How to change Wi-Fi password on a laptop

Forgot the password on Wi-Fi-what to do (how to find out, connect, change)

If you have automatically connected to your wireless network for a long period of time, it is likely that when connecting a new device it turns out that the Wi-Fi password is forgotten and it is not always clear what to do in this case.

In this instructions, in detail about how to connect to the network in several ways if you forgot the password from Wi-Fi (or even find out this password). A separate instruction can also be useful: how to look at your Wi-Fi password in Windows 10.

Depending on how exactly the password was forgotten, actions can be different (all options will be described later).

  • If you have devices that are already connected to the Wi-Fi network, but you can’t connect the new one, you can look at the password on already connected (since the password is saved).
  • If there are no devices anywhere with a saved password from this network, and the only task is to connect to it, and not to find out the password, you can connect without a password at all.
  • In some cases, you may not remember the password from the wireless network, but know the password from the router settings. Then you can connect to the router with a cable, go to the settings’ web-integer (“admin”) and change or see the password from Wi-Fi.
  • In extreme cases, when nothing is known, you can drop the router to the factory settings and set it up again.

Step.By.Step instructions for changing passwords

Not every user will be able to cope with the setting of the router, and even the one who has already encountered such a procedure and is a little versed in this matter, it may take a lot of time. Detailed instructions will help to cope with the task easily and quickly. Consider step by step how to install or change the password on a Wi-Fi router.

Connect a router to a computer/laptop

First of all, the router should be connected to the computer, so if this is not the case, we connect. The Internet cable needs to be inserted into the Wan router, a network cord, which is in configuration to the router. We connect one end to a compatible computer port, the other to the LAN or 1, 2, 3, 4 Roter connector.

Determine the local IP address

To access the Wi-Fi Router settings and change the password, you need to specify an IP address in the address bar of the browser, which can be found out in several ways:

  • View information on the device case where the address and data for entry (login and password) will be indicated).
  • Open the section “Network connections” (for example, using the “Perform” console (Winr) and the NCPA command.CPL), click on the wireless network of PKM. “condition”. “information”. In the line “The default IPV4 gateway will have the right address.
  • Open “this computer” (“my computer”), select “Network”. The section “Network infrastructure” will display the name of the router, click PMK-“View the Web page of the device” or “Properties”-the “Network device” tab, here in the block about the device opposite the “Web page” will be addressed by pressing on which can be moved to the page opening in the browser.
  • Find out from the provider by reporting a network device model and data for identification.

Router settings page

You can get to the device settings page through any browser. Find out the IP address (most often it is 192.168.One.1 or, but there may be another) and open the page, after which we enter the login and password in the window that appears.

Login and password

By default, ADMIN login and the same password (or empty) are usually used. This information can be seen on the network of the network device, but if you could not enter the standard data, perhaps they have already changed. If you do not own this information, then you can drop the settings to the factory values ​​using a special Reset button on a router, while adjusting the router will be re.Relevant.

Wireless network settings and safety

In the office you will need to go to the “Wireless Main” section. “protection of the wireless regime” and we find here the “password of the wireless network”. The section can be called differently, for example, Wireless or Wlan, and the password is located directly in it or in the defense subsection or Wireless Security. [Password setting a Wi-Fi network in the control panel]

change, wi-fi, password, laptop

Change the password from Wi-Fi

So we got to the right point. Now in the corresponding line (may be called PSK password, safety key), you should replace the old Wi-Fi password new, after which we save it. The settings will come into force after the reloading of the router.

Type of security

Now we check the type of security used (the name may vary depending on the device). Protection can be of different types:

  • WEP is an outdated and unsafe option.
  • WPA is a more modern protection compatible with various OS and devices.
  • WPA2 is an improved version of WPA (Personal is recommended for use on a home network, Enterprise is suitable for offices).
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Choose WPA2 with encryption of AES for use at home, on many routers the parameter is by default, but if not, we change.

