How to charge and discharge a new phone correctly

How to charge a new phone correctly

Since the time of the appearance of the first mobile phones, users periodically have the question of how to correctly charge a new smartphone. There are many tips on this on the Internet, but not all of them are true. It is necessary to charge the battery for the first time in a classic way, no recommendations are here. After discharge of the battery, you need to connect the charger and wait until the indicator shows 100%.

The battery is an integral part of any mobile phone. The unstable operation of the battery turns even the most expensive mobile phone into a useless item. In industry, batteries are used, the work of which is based on different chemical reactions. Consider the most common of them.

Nickel-cadmium (nicd)

Low cost, high probability of recovery, work in a wide range of temperatures, fast charging.

High degree of self.Discharge, “memory” effect, large sizes, toxicity with improper disposal.

Nickel-metal hydride (nimh)

A high degree of self.Discharge, a small number of charge/discharge cycles, a more complex (and expensive) charging device (compared to NICD).

Litius-ion (Li-Ion)

High capacity, lack of “memory”, small dimensions, a large number of charge/discharge cycles.

High cost, rapid aging (after 1.5. 2 years the battery can be unsuitable for use). Regardless of the frequency of use, there is a potential danger when used (the first models of such batteries often exploded when charging).

In modern smartphones, two types of batteries are most often used-NIMH and Li-Ion. Even with the same capacity, manufacturers often prefer NIMH batteries, which are cheaper, but at the same time lasts longer. Li-Ion batteries have a long service life with intensive use and simple maintenance.

charge, discharge, phone, correctly

Nickel-cadmium batteries are now almost not used in new mobile phone models, where metal-hydride models have come in their place.

How to correctly charge a new phone battery?

If you do not know how to correctly charge the new battery of the phone, tablet or smartphone. Then give a few minutes to reading this instruction. You will learn how to charge the battery for the first time and how to correctly exercise during its operation.

To begin with, we will dispel the myth that before the first use, a new battery must be discharged and charge several times:

Just a few years ago, most phones were equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries, the main minus of which was that when charging a not completely discharged battery, its capacity gradually decreased, so I had to bring the phone almost to “zero” and only then charge. In addition, the battery had to be discharged and charge several times.

To date, in almost all new mobile devices, whether it is a cheap phone or new iPhone, lithium-ion batteries (LI ON) are installed, which are not necessary to charge for a long time and up to 100%. In this regard, you can use a new phone immediately after the purchase, if there is at least any charge in the battery.

How to charge a phone with a lithium-ion battery?

Lithium-ion batteries began to be used as a power source for phones in 1991 and today are used in almost all mobile devices. Their main advantages are a large container and low self.Discharge. But so that these advantages do not overgrown into shortcomings, you need to know how to correctly charge lithium ion battery.

  • Try to avoid the full battery discharge and not to bring the charge level below 10-20%.
  • Completely discharge the battery at least 1 time in 3 months.
  • Do not allow overheating of the batteries (do not put the phone for a long time under direct sunlight, heaters, etc.P.)
  • Use only original chargers.

You can recharge the lithium-ion battery as many times as you need. At the same time, it does not play a role how often you will put the phone for charging and how many hours it will be on it. At least 20 minutes, at least a few days-this does not affect the service life of LI-ON Battery.

Incorrect battery charging can lead to unstable operation of devices, such as spontaneous turning on and off the iPhone.

How to correctly charge the battery of the phone with a frog?

The main advantage of the “frog” over other charging devices is universality (you can charge different models) and in the absence of wires. Charging is included in the 220V socket directly.

In order to correctly charge the battery with a frog, you need:

  • Turn off the phone and remove the battery.
  • Insert the battery into the frog so that the terminals coincide (and.)
  • Press the charging button for the frog, and then look at the indicator. If it caught fire green, then the battery is inserted correctly.
  • If it does not light up, then check the correct installation.
  • Turn on the frog on the network. The battery will begin to charge. The end of charging will notify an additional indicator.

We hope we were able to help you and now you know how to correctly charge a new battery on the phone for the first time and with further use!

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How to extend the life of a smartphone battery

If you correctly charge the phone accumulator and follow the recommendations, you can extend its service life for 6-12 months.

The time of complete charging

Phones do not have a total time required to fully exercise. The indicator will depend on two factors:

  • Specific battery and its characteristics.
  • Current in power supply. 2 ampere products allow you to type 100% faster than their analogues per 1 ampere.
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Given the nuances for reaching 100%, it takes from 1 to 3 hours.

The frequency of charging

Lithium-polymer drives should be recharged in short cycles. The interval between connection to the network is 30-35 minutes. The lithium-ion products are not disconnected from the charger until the required energy level reaches the required.

