How to Charge a New Phone Battery Properly

Types of batteries in phones

To properly operate your phone, you need to have an idea of ​​which batteries are used in it. Most modern phones use lithium batteries. Over the past decade, they have become the dominant type of battery in smartphones, tablets, laptops. Among them there are such varieties as lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries. They differ in the composition of the electrolyte. Otherwise, they are very similar.

How to Charge a New Phone Battery Properly

The service life is about 500 charge-discharge cycles. The time frame is from 1 year to 4 years, depending on the intensity of operation. Lithium batteries irrevocably lose capacity not only during operation, but also during storage. It is worth adding that at low temperatures lithium batteries lose their ability to give current.

I would like to say about such types of batteries as Ni─Cd and Ni─MH. These batteries were used in mobile electronics (phones, laptops, players) before the serial production of commercial images of lithium batteries was established.

How to charge a new phone battery

Now directly on how to charge a new smartphone battery. After purchasing the device, wait until it is completely discharged. Now you will say that you saw recommendations that there was no need to fully discharge lithium batteries. That’s right, this should be done only 2–3 times on a new phone battery, as well as during periodic calibration, which will be discussed below. That is, we first discharge the new battery before turning it off. In lithium batteries there is a controller that monitors the discharge and charge of the battery. At a critically low voltage, the phone’s operating system signals and the device turns off. Thus, a deep battery discharge is prevented.

It takes 10 hours to a day to fully charge the smartphone’s battery. The exact time depends on the parameters of the battery (voltage, capacity) and on the characteristics of the charger. The phone is kept off. So, the new battery will concentrate on the accumulation of charge, and will not give it to power the microchips of the phone. After charging the smartphone, use it until it is completely discharged and charge it again in the indicated way. So, 2–3 times. Further in the process of operation, you can already safely charge the battery incompletely or fully discharge it. But more about that below.

If you still have an ancient gadget with an alkaline battery, then there must be a “swing” there. And not only a new battery, but also during further operation. If this is not done, then Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries will lose capacity as a result of the “memory effect.”

But what if you only have a rechargeable battery and no phone? How to charge it? We recommend reading material on how to charge a phone’s battery without a phone.

How to use Li─Ion and Li─Pol batteries correctly

For the phone’s battery to last for a long time, you must follow the rules for its operation. The following are recommendations for the proper use of the battery:

  • properly charge a new battery, as mentioned above;
  • recharge the phone without waiting for it to completely sit down. Full discharge is needed only for a new battery and during calibration. At the same time, you do not need to do constant short charges. Experts recommend maintaining a lithium battery charge level of 50–80%. The degree of charge is better not to lower than 15%. On modern smartphones, it is at this moment that a reminder appears about the need to connect the phone to charging;
  • Do not overcharge the battery while charging. There is no need to overexpose the battery while charging. Of course, the battery controller turns off the charge of the can when a certain voltage is reached. But if something goes wrong, then the battery will swell from recharging. Therefore, your task is to charge the battery and disconnect it in time;
  • It is recommended that the battery be calibrated every 2–3 months. About her a little lower;
  • Do not overheat the phone battery. If the warm-up occurred as a result of playing on the phone or launching another resource-intensive application, you must definitely let it cool. Exit all applications and leave the gadget alone for a few minutes. Use it only after the battery has cooled to room temperature;
  • Do not be too lazy to read the instructions for your device. There you can find out how long it takes to charge your battery and all the necessary recommendations.

Now a few words about the calibration of the battery, which is preferably carried out every 2–3 months. This procedure consists in completely discharging the phone’s battery and charging it fully. What do we have to do:

  • Wait until the battery is completely discharged so that the phone turns off;
  • in the off state, put it on charge. The time to fully charge the battery of your phone can be found in the manual for the device;
  • after that, take out the battery and insert it, turn on the phone. If in the operating system the degree of charging is less than 100%, then the battery needs to be charged again to the maximum;
  • turn it off again, remove the battery and insert. If the charge level is less than 100%, then charge again. And this sequence of actions is repeated until the inserted battery shows a full charge.

If you follow all the recommendations for operating the battery, it will last a long time and without problems. Additionally, you can read an article on how to properly charge lithium-ion batteries, which are installed in many smartphones.