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XIAOMI M365 Electric Scooter rear tyre FIX

questions about scooters that you are not ashamed to ask

The world is firmly on wheels. I am glad that this time on the right ones. Among them are scooters. Purely constructively, this is a very simple thing. in a very distant childhood, we drove on the very one that was made of wood and two wheels. Sometimes pieces of wood were painted with Gorodets painting. Transport from childhood thundered terribly, but it seemed almost the most fun in the world, especially when knees on the asphalt downhill. And none of us could even think that we would get on the scooter again as an adult. But on what! Lightweight and durable folding design, silent wheels, shock absorbers, brakes and even an electric motor. And that’s it, it starts:I’m a traffic jam breaker! I’m flying over the city! I’m a sidewalk storm! Damn, how do you get him on the bus? Will it support my carcass of 90 kg? And I won’t screw up? And if you let your son ride?”. We have collected the top most exciting questions and are ready to answer them. Well, let’s go?

How does a scooter affect health?

The short answer is good. In fact, a scooter, like any means that lifts a person’s foot off the ground, carries a potential threat:

  • you can get into a crack on the pavement and fall;
  • with sudden braking with the foot, you can get a dislocation or fall;
  • When riding in the rain, you can get a more serious injury;
  • well, and further in terms of the degree of dope: a drunk person on a scooter, riding a steep cliff, jumping from impromptu “springboards” and many other aspects of human fantasy.
  • Getting to the office or studying on a scooter, taking an evening walk on it, you breathe intensively, move, and thereby burn calories. Not so much (about 450 kcal per hour of intensive skiing), but you will work out a burger or a chocolate bar.
  • You do not suffer in a stuffy transport or car, you can get through the green areas.
  • With daily loads, overall endurance increases, dexterity and coordination develop.
  • The muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks and abs develop. Hips become tighter.

He will bear me?

Almost all scooters are designed for a person weighing up to 100 kg. If you are bigger, then choose electric bikes. an amazing pleasure, but you also don’t have to stand (below we made a selection of the strongest and most popular among Russians).

Does the scooter have brakes? They are needed?

Yes, most modern scooters have brakes. But a scooter is not a supercar or even a bicycle, so its brakes are generally designed for smooth braking during a planned stop. But they can come in handy during an emergency. That is, if you have almost reached the final destination, you can slow down smoothly, but if you have a question, whether to slow down to your uncle and check the thesis that your uncle is soft, he will forgive, then it’s better to just jump off. this way you will make the braking distance minimal. Just keep in mind that at speeds over 15 km / h it is not safe to jump off. you can fall. But this is in our average experience, you may have superpowers to overcome inertia.

There are three main types of scooter brakes:

  • A fairly common way to slow down is to step on the rear fender of your vehicle so that it (or the block underneath) presses against the wheel and stops it (hence the name. pressure brake). When buying such a model, you need to remember that sooner or later the wing will have to be replaced.
  • There are scooters with brake pads. braking occurs due to the fact that the brake pad is set in motion when the brake lever is pressed. If you ride carelessly and with frequent braking, you will certainly have to change the brake pads.
  • Disc brakes work by contacting the brake pad with the disc near the wheel. This type of brake does not damage the wheels, it is durable, strong and reliable, however, it adds weight to the scooter and a little to the price tag.

Is travel difficult? How far can I go?

Even typing on the keyboard requires training, and here we are talking about physical activity. If you are not a participant in marathons and Iron man, then it is better to first ride for a short time and on asphalt (or other even and hard surface). Since, when riding a scooter, you inevitably push off with your feet from the surface, the muscles of the press, legs, especially the back of the thigh and buttocks are involved. These are some of the most “painful” muscles and without proper training, there is a risk that you will come to work in the morning with your legs together or, even worse, a pinched nerve. Therefore, increase the length of walks gradually, do not be heroic. And another important tip: change your legs when pushing. you will very quickly get used to doing this and the question will soon arise: “Can it be done differently?”

In general, a scooter is a transport for short trips: in the village to the store, to work, to study, in the evening along the embankment or in the park. Subjectively. up to 10-15 km (round trip). The speed of modern scooters can reach 30 km/h or more, but, of course, this is some kind of extreme sport that requires equipment and experience. Therefore, it is usually something in the range of 10 to 15 km/h. If you think it’s slow, do a test: get on the treadmill and run first at 10 km/h, then at 15 km/h. Well, how long will you run away like that? And on a scooter. it’s easy!

If we are talking about an electric scooter, then on average it is able to overcome 25-30 km at a speed of 18-25 km/h.

If I’m on a scooter, I have to ride on the road?

No, only on pedestrian zones. SDA unequivocally define the “driver” of the scooter as a pedestrian. The same applies to segways, gyroscooters and unicycles. Accordingly, the path of the scooter is a pedestrian sidewalk, it is impossible to use these modes of transport on the city highway even if you are wearing a helmet and protection. Therefore, if you saw a dexterous scooter slicing between cars on a busy avenue, then in front of you is not a superhero of city streets, but a violator.

Some models of electric scooters and gyroscooters can accelerate to 25 km/h and more. Traffic rules do not limit the speed of pedestrians, however, they clearly indicate that a pedestrian should not interfere with the movement of others.

Therefore, remember the safety rules, the existence of a stopping distance and the fact that causing harm to health through negligence can lead to severe punishment.

Can you ride a scooter in the rain?

Of course, no one will forbid you to do this. But it is obvious that this will not be pleasant:

  • you will get wet and dirty from splashes, and rubber boots will not help you much. they are too slippery;
  • maneuvers on slippery pavement may not go as you expect;
  • braking may be completely ineffective;
  • in puddles, unexpected and unpleasant surprises can await you: pits, potholes, soil damage on the primer;
  • if we are talking about electric scooters, then the risk of a short circuit is unlikely, but still it is better not to tempt fate.

Do you need to change wheels?

With careful handling, you are unlikely to have to change wheels. But if the wheel is damaged or deformed, change it or them immediately to avoid injury. It is inexpensive and simple. even a fragile girl can pick up a special key and replace the wheel. Please choose the right diameter wheels, don’t experiment with tuning, it’s not safe.

Scooter and children. From what age? Which? How can I catch up with my child on a scooter?

There are models of scooters for the very young age on the market. As soon as the baby has learned to stand firmly and walk, he can pick up a simple plastic model without bells and whistles. On such a crumb, you can even move around the apartment, and the usual adult step is enough for you to control. The only advice is to immediately show the child how to change legs and how to push off correctly.

But everything changes when they come. children from 8 years old and older, our militant advanced accelerators. An adult model is quite suitable for them (the height of the steering wheel is adjustable), but this does not mean that they already have adult brains. Explain to the child that the road, as well as the paths for rollerbladers and cyclists, is not a place for a scooter due to the speed and style of movement, tell them that special stunt models and additional protection are needed for tricks. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that among the pedestrians there may be children and old people who will be harmed by a collision with a scooter (and others too). It is best if you also have a scooter. so, firstly, you will benefit yourself, secondly, always catch up with the child, and thirdly, you will demonstrate by your example the rules of behavior on the sidewalk with such unusual vehicles. Finally, a family united by one action is very beautiful, cool and psychologically useful.

For a teenager, we would recommend taking a closer look at the Xiaomi Ninebot Segway ES1. this is a durable model for 339.99 at a discount (and on the Russian version of the site. in general 309.99 until September 1) with a modest 500 W motor, bright headlights, 25 km of power reserve on an electric motor and speed up to 20 km/h and soft tyres. It is not aggressive and is conducive to pleasant walks without extreme sports.

By the way, if your teenager does not want to be like everyone else and wants to stand out with something very unusual, then the Xiaomi Ninebot Segway W1 unicycle will suit him (fit!) An amazing thing for the daring and athletic. you can stand on two platforms and do tricks with them, dance, move on electric traction as much as 12 km. WOW effect guaranteed. Issue price. 364.99 (if anything, this is for a pair and for a promotion, usually more than 500).

STOP! We were talking about a scooter here, but do you offer a model of an electric scooter? And if it is discharged, drag it on yourself?!

An electric scooter is even cooler than just a scooter. Due to the engine, it will take you with a breeze to a distance of up to 30 km and more (this is a lot). Discharging a scooter is extremely difficult, the rules for it are still the same. But if suddenly it is discharged or you want to try it without the help of current, then the electric scooter turns into the most ordinary one, with the difference that its deck is higher and you pump your legs more powerfully. If you don’t want to swing your legs. 3 seconds. and you have a compact 10-12-kilogram load in your hands, which can be transported without problems and surcharges in any public transport.

In general, an electric scooter is no longer a hobby, but a household vehicle, your faithful reliable Little Humpbacked Horse.

I am a business man, a big boss, a harsh admin / developer, a stunning girl, a business lady (underline as necessary), won’t I look funny?

