How to Charge an Iphone the First Time

Many people who switched from old phone models to iPhone and used it for the first time were surprised at how quickly the gadget’s battery runs out. This is due to the large number of energy-intensive applications.

How to Charge an Iphone the First Time

For some, recharging the battery has become a daily ritual akin to brushing your teeth. Often the device is connected to a power source while going to bed. Some users wait until the smartphone is completely discharged.

In any case, everyone would like to spend as little time as possible on charging and less often change the old battery.

How many percent complete charging?

How long the charger will last will largely depend on how correct its operation is. Many have heard that the new phone needs to be recharged for three days before use. It is worth noting that this statement is true only for nickel batteries. How much do you need to charge lithium-ion devices at home?

Experts say that you can not bring the energy indicator to 100%. the battery is damaged during frequent charging. A full range of discharge and charging should be carried out no more than once a month.

It is advisable to recharge by more than 50%. The maximum safety of the charger is provided at a charge level of 40-80%. The reason is the voltage created in the lithium polymer cells. The higher the charge, the higher the voltage, which noticeably harms the device. Too high a load can reduce the number of charge cycles. Charged up to 100% of the batteries withstand from 300 to 500 cycles, and up to 70%. from 1200 to 2000.

A lithium battery works well if the electrons in it periodically move. With a constant connection to the network, this result cannot be achieved.

What is the best way to charge your iPhone?

There are many ways to charge a smartphone, each of which has its own positive and negative features.

When purchasing a gadget, many use the bundled European or Chinese exercises. It connects to the device via USB. It is advisable to choose a charge with a low current, as this will reduce the load on the battery. The problem does not occur on modern phones where a charge controller is installed, which automatically reduces the voltage to the optimal level.

Another way to recharge is from a computer. Uses the same USB. To restore the charge faster, pay attention to the type of socket on a PC or laptop. There are three types of configuration, numbered 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The first two types give a current of 2.5 watts, the last. as much as 5 watts. That is, giving preference is just the third option. Finding a connector is quite simple. it is painted in blue.

Can I charge an iPhone with a device from the iPad? For a long time there was a myth about the dangers of this method. On the website, Apple developers, on the contrary, claim that it will not bring any damage. In this case, a more powerful charge is used, which will more than cover the needs of the phone. However, numerous users claim that after a year they notice dramatic changes in the operating time of the smartphone without recharging, if you use the iPad regularly.

Some users manage to connect the gadget to the car mains. Most experts unanimously talk about the dangers of this method, so it’s better not to use it. The voltage in such a network is unstable, so you can spoil the power controller in a short time. Cheap car charging is simply not able to protect the smartphone from the next leap.

Without a cord, the iPhone will be able to charge using a cover-overlay. Its rear panel is a signal transmitter. Apple does not release such models, but there are a lot of compatible options on the market.
Also convenient wireless way is the LED-lamp, which is a platform for the phone. The mount is secure, so if the device vibrates from an incoming call, it will not fall on the table or floor.
There is every reason to believe that the future is precisely for wireless charging, since manufacturers of mobile accessories are actively working in this direction. In particular, a special acrylic disk with an integrated energy transmitter was manufactured.

In addition to the charging method, the storage temperature of the phone also plays an important role. The battery works best at 15-45 ° C. Despite the convenience of wireless devices, they have tangible disadvantages. Additional heat is created, due to which the battery quickly fails. One should expect safer models on the market.

Also, the battery will be “grateful” to the owner for lowering the screen brightness, turning off unnecessary applications, GPS. Use airplane mode in poorly connected regions.

Modern devices are so well thought out and equipped with protective mechanisms that you just need not to expose them to additional risks. Then the battery will last a long time and reliably.