Night charging

The phone cannot be left on charging at night. The first problem is 100%achievement, which is undesirable. You can partially cope with it with additional software.

There are applications that are designed to control the charge, and do not allow the mark to exceed a value of 80%. But the solution is not a panacea due to the presence of the second problem.

The phone connected to the charger will lose part of the energy and immediately replenish it. At night, the process takes on a cyclic character and constantly holds the battery in the tension.

If night charging is a forced measure, you should follow the safety rules. The phone cannot be placed under a pillow or clothing. Only the open space will provide a suitable air flow. Otherwise, excessive overheating will occur, which leads to a fire hazardous situation. In addition to the risk of fire, such overheating accelerates the process of degradation of the battery.

How not to overheat

Application work and video viewing may be accompanied by a significant increase in phone temperature. Overheating is tactile, but it is advisable to additionally track it with a special software. The application will help in real time see the current phone temperature.

If the mark increases above 45C °, it is necessary to roll active applications and put a smartphone for locking. When the battery cools down, the work can be continued-on average it takes 5-10 minutes.

When the weather is hot on the street, the smartphone is charged 10-20% lower than usual. The full charge will heat the battery to the limit, and when it exits the street, a temperature difference will occur. This will increase the degree in the battery above the limit value and will lead to critical overheating.

Smart Phone Battery Myths Explained in Sinhala

Effective level of charge

Filling the battery is not completely recommended. Optimal value between 80-90%.

If you regularly bring the energy volume to 100%, this leads to accelerated wear of the product.

Which cable is better to use

You need to use exclusively original cable and power supply. If one of these elements has failed, the new is purchased in specialized stores.

You should abandon cheap cable and purchases through dubious stores. Most often, such cords have low.Quality components and poorly isolate important details of the boards. In addition to slow charging, this can lead to fire.

Whether to use a computer for charging

If you charge the phone via a computer’s USB port to the battery, too small current will be supplied. Another danger lies in possible voltage drops. In addition to damage to the battery, there is a risk of critical breakdowns of a smartphone.

The phone can also be exposed to malicious programs. If charging is necessary, you must first check the PC for the presence of viruses.

Do I need to completely discharge the phone

Deep discharge. An attempt to turn on the phone with a discharged battery or bringing energy to 0%. This negatively affects the work of the battery and accelerates its aging.

To properly charge the smartphone battery, you need to connect it to the memory when a charge decreases to 10-20%. With improper operation, the number of charge-discharge cycles is reduced in 1.5-2 times:

The deep discharge is allowed only to carry out the calibration of the product. Manipulation is carried out once every 1-3 months.

Is it possible to charge a frog

“Frog”. A universal charger for smartphones. To take advantage of this type of memory, you need to extract the battery from the phone. On average, about 1 goes to a full.Fledged charging cycle.5 o’clock.

Only users with a removable type of battery can use the frog. It is recommended to resort to this charging method in extreme cases. Preference should be given to the original fork of a smartphone.

To evaluate the possibility of using “frogs”, you need to take into account several factors. Among them:

Should I let my phone battery die before charging the first time?

  • Suitable for batteries with a volume of not more than 2000 mAh;
  • Rated voltage of AKB 3.5-4.8 c;
  • The electric network must have a voltage within 110-220 V;
  • The voltage value at the output is 4.25 V, current 200 mAh.

Before acquiring such a it, it is necessary to compare its parameters with the characteristics of the battery used. For example, if the battery has a volume of 2300 mAh, you can’t use the “frogs”.

Why avoid the charge of a new smartphone at night

Avoid the popular charging format for a new device for the whole night. Each full charge is considered a “cycle”, and your smartphone is designed only for a certain number of such cycles.

Avoid charging the phone at night

Most modern smartphones have built.In sensors to turn off the power from the network. Nevertheless, upon reaching 100% of the charge when the state is turned on, your phone will still lose a small amount of charge for the first time. Therefore, it is optimal to turn on the “Do not disturb” mode and “Flight mode” at night.

If necessary, turn on the “on the plane” mode of your phone

How to correctly charge a new smartphone battery

The reload negatively affects the battery and phone. When buying a new device, you should adhere to certain rules of initial use. Otherwise, the phone will begin to discharge very quickly. Therefore, it is important to know how to correctly charge a new smartphone battery. This procedure is called figuratively “pumping”.

AKB for phones

Pumping is necessary for the charge to stay as long as possible. There are several instructions for such a procedure, but to choose the right one, you need to decide on the type of battery.

Mostly mobile devices are used:

Nickel were used on old phones with buttons. They differ significantly from new gadgets. The latter already used lithium. They differ in small size, safety and excellent power. There is no “memory effect” in the lithium battery, in which the loss of capacity may be broken if the battery is incorrectly charged.

