How to change the screensaver on iPhone

How to record video from smartphone screen: Android and iOS

Do you want to record the passage of a stage in a mobile game or webinar on your phone screen? We tell you how to do it the easiest way.

To share the image on the smartphone screen, just take a screenshot. Sharing a video is a little more difficult. you need to record a screencast. But nothing supernatural: on the iPhone, this can be done using standard OS tools, Android gadgets allow you to use third-party software. We tell you how to act correctly on each of the platforms.


An application from the creators of InShot, perhaps the most convenient video editor for Android. Allows you to shoot screencasts and screenshots in HD format, record video calls and watched streams. Nicely free: does not put any watermarks on the video, does not limit the recording time, does not require root.

DU Recorder

Perhaps DU Recorder. the most adequate program for recording video from the screen. It has a lot of advantages: here and completely free functions, and the absence of advertising, and video recording with high quality. The interface is localized into more than 20 languages ​​- Russian is attached, of course.

So what can a program do? First, of course, she can record screencasts, and in various formats, different resolutions, bit rates. The program also supports HD video. The pause and resume function can be very useful. When using the program, you can choose where to save to the card or internal memory.

In addition, using the program, you can broadcast a video to YouTube, or Twitch, edit it, take screenshots and much more.

How to record a screencast on iOS devices

In order to record video from the screen of your iPhone, you need to do the following. First, you need to go to “Settings” and open the “Control Panel”, then click “Configure Controls”. This menu will open:

Next, you should pay attention to the item “Screen Recording” and press the “” sign to the left of it.

In order to drag the shortcut of an activated function to the main screen, press the Home button and drag the bottom of the screen. A button for creating a screencast will appear in the Control Center, after which it can be placed on the main display. The “Screen Recorder” button looks traditional: a dot in a red circle.

Pressing this button will start recording silently by default, but if you press and hold the button, a menu like this will appear:

In it, you can enable sound recording from the microphone of your smartphone. You can stop recording by pressing the function button again.

How to put wallpaper on iPhone from Tik Tok?

Click the share button (it can look like an arrow, three dots, or any social network logo). Scroll the bottom of the gray icons menu to the right, find the Live Photo button. Wait for the download to finish, do not close the application. Enter the device settings and select “Wallpaper”.

What wallpapers will be in iOS 13?

Download new wallpapers from iOS 13 right now

  • Gray tones for classic lovers
  • Red tones. energize
  • Blue tones. if your element is water
  • Green tones. for creation and pacification
  • How to set wallpaper on iOS.

How to Set Live Wallpaper on iPhone SE 2020?

Installation of “live wallpaper” is over. Open Settings. Wallpaper. Choose new wallpaper and enter the Live collection. Choose any of the provided animated wallpapers and set them on the Lock Screen. Now it is enough to touch the smartphone screen when unlocking, and the image will immediately greet you with beautiful animation.

How to set wallpaper on iOS 13?

  • Open the picture on a separate screen by tapping on the link below the picture.
  • To set an image as a background, go to Settings. Wallpaper. Select new wallpaper and select the uploaded picture.
  • Click the Install button.

How to save a picture to your phone from the Internet?

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open images.google.com or the Google app.
  • Search for an image.
  • Tap the image you want. A larger version of it will open.
  • Press and hold the opened picture.
  • Select Download Image.

How to make a live wallpaper?

How to set live wallpaper on Android from any video

  • Install the app from the Play Store and launch it.
  • Click Gallery and select the video you want to use as your live wallpaper.
  • Open the video and click “Set as Wallpaper”.
  • Go to the start page. your video will be on live wallpaper.

How to change the wallpaper on iPhone

IPhone screensavers are called wallpapers. These are pictures that are displayed in the background of application icons and system labels. You can install them both for the device unlock screen and for the desktop. There are several ways to change your iPhone wallpaper. You can do this both through the phone settings and with the help of special applications available for download.

change, screensaver, iphone

How to change the default wallpaper picture to your own

There are several ways to change the desktop background on the iPhone:

IOS also uses Apple’s dynamic splash screen. It is located both through the browser (it is better to use the Safari browser), and in specialized applications for finding pictures for the display. There are also standard dynamic screensavers, they can be found in the settings menu.

