How to Change the Tariff on the Phone

How to Change the Tariff on the Phone

Time does not stand still, and for this reason, you can regularly observe the emergence of new and profitable tariff plans from the Beeline mobile operator. Some subscribers, noticing the appearance of a tariff that is more suitable for their life style, try to switch to it as soon as possible, but often do not know how to do it. In fact, it’s quite simple. You can change the tariff on Beeline in just a few minutes, using one of the many ways available for each subscriber.

Choosing a New Tariff

Obviously, before switching to a new tariff from Beeline, you must select it. As a rule, preference is given to those tariffs that provide the maximum number of services at affordable prices. The tariffs “All Mine” are currently very popular. They are the optimal ratio of the quality of mobile communications and cost.

In order to easily select the appropriate tariff, it is recommended to approximately calculate your expenses for mobile communications in one month, and then change the tariff for Beeline, choosing the most advantageous offer from all available.

Instructions on how to change the tariff on Beeline:

You can change the tariff in several ways from various devices. From your phone, tablet or via the Internet in your account Beeline. Detailed instructions can be found below.

1. How to change the tariff from the phone?

The fastest and easiest way by which you can change the tariff plan is to call for free at 0611 (from a Beeline phone) or 8-800-700-0611 (from any phone). After that, in the voice menu you need to select “change the tariff plan”, following the instructions of the answering machine.

Also, through the voice menu, you can also get in touch with the Beeline operator, which you can contact with a request to change the tariff on the phone. In this case, it will be necessary to confirm the fact that you are the owner of this SIM card. To do this, it will be enough to name the series and number of your passport.

In addition, you can switch to a new tariff plan by dialing a special command from a mobile phone, with which it is connected (this is possible only for tariffs with a prepaid billing system). You can find the activation number in the tariff description on our website, or on the Beeline official website.

2. Change of the tariff plan through the Personal Account

Beeline operator’s tariff plan can be changed not only from a mobile phone, but also via the Internet. To do this, you must enter your personal account on the official website. Further, in the service management menu, you can familiarize yourself with the conditions of all tariffs available for connecting, and then proceed by clicking on the corresponding menu button.

Each Beeline subscriber has the opportunity to use this method, both through the phone and on the tablet. Registration in your account will not take much time and significantly expand your ability to manage your account.

3. Personal appeal for help to the service office

If within walking distance there is a Beeline operator’s office, you can contact one of its employees for advice or help. There you can familiarize yourself with the terms of tariff plans and ask the manager to change or adjust your tariff. In most cases, help will be free.

Tariff change on Beeline USB-modem

For 3G / 4G modems, tariffs do not change as often as for mobile phones, but still, once a year or two, it is also better to update tariffs on the modem, for more modern and cheaper ones. The methods for changing tariff plans for USB modems are the same as for phones. You can either call technical support at the single numbers 0611 or 8-800-700-0611, or change and configure the tariff through your personal account, or contact the Beeline office.

MTS has several tariff lines, each of which includes profitable tariff plans. The company’s subscribers have the opportunity to choose between tariff plans depending on their needs. Tariffs with a monthly fee and without a monthly fee, tariffs for a smartphone and laptop / tablet, as well as other interesting offers. There are several ways to change the tariff for MTS, we will talk about them in more detail in this article.

Five ways to switch from your tariff to another

In order to change the current tariff plan for any other relevant offer of the MTS mobile operator, it is not necessary to contact the company’s office and spend time on the road and waiting in line. You can do this yourself and without leaving your home in the following ways: through a short USSD-command, Personal Account, My MTS application, official website, Call center.

Switching to another tariff via the USSD command

You can switch to any other current MTS tariff that is open for transfer by dialing a special short USSD combination by dialing it in the dialing mode on the phone. This method is the most popular, as it takes the least amount of time and is convenient to use.

