How to check iPad upon purchase

Disable Find My iPhone

IPad authentication can be disabled by turning off Find My iPhone. The method works when buying a tablet from your hands.

If the function is activated, even at a distance, the device can be locked, but it cannot be reset to factory settings. It so happens that unscrupulous sellers sell a gadget, and then, having blocked it, demand an additional amount from the new owner. Therefore, it is worth checking the gadget with the seller so as not to get into such a situation.

Check iPad by serial number

Checking the ipad by serial number or IMEI is the easiest and most relevant method to understand if it is being purchased.

How to find the serial number of the device

It is very easy to check iPad by serial number. You need to take the gadget and unfold it with the lid up. There is an alphanumeric combination at the back. If the device supports the card, it is worth getting the tray for it. The number will be registered there.

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Check ipad by serial number. the easiest way.

How to identify a fake

Now about the case. Holding the device in hand, it is even easier to understand where the fake is. On the back, in the center, the logo should be engraved (not pasted, not drawn). Below it is information about the vehicle, and even lower. the serial number.

If the tablet is not original, the buyer receives:

  • poorly rendered menu;
  • inability to log into iCloud and iTunes;
  • inability to connect to a computer via a cord;
  • lack of resources to connect to the Internet.

Also worth noting is a very poor camera. If the pictures can be taken, they will turn out to be blurry, “hazy”. It is quite unprofitable to give a lot of money for such “functionality” of the iPhone and the apple icon on the lid. A real powered tablet should show iOS, not Windows or Android.

details about the design and features of each of the devices in the table:

Also on the back of all models there is an indication of the amount of memory. 16, 32, 64, 128. If there is no such data or they differ from the ones written above, the person is fake.

The icons in the fake menu are much larger than the original ones. They show pixels that make the icons appear blurry. It’s also worth trying to go to iCloud right away. This is a backup of the data stored in the cloud storage. For Chinese counterfeits, the pictogram may be drawn, but it is completely useless. It is impossible to enter it.

How to determine the authenticity of an iPad

How to check the ipad is a pressing question. Counterfeiters have learned to copy everything down to the smallest detail. A copy of an iPhone released on Android is not uncommon.

How to check ipad when buying? Very simple. The new box should contain:

  • packing tape;
  • iPad, iPad mini inscription on the side;
  • cloud sign or apple on the other side.

How to disable an option

There are four ways to check the iPad using a similar method.

Checking on the manufacturer’s website

The owner navigates to checkcoverage.Apple.com. This is the official link that allows you to specify the modification numbers in the line that appears. If the device is real, the resource confirms this, as well as data on the warranty card and repair work.

Things to Consider: Serial Numbers Are Not Falsified!

When purchasing apple devices, the buyer must be sure that he is receiving original and high-quality equipment. The material contains tips on how to distinguish a fake and spend only on a gadget from an official manufacturer.

How to check iPhone is locked or not

When buying an iPhone, the question arises: is it locked to the operator or not. This information is important because if it is still locked. you will have to spend some more on unlock. In this article I will tell you how to find out if the iPhone is locked or not.

In a number of countries, the sale of locked iPhones is widespread. devices that can work with only one telecom operator. The advantage of this approach is a decrease in the price of a smartphone, which becomes possible because the buyer undertakes to use the services of a particular provider.

Diagnostics is FREE. 7 (812) 953-94-11, 7 (921) 984-75-12 (Kamennoostrovsky prospect, 42, Petrogradskaya metro station)

The disadvantage is also clear. if you bought a phone that was produced for the US market and an American operator, you are unlikely to be able to use the services of local providers.

Buying an unlocked iPhone

How to find out if the iPhone is locked if you buy the device not from official Apple sales outlets, but, for example, from the hands of another person? Official resellers also sell locked smartphones, but their documents will definitely indicate the status:

  • SIM Free. you can insert a SIM card of any operator.
  • SIM Locked. the phone is locked for a specific provider.

Another way to test your iPhone is to insert your SIM card from another carrier into it. When turned on, the device will require re-activation. If you can activate the iPhone with a new SIM card, make calls from it and go online, then you will not have any problems with communication services, since the phone is not locked.

