How to check for authenticity Xiaomi Redmi phone

Serial number Xiaomi (Redmi): How to find out and check the phone for authenticity

Before describing the methods of checking the serial number and the authenticity of the Xiaomi smartphone, I want to immediately decide in terms so that in the future you do not have confusion in my head.

Serial number is a product marking, in this case a whole smartphone, a model, modification and color of the apparatus are encrypted into this number. He is assigned to the whole gadget, and not to individual parts.

IMEI is an identification number of the module of mobile communications, and if there are two of them, as in many Xiaomi models, then the phone will have 2 numbers IMEI. This is not the same as a serial, but having also used to identify the device, t.To. It is impossible to separate the module of cellular communications from the gadget, it is attached to it forever.

Now that we have figured out the difference between these identification numbers, I propose to get acquainted with where and how to find them out, and what can be done with this information later.

Official application from Xiaomi

To facilitate the operation of Xiaomi, it sets useful applications on smartphones. The following are some of them:

  • Mi Drop. Provides a quick sending of files between ksyaomi smartphones.
  • Mi Remote-Remote Management of Other Ksyaomi devices (Smart Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band, Xiaomi Redmi book, Qushaomi Robot Polyus, and T.D.).
  • MSA. Collects data from the user’s search queries and displays useful information for him.
  • Getapps. A service for downloading games, applications and other utilities, analogue of Google Play.

Checking Chinese phones Xiaomi

Not all Xiaomi and Redmi phones purchased in the global market are originally intended for it. Often people acquire models for the domestic market of China. They are not only more interesting, but also cheaper.

They are suitable for a way to confirm the authenticity using the Miit system of the Chinese government. It records all the technique introduced in China. Anyone can use this system, because it is created to inform users.

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To confirm the originality of your Xiaomi product, IMEI will be required. If you do not know the Chinese language, use any online translator.

How to check Xiaomi for originality when buying

The site already has a detailed instruction that describes many ways to verify the originality of Xiaomi before giving money for it. There are both long tests and instantaneous, for which you need to open the right page in the browser, the check will take no more than a minute.

Checking through the official site is very fast and reliable, but if you want to get to the bottom of the truth, then you should use both methods and again I refer you to our detailed instructions regarding the verification.

Through the Antutu Officer application

The characteristics of a fake smartphone will be weak and underestimated compared to the original.

Detailed technical characteristics of a particular Xiaomi model you will find on the official website or in any review.

Find out the real characteristics of the smartphone allow special scanning applications, for example, CPU-Z or AIDA64. You can download them on Google Play.

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The discrepancy in the parameters and indicators indicate forgery.

The analogue is recognized by external signs:

  • The smartphone is made of cheap materials, has a plastic, not an aluminum cover;
  • The camera takes low.Quality pictures;
  • The speaker and the microphone are poorly transmitted and reproduced by sound;
  • Sensors react slowly or incorrectly, “bug” when touching the screen.

A comprehensive check of the phone by all these methods can reliably determine the authenticity.

Checking the authenticity of Xiaomi devices using applications

I’ll start a story with applications, t.To., Unfortunately, most people check the authenticity after the purchase, and not before it. In this case, the application will be the most effective tools.

Antutu Officer

Install the Antutu Officer application from the official Play Market application store.

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Step 1. Launch Antutu Officer

The application has launched, you will have 2 windows that can be scrollful and press on the button with green hieroglyphs.

Step 2. Enter the site from the computer

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On the phone screen you will be offered an address that must be entered into the address bar of the browser on your computer. It is important to enter this site from another device, it is usually convenient to do it from the computer. The version and name of the browser are not important, it is only necessary that it be updated to the latest version.

Step 3. Scan QR code

If you correctly entered the address in the browser on the computer, a window will appear before you, which shows a large QR code. At the same time, on the phone screen you will see the “Start” button, click on it and with the help of the camera, enter the QR code on the computer screen.

After that, the Xiaomi phone check procedure for authenticity will automatically begin.

Step 4. Find out the result

You will see the result of the check in the browser on the computer. If the screen is with a green background and a large button in the center, then everything is in order and your Xiaomi is original.

If there is a red background and a red button on the screen, then your Xiaomi is 100% likely for a fake.

Sometimes it happens that the application cannot confidently determine whether you have a phone genuine or not, in this case the screen will be with a yellow button. It’s neither bad nor good, t.To. In some cases, even an original, but refined phone cannot be unambiguously defined as an original. If you see a yellow screen, then you need to use additional test methods, which I will talk about below.

This application is not intended to verify Xiaomi for authenticity, however, it can do something else, and this functional will allow us to make an assumption and conclusion about the phone of the phone in a very high probability.