The name of the wireless network

Immediately you can change the name of the network (SSID). The standard name is better to change when setting the router, it will be displayed in the list of available Wi-Fi points. To change the name, we go to the section “Wireless network” (Wireless or DR. Depending on the pattern of the router). In the line “Wireless Network” or SSID we change the standard name and save changes. They will enter into force after rebooting the router.

Changing the password of the router

The default access code for Wi-Fi router is also not worth it, the actions of how to change the password also differ depending on the model of the device. You can change the data of the router in the “System” section (it can have a different name, for example, “management”, “operation”, and pr.), introduce a new safety key to the entry into the appropriate line and save.

Enter the “settings” of the router

A window will appear in which you need to enter the login and password (if you took advantage of the first way to search for IP addresses, then you already know this data). If you have not changed the password before, then you need to dial “admin” in both fields, t.E. Standard parameters. If the password has already been changed by you, then enter your option (if you do not remember it, then return to step 1 and reset the settings).


To change the password to the router TP-Link WR-741ND WR-841ND and others, you need to go to the address 192.168.One.1 in a browser from any device (computer, laptop, tablet), which is connected to the router with a wire directly or via Wi-Fi network.

  • Standard login and password for entering the TP-Link-Admin and Admin router settings. If the password does not fit, remember what you changed it (this is not the same password as on a wireless network).
  • In the menu on the left, select “Wireless Network” or “Wireless”
  • Select “Safety of Wireless Network” or “Wireless Security”
  • Indicate your new Wi-Fi password in the PSK Password field (if you have a recommended type of authentication WPA2-PSK is chosen.
  • Save the settings

It should be noted that after you changed the password for Wi-Fi, some devices will need to delete information about the wireless network with an old password.

From Wi-Fi

The access key to the wireless network is or set by the manufacturer and is indicated on the label in the lower part of the router. Or is installed by the user during the initial setting. It can also be changed manually through the web-integse.

To change the parameters of a wireless network, you need to get into the admin panel first. If difficulties arose with this, read the instructions for your router or use the recommendations for restoration of access.

You can change the parameters at the “Wireless Network” item. On almost all routers it is called. It may have subparagraphs. For TP-Link, for example, the password changes in the subparagraph “Safety of a wireless network”.

How to Find your WiFi Password on Windows 11

The wireless network has three important settings:

Typically, the default type of encryption is installed WPA/WPA2-Personal. It should be left unchanged. But the name of the network and password you can set any. In this case, the selected type of encryption will not allow you to set the key, the length of which will be less than eight characters. Enter the password in the corresponding field (it is called “key”, “password” or “password”) and save changes.

The following is an example of how to change the network name on the TP-Link router in the wireless mode settings

The network of the Network change is changing the password in protecting the wireless regime. In this example, the WPA-Personal connection is active, therefore, in the corresponding line of this item, we prescribe it.

If you forgot the Wi-Fi password

If such an annoying nuisance has happened, in principle, it’s okay. Because usually all client devices remember passwords and are connected automatically. The problem will arise if you want to connect a new device.

Some routers allow you to see the Wi-Fi password in the admin panel. To do this, go to the menu item where it was introduced, and mark the check-box check with the signature “Show Symbols”. If there is no such option and the password is not displayed, it can be changed. However, this will require anew to enter a new key on all devices on the network.

How to see a forgotten password on a computer or smartphone can be read in a special article on our website. It discusses methods of restoring access to a wireless network with standard means and using special utilities.

Features of the switch “ASUS

You can read about how to enter the router settings here.

After entering the main window of the ASUS router, in the table, on the right side of the screen, you can see the wi-fi network key.

Regulation of Wi-Fi parameters is available on the transition to the Wireless Network tab, the “Additional Settings” list. The first page has a string “Preliminary key WPA”, which contains a wireless network password.

