How to check how many are connected to the router

How to find out who is connected to my Wi-Fi Rostelecom and disconnect them?

Modern technology has brought into our lives a lot of opportunities, comfort, but at the same time it has also created a lot of problems that no one could ever think about before. As for the development of information technology, communications, telephony, the Internet, the main problem here is the security of personal data, privacy, unauthorized access to your connections.

On an everyday household level, this most often manifests itself in the leakage of Internet traffic. Attackers connect to your network and use your free Internet traffic limit, for which you pay monthly. Usually connect to your wireless WI-FI network, and no other people’s wires are visible. How to find out who is connected to your router, and if someone else is connected, then how to disable them and not to let them use this breach in the future?

How to find out who is connected to the Wi-Fi network?

All we need, just go to the settings of the router, go to the appropriate tab and find the “criminal” who steals the Internet

So the most important thing is to get into the router settings. Enter in the address bar of your browser (this address works for me). You can also try In any case, on the piece of paper, which came with the router is written how to enter the settings (or look at the bottom of the router).

Enter your username and password (if you didn’t change them, they are probably admin and admin).

You will get to the router management page. Now we need to find the page where you can see who is connected to our Wi-Fi router. On my TP-Link TL-WR841N router, and I think on all TP-Link routers, go to the “Wireless” tab and select “Wireless Statistics”. See the table to see how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network. As you can see, I have two devices, no they are not neighbors, they are my phone and tablet. As you can see the MAC address of the device, the type of encryption and the number of packets transmitted are displayed.

Another tab is to see who is connected to the network, not only by Wi-Fi. But also via cable.

Go to “DHCP” tab. then “DHCP Clients List”. As you can see, I now have three devices here, plus my computer which is connected via network cable. This page displays not only the MAC address, but also the name of the device and the IP that was assigned to the device. Clicking on the “Refresh” button updates the statistics.

For popular D-LINK routers, look for the “Active session” tab. on it and see who is connected to the router.

You may ask, but there are devices there, but how do I know where mine are and what to do if there is an extra MAC address? I answer, what would know the MAC address of your device is in the list or not, for example, go to the settings of your phone and see something like information about your phone or device. Check there what is your MAC address, how to do this on your computer, read the article How to Learn and Change MAC Address.

If you find someone else’s MAC address in the list, you can block it on the “Wireless MAC Filtering” tab. Just add a new MAC and set it to “Disabled”. on this will probably write a separate article. It will not hurt to change the password on the Wi-Fi network.

Hi! As you probably figured out from the previous article about installing Wi-Fi.

Hi friends! You won’t believe this, but I don’t have a wifi network at home

Hello friends. Once again, I will be writing about wireless wifi networks and.

Hello, I often come to visit old relatives who do not have the Internet, I picked up the password 1-8 to the router of some Vasya and do not know what to do, like a good thing, but not very

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As a neighbor himself gave the password to connect to your router. Now my phone automatically connects to someone else’s Wi-Fi and ignores my own, even though my neighbor’s is right behind the wall and my own is right next door.Our router works as others in the family have wifi.Why is it like this?

The main thing in no case set the password as a cell phone number. It is always better to use an alphanumeric password with at least 8 characters. Cracking such complex passwords simply does not make sense, it can take years. By the way, I use the Internet neighbors on Wi-Fi, there as a password was the number of cells. of the phone. It took me about five minutes to crack it. I am tortured now, sorry to give up the free internet. Or maybe it’s better to refuse, it will be a plus to karma? All peace

Thank you very much, the information was very helpful, you helped)

Thank you very much for the article, but I have a question: a system connected via cable and a phone via WI-FI, the two devices appear to be in the network all right, but when you disconnect the phone the second device from the list does not disappear, even after pressing “refresh” and even after rebooting the computer is normal?

Looked at the connected devices, unplugged everything in the house, 1 device left.I’m using a PC myself. Is this device my PC or is it someone else?

So compare the MAC of the device with the MAC of the computer. To get the Mac of the computer, press WinR. Type cmd. Enter. Type getmac. Enter

Thank you so much for the information! Even a dummy can figure it out.

I have a TP-Link and I have very different tabs and design.

