How to Charge Nokia 6300 Via Usb

Today we have Nokia 6.1. Not so long ago, a revived manufacturer refreshed the lineup and showed off a new “six”. The name on the phone is strange, try to say out loud “Nokia six point one”, because that’s what the smartphone is now called. But let the ambiguous name remain the concern of marketers, and we will unpack the box and try the freshest sample in the work.

History lessons

Before embarking on a review of the device, let’s recall what the sixth series Nokia was generally good for. Let’s open the search engine and see what was interesting. But with the number 6 began the model of the so-called “business series”. If you didn’t have a Nokia 6310, 6300 or 6233, you won’t understand what this is about. But such a time!

About twenty years ago, not every phone with buttons could boast of a color screen, camera or Bluetooth! Nokia, as technology improved, provided the sixth line of devices with everything necessary, in addition, tried to maintain these models in a strict style so that the push-button telephone always fit into a strict office dress code.

How to Charge Nokia 6300 Via Usb

Last year we tested the Nokia 6, let’s see what has changed, how we improved the smartphone. The design, at first glance, has not changed significantly. Nokia still differs from its competitors of the same design, as if it says: yes, I’m a square bar, not like everyone else, so what ?! I do not want to be like the rest!

I approve of this approach, because nowadays all smartphones are similar to each other, but here at least something of their own, original, it’s cool.

I also really liked the spectacular design technique, the hull border is highlighted in color. The bronze line in combination with the matte black metal of the case gives the image of an expensive thing, solid and permanent.

The smartphone is built on a solid five, you can’t find fault. The matte dark case is easily dirty, and removing prints the first time is not so simple, before photographing the phone I had to thoroughly work with microfiber.

Pro screen and scanner

The fingerprint scanner was sent to the back of the phone, before it was under the screen. It is a pity that I had to move it, I have to get used to it.

Finding it blindly is not always easy. Often, the first time you get it is not on him, but you press on the protruding area where the flash and camera lens are located. On the third day of using the smartphone, I got used to its features, then there are practically no errors.

The scanner itself does not always work the first time, albeit rarely, errors still occur.

Do you think that since Nokia deported the fingerprint scanner, it means that the screen has increased, as we saw on the examples of Xiaomi and Meizu? And no! The diagonal has remained the same, here all the same 5.5 inches. So was it worth fussing over these changes without adding a trendy 18: 9 display?

The screen with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels, is covered with glass with a good oleophobic coating and gives a juicy, bright picture. Even doubt arose, but is it not AMOLED ?! I looked at the specifications, no, here is the classic TFT-IPS display.

Cool, since it’s so colorful and rich, I don’t like dim screens, the picture is good. The display is large, like last year’s Nokia 6, here is a diagonal of 5.5 inches.

Of the useful features, I note the work with notifications: when you pick up the phone from the table, the backlight works for a few seconds, you can see data about new messages or calls. It is impossible to make the data on the locked screen constantly lit, as on the Samsung Galaxy.

Iron issues

Stuffing improvements, Nokia 6.1 now has a more modern Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, you can choose between 3/32 or 4/64 GB versions.

Charges Nokia 6.1 via USB Type-C, used to use microUSB, thanks for that. The 3000 mAh battery can withstand a day of active use, but I couldn’t squeeze more. If anything, quick charge comes to the rescue. For half an hour, the smartphone is charged at 45%, but the full cycle takes almost two hours.

The multimedia speaker is located on the upper end, the quality is usual. it is loud, but it does not play very clean at maximum, you can hear rattling. The sound in the headphones is traditionally good, I listened to music paired with the Onkyo E700BT headphones. I liked everything. Once again, I was glad that the smartphone supports the aptX codec, high-quality sound without wires is happiness.

Hi Android One

On the Nokia 6.1 case you can read the words “Android One”. And what does that mean?

This program was developed by Google to solve the problem with device updates. Now you regularly receive fresh versions of the system for at least two years.

So Nokia 6.1 today offers Android 8.1 in all its pristine glory. Or asceticism, there is already someone who thinks and who more like it. no unnecessary applications, configure the system yourself, as you want.

Of course, the entire standard set is in place: calendar, camera, radio and other things necessary for life. Fresh Android, regular updates, high speed interface. everything is beautiful and fast.

This is Zeiss, Carl!

Judging by the proud Zeiss lettering, everything will be fine with the photos. And it really is, Nokia does not fail, you go to yourself and shoot in automatic mode.

Pretty original feature. simultaneous shooting on the main and front cameras, get a collage. You can stream live and stream to YouTube.

If there is a mood, we switch to Pro mode, here you can already play with the settings. In general, the camera is very decent for a mid-range smartphone. But there are some reservations.

I didn’t really like that the smartphone glues frames in HDR for a long time, I have to wait a few seconds until a miracle happens. If you look at the pictures later on a large good monitor, you will notice that there is a lot of noise, and the smartphone does not transmit small details. But taking into account the fact that this is not the top model in the line, it is excusable.