IMEI check

There is another way to check the iPhone for a lock for a specific provider. to punch its history by IMEI on the site http://www.IMEI.info/. To find out the IMEI of the device:

  • Check the 15-digit number on the back of your iPhone.
  • Dial the command # on the phone and press the call button. IMEI will be displayed on the screen.
  • Open the settings, go to the “General” section, tap on the item “About this device”. Find the IMEI code in the table.

The resulting code must be entered in the line on the site http://www.IMEI.info/. Click Check to view basic information about your phone. To check the device for a lock for a specific operator, press the green button “SimLock Warranty” “.

The device status will be indicated in the “SIM Lock” line. If you see the value “Unknown” in this field, then punch the phone on other sites. iphoneox.com, s-url.ro and others.

These services show not only the status of the iPhone, but also the country with a specific operator for which the iPhone is locked. Please be aware that these sites may display incorrect information, so be sure to check your smartphone with a different SIM card before making a purchase.

Free consultation! Free diagnostics! Warranty for work!

Swimmer or not?

Buying drowned smartphones is extremely dangerous. You don’t know how it was dried after falling into the water. Perhaps the iPhone was in the hands of adequate service providers, or maybe it was just put in rice. At the same time, the oxidation of components is still going on, and the smartphone will “move horses” at any minute.

It’s a pity that this only pops up after opening the device. However, one marker is visible from the outside.

  • For iPhone 5 and newer: open the SIM card tray and look inside.
  • For other iPhones: look into the 30-pin jack and headphone port.

Here you can see how the triggered marker will look like in a specific iPhone model. If there are no red dots in the indicated places, then everything is in order, from this side the iPhone was not flooded. precisely, the situation can only be clarified by the service center.

How to check iPhone on Apple website

In the same place, in “Settings. General. About this device”, the serial number is written. You can use it too. Go to the Apple website and check the status of the device.

This is how you can understand that this is not a Frankenstein with a conventional 6s body and a six-piece filling. The page will show the model of the device, the date of the end of the limited warranty and information about the date of purchase.

Required. Test call

Don’t miss this moment: you need to insert your SIM card and make a test call to your friend’s number. This is how we kill two birds with one stone; we check the operation of the spoken speaker and the cellular communication module.

In the extreme, if there is no SIM card at hand, then you can dial 112, listen to the robot answering machine, and then reset without waiting for the connection. Better than nothing.

Exploring the screen

The display is a treasure trove of weaknesses. What you need to pay attention to.

Press the screen in different places with little force. There should not be anything crunching, creaking or dangling here. Otherwise, the smartphone was dropped or opened.

The backlight should be uniform. Open an image with a white background and a black one and notice the glow around the edges. There should be no obvious spots and too bright places. If there are no such images, open any application with a suitable background. Well, or take a photo, for example.

There should be no yellow spots on the screen. Those that appear after the smartphone overheats. The fact is that under the influence of temperature, the glue between the touchscreen and the display changes color. Similar jambs appear if the device is constantly squeezed, for example, held in the back of jeans and sat on hard surfaces.

With the same set of pictures we check for stripes and broken pixels.

How to test out a used Ipad before you buy

All sensors should work

Few people want to find a couple of dead zones on the display after a while. So check everything at once.

The easiest way is to go to the menu, turn on the icon arrangement mode (hold one of them for a long time) and drag it across the screen. It should move evenly, smoothly, not stop, and not twitch.

Open the keyboard, click all the keys. Pull down the notification shades and Control Center, both in portrait and landscape mode. Everything should work.

Don’t forget to check Touch ID. Ideally, put your finger in there and unlock the device a couple of times, but you can also watch the owner of the smartphone.

Don’t forget the buttons

Do not fall for persuasion, the broken Home button is almost impossible to fix. After replacing the part, you will be left without Touch ID.

Checking the packaging and contents of the box

Apple is kind to every little thing. Including the execution of boxes, which should be made of thick cardboard with a logo embossed on it. On the bottom of the box, the serial number and IMEI are always indicated, which must match the corresponding numbers in the settings of the smartphone and on its body. So feel free to open the box and check its contents.

Of course, there must be a phone, documentation, a warranty card and additional accessories: wires, charging, headphones, etc. Again, let’s not forget that we are talking about Apple products, so make sure that all cables and plastic joints on the wires are perfectly smooth and free from burrs, and the cables themselves are soft.

