How to change the screensaver on the computer desktop

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How to change the wallpaper on the desktop of a computer or laptop Windows 10 without activation?

Hello in touch Alexey! I thought to make the material about the screensaver in one article, but changed my mind. So, here I will tell you separately how to change the themes of the desktop on the “top ten”. This operating system is still not quite familiar after the “seven” and it has its own subtleties.

The process itself does not represent any difficulties, the main thing is that some important points are taken into account.

Functionality allows you to easily change not only the screensaver, but also fonts, sounds, type of mouse cursor, make the settings of the taskbar, menu Stage Start. You can go even further and use additional special programs and utilities to visualize your workplace.

Change standard wallpapers on Windows 7?

You can leave a checkmark on one image so that the wallpaper on the desktop does not change. Or you can leave everything, or 2-3, and then the pictures will periodically change each other.

  • Image position. From the menu that appears, you can choose how the picture will be displayed on the desktop. You can experiment and try every option. But I advise the option “Filling”.
  • You can also choose how often you want to change images on your device. To do this, just choose the time you need.

For the changes to enter into force, do not forget to “save changes”.So we learned how to change standard wallpaper on the desktop.

If for some reason when clicking on the desktop, you do not have “personalization”, then you can open it in another way.

And now you know what to do.But what to do if you do not like “systemic” pictures, but you want something special, something that reflects your hobbies or hobbies? There is an answer to such a question too.

Regardless of your preferences, here are several ways to change the backgrounds of the desktop in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

You can change the image on the Windows desktop in several simple ways, which are mostly similar in different versions of Windows. I will tell in this article on the example of Windows 10, but with explanations for old OS.

See the easiest way to set the picture on the desktop.

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to change the background of the desktop in any version of Windows is to click on the image on the image that you want to see, the background image of the desktop and in the context menu that appears to select a line, make a background image of the desktop.

Windows 10 and you did not change the program for viewing images installed by default, then by clicking twice to a file file, this image will open in the photo program.

Click the right mouse button in the open image.

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For Windows 10, change the desktop background

Windows 7. Change or Adjust Screen Saver

Click the right mouse button in the empty area on the desktop and select “personalization” in the context menu. This will open the settings window. As an alternative, you can go to Start Personalization Personalization Falls.

Important: a convenient way to collect all the tools and settings in one folder is to activate God’s mode in Windows.

In any case, you will find yourself in the same place. Now choose the right image from the proposed in the “Select Photo” section or click “Review” to find another image stored on your PC.

Search systems you can download free wallpaper for desktop, there are a lot of sites where you can download wallpaper for desktop for free.

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Installation of a downloaded screensaver

Downloaded screensaver, or screensaver, have an expansion “.SRC “. To install it instead of the standard:

  • Copy the file.
  • Open my computer.
  • Go to the “CD C” and click on the “Windows” folder.
  • Insert a file into it.
  • Then find the System32 in the same folder and move the file with the screensaver itself there.
  • Now change the screensaver through the control panel according to the first instruction. But instead of the screensaver proposed in the list, dial the name of the downloaded file.
  • Save the choice.

Attention! Download the screensavers only from reliable sources, as downloaded files can contain viruses.

How to change the picture on the desktop

In the free part of the desktop, click PKM to call the menu → Select “Personalization”. Or you can also use: Start button → Parameters (a gear icon) → Personalization.

Next, the application parameters → Section von → and 3 options for personalization of the workspace will be opened: photography, one color, slide show.

change, screensaver, computer, desktop

By choosing “photo” you will have access to the picture of the desktop. Background options can be selected from the number of proposed standard or any other drawing or photo of the user stored on the computer. To do this, click the “Review” button and indicate the path to the location of the desired file.

If you want to arrange your desktop in any plain color, you need to choose a “continuous color” option, then choose one of the proposed standard colors.

And, the last, third option. ” Slide show “. The selection and setting of album shows (for example, several thematic pictures or personal photos that will change in the specified period of time) is available here).

Open the folder where photos or pictures are saved. Select your favorite image. Click on it PKM → Select the action “make a background image of the desktop a”.

Ready, the wallpaper of your desktop has been changed!

No matter how scolded this browser has dignity. And in our case, it just refers to the change of wallpaper. Immediately make a reservation that Microsoft Edge is not endowed with such a function.

On the Internet (it doesn’t matter in which browser) you met a picture and you wanted to put it on the outflow of the background of the desktop. If you found a picture in an Explorer browser, then you can immediately install it as a wallpaper. To do this, open the picture → Click on it PKM → Select the action “Make a background pattern”.

If you find the picture in another browser. Copy its URL address, run the Internet Explorer browser (icon on the taskbone / desktop panel, or search → Internet Explorer).

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Next, click on the keyboard a combination of “Ctrlo” keys.

In the upper left corner, the “Opening” window will open the copied address of the picture, then the “Review” button and indicate the path to the file on the computer.

