “Support” tab.

    Scroll down and find the Warranty & Repair section. Here you need to follow the link “Check warranty status”.

    Enter the serial number of the device in the special window, then enter the captcha code.

    After entering the data, click “Continue”. If you entered the number incorrectly, the system will display the following message:

    Recheck the serial number. If there are no errors, then the iPhone is “gray”, and you need to refuse to buy it.

    After correctly entering the “serial” of the activated iPhone, you will see the following screen:

    Pay attention to the checkmark in the green field opposite the item “Actual date of purchase”. it is this that confirms that the gadget is original. The rest of the points are devoted to the international warranty for the device, which has a duration of 1 year from the date of purchase, and the right to a free consultation by phone. the owner of the iPhone can exercise this right within 3 months. As you can see, using the service, you can establish not only the authenticity of the device, but also the approximate period of use of the gadget (more than 3 months, more than a year). In our case, the warranty has already expired, so the system offers only paid appeal.

    If the iPhone is not yet activated, you will see an exclamation point in the yellow box and the caption “You must confirm the date of purchase of the product.”.

    The very fact that the service found this device in the database, and did not give an error, confirms the originality of the gadget.

    Please note: if the serial number of the gadget begins with the combination “5K”, then you are looking at an iPhone of the Refurbished category, that is, refurbished by the manufacturer or seller. Refurbished iPhone cannot be called completely new, despite the fact that the repair is usually of high quality and that Apple gives a full guarantee for such a device.

    International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

    Actually, the site of the international identifier itself is available at To check, you need to enter a 15-digit number in the “Enter IMEI” window.

    After entering the number, press “Check”. IPhone information appears on the screen.

    If this information is not enough for you, click the “Read” button. a full description of the device’s functionality will appear, accompanied by a photo and 3D animation.

    If the iPhone is found in the database by the IMEY number, the gadget is original.

    Important: when registering on the website through your mailbox, check the “Spam” folder. most likely, a letter with a proposal to activate your account will be there.

    How to check if iPhone is original or not by IMEI?

    Check for originality is also carried out through the IMEY iPhone. You can find out the IMEI number in several ways:

    Find on the packaging with a barcode. IMEI is lower than the serial number.

    Find on the SIM card tray.

    Through the “Settings” of the gadget. The path that the user needs to go through. “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

    Through a combination. It is enough to dial # and the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

    IMEY consists of 15 digits. alphabetic characters do not occur.

    It is possible to check the authenticity of the gadget by IMEI using two services:


    This service allows you to check how high-quality the hardware of the tested smartphone is. as a rule, “underground” manufacturers use the lowest-grade components. CNDeepInfo service is universal and suitable for checking not only iPhones, but also gadgets of other brands.

    Enter the IMEI number in the window and click the “Check” button. The result of the check will consist of several parts. First part. certificate.

    The certificate confirms that the Apple iPhone is not stolen or lost by the original owner.

    If you want to know more about what information the certificate gives, click on the round button with the letter “i”. in the picture it is circled in red.

    A certificate in the form of a banner can be inserted into other resources. Click the button “HTML-code to embed on sites and forums”, and you will have access to all kinds of links and codes:

    For example, a link to an image of a certificate can be placed by an iPhone seller in an advertisement for a sale. this will increase the level of trust of potential buyers.

    12 Things MUST Check Before Buying Used iPhone (2020)

    The second block. “IMEI decryption”.

    From this block it becomes clear that the whole IMEY can be divided into 3 components:

      TAC number. describes the model and origin of the phone (8 first digits) Sequential number of the gadget. is unique for each device (6 subsequent digits) Check digit. the 15th digit that allows you to check the correctness of all the previous ones. The check digit is calculated using the “Moon” aLGorithm. you can learn more about this aLGorithm here.

    There are no two phones with the same IMEI numbers.

    The third block. “Detailed information”.

    Alas, detailed information is not available during a free check. after clicking on the “Get information” button, you will be faced with an offer to pay.

    If you scroll down the page with the results of the check, you will find the button “Add to the list of lost or stolen”.

    If you lose the gadget, you should use this particular button. this way you complicate the task of selling the phone for the attacker.

    How to check iPhone for authenticity?

    It is better to check the iPhone by serial number and IMEI if you buy a sealed gadget. the seller is unlikely to agree to open the package just for you to look at the smartphone. But when buying an iPhone from hands without a box and documents, it is very important to pay attention to visual inspection. the typical signs of Chinese counterfeits are described here.

    How to check Face ID upon purchase?

    Be sure to check Face ID before buying, otherwise it will be too late later! Go to Settings → Face ID & Passcode. Set up Face ID by following the prompts on your phone. The procedure is long, in extreme cases, ask sellers to demonstrate how face unlocking works if his face is added to Face ID.

    How to set up Face ID correctly?

