How to Cheat Instagram Followers From a Computer

The social network Instagram allows you not only to have a good time watching photos ands, but also to develop interest in your project. The more popular the page, the more people will visit it in the future. Check out our guide to find out how cheating is done on Instagram subscribers.

It is necessary to approach the profile promotion comprehensively, in addition to followers, it is important to monitor the number of likes. And if people have already come, then you need to please them with interesting news and new content. In our case, these are unique pictures, short but informatives. It’s no secret that the easiest option would be to buy followers, but not every user will decide to spend real money on these goals. But if the result comes first, then pay attention to paid services.

Cheat subscribers on Instagram for free from a computer

How to Cheat Instagram Followers From a Computer

Of the resources you have an Internet connection and a computer, there is no desire to spend money on the virtual world. Learn three directions of promotion:

  1. Mutual work. You sign, comment on posts and put hearts under the photo, and then tell the person that you want to get the same from him. There are services for such an exchange.
  2. On the machine. The most relevant method to increase interest in your account, as the increase in followers is performed automatically using tasks and special utilities for the PC.
  3. Combined method. Your posts are promoted to the top, as a result, the number of people on the page increases. Photos appear in high places of rating due to likes, comments and special hashtags.

The manual method allows you to choose the people you need, who will like the records in the future. The disadvantage is the large amount of time spent. The easiest way to cheat subscribers for free on Instagram is by the automatic method, on which we will focus.
Important! The user should be prepared for the fact that after using the service, fake accounts and even bots will begin to follow his page. Advanced resources offer people search by city, gender, popularity, etc. When you withdraw your account to the top, it takes into account how many friends are fictitious.

Cheat on Instagram followers

If you are thinking about getting a large number of real followers, then you should familiarize yourself with the paid resource. We will break with the free receipt of people using this site. All services are bought for virtual currency. points, which can be obtained in several ways:

  • Bot. A unique program that is installed on a personal computer with the Windows operating system. When registering, you specify all profiles on social networks, the bot selects the most suitable account and starts working: puts likes and signs up. You get a certain amount of points for this activity, which you can learn about in your account. In the main menu, you will find an active download link.

This is the most convenient scheme used by other sites. The easiest way is to use the bot program, it does not require human participation, activities and earning points are carried out 24/7, the account does not suffer from the actions of the utility. If you have motivation and talents, take part in contests where the prize can be up to 500 thousand units of virtual currency.

Cheat subscribers on Instagram for free online

Let’s say you have earned a certain number of points and want to exchange them for followers. The following step by step instructions:

  1. On the site on the right side of the screen you will see the “Add a task” button, click on the link and get into the tasks menu.
  2. The system works with a large number of social networks, in the field shown in the screenshot, insert a link to your Instagram profile.
  3. will check your account and give you several options for promotion, we move to the slider “Number of subscribers”. In our example, 5 followers are set, which equals 10 points.
  4. If you wish, you can speed up the search for people, but this will require more points. Be sure to add likes to the recording to create a realistic picture. Carefully check the entered parameters, check the screenshot and click the “Pay and Run” button.

Everything should look natural. We conducted a test to find out how to get subscribers on Instagram and how long the procedure will take. 10 new followers were received in 40 minutes. Such a speed means that the service is popular among users of social networks, you can get up to 500 new people in a day, but not a few points will be spent on this activity.

Other resources

We figured out the procedure for obtaining new followers. If did not suit you, you can explore alternative sites:

We determined that the bot is the most convenient method. But not all users agree to it, the reasons for this are activities from your page. “I like” will be put on your behalf, the program will automatically subscribe to people who have done the task on the site. This is the way a person gets likes and new followers.
In order not to “dirty” their profile, users create fakes with realistic information and photos. If you wish, you can make several fake pages, recruit at least 30 friends, and attach them to the bot. The most relevant accounts for earning points are profiles in Russian social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki. From foreign resources it is worth highlighting Twitter, Facebook. Now the reader knows how to win followers on Instagram, it remains to put the knowledge into practice.