The CPU-Z application sees and shows you that the phone has inside: processor, memory type, its number, type of battery, screen type and resolution, and many other technical parameters.

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Remember, I talked about the fact that fakes never use high.Quality components for assembling phones? This is what CPU-Z will tell us about.

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Step 1-Install and run CPU-Z

The CPU-Z application can be found in the official Play Market store. Find and install it. Then run.

Step 2. We check the technical characteristics of the phone

Before you start to verify the data, I recommend that you go to the www website.Devicespecifications.Com and find your phone model in the list. This is necessary so that you know what names of components should be installed in your device and if they differ, then you have a fake.

check, authenticity, xiaomi, redmi

Step 3. Basic name that you need to look at

I will give an example of the names of microcircuits that you need to pay attention to. To do this, I will use my phone Mi 5.

First of all, we are interested in the following positions:

  • Chipset
  • Video chip
  • RAM
  • Ordinary memory
  • Screen, its type and resolution
  • Software
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset
  • Video chip (GPU Renderer) Adreno 530
  • RAM (Total RAM) 2693 (in technical descriptions, this value is rounded to 3 GB)
  • Order memory (Internet storage) 53.82 GB (in technical descriptions rounded up to 64 GB)
  • Screen (Screen Size, Screen Resolution) 5.15 inches, 1080×1920 pixels
  • Software (Android Version) 8.0.0 Android OS version can only be an indirect feature, because it can change when updating official firmware. For example, now the Mi 5 phone operates on Android 8, but it went on sale with Android 6 on board.

You need to compare the values ​​of the above.Primers between what the application shows and what is indicated on the site.

If the coincidence is complete, then most likely your phone is original. If there are serious discrepancies, then it is fake.

Is it possible to check the authenticity of the Xiaomi smartphone on the official website

Check on the official website of the manufacturer is the most reliable. Thus, you literally guarantee the originality of the device. Not all devices of the world provide such an opportunity, but Xiaomi, walking in the footsteps of Apple, created their own web resource, allowing only a few steps to verify the uniqueness of the device. Testing originality is only a couple of steps. Next, we will tell you how to do it.

As we have already mentioned above, the check can be carried out manually by examining, studying packaging, housing and other elements. However, you can make sure of originality through Xiaomi services.

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By protective code

The official website of Xiaomi is equipped with a section that allows to verify the device:

  • It is necessary to open the “Xiaomi Product Authentication” page on the Mi resource.Com;
  • Next, we find a special washed field on the device box. You observed a similar field on cards replenishing the score;
  • After the protective layer is erased, we find a code of 20 signs;
  • Make a value in the field;
  • We are asked to introduce captcha. Next. Start checking.

The resource will make you understand if the device is not original. With a positive result, you will see how many checks were carried out according to this code. If only 1, the phone is original.

By IMEI or serial number

There is another way to check the originality of the device. Through the same official site, however, using the IMEI number.

You can find out IMEI through three ways:

  • The device of the device has a sticker (can also be on the rear panel of the device, on the battery) with our IMEI;
  • IMEI will be displayed on the device after a set of # (if there are two sycrackers in the phone, two IMEI numbers will be displayed).
  • Go to the official website in the Verify Your Phone Purchase section;
  • Enter the IMEI number into the appropriate shape;
  • Introduce captcha;
  • Click “Verify’;
  • Wait for the results.

In the case of the originality of the purchased device you will see a green inscription, however, in the case of a fake device, red will appear in front of you.

To check the device by the serial number, it is necessary to conduct the same list of manipulations, however, to search for the number itself, you must go along the following path: “Settings”. “On the device”. “General Data”. There will be our serial number. It is necessary to introduce it into the same form in which IMEI is introduced.

Through the Antutu Officer application

Through this utility, it is possible to check the device for authenticity as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the application is absent in Google Play, but it is available in the Xiaomi GetApp Utuit store. You can also download it through the official website.

  • As soon as you load the utility, wait for the end of the installation;
  • Run the official website on any other device, click the “Start” button and start scanning the QR code;
  • As soon as the process ends, the results will appear before you;
  • If the screen is green light, the device is genuine;
  • If you observe black or red, the device is fake;
  • If you do not observe any color, this does not speak of the fake of the device. This happens if the global version of the smartphone was produced in order to export to another country.

Testing using third.Party applications

There are several more ways to check the originality of the device through third.Party applications.

The method consists in conducting a test test through the AIDA64 program, CPU-Z.

You need to go to the program, open the properties of the device and compare each characteristic with the fact that the manufacturer said.