    Set up Face ID

    • Select Settings Face ID & Passcode.
    • Click Set Up Face ID.
    • Make sure you are holding your device in a vertical (portrait) orientation, then place the device in front of your face and click Proceed.

    How to check a new iPhone upon purchase?

    How to tell the difference between a new iPhone XR and a refurbished one?

    The easiest way to tell a refurbished iPhone from a new one is to look at the box. The packaging of the new iPhone will have a picture (a picture of the phone). The box from a refurbished (“like new”) iPhone will be just white, with no photos. At the bottom of the box it says Apple Certified Pre-Owned.

    How to check the authenticity of an iPhone upon purchase?

    How to check if you bought a new iPhone?

    • Go to the Check Service and Support Eligibility section of the Apple website.
    • Enter the serial number of the iPhone in the appropriate field (how to find the serial number), enter the code shown in the picture and click Continue.

    How to check iPhone XR for originality?

    Go to the iPhone in the menu “Settings” → “General” → “About this device” and find the item “Serial number”. Follow this link from your device. The link leads to the official Apple website in the section for checking serial numbers.

    Can I Unlock iPhone 11?

    In the case of the iPhone 11, iPhone X, XS, or XR, Face ID, which requires the presence of the owner of the device, will prevent authentication. At the same time, it will not work to unlock the gadget, even if you bring it closer to the sleeping person, because the user must necessarily look at the smartphone when authenticating.

    How to check if you bought a new iPhone? Method 1

    Apple has a Service and Support Eligibility section on Apple’s website that lets you quickly and effortlessly verify that the iPhone you’re buying hasn’t actually been used before. All the user needs to know to work with the service is the serial number of the device. For activated gadgets, this number can be found in the “Settings”, in the “General” section, the menu item “About this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with a start-up welcome screen, his serial code can be found by pressing the “i” button in the lower right corner.

    In addition, the serial number of the iPhone can be found on a label located on the back of the original box.

    So, to check your iPhone, follow these steps:

    one. Go to the Check Service and Support Eligibility section of the Apple website.

    2. Enter the serial number of the iPhone in the appropriate field (how to find the serial number), enter the code shown in the picture and click Continue.


    Your iPhone serial number NEVER contains the letter “O” (uses the number “0” (zero).

    3. If, when checking a supposedly new iPhone (or an officially restored (ref, refurbished) Apple), the message “Activate your device” appears, then this really confirms that the smartphone had no history and is indeed new.

    After activation, the Right to Service and Support service will display (perhaps not immediately, but within 24 hours) the estimated expiration date of the Right to Service and Repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day. In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the calculated date.

    NOTE: The data on the Apple server may not change immediately, it usually happens in the interval from 1 minute to 12 hours.

    How to check if you bought a new iPhone (activated or not)?

    You have been sold an iPhone in a sealed box and the seller assures that it is new. Before you can start using your new Apple smartphone, you need to activate it. The activation procedure involves connecting a smartphone with an inserted SIM card to Apple’s activation servers. To do this, you just need to connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data.

    And only after the iPhone owner receives confirmation of activation, he will be able to use his device.

    Thus, if, when the smartphone is first turned on, the user immediately goes to the home screen, bypassing the welcome, activation and settings screens, then it has already been used. At the same time, if after the first start-up of the iPhone, the welcome screen appeared. this does not mean that the gadget was not used. The fact is that a screen with the word “Hello” in different languages ​​of the world appears every time the iPhone is reset to factory settings or after the iOS restore procedure on the computer. In other words, even unpacking the sealed box and the appearance of the welcome screen when you turn on the purchased iPhone does not guarantee that the smartphone is new.

    Detailed video instruction

    How to check if you bought a new iPhone? Method 2

    Open the Settings app and follow the path: General → About this device.

    In the window that appears, open the “Limited Warranty”.

    The estimated expiration date of the Right to Service and Repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day, will appear here (perhaps not immediately, but within a day). In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the calculated date.

    If the activation date that you carried out differs from the one specified in the service “Checking the eligibility for service and support”, then you can safely file a claim with the seller. the smartphone was activated earlier, ie. unfortunately, you are not the first owner of this iPhone.

    Video review:

    Let’s take a real life example. In the post-Soviet space, it is often used to sell gray (illegally imported) activated iPhones under the guise of new ones. How does this happen? New locked (tied to a mobile operator) iPhones are sold, for example, in the United States, at a fairly low price. They are bought by “businessmen” for the purpose of subsequent unlocking (decoupling from the operator) for a fee.

    However, often in order to unlock such an iPhone, in most cases, its box must be unpacked, software restored and repacked. By and large, this is a new phone (in fact, it was not used), identical to the one purchased from an official reseller, however, the date of its first activation will not correspond to the date of activation by the buyer, since it has already been produced earlier. Naturally, the service and support period of such a phone will be less than a year.

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