Compare the serial number and IMEI

After turning on the phone, you should make sure that the IMEI on the box matches the one indicated on the smartphone itself. You can do this by going to Settings | Basic | About this device “, either by entering the command # in the dialing window, or by checking the SIM card tray, which should also contain the serial number and IMEI identifier.

Did it all coincide? Excellent. It remains only to punch through IMEI on one of the many services on the Internet (for example: IMEI.info), where you can find out for sure whether the Apple smartphone that you hold in your hands is officially sold in Russia, and whether it was stolen from another owner.

When checking an iPhone, remember that a stolen smartphone can be blocked remotely by the former owner at any moment, after which the phone will turn into a brick, like a carriage into a pumpkin. And if the police also figure out such a device, there will be no problems. So if you have the slightest doubt, refuse to buy such a device.

How to check iPhone upon purchase?

Decided to buy an Apple iPhone? In our article, we will tell you how to check a smartphone for belonging to the original line. Armed with the suggested tips, you can be sure that you can easily figure out a fake or used device.

A modern smartphone, especially when it comes to a brand new iPhone, is a rather expensive thing, so no one wants to accidentally buy a “pig in a poke”. And unknowingly, it is very easy to become a victim of scammers and become the owner of a “gray” or, even worse, a used device. Offices selling illiquid gadgets today are a dime a dozen. At the same time, their are noticeably lower than those of an authorized dealer, and the smartphones themselves can look ideal from all sides.

However, let’s not forget that for every advanced user who understands all the intricacies of Apple smartphones, there is always a sly one. Nevertheless, many of the tricks of unscrupulous salespeople can be avoided by knowing the information and being careful. In this article, we will tell you how to check the iPhone upon purchase and not allow yourself to be “thrown”.

Make sure if it is possible to call from him?

“Gray” phones that are not intended for sale on the territory of the Russian Federation may be locked, that is, they work only with certain mobile operators. To be sure of this for sure, immediately insert your SIM card into the iPhone at the stage of checking the corresponding tray. All the same, to enter the command for determining the IMEI, you will need it.

If, after installing the SIM, the iPhone does not detect the Network and, accordingly, does not allow you to make calls, the situation is extremely simple: they are trying to sell you a “gray” device, for which unlocking you will have to pay a considerable amount of money if you are not able to do it on your own to please saving finances.

However, there is a little trick. A special thin-chip substrate can be installed in the SIM-card tray, which will allow a locked smartphone to bypass the binding to one operator. The presence of such a substrate in your Apple iPhone immediately indicates that it is locked.

Visual inspection of iPhone upon purchase

Depending on which model of the “apple” smartphone you have decided to buy, you should be extremely careful already during a visual examination. Let there be no catch at first glance, but if the iPhone X is definitely not confused with other models, then buying an iPhone 5S / 6S or iPhone 8/8 Plus you can be the owner of an ordinary iPhone 5/6 or iPhone 7/7 Plus. Outwardly, they are very similar, and differences can only be found upon close examination.

But in the case of other models, you should keep your finger on the pulse and not relax. Chinese clones of iPhones can look very believable, and in a hurry, they can also be confused with the original. Especially if the seller hurries you up and distracts you all the time when checking. By the way, this is the first sign that they are trying to sell you a “left” device. And do not lose sight of the fact that in the original Apple smartphones, all parts should be tightly fitted to each other without backlash and squeaks, causing the feeling of a monolithic structure.

In order not to be left with your nose, study in advance as much information as possible about the iPhone model you have decided to purchase. For example, the iPhone 5S smartphone was produced in several variations, and you can distinguish them only by the number, which should be indicated on the back cover. If you buy an Apple iPhone 5S, make sure it is labeled A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, or A1532, and no other. In the case of the iPhone 8. A1905. Modifications A1863 and A1906 are made for other countries, and other numbers indicate that they are trying to slip you another model.

Legal side of the issue

How to check a car before buying it correctly and competently? Ukraine is now, thank God, a civilized country. And the most essential recommendation when buying a car sounds like this: no powers of attorney, including all sorts of general and so on, no receipts-obligations, but only a sales contract with a complete re-registration of a vehicle from one individual to another, to yours. Today all this can (and should) be done in the so-called Service Center, and the whole procedure takes less than an hour.

