How to change the password on a router from the phone

Change the password on Wi-Fi routers TP-Link, ASUS, D-LINK, ZYXEL and Huawei

Wi-Fi router provides devices (smartphones, laptops, computers) connected to it with a local network and Internet. If after installing the router you have not installed a password on your Wi-Fi network, then the network is publicly available and anyone can connect to it in the radius of the network. Thus, your neighbors or employees of neighboring work offices can connect to your network and use it, which will lead to losses in the Internet speed.

If you already have a password, but someone recognized it, then you have no choice but to change the password for a Wi-Fi router to stop the free distribution of your Internet. In this article you will learn how to change the password for all popular Wi-Fi routers.

How to change the password to Wi-Fi yourself

In order for Wi-Fi password to change, you need to get into access control. For a visit, the address line of the web browser or a special utility is used, which goes along with the router on the disk.

The first option belongs to simple and universal methods:

  • The first step is the clarification of the IP address of the adapter. For most devices, it is recorded as or 192.168.One.One. The correct value is spelled out on the label glued to the device.
  • Information for the authorization of the user is located in the same place. This is a login and password. The standard combination is represented by the word “admin”, it is used for most models. When loss of stickers, data can be found in the instructions for the unit or on the official resource of its manufacturer.
  • Transition to the authorization page. After entering the system, it is moved to the administrative panel. To change information in the left menu, you need to click on the wireless mode block and go to its protection.
  • After activation, fields are set up: the version is prescribed “automatically” in the column, in encryption. AES, in the PSK password. An independent cipher in an independent cipher.

The process ends with the preservation of the changes and subsequent reloading of the equipment.

After the correctly executed algorithm, access to the network is possible only when the identifier is introduced. Over time, it will have to be changed, having passed all the above points again.

Step 2. Entrance to Settings

Attention! Some router does not allow entering the settings via Wi-Fi. If everything does not work out at all, there is a small probability that your device belongs to this class.

  • We turn the router again and look for such a sticker (there will be something similar). If you have a modem, you can open the lid, and data with access will be there. If you haven’t found anything, look for your model on our website, you will get to detailed instructions. There are a lot of models of routers. It makes no sense to list everything in this article.

Supplement. Change the password of access points for Android

Separate requests for changing the password on the access point created on Android. This is done in the same place where the point itself is created.

Supplement. Changing the password of the remembered network

Nothing more than an alternative addition. It happens that the phone remembered the access point, and in the end they changed the password on it. As a result. The phone beats with the wrong password of the Nest. Need to change!

  • We go on the phone in “Setting-Wi-Fi”. The list of access points surrounding us opens here, including the one to which we are connected. So we need it. Tap it on it and in the drop.Down menu select “Change the configure. Network “:

How to change the password for Wi-Fi via the phone

Let’s start with the situation when you forgot the network key. In this case, two exits are possible: see the password in the “Networks and total access control center” or roll back the settings to factory.

Since we deal with the change of key through a smartphone, PC parameters are not available to us.

Therefore, first we will “turn out” the router. On the rear panel of the router there is a hidden “Reset” key. Close it with a thin object (needle, clip, ballpoint pen) for 10-15 seconds before the indicators are turned off. Когда диоды замигают и загорятся в стандартном режиме, можно переходить к установке параметров.

In this case, the router will begin to broadcast the “non.Parking” network. Connect to this line in the usual way.

Another situation. You wanted to establish a more reliable protection of the local network. Then you do not need to drop the previous settings, you can immediately go into the admission of the router. A prerequisite is to be connected to this network.

  • Open the Internet browser and write down the IP address of the router. In order not to be mistaken, look at the label in the lower part of the case. There are standard information: login and password for entering, the address of the device.
  • After that, the authorization page will open. Write nicknames and password in the corresponding lines. If you dumped previous installations or used standard information, enter default login and key. If the information has changed and you did not “demolish” the previously established parameters, write down new data.
  • The configuration page opened. In order to consider how to change the password on a Wi-Fi router via Android phone on different models of routers.
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How to change the password on the D-Link router and on the TP-Link router, we said separately. There are nuances, for example, TP-Link is supplied with English-speaking firmware.

But how to change the key on the Byfly router (more in a separate article), we will show the example of the “Promsvyaz M200A” device, since the connection is carried out to this operator through the router of any company:

  • At the top of the window, select the section “Interface Setup”.
  • From there, follow the “Wireless” item.
  • In the field “Pre-Shared Key” update the protective combination.
  • Key length. At least 8 signs, and preferably 12;
  • Combine numbers and letters;
  • Alternate the register;
  • Replace some characters. For example, numbers. Special marks.
change, password, router, phone

So it is impossible to calculate the combination by random selection, which means that your access point will be reliably closed.

How to protect the router from changing parameters

After installing a reliable password on the router, the user does not receive 100% protection against hacking the device. To avoid unauthorized access to Wi-Fi, the owner of the network needs to be able to:

  • Periodically update the router firmware independently;
  • Turn off the WPS function;
  • Block remote router access;
  • Change the set password.