On the right side of the window we find the string “Preliminary key WPA”, which contains a wireless network password

change, wi-fi, password, laptop

How to change the password on the Keenetic router

To enter the rower kinetics, the address is used.Keenetic.NET or AI-Pi 192.168.One.One. Default login. Admin, password. 1234. After entering the settings of the router, in the menu on the left, select the “home network” section:

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The window settings window open. Scroll it to the heading “Wireless network 2.4 GHz”. All basic settings are presented here. The name of the network, the type of protection. And here you can just change the password:

If your kinetic is two.Band, then by default the basic parameters for both ranges are identical. But if they differ in you, then you can change the Wi-Fi password to 5 GHz in a separate subsection “Wi-Fi 5 GHz Wireless Network”:

Click the “Save” button so that the changes in the settings come into force. At the same time, as a rule, it is not necessary to overload yourself!

By the way, since all Keenetic routers use the same personal account integration, the instructions presented above will be relevant for all kinetics: GIGA, Start, Lite, Omni, City, Air, Extra, Ultra, Viva, DSL, Duo, Runner 4G, Hero 4G, Speedster and T.P.

change, wi-fi, password, laptop

According to the rules of information security, the new Wi-Fi password should be at least 8-10 characters long and consist of numbers and letters of different register in a random sequence. In no case do not use ordinary words that can be selected by the dictionary.

Roter setup

The password for a wireless network changes in the settings of the router or modem. Therefore, the priority task is to enter its menu. This requires a connection to your computer or laptop.

If you connect from scratch, see how to do it physically in the following scheme.

A scheme for connecting a modem or router to a computer

Note! The equipment of the Internet supplier may vary depending on the type of connection provided: ADSL, HTBB, GSM and other types.

Now you need to turn on the equipment and enter the settings of the router. To do this, enter the internal address of the modem into the browser line, in the network settings on the computer it is designated as a gateway.

  • With the Internet supplier;
  • On the back of the network device on the wire;
  • In the properties of the network, if you click PKM on the connection icon;
  • Through the command line.

The last method is not used little, but it is very simple:

In the window opened, we enter the IPConfig command, a network report appears.

The desired address is the one indicated in the line “Basic gateway.

Most often, manufacturers of network equipment use the following IP addresses:

(Hindi) How to Change WiFi Password? Change WiFi Password Of Any Router

Enter the address determined in any way into the address bar of the browser and press the input.

The login and password for entering the internal menu of the modem usually reports the provider. It can also be located on the wool of the router. The most commonly used combination of Admin. Admin.

The pair of login-paralle depends not only on the manufacturer of the router, but also on the provider. The most common cases we brought to the table:

Modem/router IP address Login Password
D-Link 192.168.One.1 or 192.168.0.One Admin Adminated empty
TP-Link 192.168.0.One Admin Admin
Huawei 192.168.100.One Telecomadmin, Root Admintelecom, Admin
Asus 192.168.One.One Admin Admin
Zyxel 192.168.One.One Admin Admin
Tenda 192.168.One.One Admin Admin

Sometimes providers use their data, but they should be clarified by a direct company:

It should be noted that often on routers there is not the name of the manufacturer, but the operator logo. But in fact, providers use ordinary modems. Therefore, changing the password for Wi-Fi Byfly means that you need to enter the modem settings, for example, TP Link used by the specified Belarusian operator.

After you entered, you can change the password to access the menu. For each manufacturer, this is implemented in different ways, but still intuitively clear.

Attention! If you could not enter the previously installed router, the accounting data was probably already changed earlier. In this case, the reset button will help. Reset.

To reset the router settings to the factory, you need to press the button on the equipment on and wait for the reloading of the equipment

What to do if I forgot the password

It happens that the password for access to Wi-Fi is lost. For example, you set a complex key, did not record it, and then you cannot remember. Or the network was tuned to you by another person who did not leave you passwords.

Usually, on all client devices, passwords are retained so that they do not need to be entered manually every time. Therefore, this problem is, as it were, not a problem. A computer, phone, laptop automatically connected to the network, the Internet works. But let’s say it was necessary to connect a new device. Or you reinstalled the operating system on the laptop and at the same time demolished all the settings, including saved passwords. What to do?

Everything is solved quite simply and there is no need for special knowledge for this.

Search for password in the web-integrate router

The most obvious and simple solution is to see the password on the router. Of course, if you have access to him. If not, read the recommendations how to restore the login and password to enter the router.

