How To Check Have A Samsung Phone

How to check Samsung imei in settings

You can also check Samsung imei in the settings menu as well as other useful information like phone model number and Android version.

These steps will work for any phone after Galaxy S3-4, including Galaxy S7, S8, and Note 5.

What is IMEI number for??

Identity International Mobile Station Equipment or IMEI for brevity, as telephones are social security numbers. Only this phone has this number.

As you might guess, this number can be useful for several reasons. This is one piece of information that your phone company can use to share or search your device’s usage history. Did you know if you switched the SIM to your phone, or if this is the first time you activate your phone, your phone company may see that your phone number (and the SIM card number if your phone uses a SIM) has been activated on that specific device (using IMEI number) accurate to the second of activation.

And if your phone gets lost or stolen, your wireless provider may also use the IMEI number to lock that particular phone so it’s little more than a paperweight. Your service provider may also use this IMEI number to find out how to make your phone and model, allowing them to retrieve information to help you better.

How To Check Have A Samsung Phone

Most of the magic of IMEI happens behind the scenes, but it can be a powerful tool in the right hands.

How to check imei Samsung in the box

If you still haven’t thrown the box out of your sweat on your Samsung Galaxy or Note phone, you can find the serial number and IMEI.

Because in the box for the phone, there is usually an IMEI code on the barcode. The barcode will be written on the stickers and under the barcode, you will find the IMEI of your phone.

Also, the imei code can be in the sim card.

How to check Samsung imei using APP

To do this, you need to download the application from the Play Market.

After you install the application, you need to follow these steps:

1. Log in to the app. (The icon will appear on the home screen)

2. Swipe to the left, a menu will open. Select IMEI Analyzer.

3. Imei number will be at the very top.

Here’s what else you can learn with the app.

– Manufacturer / Brand
– Phone model
– Device type
– The product’s name
– Country of origin
– Date of manufacture
– Warranty for Knox Void
– Color / Internal storage

– Code of product
– Original CSC code
– CSC firmware code
– Active CSC code
– CSC codes available
– CSC Country
– Mobile operator

– Bootloader version. Version
– PDA. Version
– CSC. Version
– Latest firmware
– Kernel Version / Architecture (32/64-bit)
– Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik or ART)

How to check Samsung imei using phone dialer

You can follow this method on any phone and it will always check the IMEI number.

After you have typed this code, you will get a popup in the middle of the screen that will display your Samsung imei.

How to check imei Samsung Galaxy, all possible ways

“IMEI number” is a code that is unique for each device that connects to the mobile network. This is usually necessary if you want to unlock your phone, exchange it, or report it as lost or stolen. You can check imei Samsung for your phone using phone dialer or in its settings, or other ways.

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