He should also learn to include filtering on the MAC address of the router. You can prohibit connecting a device with a specific address in the settings. If there is no address in the list, then there will be no connection either.

Password requirements

To reliably protect the router from criminal attacks, you need to come up with a new password. To ensure a sufficient level of reliability, it is necessary to use not only numbers, but also letters. Over, in a different register. The length of the key should not be less than 6-8 characters. In this case, the level of protection is much higher. If the characteristics of the selected router allow, then special characters should be additionally used: #. Or ^. This will further increase the degree of protection of the device.

change, password, router, phone

Not only the quantity deserves attention, but also the password. Simple memorable options should be immediately abandoned. A standard sequence like “123456” can be easily hacked by attackers. You should also not use the dates significant for the family, nicknames of pets, as well as any other combinations that are easy to determine by receiving minimal information about the family.

Password change for the ZYXEL model

In conclusion, let’s look at how the password for entering the settings on the zyxel router. The first action, as elsewhere, you need to go into the settings. On the main page below will be the System tab. Go to it and at the top find the user item, in the general list, click on admin. After that, a window will appear that will change the password value. After new data is entered, click on the button to save.

After that, the data will be saved, and the new key can be used.

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Internet setting

After the entrance, the main page of the router menu appears. First of all, it is required to establish an Internet connection.

To do this, the “Network” or “Network” line is pressed in the left column depending on the language of the integration.

In the list that opens, the line “wan” is selected.

How to change your linksys password on your phone

In the opening window, you need to specify the type of connection used by the provider. It must be registered in the contract for the provision of the service. For example, the PPPOE connection is used.Ru and Rostelecom, and L2TP. Beeline.


Very often, providers use a DHCP server (dynamic connection) in which the IP address change after a certain period of time. If the service provider indicates a fixed IP address, mask, DNS server, then a static IP address is pressed on the list, the data is saved by pressing the lower panel “Save”.

When opening the PPPOE settings window, you need to specify the user name and the password prescribed in the contract. Next, click on the lower panel “connect” and even lower. “save”. Similarly, the name and password for other types of connections (PPTP, L2TP) are indicated.

After setting up the WAN network, the Internet should appear in the smartphone. The presence of a connection is quickly checked by the opening of a mailbox or social networks.

Roter Administration

To enter the router settings, open the browser, in the address bar, write the address of the administrator panel. As a rule, this is, 192.168.One.1, 192.168.Ten.1 (mainly for Upvel routers), 192.168.Eight.1 (Huawei) or 192.168.100.One. For TP-Link routers, you can use not IP, but URL address TPLINKWIFI.Net and http: // tplinkwifi.Net. The address is indicated in the guide to the router and on the sticker on the back). If you turn on the router for the first time, then you will find a login with a password to enter the administration page. Do not despair, if the instructions were thrown away, the sticker was erased, and this page on the Internet is the last one that the phone connected to Wi-Fi was staged.

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Search for the address for entering the router through the command line

Find out the address using the command line in Windows. At the same time, press the Winr keys, type CMD in the window opened, click Enter. The command line window opens, print the ipconfig and click Enter. In the Ethernet section Last IP (main gateway). Access to the router settings. In the picture, this is the address 192.168.0.One

If the login and | or the password has already been changed, then enter a new pair of “login”. “password” for access. If the new login and password are forgotten, return to the factory settings of the router, press and hold the Reset button. Remember, the settings for connecting to the Internet will also be dropped, enter the settings again after changing the security key, first write down!

Some routers are supplied with the program for working with equipment. In this case, it is better to use the program than an integration in a browser.

The process of changing access to the Wi-Fi network is monotonous in models and manufacturers, let’s look at the particular frequent devices. Remember, passwords of two.Band routers with a working frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are configured separately. Repeat the process for each Wi-Fi range.

Change Wi-Fi Password on D-Link router

After authorization (the process is indicated in the previous paragraph) in the browser at using the current login and password. Go to the “Wi-Fi” menu item-“safety settings”. The integer differs depending on the firmware used by the router.

How to change the Wi-Fi network password in this window? In the line “Network Authentification” select WPA2-PSK. Enter the password in the field of the PSK encryption key. Save password change.

How to change the Wi-Fi password TP-Link router

The difference between authorization and D-Link routers in the address, use not only, but also 192.168.One.1, tplinkwifi.Net. By default, the pair “Login”. “Password”: “admin”. “admin” (without quotes). The window intenses also differs depending on the firmware of the router, go along the “wireless network safety. WPA/WPA2. Personal (Recommoded)” path. Indicate the new password in the PSK Password field. Save the changes. If the modem asks for a reboot, agree. After rebooting, the password will enter into force.


Type in the browser address 192.168.One.1, log in using the current pair of login. Password. If the password has not changed, look at the “login”. “password” on the sticker on the back of the router and in the instructions for use. Having entered the settings, go to the Network menu. In the Wireless Lan tab, select WPA-PSK, install a new password in the Security Mode, Pre-Shared Key field.