When placing an image on the display, the mode of displaying it on the screen is selected, it can be “Screensaver” or “Perspective”. When the second effect is selected, the screensaver will move relative to the inscriptions on the screen when the position of the device in space changes.

How to change the wallpaper on iPhone

The updated screen saver on the iPhone is installed using the “Settings” menu item. It is necessary to select the sub-item “Wallpaper” in it. In this section, both a screensaver for the desktop and a picture for the gadget’s lock screen are installed.

The phone comes with factory settings, that is, with a preset ringtone, volume, applications and desktop pictures. The default iPhone wallpaper can be easily changed to any other image. The only feature of iPhones is that they do not provide the ability to save information to a separate drive, that is, you cannot connect a flash card to the iPhone.

How to change the desktop and lock screen saver on iPhone:

  • In the “Settings” menu, select the “Wallpaper and brightness” item, in it go to the “Wallpaper selection” section.
  • Choose

    Where to download new iPhone wallpapers

    A large number of iPhone wallpapers can be downloaded for free. They are available both through a global search and with the help of special programs for iOS, which offer a good selection of high quality images for the screen saver. There are several such applications, they are available in the AppStore. Examples:

    • Retina Wallpapers HD,
    • Backgrounds,
    • Kuvva Wallpapers.

    The difference between these programs is that they immediately offer images of the desired resolution and quality that look good on a Retina display. The content of these applications is often updated, so the screen saver on the iPhone can also be changed periodically.

    There are special bots of the Telegram messenger that can quickly find high-quality images on any request.

    The iCloud cloud service has the ability to save pictures uploaded to it on the iPhone to Photo Stream. From there, it’s easy to set them as your screen wallpaper.

    How to put Live Photo on wallpaper

    You can also set Live Photo as wallpaper. When you tap the screen with 3D Touch, the wallpaper will come to life. Thus, you can put on the wallpaper a funny photo of your children and something like that. To set these wallpapers, select them in the Photos application, click the Share button and select Set as wallpaper. On the wallpaper setting screen, tap “Live” to enable the live wallpaper option.

    There is a whole world of live wallpapers in different applications. For example, Live Wallpapers for Me, iLiveThemes and others.

    How to change the wallpaper on iPhone

    IPhone screensavers are called wallpapers. These are pictures that are displayed in the background of application icons and system labels. You can install them both for the device unlock screen and for the desktop. There are several ways to change your iPhone wallpaper. You can do this both through the phone settings and with the help of special applications available for download.

    Ways to Set Wallpaper on iPhone

    Wallpaper is a window to your iPhone. The first thing you see is your wallpaper when you pick up your smartphone. Some people look at their smartphone screen dozens of times a day, while others hundreds of times a day. There are those who are satisfied with the permanent wallpaper. But what if you are the type who loves variety? Then you definitely need to know about all the ways to set wallpaper on iPhone.

    Before you start reading, you should know that the screenshots below are taken from iOS 13, however, almost all methods are relevant for previous versions of the system. We’ll show you how to set live wallpapers, standard wallpapers, gif wallpapers, etc. on iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and newer models.

    How to put a GIF on your iPhone wallpaper

    Do you like gifs? You can set them on your wallpaper through the GIPHY app. Find the gif you like in the application, click the menu button and convert it to Live Photo. The live photo will be saved to your device.

    Now go to Settings. Wallpaper. Choose a new wallpaper and choose Live Photo. Find the saved GIF and put it on the wallpaper.

    iPhone X: How to Change Wallpaper on Home Screen & Lock Screen (Live Photos too)

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    How to set wallpaper on iPhone?

    In this guide, we will deal with one of the most used functions on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. setting wallpaper. Colorful pictures on the screen of the device not only look great, but also fully characterize the owner. The process of installing wallpaper on the iPhone is not difficult, but it is necessary to consider the possible nuances.

    Even picking up a new iPhone, on which not a single photo has been taken and not a single image has been downloaded from third-party resources, you can already change the desktop background as you wish from a small but really chic list of wallpapers installed in the system by default.