How to change the tariff through the team? Each tariff plan has its own connection team. It can be found on the official website of MTS in the description of the selected tariff. After entering the appropriate command, you need to click on the call button, thereby sending a request. After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS notification confirming the successful transition.

This method, like any other method of changing the tariff plan, can be free or paid. It depends on the last time you switched to another MTS tariff. If at least 30 days have passed since the last transition, the new transition will be free. If 30 days have not passed yet, and you are doing the transition again, then it will cost you 150 rubles.

The table below lists the USSD-commands for the transition to the current proposals of the company “Mobile TeleSystems” in 2020:

Name of the tariff plan USSD code for connecting the tariff
“Tariff” 1111115 #
“My Smart” 1113888 #
“Our Smart” 1111025 #
“X” 11110101 #
Smart 11110241 #
Smart TOP 11110261 #
“Ultra” 1117771 #
Super MTS 11188881 #
“Guest” 1117411 #
“For the tablet” 111845 #
“For a laptop” 1113621 #
Smart device 1111725 #

These teams work in all regions of Russia, however, the presence of a selected tariff in a particular region needs to be clarified on the official website or by calling the 0890 single help center, as some tariff plans are not available in all Russian regions. For example, the Moscow Region does not have the “Guest” tariff, but instead of it the Muscovites are provided with the other two tariffs. “Red Energy” and “Your Country”, which are not available to residents of many other regions.

Switching to another tariff via My Account

My account is a multifunctional service that allows you to not only check balances, package balances, paid services in the room, enable or disable additional options, but also change the tariff that is valid on your MTS SIM card.

You can change the tariff plan in just a few steps, for this you will need a computer or laptop at hand and Internet access, then follow the instructions:

  1. Follow the link and select the region in which you are located. This point is very important, since if the region is indicated different, then other information may not be relevant for the region in which the SIM card is registered.
  2. In the upper corner of the main page of the site on the right is the “My Account” button, click on it, then select the first item in the “Mobile Communications” pop-up window. Enter your phone number and password. If the password is missing or lost, use the “Get password via SMS” link.
  3. On the main page of your Personal Account, select the “Rates” section. In the list that opens, select the appropriate offer and click on the “Switch to tariff” button.

This method, like the one described above, is free only if at least one month has passed since switching the previous tariff plan.

Switching to another tariff via the My MTS application

After logging in, find the “Tariffs” section and select the appropriate option, then click on the “Switch to this tariff” button.

The tariff change through the phone application is carried out in the same way as through the MTS Personal Account.

Switching to another tariff through the MTS official website

You can also reconnect the tariff plan through the official website of the Mobile TeleSystems operator, but the whole essence of this method in any case comes down to dialing a USSD code.

Going to the main page of the official site, make sure that your region is displayed in the top line in the center. If necessary, change the region yourself. Next, click on the “Tariffs and Services” section and select “Mobile Communications” in the pop-up window. On the new page, all current MTS tariffs of your region will be loaded. Select the appropriate option from the description and click on the word “Connect”. A new window will open in which the system prompts you to either go to your Personal Account or type a command. If you click on the word “team”, then a short USSD code will be displayed, which must be entered on the phone.

Using the official website is convenient in that if you have any questions regarding the maintenance and application of the services of the MTS operator, you can ask specialists a question in the online chat.

Also on the main page of the site at the bottom are icons with popular social networks, clicking on which you will be redirected to the selected social network. You can leave a message with a question, suggestion or complaint in private messages, comments or discussions. In the near future, company employees will contact you.

Switching to another tariff via Call Center

This is another simple way that will help you change your tariff to any other available MTS tariff plan. It is convenient if you do not have access to the Internet and you can’t use the mobile application if you don’t have a computer at hand and you can’t enter your Personal Account if you are unable to send a USSD request. In these cases, just dial the short telephone number 0890 and, following the instructions of the autoinformer, switch to the operator. Inform the operator about the desire to change the tariff, if necessary, then ask for help to choose the appropriate option. After you make a choice, the operator will automatically switch you to a different tariff plan.