Now you won’t surprise anyone with a segway and a unicycle, and even more so with a scooter. over, if you ride a scooter, the chances of wrinkling a perfectly ironed suit or a terribly wrinkled linen dress are much less than in a car or public transport. True, the problem of sweat remains. but, firstly, it is not so easy to sweat on a scooter (especially on an electric one), and secondly, humanity has learned to deal with this problem.

Many choose a stylish scooter for themselves, which will only complement the image of a purposeful, “flying” person through life. In this regard, we especially like the scooter from Xiaomi. the folding electric Ninebot Segway ES2. It is just distinguished by a strict and laconic silhouette. such a scooter will suit not only flashy jeans, but also a suit from Karl Lagerfeld or Brioni (however, unlike them, it costs only 409.99 on sale). The scooter has a 700 W motor, accelerates to 25 km/h and is ready to take you 25 km. At the same time, it weighs only 12 kg, and when folded in the office it will not bother anyone (and you don’t have to think if it was stolen).

I can hang something on the steering wheel (bag, grocery bag)?

In principle, you can (if this is not a full bag from Auchan), however, this burden will hang out and hit you in the knees. A scooter from a light load on the steering wheel will have nothing. If you have such a need, it is better to attach a special basket to the steering column: it will withstand water, snack food, a book and a couple of small things without problems. But in general, fans of scooters prefer to carry everything they own (including a laptop) on themselves. in a backpack behind their backs. Convenient, useful, reliable, practical.

If something breaks, the scooter is everything?

Of course not. Scooters are fairly easy to repair. If we are talking about problems with the motor or electrics, it is better to contact service centers or repair shops, but most of the design problems can be fixed on your own:

  • if the wheel is deformed, it is better to change it immediately. buy the right one and easily change it with a screwdriver / wrench / hex;
  • if any nodes and fastenings on the body or steering wheel are loosened, adjust and tighten the nuts;
  • if a characteristic crackle and rumble appear during movement, or you hear an unpleasant rattle when turning the steering wheel, it’s time to go to the service for new bearings (it’s better not to do it yourself, although it’s also possible);
  • if you don’t like the wheel travel, forced braking is felt. rinse and lubricate the nodes;
  • if a creak is heard, also check the nodes, clean them of dust and dirt, lubricate with a special compound.

ABS, cruise control, aluminum body, amazing ergonomics and, most importantly, environmental friendliness. Do you think we are copying the text from the advertising booklet of the new electric car (not the one that IZH is still a concept)? No, we’re just talking about how we saw Xiaomi M365. a folding electric scooter for 444.99. This is a really smart scooter with a cool braking system and cruise control. It also has a high degree of protection against moisture, dust, temperature, overload and short circuit. With a not very powerful engine of 250 W, it is capable of delivering 25 km / h and transporting you for 30 km (a little less than two Garden Rings and a little less than the Third Ring Road). And yes, we did not accidentally put it in this question. it is extremely reliable.

But not Xiaomi alone. Another solid model with a more steampunk design is the Alfawise T0 Shockproof Folding Electric Scooter for 339.99. This is the same protected scooter as the previous one, but it can move on a surface with a slope of up to 14 degrees (against 10). The scooter squeezes up to 25 km / h, is able to transport the owner for the same 30 km, has ABS and folds in a matter of seconds. We like it for its deliberately rough, “engineered” look and solid construction.

And what are you talking about scooters and at the end of summer?

Well, first of all, you still have time to ride. Secondly, many take a scooter on vacation to ride, turn their heads, look at the beauty and breathe the sea air. Thirdly, we now have good discounts on them, and by spring everything will rise in price due to seasonality and inflation. And of course, the dollar exchange rate may not please you and me. no, no, we are optimists, but you yourself understand Fourth, well, this is the coolest gift that even an adult will be happy with. Fifthly, we have selected the very best models and they may run out.

In general, Gearbest sells scooters and everything else all over the world. And sometimes we look at the forums. we are interested in what users write about our devices and especially interesting. how they finish them. So, abroad there are many enthusiastic stories about grandparents who are happy to contemplate green streets from the deck of a scooter and not get tired of riding in parks and native places. In Russia, everything is strict: running gear, bugs, features, a huge amount of DIY (a country of engineers, we have long been convinced of this!). But we know that behind all these posts there is a great pleasure from electric and non-electric scooters, bicycles and hoverboards of all stripes.

Yeah well, I want to sit.

We have also selected the most popular electric bikes and one unicycle among Gearbest buyers. All of them are additionally good because they can withstand up to 120 kg. that is, the most solid and largest boom, along with his backpack and even with an electric scooter 🙂

    – 524.90 (on the Russian version. 359.99 until September 1). 479.99 (on the Russian version. 444.99 until September 1). 662.80 (on the Russian version. 484.99 until September 1). 429.99 (white). the same everywhere. 429.99 (black) ( on the Russian version. 424.99 until September 1). 459.80 (on the Russian version. 339.99 until September 1)

  • Terrible and beautiful Xiaomi Ninebot Segway N3M320 miniPRO 2 hoverboard — 493.99

Do you have a scooter? Which? Have you improved it? Maybe they did it themselves? Share the secrets of construction and movement.

Xiaomi MiJia Electric Scooter M365. WHITE

A new scooter model is presented to us today by Xiaomi, this is the Mijia Electric Scooter M365 model. For those who are interested to know what kind of “little thing” let’s go through all the distinctive features of this model.

The design of the scooter is geometric, concise, extremely stylish and modern. This electric transport is made in two colors: wet asphalt and white. It has comfortable rubber embossed handles that allow you to comfortably wrap your hands around the steering wheel. It weighs 12.5 kg and easily folds and unfolds, but with the help of hands, not legs. Only this model has a bell, which also serves as an eyelet during folding to hook on the rear wheel fender. This is a cast frame scooter without front and rear suspension, but it does not need suspension, because. the wheels are not solid rubber, but pneumatic (8 inches), which in itself gives a soft ride.

Now about the brake system. In addition to the electronic front wheel brake, mechanical braking is carried out by clamping the rear wheel disk with pads, for this you need to press the lever on the handlebar, like on a bicycle. Front wheel motor 250W by default. Rechargeable battery 7800mAh. The battery charge lasts for 25 km of travel. There is no additional battery. All electronic boards, controllers and battery are located in the bottom of the deck, which is protected by a plastic cover. Xiaomi has taillights, a headlight, no information display, but there is a display with four LEDs that shows an approximate battery charge of 25%.

You can track all the parameters of the trip with the help of a special application on your smartphone. There are also three speed modes: the first is 14 km/h, the second is 22 km/h, the third is 25 km/h. Through the application, you can also limit the speed of the trip to 5-10km / h. This is convenient for those who buy a scooter for close people (teenagers, children, elderly parents) and want to control the speed of the trip for their safety. A special ribbed rubber compound is a special deck coating. It does not allow the legs to slip. Xiaomi scooters have a footrest, so it will be convenient for you to just put it next to it if necessary, without folding or leaning on it.

We have colorfully described all the distinctive characteristics of Xiaomi Mijia M365 scooters, and then the choice is yours, but you can be absolutely sure that you will definitely not remain invisible on this scooter, and you are guaranteed comfort and convenience of the trip.

We have colorfully described all the distinctive characteristics of Xiaomi Mijia M365 scooters, and then the choice is yours, but you can be absolutely sure that you will definitely not remain invisible on this scooter, and you are guaranteed comfort and convenience of the trip.

How to factory reset Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter? Press the off button, gas and brake at the same time. After about three seconds, the device will turn off. Now turn on the scooter, the factory settings are restored and the Bluetooth password is no more.

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download and install the “Mi Home” application using the Play Store or AppStore; Open the program, create or activate an account; In the device menu we find the scooter, select it; Do not forget that the scooter must be turned on, and Bluetooth must be activated on the smartphone.

On the smartphone, turn on Bluetooth and in the application click on the “Add device” button, and then. “Devices nearby”. It will start searching for new devices nearby and after a few seconds you will see the Mi Electric Scooter icon on the screen.

To start the engine (located in the rear wheel motor) you need to: Press the rear brake pedal three times. this is a command to turn on the scooter, after which it is ready for work; Stand on the footboard and gently push your foot off the surface, as on an ordinary scooter.

Replacement in Vilbox workshop

Vilbox master works with Xiaomi scooter models:

For these models, we offer wheels with chambered and tubeless, cast and semi-cast tires, for driving around the city and off-road, of different widths and diameters.

In our workshop, you can change the rear wheel of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, only the front one, or replace both with similar new or improved ones. To make an appointment with a specialist or get a consultation, fill out the form on the website or call.

How to change the rear wheel on a Xiaomi scooter

The reasons for replacing a wheel on a Xiaomi electric scooter are most often associated with deformation and other mechanical damage due to aggressive driving, performing tricks, over-inflating the chambers, intensive use, use on a poor-quality roadway.

In addition, the parts wear out naturally. The tube tires on Xiaomi scooters have a rough inner surface that damages the softer material of the tube. Every 50-100 km of run, an inspection and check of the integrity of the cameras is needed. Planned replacement is recommended to be done at least once every two seasons.

