How To Change The Speaker On The Phone

How To Change The Speaker On The Phone

Any part fails over time. Even despite the good performance of the speakers in the new Honor and Huawei smartphones, they can break during operation. The main reasons are dust and dirt. But, a mechanical breakdown, which happened due to the fall of the phone, can also be the fault. Do not rush to go to the repair center. You can replace the module with your own hands. In the article, we will study the question. how to replace the speaker with Honor and Huawei.

DIY speaker replacement for Honor and Huawei smartphones

To replace the speaker, you do not need to contact the service center, if everything is done strictly according to the instructions, then any user can handle the procedure. To get started, take care of the following toolset:

  • Phillips screwdriver. 1.5 mm.
  • Tweezers.
  • Shovel, pick.
  • Suction cup needed to take off the screen.
  • Hair dryer. Easy to dry hair.

Below we will study the detailed procedure for parsing and subsequent replacement of the part in question. We will consider the example of the Huawei P9 lite model, but the instruction can be applied to other phones, including Honor 7a / 7s / 8x / 9 Lite / 10 and Huawei Nova / P20 Lite / Y5 Prime /.

Smartphone disassembly

The first step involves removing the cover. Turn off the phone first. The order of actions:

  • Attach the suction cup to the bottom and gently pull it up to lift the lid, and then push the pick into the resulting gap.
  • Using a plastic device, go around all the edges, unfastening the clamps.
  • Please note that the phone has a fingerprint on the back. To unfasten it, use a hairdryer and warm this place, which will allow the glue to soften.

The second step is to remove the motherboard:

  1. It is attached with screws. Unscrew them with a screwdriver and put them in a safe place so as not to lose. It is also worth noting that a humidity sensor is attached to one of the bolts, it must not be lost.
  2. Carefully lift the cover and pay attention to the lower part where the wires are connected. You need to carefully unhook them and remove the clips to remove the cover of the motherboard.
  3. Use a spatula to disconnect the fingerprint wires.
  4. There is also an NFC antenna. Usually it rests on glue, so use a hairdryer to remove it.

Next, you need to remove the battery. This is required to prevent short circuits that the user may encounter while disassembling and replacing the speaker. Using a spatula, disconnect the battery cable.

You will find the speaker itself at the bottom of the circuit board. The screenshot shows the bolts that need to be unscrewed. Note that they differ in length. When you collect everything back, do not confuse their location. Remove the cover and carefully lift the speaker. Insert tweezers into the hole that appears and remove the part.

Installing a new speaker and reverse assembly

The next step is to change the speaker on smartphones Huawei and Honor. Instruction:

  • In place of the old cover with the part, insert a new one and click on it, you should hear a click that will indicate a successful operation.
  • Put the bolts back in place.
  • Now connect the battery cable and reinsert it. But, from the beginning, make sure that the wire is connected correctly, and only then insert the battery. You will also hear a click.
  • Place the motherboard panel on top of the battery, face up. Reconnect the wires, including the NFC antenna.
  • Next, connect the fingerprint sensor.
  • Place a lid on top and press it.
  • Tighten the bolts.

The last step is to put the back cover of the phone in place. Press along the edges so that all the clips snap shut.