You can connect to the router both by cable and through Wi-Fi.

If in the connection settings you do not save the password and your client devices cannot connect to the wireless network, use the cable connection. The password is not required for him. It is enough in the parameters of your network card to set the parameter “Get IP-address automatically” and connect it to the LAN port of the router. After the wired connection icon in the lower right corner of the screen will become active, start the browser and enter the router’s address.

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In the web-integse, open the point where you set up Wi-Fi and find the “Network Key” field. Usually a number of points are displayed in it. To see the password, next to the check box you need to install a checkmark-“display symbols”. Now it can be rewritten and used on any other device.

If your password can not be visible in your router model, it can be changed. To change the Wi-Fi password on the router, just enter a new password in the “Network” field and save the parameters. Now enter a new password on your client devices and use the network.

Search for password on a computer

The change of password will lead to the fact that all devices connected to the router via Wi-Fi will now not be able to do this. On everyone will have to enter a new password again.

If you do not want to mess with the reconfiguration of your devices, try to see the Wi-Fi password on a computer, laptop or smartphone, which is currently connected to your wireless network.

Consider how to do this on PC with windows 7. For other operating systems, the algorithm of actions will be similar.

Put the cursor to the wireless connecting icon in the lower right corner of the screen and press the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. In the window that opens on the right, click the item “Management of Wireless Networks” and see a list of wireless networks configured on your computer. Choose the right one, click on it with the right mouse button and press the “properties”. In the window that opened, we go to the Safety tab and see the “Safety key” field with a number of black spots. This is your password. Only he, as expected, is hidden. Put the box “display the entered signs” and see it in an unpleasant form.

You can do easier. Click on the wireless connection icon with the left mouse button and see a list of available networks. With the right button, click on the one, the password from which you want to see and select “Properties”. A window with parameters will open, as in the previous version.

Search for password on a smartphone

In the same way, you can see what a password was put in the Wi-Fi Smartphone or Android Planete settings. However, everything is not as simple as in the case of Windows. Android devices do not show passwords. If you go to the settings, find the “Wi-Fi” item there, choose the right network and open its properties, you will be disappointed. There is information about the type of encryption, IP address, but there is no hint of password. However, it is still possible to view this information-Android stores it in a special file.

Through the file manager

Detailed information about wireless networks in the Android OS is stored in the WPA_SUPPLICANT file.Conf. The path to it looks as follows: Data/Misc/Wi-Fi/WPA_SUPPLICANT.Conf. This file is recorded by SSID network, information about the type of encryption and password. However, view it as a regular text document will not work. If you open the DATA folder using the file manager, it will be empty. To see its contents, you need ROOT access rights.

You can get them in different ways. Previously, this procedure was very complicated and differed for different devices. Often the device had to be called, which could lead to its failure and the loss of warranty. Now just download and install one of the applications that will do everything for you. Such programs can be found a lot in Play Market. And there are plenty of instructions for their use on the Internet. Before installing the program, check whether it supports your device. If it is not on the list, it is likely that the program will not work.

After receiving the rights of the super.User, you can view the WPA_SUPPLICANT file.Conf through any file manager.

Run the ES conductor, in the settings we turn on the ROOT access, find the desired file and get the desired information. You can use other file dispatchers. For example, Total Commander or RootbrowSer.

We use special programs

If there is no desire to deal with system files and poke around in their contents, you can use one of the programs that allow you to get information about passwords from all Wi-Fi networks in one or two clicks that your device has ever connected. These programs do not allow you to connect to the network, the password from which was not entered on your device, so you will not work access to other people’s networks. Also, such programs require a ROOT attraction.

The utility from the Play Market Wi-Fi Password (Root) will immediately display passwords from all Wi-Fi networks saved on your smartphone. Working with her is extremely simple. After the first launch of the program, the provision of her Root Rights will show a list of all the networks to which you have ever connected. Under the name of each network, its password will be shown. To copy it to the buffer, just touch the desired network.

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