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New devices have their own characteristics. Lithium negatively respond to low temperatures, so in the cold it is better to use a smartphone less often. It is necessary to ensure that the battery does not discharge completely. Lithium do not like charging “to the eyeballs”. The best option is 80-90 percent.

Versions of the first charge

There is an opinion that a new phone battery must be calibrated during the first charging. Indeed, it is important. The duration and quality of the gadget depends on the correct charging.

There are several versions on how to charge a new battery:

  • Sellers of smartphones recommend initially discharge the smartphone, and then completely charge it. There is a version that for good calibration, the procedure needs to be repeated three times. The same actions are performed when buying a separate new battery.
  • According to another method, the gadget is initially completely discharged. Then the battery must be filled with a mobile device turned off within 12 hours. At this moment, charging is performed through direct current. This procedure is carried out only once. Then all the “pumped” gutters are charged as usual as you need.
  • There is an opinion that for the first time the battery should be filled with a shut.Off smartphone for at least a day. After such a long calibration, the device will work fine. The procedure needs to be carried out only 1 time.
  • Another version: the primary charging of the battery should take place strictly with the mobile device turned on. And keep it connected to the network for a long time. Before using the phone, it is completely discharged only once, but you need to turn it on the network to fill the battery before the smartphone completely turns off.

Some sellers assure customers that thanks to modern technologies, new charged battery is not needed at all. Each version is partially true. The choice of the method directly depends on the type of battery installed in the smartphone. Most often there are LI-Ion batteries. For NI-MH batteries, the initial calibration is carried out up to five times, not less.

General recommendations

Regardless of the type of smartphone battery, there is a rule that it is desirable to follow everyone when buying a new phone or battery to the device. It needs to be completely discharged until the mobile is disconnected on its own. However, the calibration has not yet been completed, it is necessary to monitor the level of charge. Its oversupply is harmful to the battery of any type.

The phone must be charged with 5 percent of the energy remaining in the battery. Some smartphones built the warning function on the need to fill the battery. This helps correctly calibrate a new device. If after 100 percent charging the phone remains on the network for a long time, the “pumping” period is interrupted. The initial battery calibration is violated.

“Relatives” chargers do not allow filling with an excess of energy. Some gadgets integrate the function of turning off the power with 100 percent of the filling. However, Chinese models often do not have this service, so you need to monitor the initial calibration and turn off the phone on time on your own.

Well helps to correctly charge a new battery method method. First, the battery is filled 100 percent, then 80, then again for 100. This procedure is best carried out after the 3rd cycle of initial charges. Otherwise, the calibration is lost.

To maintain the operability of the battery (if they do not plan to use a mobile device for a long time), the smartphone is turned off when 40 percent of the charge remains on the phone.

charge, discharge, phone, correctly

Instructions for the first charge of the battery

Against the background of all the above versions, you can use the general instructions on how to charge a new phone and how many times it needs to be done for proper calibration. After buying a mobile device, it must be turned on immediately and completely discharge, until zero. Then the gadget is placed for charging, and the battery is filled with energy by 100 percent. In this case, the phone itself must be turned off.

After complete charging, the phone is activated, and the whole procedure is repeated again. Full discharge and then. Filling. Such calibration needs to be repeated at least three times, and better 5 times. This will help for a longer time to maintain the operability of the battery. If the seller did not tell the method how the battery is loaded for the first time, use general recommendations.

If there are still doubts about how to correctly charge the battery, you can ask the seller about this when purchasing a mobile device. And also the instructions should be attached to the smartphones, where the type of battery is indicated, how to charge it correctly and how many times “pumping” is performed.

Calibration of a new charger can not be done. However, in this case, after a few months of work, a new battery may be required for the phone. If you do not carry out the initial calibration, then the risk increases that the device in 100-150 days will only work in the state included in the network.

Options for the first charging

During the Nickel-Cadmium batteries, there were certain recommendations on how to correctly charge a mobile phone after buying it in a store. Experts advised to follow a certain scheme:

  • Full discharge of the battery before the power is turned off.
  • Charging the battery for 12 hours (or at night).
  • Repeated full discharge.

It was recommended to repeat the cycle several times, after which it was possible to charge the phone without waiting for its complete disconnection due to a lack of power.

There was an alternative scheme providing for turning off for at least a day. That is, users were recommended to discharge the phone completely, connect it to the charger and leave it for 24 hours. We recommend the number of repetitions. Only 1 time. Another scheme implied a network connection before the phone performs automatic shutdown.

Similar recommendations can be heard today, but it is not clear why. Remember that modern batteries do not have a memory effect. Despite this, salons’ employees continue to repeat to customers what has long lost its relevance.