Changing wheels is sometimes required to adapt the scooter to the type of road surface or riding style of the user. Chamber models are more comfortable, as they provide effective cushioning. Tubeless tires are more durable, stronger, more resistant to mechanical damage, but bumps and stones are more felt when driving.

To protect the camera from damage when installing new wheels, our technician can apply anti-puncture tape or special gel. these products reduce the risk of puncture and reduce friction. Our online store also offers cameras made of stronger and thicker rubber than the original.

Steps to replace a wheel on a Xiaomi M365 scooter:

  • Master removes protective stickers.
  • Loosen screws with a hexagon.
  • Removes plastic covers.
  • Using a wrench, unscrew the axle nut.

Installation is carried out in the reverse order. The instruction is suitable for replacing the front wheel on a Xiaomi scooter. It does not have complex mechanisms. Replacing the rear wheel on the Xiaomi M365 scooter differs only in that the wheel motor is wired to the device. Mounting method is similar to the front.

Price list

Wheel size (quantity) Chamber tire (camera) Cast tire
8.5×2 (one wheel) 700 rub. 1 000 rub.
8.5×2 (set) 1000 rub. 1 500 rub.
9.5×2 (one wheel) 1000 rub. 1 500 rub.
9.5×2 (set) 1500 rub. 2 250 rub.
10×2-3 (one wheel) 1000 rub. 2 000 rub.
10х2-3 (set) 1500 rub. 3 000 rub.
Replacement kit cast plus chambered 8.5×2 (2 tires) 1250 rub. 1250 rub.
Switching to 10 inch tires for Xiaomi Mijia M365/PRO scooter 1000 rub.
Tire bead sealing 300 rub.

We answer any questions about electric scooters, repair, replacement, even if you change parts yourself. We will tell you which tire is suitable, what is the difference between cast and tubeless and which scooter to choose for a child.

One fine evening, my scooter stopped turning on. I stood for about an hour in the cold and that’s it. Came to the guys from the gyroprof. They took the scooter, just a couple of hours later Konstantin called back, explained what was broken where, suggested repair options. As a result, we decided to change the battery (put a new and larger one instead of the old one) and everything connected with it, and made a discount on waterproofing, as well as a couple of gifts in the appearance of the scooter. It seems to me that everything turned out at a reasonable price, the guys did everything very well, I will recommend this service to my friends when they finally think of buying an electric scooter

Good attitude towards the client. this is our credo! We are always happy to help.

I must say right away that the service is excellent and that a lot is important honest! I’ve called several times and the guys have always helped me out. The first time they offered to wait on the sofas, and they fixed the scooter in 20 minutes!) The second time I gave the scooter away with an overclocking problem, when the headlight was on, it did not accelerate. The next day I got a call that the problem was solved by itself and there were no more errors. They DID NOT say we fixed everything and so on, but simply said COME for the scooter. Well done! After that, he applied several more times: those. service and about the girl’s scooter. no complaints at all) And the are very reasonable))

Why take the wheels off?

Electric scooter wheels are recommended to be checked after each ride. Debris and dirt can mask a tire puncture. But even if the electric scooter did not ride on broken glass and metal shavings, you will have to remove the wheels approximately every 50-100 km.

Electric scooter wheels wear out pretty quickly. Their service life can be increased, but the tire upgrade is carried out only on the removed wheels. Scooter owners can:

  • Glue the center of the tire. After 50-100 km, the tire will begin to crack, even if there were no serious punctures. If the owner is confident in his abilities, you can patch the cracks with glue yourself.
  • Apply anti-puncture tape. This is a means of prevention. The tape is also glued to the central part (it is the most vulnerable and quickly erased). As a result, the tire becomes slightly denser and small pebbles cannot penetrate it.

If the owner of the electric scooter does not have the skills to upgrade the wheels, but their wear is noticeable, you can contact the service center. It is not necessary to hand over the entire scooter to the service. You can often stumble upon poor service, where the craftsmen have not yet worked with electric scooters. When removing wheels, they can use standard methods for other types of equipment, which will easily damage the tire, and it is very difficult to find a new one for an electric scooter. It is recommended that the wheels can be removed independently and given to the service for gluing only tires.

Attention! After installing the wheels in their original place, you need to pump them up. It is difficult to do this with a simple bicycle pump. It is better to use a machine, with its help it will be possible to achieve optimal pressure in the chamber, which will improve depreciation and reduce the risk of puncture

Every year, the ranks of fans of electric scooters are multiplying. With these compact vehicles, you can save a lot of time on the road and stay healthy by avoiding crowding the bus during peak hours. Another option is to arrange fun rides with friends, enjoying communication and outdoor recreation. But there comes a moment when the iron horse begins to lose speed, the scooter becomes lower and no longer responds so actively to control. The reason for this happens in a blown wheel. Why is this happening and what should be done in this case? Consider this question using the example of the recently popular Xiaomi Mijia m365 pro electric scooter model.


Sometimes the owner of a road gadget should not worry too much, because the scooter wheel chamber can etch. This is a fact known to all. You have to pump it up periodically. But if that doesn’t help, or if you need to re-pump too often, then it’s possible that the tire has a puncture, which can be caused by a quick stone or tile, a nail in the road. In this case, you can seal the resulting holes if you can find them yourself. Or you will have to contact a service center for tire repair. And it’s even better to foresee such a moment in advance and install an anti-puncture tape.

Another reason for a wheel to deflate can be the erasing of the chamber. Tires, due to the roughness of their sidewalls, wipe the chamber after 100 km of run. Then you have to radically raise the question. how to change the tire on a Xiaomi scooter? And if we talk about providing a safer ride, then you should pay attention to solid tires.


The front and rear wheels are removed in the same way:

  • Release the air from the tires. Over-inflated tires can be easily damaged, so you need to deflate them first.
  • Peel off reflective strips. In the original Xiaomi scooters, the wheel holder is covered with a thin red stripe. It closes the recesses with screws, so outwardly it seems that it is impossible to remove the wheel from the electric scooter. The strip is reusable, i.e. later it can be pasted again. You can pry off the reflective strip with a needle or any sharp instrument. It is recommended to attach the strip to oilcloth or plastic so that the adhesive part does not get dirty.
  • Loosen the screws with a 2.5 hexagon. There are 2 such small screws. If the wheel has not been removed before, then when unscrewing it, you will need to apply force, they sit very tightly and go tight. When the screws are unscrewed, the protective plastic panel is removed.

Remove rear wheel Xiaomi e-scooter 1S / PRO 2 ������

  • Remove the nut with an 18 wrench.

The wheels are double-sided, so all steps, except for the first paragraph, must be repeated on the second side. When the mount is removed, you need to raise the scooter and pull the wheel. It should come out of the holders fairly easily. When removing, do not put pressure on the wheel, it may deform and not fall into place in the future.

Cast tires

They are made from a single piece of rubber. Their main advantages are strength and durability. In addition, they have good traction and excellent survivability in urban environments. They are not afraid of speed bumps and curbs, snow and ice. But riding a scooter with molded tires is tougher. Riding, for example, on the pavement will already be less comfortable. You have to choose between convenience and safety.

Front wheel replacement

In any case. for repair or replacement. there is a need to remove the wheel. This will require the following tools:

The sequence of actions can be as follows:

Using a clerical knife, carefully remove the red stickers on the wheel, which are better to return to their place later after work is completed.

Unscrew the screws using a hexagon and a screw with a washer with a Phillips screwdriver, after removing the plastic covers.

Remove the main wheel from the base of the scooter.

Proceed to remove the tires, which should be done carefully, without jerking. To facilitate the work, it is worth venting most of the air from the chamber and only after that pry off the tire with a flat screwdriver.

In order to put on such a tire, it must be preheated, as a result of which the rubber will become softer. To do this, it can be placed in a pot or bucket of hot water and kept there for about 30 minutes, closing the container with a lid. Then, using a screwdriver-blade and your own efforts, you should pull the steamed tire onto the wheel, while securing the resulting sections with ties, which are cut off only when the tire completely “falls” into place. The hole for the nipple must be sealed with a clip. The final step is to install the wheel on the scooter.

Any rider needs to periodically monitor the condition of the tires on the wheels. In case of erasure, they must be replaced to avoid trouble.

An electric scooter is one of the most convenient means of getting around the city. It is convenient to go to work, shopping or other business. It does not need to be filled with gasoline and carry out constant maintenance. Just charge the battery and you’re good to go.

Why remove the wheel in Xiaomi scooters?

Oh, and you need good wheels. After all, Mijia had problems with them that were never eliminated in the Electric Scooter Pro. First of all, these are low-quality tires, which wear out rather quickly and require replacement, literally after a few months or a year of operation. The front wheel has a very rough, rough inner tire surface around the edges. Such a surface negatively affects the chamber, on which scars appear, and after only 100 km of run, the chamber begins to poison the air. This also applies to Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter and Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro.

