How to charge your iPad without charging it

Winding Handle

You’ll probably be glad you feel like you’ve earned a charge for your device with a muscle. Eton’s Boost Turbine 2000 was specially created for such purposes. If you don’t already know, Eton is the creator of handheld devices to help charge your phone.

If you purchase such a device, you will get about 30 seconds in talk mode by turning the knob for a minute. But this does not mean that you cannot fully charge your gadget.

It costs 94 bucks. Of course, it is expensive, but useful, if you are left without light for a long time.

Causes and possible consequences

The causes of this type of problems can be different. This often occurs due to improper use of “apple products”. For example, the owner of the tablet is too lazy to wear it in a case (debris and dust gets into the connector) or put it on charging in time. Often a complete discharge of the device or a constant lack of charge can “wear out” the battery. Specialists, taking the device for repair, can preliminarily name such causes of failure:

  • Damage of the cable or connector;
  • ingress of dust, debris or moisture into the tablet;
  • charger malfunction;
  • The wrong charger for the current.

To this list may be added several other reasons. After all, only a professional can understand the complex structure of the device and understand why the “sick” gadget.

How you can help your tablet?

If your iPad takes a long time to charge, you can make an attempt to fix the problem yourself. But you need to realize that because of any wrong move your device can break. If you notice that your tablet takes a long time to charge, you can buy a new charger (preferably the original from Apple). If the cause of the problem was not enough powerful charging, then this action should help you.

The rest of the attempts to repair it is better not to undertake. Even self-cleaning of the connector can turn out to be a complete disconnection of the device. In order not to tempt fate, it is better to trust the professionals. They have all the necessary equipment and expertise to diagnose and fully repair your gadget.

One of the frequent problems with the equipment Apple is a situation where the iPad is slowly charging. for a full charge of the battery iPad sometimes not enough and a whole night.

The speed of charging the battery may depend on various reasons: the state of the battery of the tablet, the condition of the charger and software, and so on. In some cases you will be able to repair your device yourself.

What to do if the iPhone does not charge

In some cases, even with the original charger, there is no way to recover the battery. In the case of known causes of malfunction you can solve the problem yourself, using the answers to the questions.

Worked for several years in the mobile phone shops of the two major carriers. I have a good understanding of tariffs and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially Android.

Continuous use of such a tool can cause a fire or complete failure of the battery, other serious damage. Better to use the original Lightning.

This causes rapid wear and tear on the battery and shortens its life. Experts recommend always using a medium level of 40-80%. It is better not to bring it to 100 or 0%, but charge it more often, but not at full capacity.

The cause is caused by the accumulation of dust or other debris in the connector of the smartphone, even while using the case. It is recommended to clean the contacts carefully with a toothpick without damaging them, carefully removing particles in the corners, with minimal touching in the center. At the end of the procedure, blow everything out thoroughly.

It happens when the battery is fully and badly discharged. It is recommended after connecting to a power source to leave the smartphone for 10-15 minutes and only then try to start it.

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To solve the problem you need to press home and power button at the same time, hold for 30 seconds until restarting the system. After this will restore the functionality.

Today, there are a large number of different devices and techniques that allow you to charge your iPhone under different conditions. It is recommended to use them not all the time, but only in emergencies. The best method to preserve battery performance is to use the original devices to charge your iPhone smartphone. About the rules for charging your iPhone can be seen in the video

How to charge iPhone without charging at home

Apple smartphones are not bad and functional devices. But they have one drawback. low battery life. When the charger is at hand, it can still be tolerated, but how to charge the iPhone without charging? Let’s look at several ways.

Statistically, 15% of iPhone owners use a gadget with a broken screen. It’s about the same with the charger. It often breaks down, and you can’t buy a new original charger around the corner unless it’s at an Apple service center. So it is useful to know how to charge your iPhone without a charger.

From USB-port. This is painfully trivial, but there are some people who have never heard of this feature.

If your iPhone won’t charge from an outlet, the problem is most likely in the adapter. Disconnect the cable from it, plug it into a USB port on a notebook or PC. Connect the back side of the cord to the phone. Turn on your computer and switch your smartphone to charging mode. Typically takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge.