Previously, the seller had to show the buyer his passport, show the car registration certificate in his own name; it was necessary to check the VIN number of the car, check the car according to the data for theft, for the prohibition of deregistration and re-registration and so on. It was necessary to specially check and make sure that the car did not turn out to be credit and was not pledged in the bank, to receive an extract from the bank (if it was once a credit, but now the loan is closed), etc., etc.

Much of all this can be found today on some of the official websites of the relevant departments but. no need! Now all this is done in Service Centers, and they do, I repeat, in less than one hour.

Another thing is that even “at the start”, just getting ready to make a deal, even at the stage of getting acquainted with your potential personal vehicle, inspecting a car before buying, you should ask the current owner about the history of the car. If the Service Book is “alive” and available, then it will give enough information about many things you need. On the routine maintenance carried out, on the timing of the replacement of operating and process fluids, on breakdowns and repair work on the car. Finally, whether the car was involved in an accident, and what was the nature of the damage. What was the degree of complexity of the refurbishment.

How to check a car before buying?

Checking a car before buying is not just a desirable, but a mandatory and necessary procedure, and it would seem that everyone and everything perfectly understands and knows. over, any buyer of a car a priori, “by default”, is one hundred percent confident in himself and in his knowledge. He is even convinced that he knows more than others and understands better than anyone else. However, police (police) statistics and everyday practice are impartial, incorruptible and, most importantly, objective. Fooled, fooled, fooled buyers. darkness!

How to choose and check a car correctly before buying. further in this article.

From personal experience

By the way, even if you do not understand the meaning of your actions, even if you don’t know what exactly you need to look at and what exactly should be touched, then your “body movements” will still not be left without the attention of the seller. He will understand that you are a meticulous person, pay attention to the smallest details, then he, in turn, will limit the “degree of praise” of the car he sells. And believe me: every seller tries to praise, advertise and exalt the sold car to the skies and with all his might. This is the law.

Checking the engine

The most expensive part of a car is the body, of course, with the exception of the so-called high-performance models of the elite sector of the global automotive industry, where the engine is indeed the most expensive part of the car. In the mass sector of the global automotive industry, the engine is not the most expensive part of a car, but it is the most difficult and most expensive to repair.

Diagnostics before buying is not limited to checking only the body or only the motor, but it is the engine compartment that must be checked with special care. There are two main stages of internal combustion engine diagnostics:

  • Visual inspection;
  • Instrumental testing, and in modern foreign cars it is computer diagnostics, CD.

Instrumental or computer verification

If you are satisfied with the visual inspection of the engine and the engine compartment, then checking the car before buying can proceed to the next, more serious, stage.

If you buy a used car with a carburetor power supply system and battery ignition, then engine diagnostics is reduced to checking the compression in the cylinders, monitoring the quality of the mixture and the presence of a spark. Plus, some more procedures are possible, which, of course, should be entrusted to a specialist. But a modern car is checked exclusively in a car service with a special computer connected to a special diagnostic connector.

Everything will be visible here. The duration and intensity of injection, spark force and ignition timing of the mixture in the cylinders, compression, the state of the quality sensors of the burnt gases (lambda probes), the vacuum in the intake tract and a lot of other various parameters, the number of which can reach several dozen.

Test Drive

To fully and “to the end” check the car before buying, a test drive, of course, needs to be carried out. But such a “procedure” is more likely to understand the car, to listen to how it works, and “does it fit for you”on the soul “. If this is a car of the ancient years of production, then everything is listened to in it, from the characteristic (or, conversely, uncharacteristic) sounds emitted by the engine and chassis with transmission, and ending with the sensations from the steering and the effectiveness of the brakes. However, in a modern car, all this is checked on a dynamometer and vibration test bench. And also on a lift, on a viewing pit, and with the use of special tools. For a long time already no one has been checking the wheel alignment or backlash and clearances in the steering “by eye”, and the effectiveness of the braking systems is checked exclusively on the running drums. And all the information is laid out in graphs and figures either on a computer monitor, or in printed form. on paper from a printer. For handing over to the client and filing it in the Service Book.

How to check a car upon purchase, you can be thoroughly told (and shown in figures and graphs) only at the service station, the profile brand of the car being purchased. This will be the most correct method of testing and diagnostics.