In any case, in order to change a tire, or install an anti-puncture tape, or for gluing, the wheel must be removed. To do this, you can contact the workshop, but in this case, you need to take into account that the master must specialize in electric scooters and have experience working with Xiaomi. The fact is that the rubber of these scooters is very delicate, if the service worker removes the tire as usual, i.e. with a shovel with a mount, then it will become unusable. Can you take the wheel off yourself?

The video below shows the entire wheel disassembly process. with proper dexterity, it can also be carried out in the field if you have hex keys at hand.

You can easily put on a tire with your hands in the way that I described in detail in the post HOW TO REPLACE A SCOOTER CAMERA WITH YOUR HANDS AND PUT ON THIS FUCKING TIRE.

I also want to add that these ties can also be used for driving on wet ground or on packed snow, which I will write about in a separate post, but this, unfortunately, is not suitable for scooters.

Replacing the bearings with sealed ones, waterproofing the coils and the motor-wheel housing is an important matter and will help protect your scooter if bad weather accidentally overtakes you on the road or you fall into a deep puddle with the wheel. Let me remind you that the manufacturer does not recommend driving in the rain and recommends refraining from getting your wheels into puddles more than 2 centimeters deep.

The next video tells you how to change the bearings on a scooter and how to varnish the motor-wheel windings. I will only draw your attention to the fact that everything must be done carefully.

How to replace tires with new 10 inch tires. Please note that stock tires are 8.5 inches.

In any case, even if you do not change tires, it would be good to raise the rear wing higher or secure it. Otherwise, the taillight wire is rubbed from vibration.

Mounting and other spare parts can be bought on this page in the AliExpress store or even made independently.

Well, perhaps, all the basic repair actions that can be done without special training. I will discuss the diagnostics and repair of electronics in one of the following posts.

The front and rear wheels of the electric scooter are removable. But to transport the device, you do not need to remove them, even when buying in an online store, the scooter comes with wheels already installed. If necessary, you can remove them yourself, but you will need a certain set of tools.

  • U-shaped wheels. they are particularly durable and stable, they do not allow excessive vibration, but at the same time they lose in maneuverability;
  • U-shaped wheels. are installed on ordinary pleasure scooters, have good maneuverability, but are suitable for riding on smooth asphalt, when driving on another surface or jumping, they begin to deform;
  • Wheels of different diameters. some scooters can be equipped with large wheels of 200 millimeters in diameter, this increases their cross-country ability;
  • Wheels of varying degrees of hardness. this parameter also depends on your riding style, and the level of hardness should be indicated on the wheels themselves;
  • Inflatable wheels. very popular for riding around the city, have excellent shock absorption and can ride on various surfaces without any problems;
  • Different-sized wheels. you can equip the scooter with wheels of various diameters and types, for example, put a large front wheel, and leave the rear one small.

Bearings are the most suffering component of the wheel, and of the entire scooter as a whole. At the same time, they are extremely important, because it is the bearings that drive the wheels. and, accordingly, are responsible for your comfort and safety while riding.

Bearings can easily deteriorate due to aggressive driving, weather conditions. for example, if you ride in the rain or like to ride on wet pavement. In addition, bearings corrode various reagents that can be used to treat roads in the city.

The condition of the bearings must be carefully monitored. If you hear any extraneous sounds in the wheels while driving, this is a signal that the bearings need to be replaced urgently. There are various types of bearings, and you can choose the type that suits you best.

How to change a wheel on a scooter

I will share my experience on how you can change the bearing and wheel in a scooter with your own hands, using the Mini Micro as an example (also in almost any scooter).

To pull out the bearings, insert a screwdriver into the middle of the bearing and push it sideways. They come out pretty easy.

Why does a wheel on a scooter spin badly??

Often, owners of this type of transport are faced with the fact that the wheel starts to spin badly. Basically, the reason why the scooter brakes the rear wheel or the front wheel is a problem with the bearings.

This mechanism is capricious and may need both a simple cleaning and a complete replacement. Could it be a tire or frame mount?

In order to clean the mechanism of dirt and debris, you need to completely disassemble the transport. Act in such a way that water does not get into the bearing, anthers and inside the parts. You need to wash the vehicle after a walk, without immersing it completely in water.

Try not to ride on the sand, because. the ingress of microparticles is fraught with the fact that you have to completely change the wheels. Bearings can be cleaned with kerosene and sprayed with WD-40 in order to spin better. After cleaning with kerosene, the scooter remains without lubrication, so it is necessary to apply grease or WD-40, otherwise the scooter will not go.

It is good to lubricate the transport with lithol or any other silicone-based lubricant after cleaning. But it is worth considering that silicone lubricants flow out faster, and you will have to lubricate the wheels much more often. The scooter after cleaning is afraid of the cold, so it should not be put outside in the cold season.

After each walk, you need to check the presence of all nuts, control how well they are tightened. this guarantees serviceability and safety.

At least once a month, you need to wash the vehicle well, this will help to extend the service life, and a clean scooter looks more attractive.

Tire replacement rules

Today, scooters with inflatable tires are practically not made. there is an alternative option that is more suitable for children and practically does not wear out. But if there is still an inflatable wheel, then replacement is required in the main chamber, which is located inside the tire and is damaged due to a puncture. The tire needs to be replaced if worn or severely damaged. It is better to carry out such a replacement in a bicycle repair shop.

Since 2015, the quality of cast wheels has declined. And for many new scooters, after a few days of operation, extraneous sounds began to appear when riding. The reason is the quality of the material, which has unnecessary air bubbles in molded tires, or plastic peeling. The only way to fix the error is to replace the element completely.

Before you install a cast wheel yourself, you need to find the right keys. It is necessary to take 2 hexagons and unscrew the axis that holds it, then replace it and screw it back.

It is important to strike a balance in the application of efforts. It is not necessary to twist too tightly. this will make it difficult to move, but you should not do it too weakly, because. this can lead to loosening or loss of the screws holding the element.

How to prevent punctures on a scooter?

If the scooter has inflatable tires, then punctures are almost inevitable. In order for such troubles to happen much less often, it is worth replacing the standard cameras and tires with more durable ones. There are some tips for additional penetration protection.

The old tire must be cut to fit the new tube, providing additional protection. It is also advisable to change the tire for a better and more durable one, because. in some cases, the tire causes chafing of the camera. You can also replace the tires with cast ones, this will save not only nerves, but also money.

Wheels are one of the most important structural elements of a scooter. They are responsible for the nature of the sensations that you will experience while riding. Faulty or even simply unsuitable wheels can cause falls and injuries, so their condition must be carefully monitored.

How to remove a wheel?

Let’s consider in detail how to remove the wheels in a scooter. This will be needed if the scooter is not moving or if the element is visually dangling. The reason for the replacement may be a lot of noise when driving or that the tire has acquired a square shape due to excessive use of the rear brake.

Almost all models of scooters have a front wheel larger than the rear. In order to remove and change this part, you need some elements. To replace, you need either 2 bearings of the right size or 2 new wheels of the right diameter. If the tires are not worn out, it is enough to simply replace the inner part.

  • In order to unscrew the parts from the scooter frame, you will need a hex screwdriver, with which you can unscrew the necessary bolts fixing the elements in less than 2 minutes.
  • To replace the bearing, you need to use the same screwdriver to pull a special disk out of the wheel. This procedure is quite simple.
  • If the wheel is not worn out, then simply replace the bearings with new ones, insert the sleeve between them and screw all the parts back. Most often, wear occurs due to the fact that moisture gets inside from a puddle or from another source.

Changing tires. how often should you do it?

All riders have to change wheels sooner or later. The harder and more aggressive your riding style, the sooner you will have to change wheels. Bearings and even some have to be changed every month. You can remove worn out and install new wheels in a special workshop or in a store, but most often the riders cope with this on their own.

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How to remove rear wheel from scooter

Parts of any vehicle tend to wear out. Owners of motorcycles had to deal with such troubles as a flat rear wheel, muffler repair, shock absorbers or brakes. At first glance, it may seem that the procedure for dismantling the wheels of a scooter is easier than a car. This is a delusion, despite the fastening with just one nut. In addition, any manipulations with the rear wheels always require more effort, effort and time than with the front ones. The reason is the need to disassemble almost the entire unit: part of the plastic and parts.

Step-by-step instruction

First you need to prepare the necessary tools:

  • Choose a flat place where all the work will be carried out. Due to the unstable surface, there is a risk of the moped falling to one side. Place the scooter on the center stand. If such a procedure was last carried out a long time ago, the threaded sections of the parts should be lubricated with an aerosol VD-40. It will help facilitate the manipulation of oxidized rusty parts. Otherwise, difficulties may arise when trying to unscrew the nuts.
  • Before unscrewing the nuts, the muffler must be removed together with the exhaust pipe. To do this, remove the seat and lower plastic frame. Then, the bolts connecting the frame to the muffler are not completely unscrewed. The number of fasteners depends on the models. 2 or 3 pieces. Using a socket wrench, remove the fasteners to the cylinder. At this point, you can remove the bolts. In this case, it is necessary to check the presence of rubber gaskets, which may fall out when moving the muffler. If there is black soot in the device, it is worth cleaning it with a heated blowtorch and a metal brush.
  • To prevent the wheel from spinning, fix the brake levers with a belt, thereby pressing the pads. You can also block with a wooden plank by inserting it into the disk. Now you can go directly to the planned repair. After completion of the procedure, the parts are assembled in reverse order.

