How To Charge Wireless Video Headphones

AirPods is a premium accessory. Along with iPhone, these headphones have become classics in the world of stylish and status. They emphasize individuality, showing a love of quality and sleek design. AirPods work perfectly, stably giving clear sound without interference. The only thing necessary for continuity is to ensure that the charge remains at the proper level. The article will tell you how to properly charge the case and the AirPods themselves.

How do AirPods make up for energy loss?

“Apple” headphones are charged from the case. It comes in a set and combines a mix of 2 functions: charging and a case for storing an accessory. This is convenient, because the “box” is always at hand, which allows you to restore the energy of AirPods even on the go.

How To Charge Wireless Headphones

It is enough to put the headphones in the case, and they themselves will begin to charge. No additional manipulations are required. The energy of the case is enough for several headphone recharge up to 100%. Only 15 minutes in the case and the accessory works for 3 hours.

The manufacturer himself recommends placing AirPods in a case every time they are not used for their intended purpose. Thus, the accessory will always be charged and ready for use.

The case also requires periodic energy recovery. To nourish it, you need:

  • take the Lightning cable (included in the kit);
  • connect one output to the cover connector;
  • the other end must be connected to any compatible charging unit or USB port connected to the mains.

You can speed up the process as much as possible using the energy recovery device from iPhone or iPad.

Note: 2 types of cases can be used in the headphones. a regular charging case, which restores its energy through a cord and a case with the possibility of wireless charging. In the second version, the power indicator is on the case, and in the first. under the cover, between the headphone jacks. Cases with wireless charging (Qi) can be placed on the charging unit in the closed state, with the indicator pointing up.

The case charges both on its own and with the headphones. But charging AirPods without a case will fail. If you lose or break a case, you have to buy a new one.

Checking Charge Status: Procedure

How to understand that AirPods are discharged and need to recover energy? Apple has provided several methods for managing the situation. Depending on which gadget is at hand, you can easily determine whether you need to charge your AirPods or whether the headphones will still work offline.

On an iOS device

Any devices from Apple are suitable. To display the charge indicators of the headphones and the case, you need to go through 5 steps. The whole action “from” and “to” takes 10-15 seconds. So, you need:

  1. Synchronize the accessory with the device to which information will be displayed (for example, from the iPhone X) via Bluetooth.
  2. Put the headphones in the case and bring it to the gadget.
  3. Open the case and wait until a connection request appears on the phone (or tablet) screen. Select “Connect”.
  4. Information will appear on the display in a moment. The data will contain the charge of the headphones and, separately, of the case, as a percentage.

If suddenly after performing all the actions a “miracle” did not happen, you need to close the box and try again.

To check the charge level, you can also use the “Battery” widget, connecting devices via bluetooth in the same way. Headphone information is shown below the smartphone’s power indicator.

Via Mac

When working in a duet with an AirPods laptop, there is no need to use an additional gadget to control the charging of the headphones. All accessory battery information is also available on the MacBook. The synchronization process is similar to the previous option, using Bluetooth. It is necessary:

  • enable the data transfer function on the laptop;
  • Closed case with headphones closer to the Mac screen;
  • Click on the bluetooth image in the upper right corner of the display;
  • gadgets will “connect”;
  • Find a line with the name of the headphones in the Bluetooth menu;
  • click and see the charge level.

The same information will be shown through the system settings of the computer. They need to find Bluetooth, bring the accessory to the display and wait for the desired information to be displayed.

Using case

It’s simple as the case is always next to the headphones. You need to navigate here on the indicator light. What does it show and how to interpret the signal?

For the charge data to be objective, you need to insert the accessory into the connectors, do not close the lid. To measure the power level, one earphone is enough, the data for the second will be similar:

  • The indicator glows green. full charge;
  • red. need recharging.

There are other signals, for example, white. AirPods can be customized; yellow. accessory requires reconfiguration. According to the same palette of colors, you can navigate to the degree of energy loss of the case itself. Only in this case should it be empty.

Using Android devices

In conjunction with gadgets on the Android OS, AirPods headphones (for example, AirPods with Wireless Charging Case) have limited functionality, yet many users use the accessory with a smartphone on this platform.

To control the charge of the headphones using Android, you need to download the free Air Battery app to your phone. Software is available through the PlayStore. When the utility is installed, further steps are similar to the previous scheme. Data is updated 1 time per minute.

AirPods battery life without charging: how long will it last?

Users care: “How much does AirPods need to be charged and how long does this energy last?” The exact operating time on a single charge cycle depends on the version of the purchased headphones. Detailed answers for each generation of accessory in the table: