How to Change Touchscreen On Nokia Lumia 620

How to Change Touchscreen On Nokia Lumia 620

If you broke touch glass (touchscreen) on the Lumia 625, then do not be discouraged, because replacing it is very simple. Use our instructions for replacing the glass, and the screen of your smartphone will become like new!

For a successful replacement, you will need a replacement touch glass

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Glass Replacement Instructions

First of all, you need to remove the back cover of your Lumia 625. Press it in the direction shown by the arrows in the figure:

After removing the back cover, the phone will look as shown below. Now unscrew the screws indicated by the circles in the figure.

Take a plastic bank card or pick, carefully insert it into the slot between the parts of the case and draw along its entire length.

After that, the battery cover should come off.

Now disconnect the ribbon cable (loop) indicated by the circle in the figure below. It is connected by the principle of “plug-socket”, so just pull it out. The battery can be removed by prying at the location indicated by the arrow.

Disconnect the ribbon cable marked with a circle. Gently pick it up and pull it up.

If you did everything right, then the case of your Nokia Lumia 625 should look like the following figure.

It is time to disconnect the broken touch glass (touchscreen). To successfully complete this procedure, you need to heat the edges of the display with a regular hairdryer. Heat will soften the glue that secures the glass to the body and can be easily removed.

After heating, take a plastic card and gently pry it off the glass, as shown in the figure below. Swipe the entire length of the case until the touchscreen is completely separated.

Take the new touch glass and reassemble in the reverse order. If you have questions, ask them in the comments or write to

We hope our instruction on glass replacement for Nokia Lumia 625 helped you!