A socket wrench is required to remove the rear wheel

Dismantling the wheel of the Honda Dio scooter

Many urban novice drivers cannot change the inner tube and separate the tire from the rim on their own, relying on tire shops. However, no one is immune from a nail lying on the road and a tire puncture. The procedure for disassembling Japanese mopeds can be handled without asking for help from the masters. However, keep in mind that the most difficult part of the process is landing on the tire rim.

During use, the tire is so firmly attached that it can only be torn off with the help of machines. The average motorcycle enthusiast does not have such a unit. Therefore, you will have to use improvised means. corners.

How to disassemble the front wheel on a scooter?

  • You should bleed the air from the tire, put a metal corner under the rim and hit the tire with a hammer. It is important not to hit the same place many times. It is possible to damage the disk and punch a hole. It will be correct after a couple of blows to shift the angle in a circle and repeat the movement. Continue manipulation until the tire comes off. The procedure is then repeated on the other side of the front wheel.
  • At this stage, you will need factory tire mounting tools. Push the crowbar under the rubber and turn it out so that it does not pop up. Move a little more and finally pull the tire out. The scrap remains in place. Do the same movements in a circle, using the required number of “montages”. As a rule, the rubber is easily removed already halfway through.

Wheel fencing

In what cases is it necessary to replace the rubber:

  • Wear of the product and non-compliance with the norms of the tread height. Usually the standard is 0.8 mm.
  • Tires have defects: cracks due to aging or mechanical damage and punctures.
  • The presence of tubercles. Blisters appear while driving at high pressure or on impact. Normal indicator 2 atm.
  • One side of the tire is put on the rim. If a chamber is used, then sprinkle it with talc and place it inside. The hole must be completely blocked by the valve without displacement. Now you can flare the tire with the help of mounting crowbars. Next, the rubber is pumped up with a conventional pump to the rate recommended by the factory of a particular scooter model. These pressures should not be increased.
  • If the tire is tubeless, a special compressor is required. For the procedure, you need to deliver a large amount of air in a short period of time.

Tubeless tires require a compression pump to inflate

How to remove a wheel without removing the muffler

If a wheel is punctured on a scooter, it can be replaced without removing the muffler. It is usually fixed to the engine with 4 bolts. The exhaust system of some models of Chinese-made mopeds consists of several parts that are connected by fasteners. They can be dismantled one by one, making it easy to change tires. This recommendation can be used if there is no time or opportunity to carry out the full procedure according to the rules. In the case when the muffler is made in the form of a solid block, the only option is to bend it to the side. This can be done in case of emergency replacement of a punctured wheel.

If the muffler consists of several compartments, those parts that interfere should be removed. These can be side mounts, knee and plastic. There are design variations when it is enough to move the loose pipe to the cylinder through the gasket. Next, unscrew the fasteners on the sides and remove so that nothing extra gets in the way.

What to do with rear wheel play

One of the signs of a bad bearing is back wheel play. You can determine this by directing the wheel along the way and pulling in different directions. If the rear wheel on the scooter dangles, then parts will need to be replaced. Since the moped has a gearbox at the back, the problem part is the gearbox bearing.

First you need to remove the old faulty elements that are firmly seated in the case. To dismantle assemblies with a tight interference fit, you will need a special puller. On Japanese models of mopeds, bearings are located in three places:

Further, the bearings are cooled, and the landing site, on the contrary, is heated. After driving 200 km, it is recommended to change the oil in the gearbox.

Replacing tires on a scooter is an important procedure that any vehicle owner should be able to do on their own. It is not always possible to seek help from a professional master.

Even a beginner can easily remove the wheel, disassemble and bead the tires. The biggest difficulty is the fit of the rubber on the rim. However, if you perform the actions carefully, monitor the integrity of fragile parts and gaskets, you can save time and money.

Xiaomi electric scooter can become your faithful companion, provided that its maintenance does not take up your precious time. Studying this manual will help you avoid various problems. In it, we will analyze the device of the scooter, the rules for its assembly, charging, maintenance, connecting to the phone, control through the application, the rules for safe driving and other important points.

The device and equipment of the Mijia Electric Scooter

The Mijia electric scooter is a foldable device with a simple folding mechanism and steering control panel. The panel has a power button and indicators, the modes of which we will consider below. On the steering wheel, in addition to the control panel, there is a speed knob, a brake lever, a headlight and a bell. The battery is located under the footrest, so look for the charging port at the bottom under the plug. The electric scooter comes with a power adapter, a key, mounting screws and a fitting for pumping wheels.

Control buttons and indicators

The button on the control panel performs several functions. If you click on it, the electric scooter will turn on. To turn off, press and hold the button for two seconds. Once turned on, a single press of the button will help you turn the flashlight on or off, and a double press will switch to power saving mode. The latter is especially suitable for a beginner, since in economy mode the scooter can only accelerate to 18 km/h and the gas is supplied more smoothly. Other things being equal, the mileage in ECO mode increases. When this mode is enabled, the lower indicator will turn green instead of white.

Assembling and folding the electric scooter

  • Release the scooter from the packaging film.
  • There is a folding mechanism on the handlebar of your scooter. Pull the steering rack up and secure it with the lock. Put the scooter on the stand.
  • Insert the steering wheel into the steering column.
  • Take a hex wrench and four screws from the kit (they are often attached to the steering wheel when packing the product). Tighten all the screws on both sides of the steering rack.
  • Make sure the display is working.
  • Turn off the scooter.
  • Fold the steering column by turning the lock and lowering the lever.
  • Lock the steering column. To do this, find a loop under the bell and hook it on the hook on the wheel.

Wheel inflation

In the event of a flat tire, unscrew the cap on it, screw on the fitting and connect the pump to it. Since the wheels of the scooter are small, it is recommended to inflate them with a hand pump. If you pump them with a car compressor, be careful, because the tire inflates in seconds! How much pressure to inflate? The manufacturer Xiaomi has published on its website the results of wheel tests on different road surfaces. After testing, he gave recommendations for maintaining tire pressure at which they would be more difficult to puncture. Tips are:

  • if you weigh 50-70 kg, then inflate the front wheel to 35-40 psi (2.4-2.8 bar), rear to 40-50 psi (2.8-3.4 bar);
  • with a weight of 70-90 kg, the pressure of the front wheel should be 40-45 psi (2.8-3.1 bar), the rear wheel. 45-55 psi (3.1-3.8 bar);
  • with a weight of 90-100 kg: front wheel. 45-50 psi (3.1-3.4 bar), rear wheel. 50-60 psi (3.4-4.1 bar);
  • over 100 kg: front wheel. 50-55 psi (3.4-3.8 bar), rear wheel. 60-65 psi (4.1-4.5 bar).

Xiaomi scooter charging

You can charge your Xiaomi scooter with the included charger. To do this, move the plug under the foot platform and insert the charger cable into the charging port. Connect it to the network. The red light on the device will be on while charging. When the indicator color changes to green, disconnect the charger from the mains and from the electric scooter, close the cap. The indicators on the handlebar of the scooter will help you find out the charge level: the more lights are on, the more charge is stored in the battery. Constant burning of four indicators corresponds to a charge of 86-100%, burning of three indicators with a flickering fourth. 71-85%. The blinking of the lowest indicator means that the vehicle will soon be discharged, and the extinction of all indicators indicates that the battery is completely discharged. The connected mobile application displays even more accurate information (we will talk about connecting it later). One charge is enough for about 30 kilometers, provided the temperature is positive outside. But this parameter depends on many conditions: your weight, driving style, tire pressure, road conditions, turning on the ECO mode and others. If the temperature is below zero, the performance and patency of the electric scooter decreases, and at 20 degrees Celsius, the decrease is already half or more of normal. Although the battery has a Smart system that protects it from short circuit, overvoltage, overheating and in other cases, observe scooter operating temperatures. Never store the battery near a fire or in a place where the temperature is above 45 degrees, as this may damage the battery and even catch fire. It is recommended to charge the battery every 30 days of inactivity and store it in a cool, dry place. If you do not charge it within 60 days, there is a high risk of battery failure, which is not covered by the warranty.

How to Replace Xiaomi Mijia Rear Tube and Tire

App for Xiaomi Mijia scooter

You can control the Mijia Electric Scooter using the Mi Home mobile application or Segway-Ninebot. Install it from the Apps Store or Google Play, depending on your smartphone system. To do this, enter the name of the application in the store search bar, click “Install” opposite the application and after installation “Open” or “Run”. Register in the app or login if you already have a profile. Below we will look at how to control the Mijia scooter from the Mi Home app. Applications are similar in functionality, so you can work in the one in which you are more comfortable.

