How to Charge an Apple Watch Sport

A novice user may not know how to charge the Apple Watch correctly. There are 2 ways to charge a smart watch. using a charger or a special stand. After restoring battery power, it is recommended that you take steps to save energy.

How to Charge an Apple Watch Sport

Check battery level

The smartwatch’s battery level is checked as follows:

  1. By touching a finger, the dial is moved up. The control panel opens, where the desired parameter is displayed in percent.
  2. Click on the charge indicator. Move the slider near the inscription “Eco mode” to the “On” position.
  3. Touch the charge indicator, displaying a context menu. Check the battery level of the wireless headphones connected to the wrist gadget.
  4. Download the extension that displays the desired settings online. You can download the utility in the App Store.
  5. Add a charge indicator to the iPhone screen. This helps control the power consumption of all Apple Watch watches that are tied to your phone.

If the device is charging in energy-saving mode, click on the icon that looks like lightning. This helps to check the percentage of charge.

How to charge Apple Watch

The order of the procedure depends on the charging method selected.

Using an Apple Watch Charger

Charging the watch using the original memory is as follows:

  1. Connect the charger to the mains. The plug is compatible with most standard outlets. If the cable is separated from the unit, the rectangular end of the wire is inserted into the adapter port. You can connect the charging cord to a computer.
  2. Place the memory on a horizontal surface. The chamfered side of the disc should face up, and the flat side should rest against a table or other base.
  3. Combine the lower surface of the watch case with the drive. When installed correctly, the charging indicator appears on the screen of the wrist gadget.
  4. Track the progress of the procedure, evaluating the percentages displayed at the bottom of the display. After the notification, 100% Charged charger is disconnected.

Using the Apple Watch Stand

Charging the watch using the stand is as follows:

  1. Connect the cable to the rack. The connection method depends on the structure of the stand. If the watch’s charging cable is integrated, connect the iPhone charger to the side or rear rack.
  2. Insert the charger adapter into the outlet.
  3. Set the clock to the disc located on the stand. The back of the wrist gadget is combined with the back of the charging circle of the stand.
  4. Control the progress of charging. To do this, use the indicator located at the bottom of the screen. After the notification of completion of the process, the watch is removed from the stand.

How long does it take to charge an Apple Watch

The duration of the procedure depends on the battery level. A heavily discharged battery recovers at a rate of 1% per minute.

Ways to save energy

Some methods help extend the battery life of Apple Watch by 20-30%.

Using Eco Mode

When using this mode, time is displayed on the dial, the charge is consumed more slowly. To change the parameter format, use the button located on the side of the case. When you turn on the eco mode, the wrist gadget does not communicate with the smartphone. Some options become unavailable. Eco mode is automatically activated when the charge level drops to 10%. Before enabling the function, the device notifies the user.

To activate the mode yourself, perform the following steps:

  1. Swipe up on the main screen. The system control panel will open.
  2. In the “Battery” section, select the “Energy Saving” item. Confirm the action.

Simpler dials

Colored dials increase energy consumption. Simpler interfaces consisting of black elements save power. This feature is possessed by any watch, phone or tablet with OLED screens.

Using the system control panel, a simple dial or one of its modifications is installed.

Minimum brightness

There is no default setting for Apple Watch. The brightness changes according to the lighting. It is possible to independently install one of the 3 types of automatic settings. This is done using a special application in the smartphone or through the clock control panel.

The brightness adjustment is performed as follows:

  • open a special application on the iPhone;
  • select the watch section;
  • Find the item “Font size and brightness”;
  • choose the appropriate option.

In winter, set the minimum brightness. On sunny days, choose the average parameter, otherwise reading information is difficult.

Turn off animation

This function not only consumes charge, but also reduces the performance of the gadget.

To disable the animation, perform the following actions:

  • launch a special application on a smartphone;
  • select the “Clock” item, the “Basic Settings” section;
  • go to general access, reduce traffic to a minimum.

Mute vibration

Vibration in Apple Watch is configured by default. The stronger the signal, the faster the charge is consumed.

The vibration force is regulated as follows:

  • go to settings mode in the application on the smartphone;
  • choose the section of work with a wrist gadget;
  • find the item “Tactile notifications”;
  • reduce the force of vibration, setting it as you wish.

Turn off unnecessary Apple Watch notifications

Reducing the number of system messages reduces energy consumption. If notifications are disabled on the phone, they will not appear on the watch. You can make the necessary changes to the settings yourself.

To do this, open the application on the iPhone, display the clock control panel. In the “Notifications” section, unnecessary ads are disabled.