    How to Add a Screensaver to Your iPhone

    How to properly change Apple ID on iPhone

    Many users use their smartphones and do not know their Apple ID data. So they deprive themselves of the “privileges” of “apple” gadgets, because even to install an application from the AppStore, you need to enter the password from the ID. In the event of any failure, without knowing the account information, you will not be able to go through the authorization stage, and you will be left with a locked device. Apple phones cost a lot of money, no one wants to be in such a situation. How to Change Apple ID Correctly Without Data Loss?

    Create and change Apple ID on iPhone

    In this article, we will show you how to set up an iOS device account.

    There may be several reasons why an iPhone owner wants to change their ID. often than not, users have to change their username after purchasing a used device. when the new owner simply does not know the unique name previously assigned to the gadget. It is not at all difficult to create a new ID, it is only important to remember a few fundamental subtleties, on which the success of the venture directly depends.

    First of all, an iPhone or iPad consumer should know that it is possible to change Apple ID directly from the device, which significantly reduces the time spent on the procedure. The user does not need to additionally register on the manufacturer’s website. The data in the phone or tablet memory will not disappear anywhere, photos, contacts and previously installed applications will be saved. Plus, no credit card is required to create a new ID.

    Account change

    If you need to change the previous Apple ID on your iPhone, you need to enter information that allows you to use iCloud services. Modern gadgets, in particular the iPhone, have at least two places where you can enter the relevant data. convenience for the user will provide passage to the following address: Settings. iCloud. After the application window opens, the previous account will most likely appear on the screen, if you do not know the existing password, no known trick will allow you to leave your account. In view of this circumstance, when purchasing a supported gadget, it makes sense to ask the former owner for the password for the account, otherwise the new owner will not be able to change it in the future. If the password is known, you should scroll through the window that opens to the “Exit” button and click on it.

    The third step to help you change your account is registering with the iCloud app. If, by a lucky chance, the field for entering data in iCloud turned out to be empty, you just need to enter your personal data into it and click on the “Login” command. You should not wait for the lightning-fast response of the program, since the verification of the recording can sometimes take more than a minute.

    So, if you change the ID on the iPhone, you can get free access to such a modern “storage” of information as cloud storage. It is worth noting that iCloud reserves 5 GB for its users. With iCloud, you can save copies of information blocks on your iPhone. An important advantage is the ability to quickly synchronize any data. for example, contacts and calendars, between several typical devices that were created by an American manufacturer.

    Among other things, those who decide to change their Apple ID to iPhone will have a function that allows them to find their phone if it is lost or stolen. Activating this application is the very strategically important thing that will help the owner even remotely lock the gadget, delete all personal data from it, and also track its location on the world map.

    Find my iPhone service will help to track the location of the device if it is lost

    How to reset iPhone 5 when changing ownership

    Due to the constant improvement of various gadgets, any owner has a desire or need to update it, i.e. get a new model, and the old one becomes superfluous and is resold. Any device should be cleaned before being handed over to a new owner. Owners of Apple products often have a question: how to reset iPhone 5 before selling?

    Zeroing the iPhone means returning it to its factory state, i.e. remove all additionally installed games, programs and erase personal information.

    In fact, figuring out how to reset the iPhone 5 and doing it is not at all difficult, and this procedure will take quite a bit of time. First of all, before cleaning your smartphone, be sure to back up the data it contains. Further, in the device menu in the “Settings” section, you need to select “Basic”, go down and click on the “Reset” function. A list of actions will appear, among them you need to select “Erase content and settings”.

    Together with all the data (photos, music, games, and others), with this cleaning, iCloud, Game Center, iMessage are automatically turned off. Do not forget about the “Find iPhone” function for iOS 7 users, ie. you need to remove your link to Apple ID (log in with a personal password, delete data from the device and erase the device from your account).

    The contents of the device in iCloud storage will be preserved if you perform the cleaning in the standard way. If you try to delete “manually”, then everything will be deleted from the iCloud server. Even if the iOS device is already with the new owner, and its complete cleaning was not carried out in a timely manner, then there are certain ways how to reset the iPhone 5, and for such situations.

    The simplest thing, if there is a connection with the new owner of the gadget, is to contact him with a request to clean the device.

