How to charge your phone with a frog photo

Universal battery charger Frog: charging mobile batteries

Why is the battery charging frog so popular? Because everyone needs it, and it has not yet peaked in popularity.

The universal charger called the frog is a real wild card. Everyone has phones, iPhones, smartphones, and other “backgrounds”, as well as cameras, laser tape measures, e-books and they have very handy battery charging jacks. Alas, all connectors are different.

Repair instructions for charger “frog

Having replaced constant resistors R14 and R15 (numbering of parts in the scheme corresponds to numbering of parts on the circuit board) with multi-turn trimmer brand SP3-39A of 10 kM, it is possible to set exact output current. After replacement I set the current to 250mA, which is about the same as the setting on the charger. It is possible, of course, to set the charging current with the trimmer at will and other. When the light on the unit comes on to indicate the end of charge, the charging current is reduced to 70 mA and the battery voltage is set to 4.15V. The process of full charging takes about two hours, that is as for charging in the device by native charger. Download the full version of the instructions on the forum.

Explanation of the marking of the device

Each of these devices has several indicator lights that have alphabetic symbols next to them to help you regulate the entire recharging process:

  • Full, ful. indicates that the battery is fully charged.
  • Charge, ch. It means that the charging process is going on.
  • Power, pw. device is connected to a power source.
  • Con. the polarity is correct.
  • Te. polarity check is in progress.

Kinds of Frogs

There are three known variants of universal charging:

They are also divided into automatic and semi-automatic. The main difference is the number of LEDs: the “automatic” has 3, semiautomatic. 4.

How to use the frog to charge the battery

There is nothing complicated about connecting a discharged battery to the frog. For starters you need to know what are the indicators at the bottom of the charger. So, let’s look at each of them:

  • TE. testing for proper connection;
  • CON. turns on after the TE indicator if properly connected;
  • PW. lights up when plugged in;
  • CH. blinks when charging;
  • FUL. means that the battery is 100% charged;
  • CO. must be pressed when reversing polarity if the test reveals a wiring problem.

Now that we know what the buttons and LEDs mean we can charge the battery. Take out the battery from the device and connect its contacts to the contacts of the frog.

It does not matter how to connect, because the polarity is automatically determined. If plus and minus coincide, the CON indicator (connection) lights up. We plug the “toadstool” into the socket, and after an hour and a half should light up the LED under the inscription FUL.

The degree of charge is determined by the microchip. Though some people say that the device switches off when fully charged, it’s better to keep an eye on the process: the device is Chinese. it might catch fire if you connect it to the mains for too long.

For safety reasons, a plugged-in frog is best kept away from flammable materials.

Problems and solutions

As you can see, it’s pretty simple, but there may be some difficulties and unexpected situations.

  • None of the lights turn on after the test. If this is the case, press the CO. Did not help? Then you must have made a mistake with the contacts, because there can be four of them on the battery, and you only need two. “” and “-“. If even after recharging you do not see any changes, then either the charger has failed, or the battery is no longer working.
  • Sometimes the phone has not been used for a long time and you suddenly remember it. The battery has run out of power, so the lights will not turn on. And then you should plug in the frog for a short period of time, no more than 10 minutes. After that you can charge the battery through the phone.
  • The FUL light may come on right away while you are plugged in. This means that the battery is no longer working.
  • Another indicator of inoperability is a fast recharge (5-10 minutes);
  • Simultaneous glow of PW and FUL diodes indicates that the device is not in contact with the battery. Need to check the connection.
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That’s probably all there was to say about how to use a frog to charge your battery.

We can only add that the device is easily available in the markets and costs inexpensive (about 200), so if for some reason you can’t recharge your device the standard way, get a universal Chinese charger.

Types of rechargeable batteries

The device is only capable of working with lithium-ion batteries. It is not designed to power alkaline and nickel batteries.

“Frogs are widely used to power small household appliances. They are suitable for recharging devices such as:

  • Digital and SLR cameras;
  • cell phone batteries;
  • smartphone and tablet batteries, players;
  • screwdrivers;
  • baby toys.

However, they will be useless for powering gadgets that have a non-removable battery. Do not attempt to charge such devices through the USB connector.