The method consists in conducting tests through any benchmarks. We begin to test, get the result expressed in points, after which we compare with the result of the same model.

Compare the version of the miui phone on the official website

Sometimes it happens that the original “Xiaomi” fall into the hands of the attackers who modify them with extraneous firmware. Such smartphones work much slower and unstable, various applications cannot be installed on them. Sometimes such a device is literally stuffed with all kinds of garbage programs, and some of them are able to monitor the user and transmit confidential information (for example, payment data) to third parties.

Official international firmware, as a rule, have number 10.One.2.0. Extraneous firmware (usually called “Vietnamese”) differ in a two.Digit fourth number (their format is 10.One.One.99).

To make sure that your Xiaomi has an original firmware:

  • Go to the settings and select the “On the phone” section. Look at the version.
  • On the official website of the MIUI shell (http: // c.Mi.COM/miuidownload/index) Select your model.
  • The system will show you the latest version of the firmware that should be on this phone.

If the MIUI versions do not match, try to update the firmware first, as updates could go out while the phone was in the warehouse and transported to you. To update you need to go to the “On the phone” section and go to the “System Update” item.

If you realize that an unofficial firmware is on your “Xiaomi”, then it will have to be relying. If you have a certain experience, this can be done independently, otherwise it is recommended to contact the service center.

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Checking the authenticity of products

Xiaomi today has become one of the most recognizable and popular companies. But any fame has its minuses. Xiaomi devices are trying to fake and give out for originals. We will try to figure out how to check Xiaomi products for authenticity on our own.

One of the easiest ways to check the Xiaomi smartphone for originality is the official check application from the company follow the link http: // jd.Mi.COM/ On the Verification website, click on the only Download App button. Do not close the tab open the application and scan the QR code shown on the page Find out the result on the same page.

IMEI check

The second most popular is the official method of testing for authenticity. Reconciliation with the IMEI base in Xiaomi. This method is not 100%accurate, since especially savvy fake manufacturers can steal IMEI and assign them to new fakes. Go to the site http: // www.Mi.Com/Verify/#Imei_en. Go to the Verify Your Phone Purchase tab to check the smartphone Enter the IMEI devices enter the S/N (serial number) device enter the captcha and click Verify open the window that shows the result of the check. To find out the IMEI of your device, find a sticker with a bar code on the box, where IMEI and S/N (serial number) of the device will be indicated. If you do not have access to the box, then enter # in the room and immediately see IMEI. To search for the serial number, go to the settings, then in the menu about the phone and then in the tab General information. Please note that for verification in this way your IP should be Chinese, otherwise the service will give an incorrect answer.

Checking the integration and installed on

Xiaomi genuine smartphones initially work on the Android proprietary membrane of Miui. If any other software is installed in the purchased device, then the likelihood that the device is fake strives for 100%. In addition, it is impossible to install on a fake not only the official miui, but also any other firmware.

Check quality check

In absolutely all fakes, the build quality catastrophically suffers and, as a rule, they are equipped with the cheapest modules. Whether it is a flash, a battery, a camera, and, moreover, a processor. If you see a clearly poor fit of details, a flash with LEDs covered with cheap, completely transparent plastic or disgusting quality display, then most likely you ran into a fake.

Checking technical characteristics

This testing method naturally comes from checking the quality of the assembly. Only if in the previous method we paid attention to the details themselves, then here we will look at the characteristics of the device displayed in the very. In absolutely all fakes, manufacturers establish the terrible quality of the displays, other processors and other components. Please note that fake firmware often displays fake data that are most adjusted to the official characteristics. For this reason, we will use third.Party programs. Popular Antutu is not suitable here-sometimes fake firmware can somehow circumvent the Antutu check. Over, this program does not collect data on the device directly from the device itself, but shows data from its database.

Open the site → http: // clack.Ru/Afhj9 on it can be seen by the official characteristics of any phone in the world. We are interested in Xiaomi. Download the CPU-Z program → http: // clck.Ru/8HQOF in it we will see the names and properties of the modules installed in the smartphone. Compare the data from CPU-Z with the site. First of all, it is necessary to check the resolution of the display, the brand of the processor and its frequency. However, you can use any resource where the characteristics of smartphones are indicated, as well as any program to test the characteristics on the device itself, which you trust.

Friends to protect yourself from fake and not waste time in the process of testing on authenticity, just buy Xiaomi equipment from us. The only official distributor of Xiaomi products in Kazakhstan. All Xiaomi products sold in Kazakhstan are certified and registered, is officially imported and has an official guarantee. We also have service centers in Kazakhstan, which support Xiaomi as part of warranty service.

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