How to Change Touchscreen On Iphone 5s

The subtle touchscreen mechanism sometimes causes unexpected malfunctions. This can happen both spontaneously and after manipulation. We will examine in detail why the sensor lays on the iPhone 5, 5s, and what to do in such cases.


Most users encounter device management problems after replacing a screen in an unqualified center. Poor quality work and non-original details lead to the fact that the phone perceives clicks distorted, has an insensitive zone, acts spontaneously or does not respond to touch at all.

The sensor on iPhone 5, 5s may start to fail due to a number of other factors:

  • microcracks formed after the fall, dust and moisture enter inside;
  • incorrectly installed protective glass or film;
  • contact with a liquid that reduces the sensitivity of the sensor;
  • natural wear and tear on the display, distorting the touchscreen in one area;
  • software update failure;
  • The program is incompatible with iOS or the current version;
  • malfunction of internal structures that occurred during power surges.

Note! The device does not have a cooling system. CPU overheating is one of the reasons why the touchscreen does not work well. Do not allow prolonged exposure to sunlight on the gadget and, if unnatural heat is detected during charging or use, contact a specialist immediately.

DIY repair

When the screen is buggy on iPhone 5, 5s, the owner is able to carry out a series of actions to improve performance:

  1. Reboot the system. To do this, hold the buttons for 10-15 seconds “Home” on or off.
  2. Remove the protective coating and thoroughly clean the surface of the touch screen.
  3. Silicone cases please with a bright design, but not always with quality. Remove the acquired protection and check the operation.
  4. If the problems with the screen are caused by software problems, return the device to the factory settings or roll back the system to remove the result of an incorrect update. Note that all data from the memory will be deleted: before you start, transfer the information to a PC.

If none of the measures helped, a professional will solve the problem.

Where to go for help

Our service center is open to all Apple product owners. The specialist will replace the screen and microcircuits if:

  • the device is filled with water;
  • subjected to preliminary repair;
  • Tupit when pressed after a fall;
  • the bottom of the display does not work after overheating.

Important! Professional tools are used to replace the screen matrix and display controller. Repairing requires skill and dexterity. It is impossible to do it yourself at home.

To order professional diagnostics and repair of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s in St. Petersburg is cheaper than purchasing a new device or changing the motherboard.

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How to Change Touchscreen On Iphone 5s

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