Hello! I logged into the router. How do you know what his password is? Login says admin, and the password is asterisks, but it is clear that is not admin, 4 asterisks. Thank you.

I have a problem I think someone is using my internet set this problem

c laptop locked the same laptop. like found a neighbor tell me what to do now, please?

If you are broke, change your password so it is not a simple one, like many people’s 12345678 or QWERTYUI. But even a simple password can be made stronger by changing a letter to a number or vice versa 1234VFC8. QWE1234I

What if someone is connected to me with the name.Unknown, could it be my PC? (I didn’t call it that and there are no more connected devices).

Thank you very much for the detailed and clear explanation ! Very useful information and invaluable help for non-professionals.

Hi, how do I know if I’m disconnecting someone else’s session and not my own??)) How to find out your session?

Find out who is connected to the Wi-Fi on the D-Link router

Once you’ve entered the D-Link settings web interface, at the bottom of the page, click on “Advanced Settings”. Then, under “Status,” click on the double right arrow until you see the “Clients” link. Click on it.

You will see a list of devices currently connected to the wireless network. You may not be able to tell which devices are yours and which are not, but you can simply see if the number of Wi-Fi clients matches the number of all your devices on the network (including TVs, phones, game consoles, and others). If there is some inexplicable discrepancy, it may be worth to change the Wi-Fi password (or set it, if you haven’t done so already). I have instructions on how to do this on my site in the section Configuring the router.

What to do if an unauthorized connection to my Wi-Fi is detected

Let’s consider this topic closed. But if there is anything you think is beyond the scope of this article, feel free to write and we will give you an answer. Good luck!

View the Wi-Fi devices connected to your TP-Link router

Now let me give you an example of how to see who is connected to WI-FI, using one of the most popular wireless routers. TP-Link. On models with old web interface like TL-WR740N,TL-WR741ND,TL-WR841N etc.п. you need to open the “Wireless Mode” section and find the “Wireless Statistics” item there:

This will show the number of devices connected to the router and their Mac addresses.

check, many, connected, router

In newer TP-Link Archer family routers:

Right on the start page of the web interface there is an icon Wireless Clients. Click on it and a table with the currently working Wi-Fi clients appears below. Here you can see the total number of devices, their IP address and network name. This will help you to identify as precisely as possible which gadget exactly it is.

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WI-FI clients on D-Link

Another not less popular in Russia manufacturer of network equipment. D-Link. I will show you how to find out who is connected to WI-FI using the most popular routers. DIR-300 and DIR-615. Other models should have identical web interface, but may differ slightly.

On old D-Link firmware version 1.X.X to open the advanced settings of the router. On the Wi-Fi tile you need to scroll rightwards with an arrow until the List of WI-FI-clients appears. click on it.

On newer firmware version 2.Х.X to see what devices are connected via Wi-Fi, you can open the Wi-Fi section and choose the “WI-FI-clients list” item:

And on the latest version of D-Link firmware series 3.X.X and 4.Х.To see the devices in the wireless network, you have to open the Wi-Fi settings section and select the “Manage clients” item:

Despite the fact that the software versions collected here cover a time interval of about 10 years, despite this the procedure has not changed dramatically.

How to see who is using Wi-Fi through your phone

For those who do not want or can not get into the settings of their router there is a simpler way. you can see who is connected to the Wi-Fi router via the phone using a special application. There is one small caveat, and I will tell you about it below!

On Google Play and AppStore you can find a lot of programs that scan the wireless network, which are connected to and produce a list of connected devices. To find such a program, simply enter the query “Who uses my WI-FI” in the app store, and you will receive a couple of dozen results.

The procedure is simple. install, launch, and see how many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi router, and what kind of devices they are. computer, laptop, phone, etc.п.

The main disadvantage of such programs is that you can not fully rely on the result of its work, and to be completely reliable it is still desirable to compare what it shows with what will show the Wi-Fi router.

How to check the ping

To the untrained ear everything described above may sound complicated, I agree. But knowledgeable people are well aware of what’s what and will be glad. However, if you are not one of them, there is nothing to fear. The application has a very simple and intuitive interface. And for users who do not want to bother their heads with technical details, there is a basic toolkit.