How to connect a Xiaomi scooter to a smartphone

An electric scooter connects to a smartphone in the same way as any other smart device. After launching the Mi Home application, on the first tab with the same name, click the plus in the upper right corner or “Add device”. Use the “Devices nearby” tab to have the application find your scooter by itself (don’t forget to turn on the scooter), or “Add manually” and select your scooter on one of the tabs. If the smartphone does not connect, bring it closer to the scooter or reset Bluetooth. The scooter connects to smartphones with Android 4.0 and above or iOS 8.0 and above that have Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

A little about wheels

Wheels are one of the most important structural elements of a scooter, which determine its technical characteristics. Depending on their number, two-, three-, four-wheeled models are distinguished.

The diameter of the wheel determines the maneuverability, stability and flotation of the scooter, the width determines the ride quality, and the stiffness determines the grip with the road surface. Wheel material is also important.

When to change

Scooter wheels need to be changed in case of malfunction and, if necessary, their selection depending on the quality of the riding surface and riding style. After all, defective or unsuitable wheels not only do not add comfort when riding, but can also cause injuries and falls. And if the scooter was not initially equipped with the necessary wheels, you can simply replace them, and not throw a new model.

Vibrations repeating at speed indicate a malfunction of the polyurethane wheel. the loss of its correct shape. Among the main reasons for this are the following:

  • emergency or kick scooter;
  • improper operation of the brake when riding;
  • wear and tear as a result of a long period of use;
  • marriage or use by the manufacturer in the manufacture of wheels of low-quality materials.

The wheels of the scooter are subject to change by the piece, since the rear ones wear out faster due to the presence of a brake.

What determines the frequency of changing wheels

All riders have to change the wheels of their compact road friend sooner or later. Here a lot depends on the style of riding: the harder and more aggressive it is, the sooner the question of changing wheels will arise. An important role is played by the quality of manufacture of the entire device, as well as compliance with the following basic rules for caring for equipment:

  • do not exceed the permissible weight load;
  • if possible, avoid trips in rainy weather, and upon returning from a walk, thoroughly clean the device from dirt and sand and dry it;
  • use transport depending on the purpose of its purpose (for example, do not use the urban model for extreme jumps);
  • periodically check the strength of the fastening of the nodes, the presence of nuts and structural connections.

How to change a wheel yourself

The process of removing and replacing a wheel on a scooter can be divided into certain stages:

  • With the help of special keys, called hexagons, the bolts that fix the elements are unscrewed. The axle of the wheel in the process of riding a scooter can boil, the use of VD-40 will help to move it. Just remember that after using it, it is better to lubricate the bearings.
  • The bolt is pulled out. After that, with the help of hexagons, they stretch the axle and pull out the spacer. a special sleeve between the two bearings in the wheel. If the spacer is lost or deformed, washers can be used as a temporary option.
  • When changing or cleaning bearings, be sure to pull out their cage. This is done with a flat head screwdriver.
  • It is necessary to visually inspect the bearings, which can be cleaned or replaced with new ones.
  • To install the wheel, attach the spacer to the axle on one side, on the other side, insert the axle into the wheel, put the second spacer onto the axle using a hexagon and push it through.
  • After that, the bolt is inserted and tightly twisted. If in this case the wheel does not turn well, it can be assumed that the spacer is defective.

Checking bearings

It often happens that the wheels do not spin well. It can be a tire or frame mount, but most often it is caused by problems with bearings that suffer from dirt or moisture. They can be cleaned with kerosene, and then treated with a special lubricant. If the procedure did not give a positive result, the defective bearings must be replaced with new ones.

How to remove and change wheels on a scooter

Scooters have become very popular in recent years. This seemingly simple, but ingenious design will not only help reduce travel time, but also bring a lot of pleasant emotions and pleasure. Scooters are no longer perceived as children’s entertainment. They are used by people of all ages. During the operation of this compact type of transport, like any equipment, various issues may arise, for example, changing wheels. It is important to figure out how to solve the problem correctly and in the shortest possible time.

If you need to replace the tires on the wheel of the scooter

Recently, manufacturers have not produced wheels for scooters with inflatable tires. But if there are any, then here a replacement is required in the main chamber, which is located inside the tire and was damaged as a result of a puncture. Such work is best done in a specialized scooter repair shop.

In order for the scooter to serve for a long time, it is necessary to follow the basic rules for caring for it, periodically check the tightness of connections and fasteners, and carry out the necessary work in time. Then the skiing will be safe, and the walk will bring a lot of pleasant impressions and benefits.

Oh, and you need good wheels. After all, Mijia had problems with them that were never eliminated in the Electric Scooter Pro. First of all, these are low-quality tires, which wear out rather quickly and require replacement, literally after a few months or a year of operation. The front wheel has a very rough, rough inner tire surface around the edges. Such a surface negatively affects the chamber, on which scars appear, and after only 100 km of run, the chamber begins to poison the air. This also applies to Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter and Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro.

To cope with the problem of a rough inner surface, installing an anti-puncture tape or gluing inside the tire will help. It is even better to change the tires, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible to find a suitable diameter. 8.5 inches.

In any case, in order to change a tire, or install an anti-puncture tape, or for gluing, the wheel must be removed. To do this, you can contact the workshop, but in this case, you need to take into account that the master must specialize in electric scooters and have experience working with Xiaomi. The fact is that the rubber of these scooters is very delicate, if the service worker removes the tire as usual, i.e. with a shovel with a mount, then it will become unusable. Can you take the wheel off yourself?

How to remove the wheel in Xiaomi electric scooters.

Removing the front wheel in Mijia Electric Scooter and M365 Electric Scooter Pro is quite simple, for this you will need:

First you need to remove the red stickers from the wheels with a clerical knife. The adhesive will remain on the stickers, do not wash it as they will need to be glued back after assembly.

Under the red sticker are 2.5 hex screws, unscrew them. They are twisted tightly, if you can’t unscrew them with your hands, use pliers. Covers are attached to the screws, remove them.

Under the pads on both sides of the front wheel are 18 nuts and several hex bolts. Unscrew both nuts with an 18 wrench and the remaining bolts. Nuts 18 are tightened tightly, you may need a larger lever. After that, the front wheel can be easily removed and start stripping the rubber. There will also be a cable on the wheel, but it does not interfere with disassembly.

The rear wheel is attached with two large hex bolts. Unscrew them and you can remove the wheel.

Well, about disassembly: first you need to bleed the air from the chamber, then you need to carefully remove the tire with your hands. The rubber is very delicate, it can be easily damaged, so you need to remove it only with your hands, without the use of pry bar blades, and even more so screwdrivers or other hard objects.

How to remove the wheel of a Xiaomi scooter?

Removing the wheel of the Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter is quite simple, for this you will need:

  • With a 2.5 hexagon, unscrew the screws located under the sticker. Note that they are tight. You may need pliers. Remove the pads that were attached to them;
  • Under the trim on the front wheel is an 18 nut and a few more hex bolts. The rear wheel is fixed with two powerful hex bolts: you simply unscrew it and remove the wheel without any problems. Back to how to remove the front wheel;
  • Unscrew the nut by 18, you will need a large lever, tightly tightened. Unscrew the same nut on the other side. After that you can remove the front wheel. it will remain attached to the scooter only with a cable when dismantled, this cable does not interfere.

As for dismantling: it is recommended to remove tires only with your hands, without using spatulas and other hard objects! The rubber is very delicate, the risk of damaging the camera is high, do everything very carefully. And bleed as much air as possible before starting the procedure.

Why remove a wheel from a Xiaomi scooter?

It’s all about the front wheel chamber of Xiaomi electric scooters, or rather, their tire. The inner surface of the tire is very rough (closer to the edges, the center is smooth), which is why scars quickly appear on the chamber. Some 50-100 kilometers, and the camera will start to skip.

Gluing the Xiaomi wheel or installing an anti-puncture tape will help to cope with this problem, but for these manipulations the wheel must be removed. You can contact the service, but keep in mind: it must be a good service that specializes specifically in electric scooters and, preferably, has experience working with Xiaomi. If the center workers remove the tire using the usual methods for chain stores, they will simply kill it. And find a new one, with a diameter of 8.5”, it won’t be easy.

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You can do everything yourself: how to glue the Xiaomi wheel or protect the camera by other methods is described in detail in our article. There are also recommendations for choosing a new camera, for replacing a punctured.

Revision of the motor wheel of the Airwheel Z3 electric scooter

In winter, when the season closed a long time ago, after a long break, I wanted to take a little ride on the Airwheel Z3 scooter around the apartment. When driving, a rustling sound was heard from the rear wheel (where the motor is), as if the sand creaked on the go. What could cause such an unnatural sound, I did not know, so I decided to disassemble the wheel motor and see what was wrong there.

I did it for the first time, and I did not know how to properly disassemble the motor. So here’s what happened.

We unscrew both large nuts with a wrench for 19 or adjustable.

The wheel can be removed from the fork. Yes, as you can see, I also unscrewed the nut of the brake drive mechanism, this was actually not necessary.