Alternative chargers. In case the standard charger fails along with the cable, it’s helpful to have an alternative that doesn’t even need to be plugged into an outlet.

There are a variety of models on the market, but the most effective ones are chargers that draw power from wind, sun and muscle power:

  • Wind Generator. Plug it into your iPhone and attach it to your bike or backpack while you’re walking. In windy conditions, the device can be secured to a window sill or window frame. Charging time from 0 to 100% is 5 to 6 hours.
  • Solar battery. This is essentially a Power Bank that charges from solar energy. Leave it under the rays for a few hours and then transfer the charge to your smartphone.
  • Dynamo Machine. The most efficient device of these three, but requires human intervention. Connect the charger to your iPhone and twist the special knob until you transfer enough power to the gadget. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, it will take about 2-3 hours to fully charge. Monotonous, but what can you do?!

All of these devices are easy to find on Chinese online marketplaces. Someone will say, “junk”. Perhaps, but as the saying goes, the fish doesn’t eat the fish.

Use any other charger

The iPhone makers have made sure that it does not fit other manufacturers’ chargers, but in an emergency, all this does not matter

You can recharge your iPhone with any charger, but there is a chance of damaging the phone. So use this method only in the most extreme cases. Here’s what to do:

  • Find a spare charger from an old cell phone.
  • Cut off the plug that was inserted into the phone.
  • Cut off a portion of the main winding from the cable.
  • Separate the wires and strip the insulation off about half a centimeter.
  • Remove the battery from your iPhone.
  • Connect the wires to the battery terminals. plus to plus, minus to minus. Secure it with electrical tape or adhesive tape.
  • Plug the charger into an outlet.

Note: Do not touch the battery when charging it, as it gets very hot. Do not leave it in this position for more than one hour. If you see the battery bloating or smoking, cut off power immediately.

There are tricks that will revive the phone for a few minutes:

  • Take out the battery, seal the contacts with tape and put them back. In some cases this is enough to make a short call.
  • Heat a metal plate and put it on the battery. An increase in temperature will increase the charge, which is enough for a couple of minutes.
  • Remove the power source and drop it with force onto something hard. You can use a little bit of a hammer. The important thing is to preserve the integrity of the battery and not to damage the contacts. These measures should yield a few milliamps of charge.
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Important: Apply these recommendations if the need for a call is more important than the future performance of the battery. So now you know, there are ways to charge your iPhone without the charger

Some are safe, and some are only good to use as a last resort

charge, your, ipad, charging

So now you know: there are ways to charge your iPhone without a charger. Some are safe and some are best used only as a last resort.

Wireless charging for iPhone iQi Mobile

Recently the gadget market has been updated with a new product. wireless charger iQi Mobile for Apple iPhone, which sells for 1,200 to 3,000. The principle is very simple. it uses electromagnetic energy, which acts inductively on a special battery attached to the phone. It sounds complicated, but in fact, everything is very simple: it is a thin plate with a thickness of 0.5 mm, which is placed under any case, connects to the connector of the smartphone. After that the iPhone is placed on a special docking station and charged wirelessly.

charge, your, ipad, charging

A very popular product of our time is a special battery case, which when put on the iPhone begins to rapidly replenish the battery capacity. The device has a capacity of 2200 mAh, which is enough to prolong the life of your smartphone for a good 1.5-2 days. The important point is to take care of charging the case in advance, otherwise it will become just a protective cover, and we want to note it is very heavy. The design of the accessory is laconic. a button “on” and the indicator panel displaying the remaining battery.

What to do if you don’t have all these tools

In this case, use the following recommendations:

  • If there is a shopping center near you, try to look for chargers in the rest areas or stores. In addition, the centers of mobile operators by default should have network cables for most brands of phones.
  • You can go to a service center and ask to charge your phone. even if they charge you for the service, it will not cost much.
  • There are special charging terminals at the same malls, which are also inexpensive.
  • When charging your iPhone turn on the air mode. this method deactivates all of the communication modules that consume most of the battery power, and you will replenish the battery much faster.