  • Universal chargers should be stored in a dry place. You must avoid getting water on it. The assembly of “frogs” leaves much to be desired, they do not have moisture resistance.
  • When the battery is installed and connected to the power grid, you should keep an eye on it. If it begins to warm up. immediately pull out the “frog”.
  • Do not leave the charger plugged in overnight.
  • When charging there should be no flammable materials near the device.
  • Change the position of the terminals and adjust the position of the battery in the clamp before plugging it in.

How to charge with a frog: instructions

As you can see, there is nothing particularly complicated in this matter. Now you know how to charge from a frog.

Designing an electronic project or robotic prototype involves integrating several elements that will give shape to our final system, that when it is turned on it will have to perform certain actions for which it was designed. The energy source that powers the system plays an important role.

It has the ability to store high energy densities due to its chemical constituent, lithium ion polymer or commonly known as lithium polymer. This allows them to increase their autonomy when they work under low load. What a miracle! Number of cells and configuration.

We have already talked about universal chargers for Li-Ion batteries of the “frog” type. Since progress does not stand still, these chargers evolve, acquiring new qualities.

Today we take a closer look at another member of the amphibian tribe, the “tricked-out frog” subspecies. And to make the interest was not only purely academic, I inform that this charger you can buy in the Internet-shop. The universal battery charger “frog”.

The cell can also be a battery itself. Each cell has a voltage of 7V. If more cells are connected in series, more voltages would be obtained. By placing more cells, the individual individual voltages of each cell add together.

If the case were roughly as follows. In a practical example: while the battery has more power, it is possible to move large motors to give an example. It is important to note that if the battery has more capacity, it does not mean that it will supply power for a longer period of time.

So. Chinese company Sivva, in Russia representative Represents a “frog” with its own buffered Li-Ion battery of about 1000mAh capacity built inside. This is about one charge of a simple cell phone.

This creation comes packaged in a blister and looks like this.

The cell voltage in the battery is 7V, as we said before. When the battery is in use, as a consequence, it will be low. Recommended chargers. There are also some accessories that are very helpful to ensure that our battery is always well charged and balanced, even when it feeds our systems. These devices are plugged directly into the battery charging connector and the display or LEDs show the battery charge status.

Download speed or download speed

If the condition is low, a warning beep will sound. How to measure the capacity of the battery or find out the capacity of the battery? Capacity is proportional to size and weight. So it is advisable that you evaluate the requirements of your project or prototype to consider this factor well. Load speed and speed is also an important fact. This is very easy to understand if we have the aforementioned data well identified. Well, it’s a very good power supply, no doubt! Some batteries may indicate peak or discharge pack load rate.

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Adapter to connect the adapters to the frog.- Frog charger with built-in battery.- AC power supply with USB output.- A wire to connect the frog to the USB port for charging.- Adapters for cell phones (5pc) and USB mom.

Peaks of discharge are limited in time. This means that the battery will offer the maximum maximum current for a minimum period of time. This time usually goes from 10 to 30 seconds. This can continue, for obvious reasons, until the battery is completely discharged. But we must remember that our battery should not be depleted.

It helps a lot, for example, when the engine starts, perhaps the engine can draw up to 170 amps just at startup, and after startup the current draw stabilizes at 20 amps, for example. First of all, to charge the battery, and above all safety standards: keep an eye on the battery while charging.

What can this charger do.

Charge a connected Li-Ion battery with an operating voltage of 3.7В.

Charge cell phones or other consumers that can draw power from the computer’s USB port, t.е. has an output converter with a voltage of about 5V (measured 5.5V without load, which is better than exactly 5V).

Charge it by itself, or from a 220V wall outlet with a power adapter. that comes with it, or from any USB port. capable of delivering up to 0.5А.

Here are some tips to safely charge your batteries. It is important that you allow time to monitor the battery charge. Check the battery at regular intervals if it becomes warm or starts to swell. If so, stop the load immediately. This can significantly increase the charge of the battery. Here we assume a charge of 1C or less, as this ensures that the chemical elements of the batteries are balanced by a slow charge and thus ensure a long life of the batteries. Carefully configure the charger with the cells and battery type. To really match the battery, you will be charged.

Universal battery charger. frog.

