How To Check Battery Status On Iphone

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Probably I’m not mistaken if I say that every laptop user sooner or later thinks about the battery, or rather about its condition (degree of deterioration). In general, from experience I can say that most begin to become interested and ask questions on this topic when the battery starts to run out too quickly (for example, a laptop runs for less than an hour).

To find out the wear and tear of a laptop battery, you can take it to a service (where it can be estimated using special equipment), and use several simple methods (we will consider them in this article).

By the way, to find out the current state of the battery, just click on the power icon next to the clock.

Windows 8 battery status.

1. Checking the battery capacity through the command line

As the first method, I decided to consider the option of determining the battery capacity through the command line (i.e., without using third-party programs (by the way, I tested it only in Windows 7 and Windows 8)).

Consider all the steps in order.

1) Run the command line (in Windows 7 through the START menu, in Windows 8 you can use the combination of WinR buttons, then type cmd and press Enter).

2) Enter the command powercfg energy and press Enter.

If you have a message (as I have below) that execution requires administrator privileges, then you need to run the command line under the administrator (more on that in the next step).

Ideally, a message should appear about the operation of the system, and then after 60 seconds. to form a report.

3) How to run the command line under the administrator?

Simple enough. For example, in Windows 8, go to the application window, and then right-click on the desired program, select the launch point under the administrator (in Windows 7, you can go to the START menu: just right-click on the command line and run under the administrator).

4) Actually enter the command again powercfg energy and wait.

About a minute later, a report will be generated. In my case, the system placed it at the address: “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ energy-report.htm”.

Now we go to this folder where the report is located, then copy it to the desktop and open it (in some cases, Windows blocks opening files from system folders, therefore I recommend copying this file to the work table).

5) Next, in the open file, we find a line with information about the battery.

We are most interested in the last two lines.

Battery: Battery Information
Battery Code 25577 Samsung SDDELL XRDW248
Manufacturer Samsung SD
Serial number 25577
The chemical composition of LION
Long life 1
Sealed 0
Estimated capacity 41440
Last full charge 41440

Estimated Battery Capacity. This is the basic, initial capacity, which is set by the battery manufacturer. As the battery is used, its actual capacity will decrease (the calculated one will always be equal to this value).

How To Check Battery Status On Iphone

Last full charge. This indicator reflects the actual battery capacity at the last moment of charging.

Now the question is, how do you know laptop battery wear knowing these two parameters?

Simple enough. We’ll simply evaluate it as a percentage using the following formula: (41440-41440) / 41440 = 0 (i.e., the degree of deterioration of the battery in my example is 0%).

The second mini-example. Let us assume that the last full charge is 21440, then: (41440-21440) / 41440 = 0.48 = 50% (i.e., the degree of deterioration of the battery is approximately 50%).

2. Aida 64 / battery condition detection

The second method is simpler (just click one button in the Aida 64 program), but it requires the installation of this program (in addition, the full version is paid).

Aida 64

One of the best utilities for determining the characteristics of a computer. Almost everything can be found out about a PC (or laptop): what programs are installed, what is in startup, what equipment is in the computer, how long has the BIOS been updated, the temperature of devices, etc.

There is one useful tab in this utility. power supply. Here in it you can find out the current state of the battery.

First of all, pay attention to such indicators as:

  • battery status;
  • capacity when fully charged (ideally should be equal to the nameplate capacity);
  • degree of deterioration (ideally 0%).

Actually, that’s all. If there is anything to add on the topic. I will be very grateful.