    For those who have iOS 7 on their phone and therefore have Find My iPhone, you can also remotely delete data from their device using iCloud.com/find. By going to this site, you can select your device and click on “Erase”. After that, when the information has been deleted from the device, you need to click on the “Remove from account” button. The time during which this operation will be performed, and it will become possible to connect the iMessage application on a new device. one day.

    Loading an image

    Before you replace the default background for your Apple device, you need to select a picture. Perhaps you will like the images that you find in standard wallpapers, or you may want to put a photo of a loved one on the screen. But we will look at a more complex option, in which you need to download wallpaper to your device from a third-party source.

    There are two main ways to add an image to iPhone memory:

    • Go to the Internet from the gadget and save the picture you like.
    • Download the image to your computer, and then transfer it through iTunes.

    It is clear that taking into account the proliferation of wireless networks and the number of free Wi-Fi points, it is much easier to go online from the iPhone / iPad and just save the picture in memory. But we are not looking for easy ways, therefore:

    • Download the photo to your computer.
    • Connect Apple device and launch iTunes.
    • Select your device and open the “Photos” section.
    • Check the box “Sync photos from” and specify the folder on your computer where the images you like are stored.

    Highlight the files you want to sync and click Apply. All selected pictures will be in the device memory.

    How to change the background of an iPhone or iPad

    Having picked up a new device from Apple, many users immediately try to figure out how to change the background of an iPhone or iPad.

    Wallpaper on the lock screen or “Home” expresses the individuality of the owner and makes the gadget a little more attractive. Therefore, the desire to change the background is not surprising. Fortunately, Apple experts also understand this, so iOS has convenient tools for changing the wallpaper.

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    Change iPhone / iPad background

    When the necessary images are loaded into the iPhone / iPad memory, you can proceed to the next step. replacing the standard wallpaper with new images. Prior to the release of iOS 4.0, only the background of the lock screen could be changed. But for more than 5 years, iPhone and iPad owners have been able to change both the background screen and the lock screen.

    • Open device settings.
    • Go to the “Wallpaper and brightness” section. Click on “Wallpaper selection”.
  • Select the album that contains the image you want to put on the background.
  • Highlight the picture you like and click “Install”. You will be prompted for the installation location. lock screen, home screen, both screens.
  • Indicate where you want to put the selected wallpaper. If you don’t like the way the image looks, you can replace it at any time by following the same steps as for the initial background change.

    Free consultation! Free diagnostics! Warranty for work!

    How to set wallpaper on iPhone?

    In this instruction, we will consider how to set wallpaper on an iPhone, this instruction is standard and applicable to an iPhone of any generation. This method of changing the standard black background has its own characteristics, which are described at the end of the article.

    So, let’s get started, to start the procedure we need iTunes and pictures that will decorate the screen of our phone. If there are no ready-made wallpapers for the iPhone, you can download them from the Internet or make them yourself, for this you need to select several images and use a graphic editor to cut the pictures (the size of the wallpaper for the iPhone: 320 × 480 or 640 × 960 px.).

    After the images are prepared, you can start setting wallpaper on the iPhone: 1. You need to download the wallpaper to the iPhone. Follow the link and you will be able to put pictures into your phone, the procedure is similar to uploading a photo to an iPhone. 2. After the synchronization is complete, and all our wallpapers are uploaded to the iPhone, go to the phone: Settings. Wallpapers, here you will see 3 sections: Wallpaper. standard iPhone wallpapers Camera roll. photos taken by the Camera application can also be used as wallpapers Photo archive. uploaded images

    I want to put the wallpaper uploaded to the iPhone, so I select the section. Photo Archive, tap on the picture I like and press the Install button. Here you can set the scale of the picture.

    Done. We have just set the iPhone wallpaper in an official way. But this method is not the only one, in addition to the standard method, there is also a non-standard one.

    ATTENTION! If the firmware of your iPhone is 4.0 and higher, then the wallpaper can be installed not only on the lock screen (LockScreen), but also on the background screen itself (Springboard). Owners of firmware below 4.0 can only decorate the lock screen with wallpaper. Although they also have the ability to put pictures on the background screen, for this, a procedure must be performed on the iPhone. jailbake, Cydia installed, with the help of which the WinterBoard application is installed, which allows you to perform advanced manipulations to customize the interface. If you have any questions while reading the instructions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, indicating your iPhone model and iOS version.