How to charge a new phone correctly?

Buying a new phone in the store, most buyers are not too strained, studying the instructions. The phone simply gets out of the box, an SIM card is inserted and the device falls into operation. It should be noted that such buyers act absolutely correctly.

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All penetrating stories about the need to overclock the battery by repeated complete devastation of charging and one hundred percent charging have long been outdated and relevant only for old models that are still found in the hands of grandmothers and work on NIMH and NICD electrolytes.

Even for the first time, it is not necessary to charge a new battery on the phone now, since in accordance with the recommendations of manufacturers they are stored partially charged (up to 50%).

Charging rules Li-Ion and Li Polymer phone accumulators

Modern equipment is available with the expectation that it will be used for no more than 2 years, and after that the owner changes it to a new model. But in our country it is customary not only to purchase new phones, but also to transfer old parents, grandmothers, younger brothers, and so on. Therefore, it is advisable to take all measures to extend the battery validity periods. To do this, follow several simple rules:

  • Limit the time of charging the phone and turn it off when it reaches the level of 80-90%, t.E. Do not leave it with a charger for the whole night;
  • Do not wait for the complete devastation of the charge, but to recharge the device from time to time so that the indicators are all the time from 40 to 80% of the charging level;
  • Avoid overheating and hypothermia of the phone, t.E. In winter, clean the inner s of clothing, and in the summer do not leave in sunny places;
  • If the phone is not used, then store it with partial filling, and from time to time resume exercises.

All these conditions are associated with the features of batteries that work most efficiently in the absence of maximum peaks. Operation statistics show that with such operation, the validity period increases almost three times (from 500 to 1,500 full charging cycles).

How is the first charging of a new phone

On the network you can find a lot of tips on how to correctly charge the battery of the new smartphone for the first time. Alas, among them there are often erroneous tips, and gullible readers listen to them and use such advice in practice. It comes to the point that in such recommendations you can find tips that are suitable for nickel-cadmium batteries, which, as you know, are not used in portable technology.

Our article refers to the recommendations of Swiss specialists from Battle University, which are recognized authorities in their field.

So, we bring to your attention detailed instructions on how to correctly charge a new battery of a newly purchased smartphone/phone:

  • Having taken the device out of the box, use it until the charge indicator drops to the indicator of about 5%;
  • The answer to the question of whether it is necessary to completely discharge a new battery is also obvious. Not and not again. However, try to avoid such a scenario in the future. The battery planted to zero is degraded at a higher speed. Full discharge is allowed only if you need to calibrate the battery, such an operation should not be carried out often (once a year enough);
  • With initial charging, be sure to recharge the smartphone supply kit, even if it is low. It is the native charger that guarantees the correct initial configuration of the battery controller;
  • If for some reason it is required to interrupt the charging of the new battery of your smartphone, this is not fatal. Continue it when the opportunity arises. The main condition is not to use the phone during this period;
  • For the above reason, it is unacceptable to conduct initial charging using a USB cable from a computer;
  • Regardless of how much you have to charge a new phone to 100%, after the end of the process, turn off the charger from the network, do not leave the phone connected to the item.

As you can see, there are few recommendations, and they can be remembered.

How to extend the battery life

After you figured out how to correctly charge the battery, you should learn about the methods and recommendations that will help increase the life expectancy of the battery, exclude premature “aging” and wear.

In general, in order to completely charge your smartphone, it will take 1-3.5 hours when charging from the network. And also this time depends on the value of the capacity of the charge, the device with a capacity of 1500 MAH will be charged many times faster than the one that holds 4000 MAH. So the answer to the question of how much the phone needs to be charged depends on the technical parameters of the battery, which is installed by the manufacturer in your device.

Do not use the USB computer to charge your smartphone. Firstly, with this method, the connector cannot provide the optimal level of charging current, which leads to the fact that the device will charge for too long. Then, according to users’ complaints it is known that if you often recharge your gadget in this way, then the battery will wear out, the charge will no longer stay as long as it was before. It is better to use only your native cable and the method of charging from the network, it is more optimal and safer for the health of the battery.

As described earlier in the article, do not leave a smartphone on charging at night to prevent overheating of the case in which there are vital telephone components, including the battery.

Do not overheat the smartphone, as there is a danger of failure of the processor and other electronics elements. The battery can even catch fire and explode at a critical temperature. As well as its resource is consumed faster, and is reduced in conditions of increased degree by 1.5-2 times. Remember: do not use in the cold and severe heat so that there is no dangerous risk for your gadget.

We hope the article was useful, and you learned how to correctly charge the phone, tips and warnings. Please leave your review to the material or wish using the form of adding Комментарии и мнения владельцев slightly below.

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