We inspect the engine compartment

Before starting an instrumental check of the engine on a special stand or in the engine workshop of a service station and using special equipment (the same computer, for example), you should carefully inspect the engine and attachments. An experienced glance will be enough to establish the general characteristics of the “health” of the motor. There should be no drips of oils and other operating fluids on the cylinder block or on the internal panels of the engine compartment (mudguards, partitions, wheel arch aprons, etc.). A light coating of dust is not scary, it’s just good. On such a slightly dirty surface, such streaks will be clearly visible. But the freshly washed engine and engine compartment, so brightly shining with their almost conveyor cleanliness, should alert you. Did the seller want to hide the traces of the same streaks??

Also inspect the exhaust pipe. From the inside, it should look like a black velvet cloth and be dry. A thick black coating from the inside indicates that the engine “eats” oil, and it flies out into the exhaust system. Drops of water are not scary, there is always condensation in the exhaust system, the main thing is that from the exhaust tip does not pour out in a stream.

With the engine running, the exhaust should be nearly colorless. Blue smoke can indicate burning oil in the cylinders, black smoke. unburned fuel particles. There are many shades of gray or black smoke, and only a professional minder can confidently diagnose the condition of the motor without special tools. If there is a similar assistant next to you, just such a “second pair of eyes”, then your conversation with the seller will definitely flow in a more productive direction.

From personal experience

Of course, the driver’s door, its hinges and locks / latches, as well as the threshold, against which the driver constantly and systematically scratches his soles and heels, are exposed to the greatest wear. An experienced craftsman will be able to guess both the age of the car and its mileage with a high degree of probability only by the nature of these scuffs.

The rear left door is exposed to the least wear, it is used extremely rarely, even if the car has been in a taxi for a long time.

Look obliquely at an angle at the windshield; on a used car, traces of the wiper blades must be visible. Their absence may indicate that the frontal was changed. For what reason? Is it because of the accident? Then look for confirming signs on the front fenders, on the hood and at their junctions with other body parts.

Carefully study the condition and operation of outdoor lighting devices. How dim the headlights are, and does this “dimness” (or transparency) correspond to the years and mileage of the car being checked??

How to check a used iPad before buying

With a long history of support and service, Apple devices have become some of the most popular in the world. Of course, the convenience of use, the quality of workmanship and the filling of the gadget, in particular, the mobile operating system iOS, which is one of the main reasons for buying apple devices, deserves attention. And more often not new, namely used ones, because the price of gadgets is significantly reduced over time and you can get the coveted iPad for reading, playing, surfing or watching movies much cheaper. In this article, we will give some advice from UiPservice engineers to those who are going to buy a used iPad, but do not know what to look for when buying and what pitfalls may await it.

The main rule in buying used gadgets is not to rush. A quick inspection of devices and a quick purchase can not only ruin the overall impression of the device, but also force you to spend extra money on repairs or replacement parts. Taking a used iPad in hand, the first step is to conduct an external examination for chips and scratches. Be sure to pay attention to the geometry of the case. iPad should be flat, without bends. Check the edging of the display module around the entire perimeter. if you notice that the glass bulges a little, then you should definitely ask the owner about the service history.

Pay attention immediately to the package bundle. the absence of a box and original accessories should alert you. Most often, such devices turn out to be stolen, and the charger and headphones in most cases are cheap fakes. If the box is still there, then be sure to compare the serial number pasted on it with the same number in the iPad settings (or on the back of the tablet). the 16-digit code must match.

Unfortunately, the iPad (except for the first generation) does not have moisture penetration sensors, as in the iPhone and iPod, so it is possible to determine whether the tablet was “heated” or not only upon opening and careful examination. However, an initial inspection and check of the operation of all external connectors in this case will help identify problem areas. To do this, we recommend that you take your headphones with you and, if possible, meet with the seller in the room to check the charging from the outlet (while checking the operation of both the complete accessories and the 30-pin / Lightning connector). But you can also do with an external battery, the main thing is that the power of the given current exceeds or is equal to 1A, because it will not be possible to charge the iPad from the laptop (the standard USB output of the computer gives.0.5A).

Next in line is the touchscreen. The easiest and most effective way to test the sensor’s performance is to hold down the icon on the display to bring up the “shake” menu and slowly slide it across the entire display area. If the shortcut moves without problems, then everything is in order with the touchscreen. Otherwise, on the non-working area, the icon will simply come off the finger. Such a scenario is also possible after installing a low-quality display module, so once again carefully inspect the places where the display is connected to the case, compare the color of the frames and buttons. they should match and not differ in shade. If the seller claims that the display is still changed to “original”. then we advise you to read our article on the “originality” of displays for the iPhone, which is also relevant for the iPad.