Here are the Airwheel Z3 drum brake pads. Not worn out at all. In principle, the drum brake on a scooter is almost eternal.

With a hexagon, we unscrew all the screws securing the covers of the motor-wheel. 6 screws on one side, 6 on the other.

Now you need to press hard on the wheel to overcome the force of magnetism, and then the next picture will open. Rust! Everything is clear, it was she who rustled.

The photo speaks for itself, there is nothing to comment on. Of course, there is no tightness at the junction of the covers. Therefore, when I rode in puddles and when I washed the scooter, water gradually got inside.

In principle, not to say that the picture is terrible. It’s just rubbish that needs to be cleared away. But nothing is damaged, the windings are in perfect order, no water has fallen on them.

The surface of the magnets was also oxidized and corroded. Nonsense, it’s easy to fix.

Since the magnets are very strong, the best way to clean them is with a brass brush. It is not magnetized and soft enough. that is, it will not damage the metal surface of the magnets themselves. Emery is not suitable here, it can ruin the surface.

But the metal of the cores of the windings can be cleaned with sandpaper, since there is nothing magnetic here.

Just in case, I lubricated both surfaces with thick silicone grease. I think it will not get worse. Perhaps even a thin layer of lubricant will somehow help protect the metal from water.

To seat a solid tire in place, you must also use lubrication, otherwise it is unrealistic.

The contact surface of the covers should be smeared with sealant. Then the wheel will be tight. But it is very difficult to disassemble it later, if that. So I applied a layer of thick silicone grease. Of course, it’s worse than sealant. But it’s better than nothing. Let’s see what’s inside in a year.

When the scooter was turned on at idle, it turned out that something was striking inside in one position of the wheel. True, this did not affect the speed in any way (I checked). But after I got on the scooter, the problem immediately disappeared. Apparently, the wheel sat down in place under the action of the mass. And there were no more strikes.

As a result, the nasty rustle completely disappeared, the sound of the scooter became like that of a new one. Great, I did it. It will be much easier to disassemble the motor-wheel next time.

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Types of wheels in electric scooter designs

The service life of scooters depends not only on the careful attitude to transport, but also on its design. The greatest load when using transport falls on its wheels. Therefore, when choosing a model, you should consider what road surface it is intended for. When purchasing an electric scooter, it is important to choose the right wheel design for the vehicle.

Manufacturers equip models with wheels of two designs:

  • solid cast. durable, resistant to damage. However, even the presence of shock absorbers cannot mitigate vibration when driving over uneven road surfaces. The small diameter of the wheels of this design enhances their sensitivity, so any pothole on the road causes inconvenience to the driver. Therefore, solid wheels are installed on electric scooters designed to move on smooth asphalt;
  • Pneumatic wheels greatly improve ride comfort as the presence of air in the tires reduces vibration levels. At the same time, inflatable tires have a shorter service life, and there is also a high probability of their damage. Especially often they need to be repaired due to chamber punctures.

The main malfunctions of the wheels

Any type of wheel can be damaged during operation. Solid wheels usually lose their quality when driving aggressively on poor quality road surfaces. When hitting obstacles, deformation of the rims occurs, which causes damage to the edges of the tires.

In this case, it is necessary to replace the defective wheel. Some scooter owners are able to solve this problem on their own, however, it is much more convenient to have the vehicle repaired at a service center.

An official workshop specializing in the repair of scooters always has the necessary spare parts in stock, among which there will definitely be wheels of the required size. The workshop is often contacted if it is necessary to repair tubeless tires. Service center specialists eliminate such a malfunction as a tire or tube puncture in the shortest possible time.

If the wheels of the scooter stick when riding, or do not spin at all, then the bearing is usually to blame. Most users turn to a service center to replace bearings, where there are always any parts.

Most modern models of electric scooters are equipped with a motor wheel. Only in an official workshop can it be diagnosed. Specialists will either repair the damage or replace the faulty device with a new one, similar in size and characteristics. Contacting the service center is the best way to solve any problems that have arisen during the operation of the electric scooter.

Electric scooter repair prices

  • Diagnostics. when repairing with us, diagnostics are free;
  • Repair of a motor-wheel (or replacement with a new one) from 1000 rubles;
  • Replacing the camera and installing a new one from 900 rubles;
  • Tire replacement from 900 rubles;
  • Soldering contacts, connections or connectors from 800 rubles;
  • Repair of the power connector from 1300 rubles;
  • Replacing the battery soldering from 400 rubles;
  • Restoration or replacement of the battery from 900 rubles;
  • Housing replacement from 1000 rubles;
  • Frame repair from 900 rubles;
  • Board repair from 1300 rubles;
  • Replacement of the controller from 1000 rubles;
  • Adjustment from 500 rubles;
  • Full broaching of parts from 300 rubles;
  • Replacing the throttle handle from 200 rubles;
  • Speedometer replacement from 1000 rubles;
  • Replacing the brake handle from 200 rubles;
  • Replacing the brake caliper from 300 rubles per piece;
  • Replacing footrests from 100 rubles;
  • Replacing the shock absorber from 150 rubles;
  • Replacement of wings from 1000 rubles;
  • Pumping a hydraulic brake from 500 rubles per brake;
  • Repair of the controller from 1000 rubles;
  • Replacing the ignition lock from 200 rubles;
  • Chain replacement from 500 rubles;
  • Replacing an asterisk from 300 rubles;
  • Replacing the brake disc from 300 rubles;
  • Replacement of bearings from 200 rubles;
  • Repair of a folding mechanism (or replacement with a new one) from 1000 rubles;
  • Solving problems with control electronic boards from 900 rubles;
  • Water protection of an electric scooter from 2500 rubles;
  • Restoration of mechanical damage / argon welding from 1000 rubles;
  • Replacing Hall sensors from 1000 rubles;
  • Charger repair from 900 rubles;
  • Battery recovery from 900 rubles;
  • Prevention of the steering column (flushing, lubrication, adjustment) or replacement of 1500 rubles;
  • Star replacement 500 rubles;
  • Engine replacement 1300 rubles;
  • Replacing the charger socket 600 rubles;
  • Replacement controller adaptation 1200 rubles;
  • Headlight repair from 800 rubles;
  • Replacing light bulbs from 300 rubles;
  • Replacement of sensors from 1000 rubles;
  • Replacement of the controller from 2500 rubles;
  • Flashing an electric scooter from 1500 rubles;
  • Replacing buttons from 500 rubles;
  • Housing repair from 1000 rubles;
  • Repair of the power supply chain from 2500 rubles;
  • Charge circuit repair from 2500 rubles.

Thank you for your feedback! Manager will contact you shortly.

Repair stages

Leave a request on the website, by phone 8 (495) 106-23-23 or via email

The manager will call you back and clarify the details, agree on the time of arrival at the workshop. It is also possible, courier delivery to the workshop and back.

Diagnostics of an electric scooter, determination of the exact cost of repairs, availability of spare parts. Negotiation of and terms with the client.

Direct product repair.

Notification of readiness and issuance of a repaired device. Our courier can bring the product to your home.

Electric scooter wheel repair

Thanks to its simple design and easy operation, the electric scooter has become the most popular form of personal electric transport. The first to master scooters equipped with electric motors were representatives of the younger generation. However, their merits were gradually appreciated by older people.

If young people more often use electric scooters for extreme entertainment, then the older generation has mastered the scooter as a means of transportation. On an electric scooter, you can quickly get to the workplace, go to the shopping center for shopping. It can cover considerable distances without the need for physical effort.


Our masters

Electrical Technician. Electric scooter repair experience. 4 years. Carries out diagnostics, carries out the whole complex of works on servicing.

Chief Specialist. Electrician-mechanic with 11 years of experience. Perfectly versed in any electronics.

Technician. electronics engineer. Universal specialist, well versed in the mechanics of electric scooters and gyro scooters.

We work 7 days a week and are always glad to see you. If it is not convenient for you to come to the service center, use the services of our couriers. who will take the electric transport to us for repairs and, after it is completed, will bring it to your home. The map shows our couriers on calls today (red couriers are busy, green are free):

Let’s highlight the top 10 main advantages of our service:

  • Professional equipment certified and approved by many scooter manufacturers;
  • Availability of required spare parts. no need to wait for a specific item under the order;
  • Possibility of urgent repair. on the day of application;
  • All work carried out is guaranteed;
  • Possibility not only to repair, but also to upgrade the electric scooter;
  • Service for more than 40 brands (manufacturers);
  • Experienced craftsmen who are able to find and fix even complex breakdowns;
  • Convenient location of the service center near the metro;
  • Free diagnostics of the electric scooter, when ordering a repair;
  • Fixed for most breakdowns. we will name the cost before the start of the repair.

Rear wheel KUGOO S.

Wheel assembly for Xiaomi M3.

Xiaomi electric scooter through the eyes of the owner

The hardly returned spring this year once again opens up the opportunity for trips on various types of electric transport. Continuing the topic started by lozga, I want to share my own experience of using the Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter.