Click the Open → OK button. Then install the picture using PKM → Make a background pattern. There will be a notification: “You really want to replace the background pattern of the desktop? “, Where you need to click” Yes “. Enjoy new wallpaper!

How to change the background pattern in Windows 7

Pressing the right mouse button (the cursor should be on a clean desktop, and not on any tabs, shortcuts), call the context menu.

In the menu that opens, select personalization

Click the link of the desktop.

In the window that opens, you can choose a background of several dozen drawings that are by default in the Windows 7 operating system. To view, click on the sketches of the drawings and they, before your eyes, appear on the monitor screen. When you select the drawing. Press the button to save the changes so that the picture you like become the background of the desktop.

If you put checks in several images, then it will become an active field to replace the image each and from the drop.Down list you can choose an interval of time through which the images will change each other.

But perhaps you want to make your drawing in the background of the desktop, or a photo. Then press the review button A and find the folder with your photos. Just keep in mind that if the photo, or the pattern does not correspond to the size of the screen, then you need to click the filling button B and from the drop.Down list, select what to do with the pattern: stretch, place in the center, etc.D.

The photo is better to make the corresponding size of the screen of your monitor in advance, otherwise it will be trimmed or distorted. See how to make a photo of the right size using Photoshop.

How to change the screensaver on the Windows7 desktop If there is no personalization (Windows7 initial, Windows7 basic, home)

Many users after reinstalling Windows 7 cannot change the themes of the desktop due to the lack of this functionality. This was done intentionally. Windows 7 is released in several editions and you need to pay extra for beauty.

Therefore, in the younger editions (“initial” and “home basic”) there is no setting of personalization as such.

But this can be easily fixed by raising your editorial office, for example, to the “home.Made”. It is done very simple. We need to go into the properties of the computer (through the “Start” menu)

Next, the master will ask you to specify the update key:

Each Windows 7 edition has its own key. Choose any below from the list. You need to consider the performance of the computer when installing the editorial office “maximum”. I wrote in great detail about this in the article Link to which is at the beginning of this chapter. Here is a list of codes:


change, screensaver, computer, desktop



Insert the code into the form and follow the instructions of the update wizard.

To avoid obtaining a large list of updates from the Microsoft website, you can disable the Internet connection. The process of increasing then takes ten to fifteen minutes.

How to put (change) Windows 10 desktop wallpaper

The first and easiest. How to install your picture or image on the desktop. To do this, in Windows 10, just press the right button for the empty place of the desktop and select the “Personalization” menu item.

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In the section “background” of personalization settings, select “Photos” (if the choice is not available, since the system is not activated, information on how to get by is to be next), and then. A photo from the proposed list or, by clicking on the “review” button, set Own image as wallpapers of the desktop (which can be stored in any of your folders on a computer).

In addition to other settings, the options “Extension”, “stretch”, “filling”, “in size”, “overlay” and “in the center” are available for wallpaper. If the photo does not correspond to the resolution or proportions of the screen, you can bring wallpaper into a more pleasant view using these options, but I recommend just finding the wallpaper corresponding to the resolution of your screen.

The first problem can also wait for you right away: if you are not all right with Windows 10 activation, you will see a message in personalization parameters that “you need to activate Windows to personalize the computer”.

However, in this case, you have the opportunity to change the wallpaper of the desktop:

  • Select any image on the computer, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Make” make a background image of the desktop “.
  • A similar function is maintained in Internet Explorer (and it is most likely in your Windows 10, in the start. Standard Windows): if you open the image in this browser and click on it with the right mouse button, you can make it a background pattern.

So, even if your system is not activated, you can still change the desktop wallpaper.

Automatic change of wallpaper

Windows 10 supports the work of a slide show on the desktop, t.E. Automatic change of wallpaper among your chosen. In order to use this possibility, in personalization parameters, in the “von” field, select “Slide Show”.

After that, you can set the following parameters:

  • A folder containing desktop wallpaper, which should be used (when choosing, the folder is selected, t.E. After clicking the “review” and entering the folder with images, you will see that it is “empty”, this is the normal operation of this function in Windows 10, the contained wallpaper will still be shown on the desktop).
  • The interval of automatic changes in wallpaper (they can also be changed to the right click in the mouse on the desktop).
  • Procedure and type of location on the desktop.

Nothing complicated and for some of the users who are bored all the time to see the same picture, the function can be useful.


Another way to install wallpaper. We will use Faststone Image Viewer. A free program for viewing images.

  • Using the program, we open the photo that was chosen as future wallpapers, and click on it with the right mouse button or CTRLW combination.
  • In the list that appears, click the item “Wallpaper” and “Make Windows desktop wallpapers”.
  • In the window that appears, select the settings: “style” and “background”. If you noted to “stretch”, then you will not need the background. The image will take all the free space.
  • Click “install as wallpaper”.

That’s all. A couple of minutes, a few steps, and your computer is decorated with a selected photo. Save this step.By.Step instructions for yourself and use it with pleasure, changing the photo to your taste and mood!

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