In my case, the ping is very good, but if you have a lot of pings, you can try to fix that

Thanks to it you can not only find devices connected to your home network, but also make its diagnosis. Let’s say you have a bad internet connection on your phone. Most likely it’s the ping, but with ScanNet you can check it and determine if and how much latency is critical.

Ping. is, in simple terms, the time it takes for your device to respond to a request. Basically, it’s the latency. It is measured in milliseconds and measures the amount of time it takes for a device to send a data packet to the internet and then receive a response.

Normal ping values can vary greatly. But the lower it is, the better. ScanNet measures it pretty accurately and lets you know if there are problems on the line. Because it happens that the connection itself has a pretty high speed, but as the signal reaches the smartphone connected to the network, it slows down a lot.

How do you know who is connected to a wireless network

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You suspect someone is connecting to your wireless network? In this article, we’ll tell you how to use different methods to find out who (or what devices) are connected to your wireless network (Wi-Fi).

Launch your browser. This will take you to your router’s configuration page. On this page you can not only configure your router, but also find out who is connecting to it.

  • Typically, router IP addresses are и
  • You can find out the IP address of your router through the Windows command line. Open the Start menu, type CMD and click on “cmd” in the search results; the command prompt opens. At the command prompt, type ipconfig /all and press ↵ Enter. Find your IP address under “default gateway.
  • If you see an unknown device you have to change the password to the wireless network. If possible, turn on WPA2-PSK encryption. In that case, you will have to re-enter the password on all devices to connect to the network.
  • On a Mac, open the terminal. To do this, click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner, type terminal in the search box. and then click on “Terminal” in the search results.
  • Each device connected to the internet has a unique MAC address. Normally, the MAC address of the device can be found in the “Settings” menu of the “Network and Internet Settings” section or in the information about the device. You can find out the MAC address for Windows and macOS computers, as well as for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobile devices.
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Go to in your web browser. This can be done with any browser.

check, many, connected, router

Scroll down and click Download Wireless Network Watcher with full install. This is the second link in the Feedback section of the page.

Click on the downloaded installation file and follow the instructions on the screen. The downloaded file is located in your download folder (e.g., the Downloads folder). Click on the file “wnetwatcher_setup.exe” to run the Wireless Network Watcher. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the program. When the installation process is complete, the program will be launched.

Connection Protection

You can and should protect yourself from unwanted connections. There are different methods and techniques.

But first you need to know a few basic rules:

  • Set a strong and really secure password. Show your imagination and come up with a key that no one will guess.
  • Be sure to use the most current security standard. Currently it is WPA2 AES. It’s much better than the now outdated WPA and WEP.
  • Try to minimize the use of the WPS feature, or turn it off altogether if possible.

Plus, there are a few more separate recommendations that are worth looking at.

Changing the password

Changing your wireless network password is the right place to start. Some users leave the standard codes or use obvious combinations of numbers like date of birth, for example.

So be sure to change your current password. Since other users have connected to your network, they must have managed to crack the code. It must be changed.

To do this, open the router settings, and in the security section make the appropriate changes.

over, it is strongly recommended to change the access codes to the router itself.

Guest network

You can also enable guest mode. It is a special function for creating a separate network. It has no direct connection to the main network, which guarantees security and minimizes any threats even from serious hackers.

The only problem is that this feature is only available in mid-range and premium routers. But it’s worth checking. To do this you need to open the main menu of the router and search there the item called Guest Network.

If there is such a mode, you need to write the invented password and login, and also specify the time of access.

QR code

This is more of a variant for public places. Although at home and this way of protection can be used.

The idea is that the access to the network is opened only by scanning a special graphical code. And to create it, you have to visit one of the special sites. It is necessary to go to the resource, enter your network data, password and get in response ready QR.

You can just print it out on a printer. If you point the camera to this code, it will be scanned and the network will be available. Without this code is very difficult to connect. And for ordinary freeloaders this is an insuperable barrier.

It is also recommended to whitelist devices that are allowed to connect to your network via MAC address filtering settings. It will automatically deny any access attempts by users not on this list. The good news is that you can always tweak your list of approved devices, add or remove any.

Don’t neglect the security of even your regular home wireless Internet connection.

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