After inspection, it is imperative to test the operation of all mechanical elements of the device, and this is the Home key (combined with the Touch ID sensor in Air 2 and lower), volume buttons and a mode switch (since iPad Air 2 it is absent). If the tablet is equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, then you need to check its performance by saving your own fingerprint in the settings.

After that, it is imperative to test the operation of wireless modules: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G (if the model is equipped), as well as the iPad camera. Prepare in advance for such a check and take with you a suitable size SIM card.

One of the most important procedures is to unlink from the accounts of the previous owner in Settings → iCloud and → App Store. It is better to additionally go to the Apple website and check the activation lock, because in one of the versions of iOS, the iCloud field can be completely hidden.

Let us remind you that in UiPservice workshops you can use the pre-sale diagnostics service from both the buyer and the seller. All you need is to contact one of our offices in Kiev.

What are the features of the monoblock

A monoblock is a PC in which a liquid crystal screen is integrated into the body. One of the main features is ergonomics. The monoblock does not provide for the presence of a system unit, since it is built into the monitor. Valuable because it does not clutter up the workplace and does not contain a lot of wires. This technique fits well into a modern office interior.

In terms of production technology, the candy bar is similar to a laptop, but inferior in its portability. At the same time, it is inferior to a computer in terms of functionality. Hardware like a laptop, integrally integrated into the motherboard.

The device is convenient to transport and take with you on trips. But, it should be borne in mind that the monoblock requires an AC connection, since there is no built-in battery in its case. A power supply like in a laptop will not work. After learning about the features, the following advantages can be highlighted

  • Compactness.
  • Lack of wires.
  • Modern design.
  • Convenience in transportation.

When buying a candy bar, you involuntarily come across the question of how to check for operability, because the device is new and little-known.

Before buying, you need to know all the subtleties and nuances that you should pay attention to. If you are not yet familiar with the device, then it is better to read information about it so as not to make a mistake with the choice. From the article we will learn how to check a new candy bar before buying.

Visual inspection of the monoblock before purchase

The first thing to do is to inspect the device for external damage and defects. Despite the fact that the technique is new, it could fall or be subjected to other mechanical stress.

Check the screws: there should be no signs of loosening on them. Network points of sale of equipment value their reputation and are unlikely to pass off used devices as new ones, but it is better to check this nuance.

How to check the candy bar

You will receive the new candy bar in the packaging from the manufacturer. The device will be in protective films that protect it from scratches, chips and other external damage. The challenge here is how to check the candy bar when buying. At your request, the device will be unpacked and the device will be provided for inspection. If there are any nuances in the work or scratches on the surface, the technique can be returned.

Regardless of where you inspect the candy bar, inspect the device according to the six criteria described in the article.

How to Check if iPad is Refurbished or New?


It is advisable to ask the seller to immediately install the operating system on the candy bar. This way you can evaluate the operation of the device on the spot. If the OS installation is impossible for any reason, you may be offered to download a program from the disk, for example, Mini XP. After that, the utility is launched to check the monitor.


If the new all-in-one with the OS boots up quickly and without problems, then its hard drive is in perfect order. Verification can be done using the CHKDSK program. This will help you find sectors that have problems and malfunctions.

If there is no OS on the new candy bar, you can start the BIOS using F12 or F2 on the keyboard. This function is not so informative, but you can check the actual performance. Open the list of installed equipment in the BIOS, and see the parameters of the devices that interest you.

The procedure for checking a monoblock that has already been in use is almost the same as in the case of a new one. But there are important differences. You need to know in advance how to check the candy bar when buying from hand. There are several programs for this.

  • Using the SSD Life utility, you can find out the life of your hard drive. After starting it, you will see the operating time and a number that shows the number of starts. By simple counting it will turn out to find out the period of use of the monoblock.
  • The Aida64 program will help you see how worn out the battery is, conduct a stress test for the RAM and processor. The wear rate of the battery is displayed as a percentage. This indicator can be determined by comparing the difference between the capacity declared in the passport and the current capacity when fully charged. Aida64 also performs a stress test of the RAM and the processor. The optimal procedure time is 10 minutes. The monoblock is loaded to the maximum, after which the degree of processor load and temperature are displayed on the graphs. A good indicator will be temperatures up to 75 degrees with a load close to 100%. High temperatures may indicate serious malfunction.
  • You can check how worn out the hard drive is in the Smart item. If it is in good condition, there will be a checkmark next to each indicator. If a problematic component is found, it will be highlighted with an exclamation mark.