In the browser, go to the address 192.168.One.1, log in, indicating the current login and password (by default admin. Admin). Go to the Basic tab, the Wireless Lan menu item. Indicate the name of the wireless network in the SSID field. Select the type of authentication and encryption, enter a new meaning. Save the changes.

Other routers, for example: Netgear, Belkin, Linksys, Trendnet, Apple Airport, describe separately, the mechanism is similar. Providers also use their own firmware, such as Rostelecom, Interzet (house.RU). The setting mechanism does not differ.

If you forgot the password

We examined the options for changing the standard password on a router through a web-intese. However, it may happen that you changed the password, but forgot to record it. And now don’t remember how to enter the settings. The situation is not easy, but fixable. Now consider what to do if you forgot the password and login from the router settings. There are several ways to restore access to the device.

View password in a browser

If you have already entered the web-integer from your computer, the password can be saved in the browser. Unless, of course, you have this option.

To find out the username and password from your router through the computer if they are forgotten, run the browser through which the entrance was previously executed. Enter the speed of the router. If the password has been saved, you can enter the web-intake. After that you can change it.

You can also see the password and user name among the saved passwords in the browser.

For example, in order to view passwords in the Google Chrome browser, you need to click on three points in the upper right corner. In the drop.Down list, select the settings. Scroll them down and press on “additional”. Scrolling down, see the point “Password and forms”. There we select password settings.

To view the password, press the icon in the form of the eye. Enter the login and password of the Windows user. After that, you can view previously saved passwords in the browser. Here we will see that for the site this is the IP address of the router, the Admin password was saved for the Admin user.

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Hardware reset

The most reliable and universal way to restore access to the router is to reset the settings to factory. This option will always work. Even if you got a former use router, which before that is tuned, but its parameters are unknown to you. At the same time, the Internet does not work on the router and it is not possible to enter the web-intese.

All routers have a discharge button. It is called reset and is located on the back of the device. There may be options, but most often it happens that way. It may look like an ordinary button or like a hole in the case. In the latter case, it should be pressed with the help of some thin object, for example, the end of the straightened paper.

To reset the settings to the factory, you need to clamp the Reset button and hold it for 10 seconds or longer. Router indicators must go out or blink. The device will be rebooted, after which you can enter the web-integer using the default settings. They, as already noted above, are indicated on the label of the router.

It should be borne in mind that the hardware reset will return to the factory all the settings of your device. That is, access to the Internet, a wireless network and other parameters will have to be adjusted again.

Password restoration utilities

What to do if you have a difficult configuration of a network with many parameters and restore factory settings is extremely undesirable? Then there is another way out. Use the utilities to restore access to the router. We note right away that this method requires at least part of the information necessary to access the web-intese or the saved configuration file. Unfortunately, it is not universal and does not always help to solve the problem.

Router Password Kracker

This small program will restore access to the device web-intese without resetting to factory settings. It is designed to select passwords for the HTTP protocol, that is, including for the problem being solved here. The principle of its work is the selection of a password using a dictionary. However, you need to know the login and connect to the router by cable or via wi-fi. It is also advisable to recall at least part of the password, otherwise the selection can drag on for a very long time.

The program does not require difficult setting. In the main window, you need to specify the IP address of your router, login and the path to the dictionary file. Next, press the Start button and wait for the result.

The program is portable, packaged in one file and does not require installation on the computer.

The dictionary for selecting passwords is already included in the program, but it can be supplemented or downloaded by additional dictionaries on the Internet.

In this way, you can restore the forgotten password from your router without changing the configuration of equipment and without the need to re.Set up the network.


The selection of password is a long process and may not be crowned with success if you used a very difficult password, which is not a teeth to hack the hacking utility for hacking.

Most routers have the opportunity to save their settings to the file on your computer. This menu item can be called differently. For example, in the D-Link routers you need to select the “System”-“configuration” menu item and click the “Save” button, and then specify where on your computer you should save the settings file. On models of other manufacturers, menu items may differ, but the principle is the same.

Not everyone uses this option, but it is recommended to do this. Especially if the settings of your network have many parameters, the restoration of which can manually take a lot of time. In the event of a failure, you can restore all settings in several clicks. Also, if you have a saved configuration file, you can use it to restore the forgotten password from the router.

Passwords in the file are stored in encrypted form, so you just can’t see them. We need a special utility. It is called RouterPassView.

The program is free, it can be downloaded from the developer website. It does not support all models of routers, so before use, check if your device is in the list. If it is not there, you can try to restore the password using this utility, but the probability of success is greatly reduced.

The work of the program is simple. Launch the program, click the “Open File” icon and indicate through the “review” the configuration file of your router. Or just drag him with the mouse at the program window. The utility analyzes its contents and is looking for all logins and passwords. The result is displayed on the screen. The guarantee of the result is not one hundred percent, but the likelihood that the desired password will be found is quite large.

This method of password restoring will also help you avoid hardware reset and set up a router from scratch.

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