    Automatic change of wallpaper from gallery and from online sources using the command

    The command allows you to set wallpaper from online. The program independently downloads and places the background from the Art Paper website. these actions are easily automated.

    How to put a GIF on the background

    Initially, iPhone owners cannot set their GIF to the home screen as a background. But with the help of the GIPHY platform, the limitation is easy to get around. Find your gif through the program and, when found, click on the “menu” and convert it to the Live Photo format. The picture will be saved on the device.

    To set GIF as wallpaper on iPhone:

    • Through the settings, go to the background selection by clicking on the Live Photo item. there is the saved GIF.
    • Re-use original options by choosing Dynamic Wallpaper on iPhone instead of Pictures folder.
    • Set the background through the Photos app by selecting your preferred Live Photo and tap the Share button, then Set as wallpaper.

    Where to download beautiful pictures for the background on the net

    Although it is easier to install images from the standard set on the iPhone, you can also download photos from the Internet, from third-party resources. Websites also provide backgrounds for iPod touch. Assistant. Safari Browser.

    Select a picture through a search engine or special web resources. Hold your finger on the image and select the “Save” action. There are also special applications with free versions of wallpapers and many great bots in the Telegram messenger. You need to give them a task, and now they have already found the corresponding picture. for example, on the ipad.

    • The new image must be set as standard. through the Photo application.
    • Or through the cloud service iCloud, where the wallpaper is saved in Photo Stream.

    Popular sites with background. Pexel, SetAsWall, Papers.co, Unsplash. There are also special free iPhone apps with high quality wallpapers: Kuvva Wallpapers, Backgrounds, Retina Wallpapers HD. Programs initially offer to install images of a suitable resolution.

    Clarity Wallpaper

    This is more than the usual collection of interesting photos for the iPhone. The clarity program is also a photo editor, where full-fledged work with images is possible: viewing, correcting, adding effects. The result is a unique background.

    change, screensaver, iphone

    IntoLive program overview

    The application works in two versions. free and paid. In the basic version, you can choose the duration of the broadcast, leave only the clip you like. Additional features in the paid version. set the number of video playback cycles, long video recording duration, file transfer via Wi-Fi or USB, select the first frame.

    change, screensaver, iphone

    It is advisable to use a video image without characteristic black stripes that spoil the impression of using live wallpaper.

    How to set standard and live wallpapers on iPhone of all versions: change the desktop screensaver. 5 ways from an expert

    Wallpaper is something that Apple allows you to change yourself. IPhone’s personalization options are limited. But on the other hand, the wallpaper is allowed not only to be changed. to standard, live, or even your own photo. There are also applications from where it is easy to upload images, and then set them as a background (screensaver) for the iPhone. How to change wallpaper on iPhone, where to find them, how to set up auto change. in the article about these and other life hacks.

    • How to set or change the default iPhone wallpaper in settings
    • Live wallpaper
    • Models that support this function
    • How to put a GIF on the background
    • How to set video instead of wallpaper
    • IntoLive program overview
    • Using a personal photo for iPhone wallpaper
    • We use the Photo application to change
    • Live Photo overview
    • Where to download beautiful pictures for the background on the net
    • What is Everpix and how to use it
    • Create your own iPhone wallpaper
    • Managing wallpaper through Files
    • How to set up auto change of pictures on the phone screen
    • Automatic change of wallpaper from gallery and from online sources using the command
    • How to change them on a schedule
    • Useful Apps
    • Vellum Wallpapers
    • Clarity Wallpaper
    • Unsplash
    • Wlppr. Background Wallpapers
    • Conclusion

    Vellum Wallpapers

    The plugin is famous for its large database of high quality images for the iPhone. There are not ordinary images here, but those created by high-class designers. Pictures are divided into groups. depending on the mood, season, author. The difference between Vellum is the blurred background option. The program is updated daily, but you need a subscription to access all the drawings. Pictures can be replaced at any time with new ones, just upload images.