This scooter was chosen for commuting to and from work. Missing showers and bike parking at a new place of work, prompted to change the bike for Chinese electric wheels.

Looking ahead, I will say that this crown of a famous Chinese brand left a good impression. The idea to order directly from Aliexpress was discarded, although not on the first try. Scooters are a relatively new direction for Xiaomi, so the warranty is not superfluous. It was bought from resellers in St. Petersburg for 26 thousand rubles (455 at the exchange rate for May 2017). Which is much cheaper than competitors E-TWOW S2 or Pat Cruzer.

Surprises began from the first moment of opening the box. The Chinese made a very beautiful and thoughtful design of the scooter, and at the same time did not think at all about its transportation, or rather the box. The feeling is that the shoe box is stronger. A metal scooter weighing 12 kilograms is surrounded by a single layer of ordinary packaging cardboard. The folding steering rack rests on the very top of the box and is the first to suffer damage. Before buying, I had the opportunity to open several boxes, and all the scooters in them were with knocked down paint on the rack at the “fold”. Apart from multiple damage to the box itself.

The scooter requires simple assembly before the first use. It is necessary to fasten the steering wheel with the help of four screws and the included hex wrench. True, according to the ancient Chinese tradition, the resource of the key was not even enough for this. The screws are quite tight due to the applied lock paint, and after the third screw, the hexagon turned into a pretty circle. I completed the assembly with my own set of tools.

Included with the scooter are: charger, pump hose, instructions (in Chinese). The translated manual can be downloaded here. The plug from the charger, by the way, is also of Chinese format. For our electrical networks we need an adapter. Better yet, replace the power cord.

Of course, I couldn’t get the electric scooter out of the box and disassemble it. I have it since childhood; doesn’t seem to heal.

The bottom protective cover is held on by 17 screws. Another surprise is connected with it. it is plastic. That is, what should protect the battery compartment from damage, itself requires protection. The network is already offering a metal replacement for the standard cover. If you have straight hands and tools, you can make a dural analogue using a plastic cover as a template. The forums write that so far there are no known cases of a broken bottom. In my opinion, the key word here is famous. On the very first trip, due to lack of experience, I hit this lid hard on the curb. Became more accurate, but, I’m afraid, the lid may not endure the second blow. So there are plans to replace it.

Under the cover there is a controller board and a battery pack made up of 30 Li-ion LG 18650 cells with a capacity of 2600 mAh. The batteries are connected according to the 10S3P scheme, forming a 36 volt, 7800 mAh battery.

Both the controller and the block are additionally protected from dust and splashes by plastic overlays. The controller itself is screwed to the metal case through thermal paste for improved cooling.

On the stem there are charge indicator LEDs and a power button.

Four LEDs display the charge level. When all glow, the charge is maximum. Reducing the charge below 85% causes the top LED to blink. When it goes out, the charge remains less than 70%. And so on, each subsequent flashes first, then goes out. Very convenient, at a glance you can estimate “how much you have left.” If only one blinking LED remains, the battery needs to be charged. When the battery is completely discharged, the scooter turns off and only coasting is available. The engine does not provide resistance to movement, therefore, in extreme cases, you can push yourself to your destination.

The declared ECO mode is activated by “double-clicking” on the power button, while the lower LED lights up green. Acceleration becomes smoother, top speed is limited to 18 km/h. The mode was conceived for teaching beginners and measuring characteristics for advertising booklets. For most owners not only do not use this mode, but are even dissatisfied with the existing 25 km / h limit. ECO is also disabled by double-clicking.

The bell on the steering wheel is a necessary thing, but needs improvement. It happens that “out of the box” he does not call, or calls too quietly and briefly. The problem is easily solved by bending the metal tongue in the right direction.

The 1W front LED headlight illuminates the path ahead for 5 to 8 meters and makes driving at night more comfortable. Reflective stripes are placed on the sides, making the scooter more visible in the headlights. Also, for safety, the rear brake light lights up and starts flashing when braking, informing you of a decrease in speed.

By the way, about the brakes. Or rather, about the brake system. When you press the brake lever, the scooter starts regenerative engine braking, recharging the batteries. Pressing the handle to the stop additionally activates the rear disc brake (indispensable when driving with the scooter turned off). In parallel, braking is controlled by the electronic anti-lock braking system E-ABS, which protects the wheels from slipping. All together makes the braking distance very short and efficient, from maximum speed to zero. 4 meters. After cycling, I had to learn to brake again, constantly stopping too early.

There are two smartphone apps that connect to the scooter via Bluetooth. MiHome and Ninebot. First, MiHome, native Chinese from Xiaomi. It was not possible to install it, they write on the forums that the problem is solved by changing the location to China. Second, Ninebot got up immediately and without problems. It allows you to change settings, update the firmware, shows the current speed and the remaining charge, keeps statistics on the distance traveled. The most useful feature, which for some reason is turned off by default, is cruise control. Very convenient, the scooter itself maintains the set speed, no need to constantly press the throttle.

The safety feature Zero-Start is associated with the throttle stick. To start off, you need to give the scooter the initial speed, and only then press it. Otherwise, the engine will not work. This is done to protect against accidental pressing. It’s a pity that the function is not disabled.

The first trip left an unforgettable impression. It’s the feeling of flying, where a slight push on the throttle results in dynamic acceleration and propulsion. Low noise and good handling. The model is not yet widespread, so the attention of others is increased. From my first trip to this day, several times a day, people who are interested in an electric scooter come to me. And they not only approach at traffic lights, but also catch up while driving. Cyclists, of course. The set of questions is standard. how much it costs, how much the battery lasts, there are even brave comrades who immediately ask for a ride. The age varies from students to pensioners, and this only confirms the demand for a scooter, which pleases.

The wheels are 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) pneumatic, there are no other additional shock absorbers. And although the forums enthusiastically write about the softness of the course, everything is subjective. When driving, you feel every pebble, every steer that has fallen under the wheel. Riding on paving slabs and on unevenly laid paving slabs (and I almost never met evenly laid ones) turns into a vibroattraction. Either endure or slow down to a snail’s pace. And also the patency, for wheels of this diameter it is none, from the word at all. Any obstacle on the road higher or deeper than 3 cm forces you to dismount and lift the scooter. I’m already silent about sidewalk curbs.

Vibration from driving on rough roads requires periodic checking of the screw fastenings. The strength of the shaking can be judged by indirect signs. after a week of trips, the cap on the nipple chamber was unscrewed and lost. It’s good that it matches the size of a bicycle, you can buy it in the appropriate stores.

The scooter folds up quickly and conveniently for transport. The process itself is shown step by step in the photo above, everything is simple and does not require explanation. What’s even more convenient is the non-folding handles. All together gives a rigid structure and, as a result, the absence of backlash.

The level of dust and moisture protection is declared at the level of IP54. Those. diving with it is not recommended, but getting caught in the rain threatens to get wet only for the “driver”. However, compared to cycling, riding in the rain and mud pollutes the scooter much more. It is the scooter, the wings cope with their purpose, and nothing gets on the legs from behind.

On a bike, riding in the rain mostly requires pre-applying a moisture-resistant lubricant to the chain—and wiping down the frame with a damp cloth at the end. The scooter, such an impression, collects all the available dirt along the way. Then either wash it in the bathroom under the shower, or wait until the adhering problems fall off by themselves

Therefore, if on a bicycle only heavy rain stopped from a trip, then the scooter makes you think about whether to abandon the trip even after a light rain has passed. Although, maybe I’m such a perfectionist to the point of purity.

The manufacturer claims a maximum mileage of 30 km. In ideal conditions (lack of mountains and wind, the weight of the average Chinese) I managed to drive only 24 km. Real conditions will make adjustments to the travel distance from outlet to outlet. For example, a strong headwind of 4-5 m/s will reduce this value by about a third. In winter, at a temperature of.10 and less, the capacity drops by about half.

It is worth noting that even 24 km is enough in most cases. Especially if taken for trips to work, where there is an opportunity to recharge. In order not to constantly carry charging with you, you can buy a second set of chargers.

On Aliexpress, you can buy almost all the necessary spare parts for repairs, there are specialized stores. They sell motors, battery controllers, fenders, tube kits with tires, and more. Speaking of cameras, they will certainly be needed. Reports of cases of damage to the rear camera periodically pop up on the network. This problem has bypassed me. On the manufacturer’s forum they write that this is due to insufficient pressure in the chambers, which causes premature wear with subsequent damage.

There is also a table with recommended tire pressure depending on weight:

Load, kg Front wheel, psi Rear wheel, psi
50-70 35-40 40-50
70-90 40-45 45-55
90-100 45-50 50-60
one hundred 50-55 60-65

Divide by 14.7 to convert PSI to atmospheres.

The Xiaomi scooter is not officially sold anywhere except China. Nevertheless, stores in large cities are already actively offering this model, there is a choice where to get it. An international version is expected to be released by summer. I hope the performance will only improve, and minor flaws will be eliminated. Indeed, in general, Xiaomi turned out to be a very decent model for a low price.

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