How to change the time on huawei

How to move, remove and return the time on Huawei and Honor lock screen

The correct date and time is not only a prerequisite for doing everything on time. They are necessary for the stable operation of our device and the wealth of installed on it programs that begin to work incorrectly in the case of the wrong date and time on the phone. If on your smartphone there are problems with the clock display, then our material is for you. In it we will detail how to change the time on your Honor phone, and what you need for this.

Historically, the Android OS that powers the Honor phone was designed to be used exclusively on cell phones. That’s why the specified OS receives time data from cellular operators, or rather from cellular towers when you register your phone to the network.

Our phones get time data from mobile operator

A more efficient way is to synchronize the time of the phone using NTP (network protocol for synchronizing the phone’s internal clock), which uses networks with variable latency. But, unfortunately, the Android system does not support NTP without using the ROOT rights on the phone.

NTP. a reliable protocol for clock synchronization

So we get a situation where if there are any errors in the mobile network by the phone operator, the time on our Honor also shifts. The latter, in turn, is fraught with various troubles in our lifecycle.

In some cases, the system time may not display correctly

What to do? Let’s break down all the possible ways to set the time and date on Honor.

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The problem of setting the time automatically

Having reviewed how to set the time on Huawei and Honor phones, it’s worth noting the common problem related to the autodetection of the time zone. Android, on which all devices from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei run, draws information about the current time from mobile towers.

The system can not always correctly determine this value. The most accurate indicators demonstrates the technology NTP, designed to synchronize the internal clock of the smartphone. But, this network protocol does not work on Android if it does not have ROOT rights installed.

That is, the considered indicator during autotuning depends entirely on the mobile towers. And if the operator has some problems the time can be wrong on the phone. This is the main problem with this setting. Therefore, it is better to set the parameters manually without relying on the system.

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How to set the time on the Honor phone manually

Setting the time manually is convenient if the user lives in one time zone, but needs to know the time in another, so you really need to use the self-entry. On the Honor phone manual setting can be done according to the following algorithm:

  • First you need to unlock the device and open the start screen. As a rule, it is immediately presented to the user;
  • On the start screen you need to open the shortcut labeled “Settings”. It is located in the place where the user put it earlier. It resembles a gear wheel on a gray background;

Exit from this section. Now the user can see that the time that he set himself. If the auto-tuning always fails, you can use the manual method. It may, of course, be inaccurate, but the user will live by the time he needs.

How to set the time on the Honor and Huawei on the desktop screen

On the desktop installed all those programs that the user needs in his further work. Installing a clock on your desktop is a good idea. Thus they always will be in a prominent place, at any moment it is possible to look at time, to trace it, not to be late for one or another watch.

In order for a person to be able to install a special dial on their phone, a couple of actions are required:

  • To begin with it is necessary to press the finger on any empty place of phone. If the user has done everything correctly, the screen itself will open the settings, in which the person will be able to move icons, add widgets;
  • The clock itself is a widget. Widgets are located in the bottom part of settings. Click on the appropriate item;
  • All those “apps” of the system that the user can install on the desktop screen are opened. We choose necessary widget “Clock”;
  • Click on it. The phone will automatically move it to where it can be installed on the phone.

A watch face will appear on the Honor owner’s screen, which can be used to keep track of the time.

Please note! Different versions have different dials.

How to set the time on Honor phones

There are several methods you can use to set the clock on your smartphone. Many users prefer to use the autoset (about this below), but sometimes there are situations when you need to set the time manually. For example, if the owner of a smartphone wants the device to be a little behind the official time zones.

To set the time you need to do the following:

  • Unlock the device.
  • Find on the desktop and open the “Settings” shortcut.
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How to set the time on Honor phones

There are several methods using which you can adjust the clock on your smartphone. Many users prefer to use the autoset (about this below), but sometimes there are situations when you need to set the time manually. For example, if the smartphone owner wants the device to be slightly behind the official time zones.

To configure it, you need to do the following:

  • Unlock your device.
  • Find on the desktop and open the “Settings” shortcut.

After that the time set by the user will be displayed. You can set any options (on both items). To make the settings again, you must proceed in the same way.

Using auto-synchronization of time and date

If you want to have at hand the gadget with the exact time set, you must use synchronization. There are two ways to get the exact time on your smartphone screen. use the standard features or use Smart-sync apps.

Normal autosync is enabled in the settings. You need to activate the item with one of the names:

But keep in mind that once you activate this option, you won’t be able to manually change the date and time settings. This option is also not particularly accurate. an average error of about 500 milliseconds.

Smart time synchronization with the phone app

“Smart Sync is enabled through apps. It requires tampering with system settings, so such programs require “super-user” rights. Without them, they won’t work. All Smartsync applications have a similar interface. Let’s examine the principle of managing them on the example of ClockSync. This application has received positive feedback from many users. Work with it according to the instructions:

  • Download and launch the application.
  • On the main screen you will see the current time set on your smartphone, as well as a more accurate value delivered from a special server. Typically, the difference in data can be more than 20 seconds.
  • Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen call the context menu (usually for this you use the icon of several sticks or windows, located on the right).
  • Tap on the menu item “Synchronize”.
  • The application will ask you for root access. Allow it to change the system settings using the “Provide” button.
  • After the synchronization there should be no difference in the data on the main screen. the third line should have “0” value.

If you have the usual firmware, which does not give the rights of a superuser, it is necessary to change its settings before using the application. To do this, call the context menu and select the “Settings” item. The very first line in it will be to enable the mode without Root. Place a marker next to this line.


Now swipe to the left or right with the display off to see the “” icon:

After its activation your selection will be opened in front of you and you only have to tap one of them to add it on the screen.

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You can adjust its dimensions: moving the lower part will increase, and moving the upper part will reduce the size of the visible fragment.

Third-party apps

Why do you need third-party apps when you have your own?? The fact that the standard clock does not include many functions. By installing a third-party app, you can fix a problem with inaccurate time display or find a more interesting design. Let’s look at proven and popular applications from Google Play.


CLOCKSYNC boasts a decent rating in the official Android app store.

The developers have introduced the NTP protocol, which (as noted at the beginning of the article) can accurately determine the time zone. Especially, the program is necessary for those users whose operators do not work with NITZ (is an auto-synchronization of time). Thus, if you notice that the phone stops showing the correct value, it is better to install CLOCKSYNC.

The app in question works in two modes:

  • Auto. Only works with activated root rights (ROOT). Ensures correctness down to 1-20 milliseconds.
  • Manual. Can be used without ROOT. User configures all values by himself. The program compares the time with the time set on the phone. If the readings are different, it will display a notification of an offset.

Date And Time Settings Shortcut

DATE AND TIME SETTINGS SHORTCUT is also highly rated by users in the official Google Market.

Utility is also free, works without ROOT, allows you to set the theme, shows the exact value and allows you to manually change the parameters. Its functionality is simpler than CLOCKSYNC, it won’t show notification when time is shifted and doesn’t support NTP. To run it, just open the application and click on the button in the center. OPEN, then the window with the parameters will appear.

Why does the time on the Honor and Huawei phone staggers

There are several reasons why your smartphone periodically shifts the clock. It is not always the fault of the operator and phone towers. In some cases, the problem can hide in the device itself.

As noted by users on forums dealing with the problem in question, the cause may be hidden in the accumulated garbage or a system failure. For example, since the day of purchase you have installed a lot of applications, but the cache has never been cleaned. Go through your installed applications, especially those running in the background. The best option is to perform a Hard Reset, which will completely clean the entire system.

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