How to change the tariff on the modem

You can do this through your account. Open your Personal Account through the official website, go through registration, select the “Tariffs” section, click on the appropriate offer and then on the “Connect” button.

On some such devices, the Connect Manager program is installed, which makes it possible to send USSD combinations. Having picked up the necessary tariff plan in advance and looking at its combination, dial this code in this program. If you couldn’t use one of the methods, then just remove the SIM card from the modem device and insert it into the phone. To change the tariff on the MTS SIM card, use one of the methods suitable for changing the tariff plan on the phone described above.

After changing the tariff, the subscriber will receive an SMS notification about the successful transition.

The mobile operator MTS regularly offers its subscribers new services, and is glad to present one or another new tariff. This gives its customers the opportunity to choose the most advantageous offers for themselves and significantly save. The main reason why users decide to change the obsolete tariff to a more modern one. This is an increase in the number of minutes and traffic without increasing the final cost.

Previously, a change in the tariff plan was not so common, because for this it was necessary to visit the MTS branded salon. Today, in order to change the tariff, it is enough to enter your personal account or send the corresponding USSD request. Next, we will tell you in more detail about how this can be done.

How to change the MTS tariff using a telephone?

If you don’t want to contact the operator’s office or if you don’t know how to use a mobile assistant, then the easiest way to change the tariff plan is to enter USSD commands from your phone. It will not be difficult to find the required combination on the MTS official website. Usually the necessary numbers to switch to another tariff are in the description for it. What does this mean? Everything is simple:

  • Go to the MTS website and go to the appropriate section;
  • Choose the tariff you want to switch to and find the USSD request in the description text for it;
  • Send the last one.

Suppose, if you like the Smart Mini tariff plan, then the USSD combination for switching to it is 1111023 #. After it is sent, the system will process the application and the tariff will be changed within a few minutes. To check whether the operation was successful, contact an employee of the MTS call center or log in to your account.

Portal 111 # can also help you change the tariff from MTS. Use this combination to appear in the command menu. Next, you will be provided with all the information about the selected tariff, and if you wish, you can switch to it.

If you want to know the terms of service and everything about your tariff, then enter command 11159 #. In response, you will receive a text message on the phone with the information you are interested in.

How to change the tariff plan from MTS through your personal account?

Access to your personal account is provided to each MTS subscriber. With this tool you can track costs and manage services. With the help of your personal account it will not be difficult to switch to another tariff.

Log in first, and then go to the section with descriptions of current tariff plans. Read them carefully and, having made your choice, send the appropriate request. When the tariff is changed, its name will be displayed in your personal account. In addition, you will receive a message on the operation.

As for the benefits, the personal account is convenient because everything is done in it visually. The likelihood of making a mistake is minimal. In the same USSD-commands, changing the tariff, you can easily get confused.

MTS modem: how to change the Internet tariff?

If you are used to access the Internet using a 3g modem from MTS, then in this case you also retain the ability to change the tariff plan. To do this, you only need to complete a few fairly simple actions. Firstly, you should log in to your account on the site of the MTS operator. Secondly, choose the most suitable tariff. Thirdly, send an application and wait for an SMS that the change was successful.

If your modem supports sending USSD-requests, then you can change the tariff from MTS by entering a certain combination, similar to how it is done via telephone.

Attention! Certain models of 3G modems have a special menu with a list of USSD commands. It can be used to connect additional Internet packages, check the balance, use the 111 # service, through which you can switch to a new tariff from MTS, etc.

How much does it cost to change the tariff for MTS?

In this case, it all depends on the conditions specified in the contract. Switching to another tariff plan may be free. However, there are certain rules. For example, if the change is repeated within 30 days, then a small fee is required. In addition, a lot depends on what rate you go to switch to. If, for example, you choose the Super MTS tariff plan, you will have to pay 150 rubles.