What to do if you do not have all these tools

In this case, use the following recommendations:

  • If there is a shopping center near you, try to look there for chargers in the recreation areas or stores. In addition, the centers of mobile operators should have network cables by default for most brands of phones.
  • You can go to a service center and ask to charge your phone. even if they charge you for the service, it won’t cost much.
  • There are special terminals for charging. they are installed in the same entertainment complexes, also cost inexpensive.
  • When charging the iPhone, turn on air mode. this method of operation deactivates all the communication modules that consume the battery charge the most, and you will replenish the power reserve much faster.

What to do if your iPhone won’t charge from the original charger

A lot of people encounter this problem. The original wire, produced by a large American company, can break for a variety of reasons. It can be incorrect handling, the usual technical problems, malfunctioning of the connector itself on the phone and much more. Let’s look at solutions in cases when the standard factory charger does not charge your iPhone:

  • An error in the software. Sometimes there is a malfunction of the program which signals to a special charging controller (chip). If the software is in a “frozen” state, then the phone will not be able to recognize that the current is already. There is a simple solution. simultaneously on iPhone press and hold the Nom and Power buttons for about 30 seconds until the reboot. After that the smartphone should start charging.
  • Contamination of the port, which helps to charge your smartphone. A common problem that occurs in those people who like to carry a cell phone in their Debris particles get caught in the hole and obstruct the current flow. The solution is simple. take a simple toothpick and use it to get the dirt, and then. a good blow. That is all, you can connect / charge.
  • USB port malfunction. If you do not know how to charge your iPhone without charging, and you use a cord connected to a PC or laptop, then you should definitely check all the inputs for functionality. Simply plug it to another USB port or use a regular 220V plug to charge it.
  • There is a problem with the cable. It often happens that the phone does not give any indication when the cable is plugged in. It means that somewhere in the cord there is a break, which can only be repaired by a specialist. The best way out. buying a new charger for the iPhone.
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Read on for ways to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

Charging your phone with another charger

If none of the above methods proved useful, the only option left that is better to be used as a last resort is to connect the iPhone battery directly to other chargers. We should immediately mention that using this method is dangerous for a person and for the device, which in any case will need to open it. Operation must be performed with rubber gloves, do not touch exposed wires with your skin. The scheme of how to charge the iPhone 4 without charging (original):

  • Disassemble the iPhone, remove the battery.
  • Take any device for charging, cut the connector to connect to the phone.
  • Connect the two bare wires of different colors in series to the pins on the battery, which has polarity indicators (blue to. Red to.).
  • Press the wires tightly together and secure with duct tape.
  • If you’ve done everything correctly, your iPhone will show signs of life when you turn it on.

Learn more ways to charge your phone without charging.

The iPad battery does not work. what to do?

But if you took hold late, and the battery has already begun to deteriorate or even broke. you need expert help, which will be able to literally resurrect the device after improper use. There are several ways in which your favorite tablet will come to life.

The first is a trivial battery replacement. The most common option, because it is almost impossible to fix the already ruined battery, because it tends to wear out. It’s impossible to restore charge-discharge cycles, and it’s important to understand that. Every thing has its lifetime.

Second. you can try to restore the charge-discharge counter, which in very rare cases helps. This is done with a special procedure that requires experience and special skills. In this case there is a chance to get back a certain percentage of the battery life of iPad. But it will still be impossible to fully restore it.

It is important to seek qualified help that can really help, not just use your gullibility. Service centers for the most part may not have the special skills. But if you decide to find quality repairs and service. you can look into our Monkeyshop. In our service center you will find only the best quality and qualified assistance from real professionals. Not only can they bring back the life of your iPad that’s exhausted from improper charging. But also repair a lot of other breakages. For example, to pick up a quality module to replace a broken screen and replace it so that you won’t even notice that it is not the original.

Remember that you should not make fun of your device by yourself. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t like it when inexperienced users want to get their hands on their devices in order to mess around and take something apart. So it takes some skill and special tools to at least remove the back cover. It’s not easy, because there’s a big risk of damaging your device. All parts, including the battery, are held on by delicate loops that are not easy to disconnect, but very easy to tear. That’s why you need the hands of a real craftsman, which you can easily find in Monkeyshop. Professionals will repair your accessory very quickly and efficiently. And the new battery will last a long time and please the owner of iPad with new possibilities for using the gadget on long trips.

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