How to check if there are any arrears in utility payments before buying an apartment in Kiev

Rules for obtaining information about the presence of debts in payment of housing and communal services before buying an apartment.

According to the company PJSC “Kyivenergo”, the owner of a home before selling an apartment must receive a certificate in the form issued by the management company. The document contains information on the residence of minor children and the presence of debt for housing and communal services to the asset holder of an apartment building (condominium, housing cooperative). As it became known to the portal Domik.ua. the document may not include debts to pay for consumed energy resources. This was reported on the official page of PJSC “Kyivenergo” in the network

How to check information about the availability of debt

The company told about the rules for checking data on debts on payment of housing and communal services.

When buying an apartment, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with a certificate of energy supply about the absence of debts for consumed electricity and hot water.

It is necessary to find out how many personal accounts are opened at the address of interest. This information can be obtained from the service provider or management company. For example, several electricity meters can be installed in one apartment, and the cost of electricity is charged to several personal accounts. “Owners can present a certificate only for a part of the apartment and not indicate the presence of debts in payment for electricity by other consumers.” the company says.

If the seller has not presented a certificate of debt, the buyer must find out information about the debt on his own. It is necessary to check not only personal accounts for hot water and electricity, but also payments for the services of condominiums or housing cooperatives, water disposal and gas supply.

Rules for obtaining information by the buyer about the arrears of payment for electricity

To get a certificate, you must visit one of the centers of the Kyivenergo company. You can find out about the debt in the consumer’s personal account. To do this, it is enough to enter the personal account of the owner of the apartment on the Kyivenergo website in the “Personal Account” section. The company warns that unruly consumers may not register in the “Personal Account”, so you should find out the information in the customer service center.

How to check if you bought a new iPhone (activated or not)?

You have been sold an iPhone in a sealed box and the seller assures that it is new. Before you can start using your new Apple smartphone, you need to activate it. The activation procedure involves connecting a smartphone with an inserted SIM card to Apple’s activation servers. To do this, you just need to connect to Wi-Fi or use cellular data.

And only after the iPhone owner receives confirmation of activation, he will be able to use his device.

Thus, if, when the smartphone is turned on for the first time, the user immediately goes to the home screen, bypassing the welcome, activation and settings screens, then it has already been used. At the same time, if after the first start-up of the iPhone, a welcome screen appears, this does not mean that the gadget has not been used. The fact is that a screen with the word “Hello” in different languages ​​of the world appears every time the iPhone is reset to factory settings or after the iOS restore procedure on the computer. In other words, even unpacking the sealed box and the appearance of the welcome screen when you turn on the purchased iPhone does not guarantee that the smartphone is new.

How to check if you bought a new iPhone? Method 1

Apple has a Service and Support Eligibility section on Apple’s website that lets you quickly and effortlessly verify that the iPhone you’re purchasing hasn’t actually been used before. All the user needs to know to work with the service is the serial number of the device. For activated gadgets, this number can be found in the “Settings”, in the “General” section, the menu item “About this device”. In the event that the smartphone meets the user with the start-up welcome screen, his serial code can be found by pressing the “i” button in the lower right corner.

In addition, the serial number of the iPhone can be found on a label located on the back of the original box.

So, to check your iPhone, follow these steps:

one. Go to the Check Service and Support Eligibility section of the Apple website.

2. Enter in the appropriate field the serial number of the iPhone (how to find the serial number), enter the code shown in the picture and click Continue.

IPhone serial number NEVER contains the letter “O” (uses the number “0” (zero).

3. If, when checking a supposedly new iPhone (or an officially restored (ref, refurbished) Apple), the message “Activate your device” appears, then this really confirms that the smartphone had no history and is indeed new.

After activation, the Right to Service and Support service will display (perhaps not immediately, but within 24 hours) the estimated expiration date of the Right to Service and Repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day. In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the calculated date.

NOTE: The data on the Apple server may not change immediately, it usually happens in the interval from 1 minute to 12 hours.