Well Muskie already reviewed similar chargers. frogs. These amphibians come in different forms: with and without indicators, cheap and not very. But this one has won me over with its price and thousands of rave reviews on the site. Is it so good? If you want to know the answer to this question, welcome to my review, which as always will be a lot of photos and not so many words))

In general I ordered it, not really worried about what kind of beast will arrive. Thankfully the price allows) I took it mainly as an alternative charger for my wife’s phone. Her phone. full-blooded Chinese, the charger is already fractured and will soon give up its life, and a similar charger to find. unreal, t.It has a non-standard connector. But 2 batteries are included. You can easily charge one toad and use the second in the phone. In summer the frog can also help out, you can not take with you at the sea a bunch of chargers (phones, camera, boombox) and take only 1 frog))) And now about the green) Having read enthusiastic reviews on the website, I realized one thing. for our sockets it does not fit, you need an adapter, and it does not give in the kit. Well, I politely asked the seller to put it in the package and oh well. the adapter was in the box. Although it costs three kopecks, but still. nice, especially since the store. ambiguous. Adapter was loose and before use had to tighten it, at the same time looked at the inside and was surprised by the “complexity” of design))

The quack itself is made of thick, transparent, blue plastic. The clip that holds the battery is stiff. The whiskers. pins can be set to any battery.

Charging current: 300mA Max. Batteries up to 2000mA can be charged. Higher-capacity batteries. can undercharge. Polarity charging selects automatically if you are correct podedinyli tendrils. red light will turn on.

When charging. the LEDs are shimmering in different colors. by golly, like a garland)) When it’s charged, it stops flashing. On the one hand it’s beautiful (I love all sorts of luminous things) and see well, on the other hand with this color can not sleep, so the charging. in another room))

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How it works is perfectly shown in this short video:

Size. I would say that it is compact

Finally I want to make a mini. test to check the quality of charging batteries. If undercharged or overcharged. Or everything is okay? For the test, I use the battery from my wife’s Chinese phone. Its specifications can be seen at

The result is positive. Numbers on multimeter are the same as stated on the battery. After that, I completely discharged the phone and charged it with the regular charger that came with the phone:

As you can see the readings are almost the same, indicating that the quality of the Chinese frog is not worse than the Chinese charger. In general, then with its functions is doing fine, the body is not much heat (a little warm). True, the charging current is not very high, so it charges slowly. How it will behave over time. I do not know, but for now I’m satisfied. Over time, I think the contacts may break. tendons, it seems that this is the weakest link. Otherwise, it’s okay. Although there are some negative reviews on the web site. some chargers have burned out quickly. So leave something on the charger unattended. I would not recommend. God protects the well-to-do! Thank you all for your attention, as always happy to answer your questions.

What to do in a non-standard situation

When using a universal charger, atypical situations can occur, such as the battery is charged too quickly, or the indicators are not lit.

How to charge the cellular terminals battery if no indicator of the working device lights up? In such a situation, it is recommended that you press the CO.

If there is no change after that, most likely:

  • there is a mistake with the contacts, you need to reverse the polarity,
  • battery in a non-functional state,
  • The “toadstool” is broken.

The device will help in a situation when the phone battery is completely dead and has not been used for a long time. In this case it is necessary to put it into the frog for 10 minutes and then charge it with the native device of the terminal.

If during operation the device signals a full charge after 10-15 minutes after connection, then it has failed. And active when connected to the network indicator FUL indicates the uselessness of the battery.

If both the FUL and PW indicator lights up at the same time, there is no contact between the charger and the battery.

You can easily buy the “toadstool” in online stores, it is inexpensive. This makes it even more attractive to users. It is very simple, so if necessary, you can make it with your own hands from improvised materials. To make it you will need a clothespin, an unnecessary charger from any phone, a few pins, a wooden bar, pliers, a glue gun and a soldering iron.

Use superglue or a glue gun to attach the clothespin to the bar. Two pins are placed next to each other at a distance of 0.5 cm. The ears of the pins must be removed, and the point must be driven into the wood by half a centimeter. The end of the pin, where the lug was located, should be bent forward slightly. The plug cut off from the charger is attached to the pins, previously determining the plus and minus. It is advisable to mark the polarity on the board, so that you won’t have any problems with it later on. Pin and wire fastening should also be secured with glue to prevent them from loosening in operation. When using such a frog, the battery is connected to pins (homemade contacts) and fixed with a clothespin.

There are a lot of descriptions of this process and video tutorials on the web, making it is not too difficult. It really comes in handy in those situations when using a “native” charger for small equipment is impossible for some reason.

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