How to check if you bought a new iPhone? Method 2

Open the Settings app and follow the path: General → About this device.

In the window that appears, open the item “Limited Warranty”.

The estimated expiration date of the Right to Service and Repair, which is determined by adding 365 days to the activation day, will appear here (perhaps not immediately, but within 24 hours). In other words, to find out the date of the first activation, subtract exactly 1 year from the calculated date.

If the activation date that you performed differs from the one specified in the service “Checking the eligibility for service and support”, then you can safely file a claim with the seller. the smartphone was activated earlier, ie. unfortunately, you are not the first owner of this iPhone.

Let’s take a real life example. In the post-Soviet space, it is often used to sell gray (illegally imported) activated iPhones under the guise of new ones. How does this happen? New locked (tied to a mobile operator) iPhones are sold, for example, in the United States, at a fairly low price. They are bought by “businessmen” for the purpose of subsequent unlocking (decoupling from the operator) for a fee.

However, often in order to unlock such an iPhone, in most cases, its box must be unpacked, software restored and repacked. By and large, this is a new phone (in fact, it was not used), identical to the one purchased from an official reseller, however, the date of its first activation will not correspond to the date of activation by the buyer, since it has already been produced earlier. Naturally, the service and support period of such a phone will be less than a year.

Serial number

To check the iPad by serial number, the user needs to go to the manufacturer’s official website at the link https://checkcoverage.Apple.com/ru/ru/. In a special line, you must enter the serial number of the device. it is written on the cover, on the back of the device or, if the tablet supports the SIM card, on the tray, it will have to be removed. Entering the serial number on the official website allows you not only to check the iPad for authenticity, but also to obtain information about the warranty: whether it is valid or not, whether the device has already been repaired, and how many days are left until the end of the warranty. If the serial number of the iPad has not passed the verification, then the device is not licensed.

It is best to enter the serial number on the site directly from the device, since often fraudsters use boxes from real tablets and put counterfeit products in them. An inattentive user may not pay attention to the fact that the serial number on the device and the box is different and enter the version from the box, which is real.

It is important to know that it is very easy to punch an iPad by serial number, and this is the most reliable way to establish its authenticity. Currently, the serial number of the iPad cannot be faked.

Disable Find My iPhone

When buying a tablet hand-held, it is important to make sure that the Find iPhone feature is disabled on the device. The fact is that if it is activated, the device can be blocked remotely, and it will be impossible to reset it to the factory state so that the new owner can use it. Sometimes fraudsters sell a genuine device, but leave the function on, after which they remotely lock the tablet and demand an additional unlock fee from the new owner. In order not to get into such a situation, you need to check with the seller if the function is enabled, and if so, ask to disable it.

This can be done from a laptop or directly from a device, but since the new buyer has an iPad in his hands, it would be logical to do it from him. There are two options for disabling: through the settings or in the application itself.

  • To disconnect through the settings, you need to go to the device settings, find the iCloud item, enter it and switch the slider opposite “find iPhone” to an inactive state, it should turn gray. To save this action, the device will ask the user to log into the iCloud account, and then a message will be sent to the linked mail that the function is disabled.
  • The second way is to enter the “Find iPhone” application, if the account is used on several devices, then they will all be listed. Find the device you are looking for and click the “delete” button. Now the device can be safely reset to zero and delete the old user account.

How to identify a fake

In this case, checking the iPad begins with inspecting its appearance. The assembly of Apple devices of the highest quality, if somewhere there are roughnesses, oblique connections or buttons of a strange shape, then this is a fake.

The next point is that Apple has always used its own connectors for charging and syncing. In older models this is a wide option, in modern models it is the so-called Lighting, a narrow connector similar to microUSB, but with the ability to insert the plug either side. Apple has never had any USB or microUSB, if something like this is in a device that is given for little money or simply sold by hand, then this device is clearly not licensed.

Important! Pay attention to the SIM card slot. Apple only supports one SIM, and if the user finds a slot for two SIM cards or a memory card, then this is a clear sign of a fake. In this case, you can no longer inspect the equipment and do not check it by IMEI. The device is guaranteed not to pass the check.

If a visual inspection showed that everything is in order, you should not stop there. Ahead is verification of iPad by serial number or by name, which gives a 100% guarantee of its authenticity.

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