How to change the keyboard on your Samsung

How to change the keyboard on your Android Samsung. keyboard replacement on your phone

Modern technology allows you to create a powerful gadgets not only for communication, but also for work. Many users use their phone not only for talking, but also for correspondence or searching information. To be able to use the gadget comfortably, it must have a convenient layout and keyboard.

Every smartphone owner tries to transform his gadget to the maximum, to make it as convenient and multifunctional for him. The same with the keyboard, each user will be comfortable with a different layout and type of virtual keyboard. Here is the question of how to change the layout on the Android operating system?

How do I resize my Samsung keyboard?

Personally, I don’t like the standard keyboard size much. I think it is too big. If it was a little smaller. another conversation. It’s cool that Samsung took care of its users and added this feature.

To resize the keyboard on your Samsung, you need to:

  • Go to Settings on your smartphone.
  • Next, go to General Settings, Samsung Keyboard Settings.
  • After that go to Style and Layout.
  • Then select Size and layout.
  • With the help of sliders set the size you want and click Finish.

Resize the keyboard to your preference.

Try to play around with the size and find the right size. I think you should not make a big keyboard, because the keyboard will stretch to half of the display, but a smaller size will be just fine!

You can also access the Keyboard Settings from any app. You simply open the application where you can enter text and click on the icon with a gear. It is either at the bottom of the display next to the space bar or directly above the keyboard.

How to change the keyboard on the Samsung

Despite the fact that the list of preinstalled applications on any Android-smartphone always includes a keyboard, sometimes you want something more familiar and comfortable than the standard application. For example, the Samsung Keyboard is installed “Samsung Keyboard”, although it is far from perfect and the developers still have work to do in terms of convenience and necessary features. How to change the keyboard on the Samsung by installing a more comfortable application to work?

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As an example, let’s take the GBoard keyboard (developed by Google), because it’s absolutely free, supports skins and is much more convenient than its Samsung analogue.

First of all you should go to Google Play and install the GBoard application.

Once installed, run it and click on the “Enable in settings” button.

This will open the ‘Manage keyboards’ window, where you have to activate the radio button next to the keyboard name (GBoard in our case) and confirm your intention by clicking on ‘OK’ when asked if the keyboard can collect data about the text you have typed.

Next, press the “Select Input Method” button and switch to the desired keyboard.

And finally, the third step. permissions. Press the “Set permissions” button and select the “Allow” item. The GBoard app requires access to your contacts to speed up their spelling (it pulls the names of your contacts into its local dictionary and tells you how to spell them when you type).

After the permissions are granted, click on the “Done” button and you can use the keyboard.

How to change the keyboard on Samsung, if it is already installed in the phone?

If the keyboard is already installed in the system or does not have its own setup wizard, you can activate it manually through the system settings.

To do this, go to the settings and in the category “General settings” select the “Language and input.

Tap “Default keyboard” and select one of the keyboards installed on your phone.

How to add a language on the Samsung keyboard?

On the open keyboard, press the button to change the modes (located to the left of the words) and among the displayed icons press the image of a gear wheel, thus invoking the keyboard settings menu.

In the “Languages and types” section press the “Input languages management” button and choose the language you need (for instance Ukrainian).

After that, when changing languages, the selected keyboard layout will also be among the list of available.

It should be noted that for other keyboards (eg, Gboard or SwiftKey) way to change the language and add new ones may be different.

How to change the keyboard color on Android?

As you probably know, there are a lot of different types of keyboards for Android smartphones and tablets, which you can find on Google Play. Some of them allow you to change the color of your keyboard, such as the Google Keyboard. We will use it to demonstrate a color change, as it is the most popular keyboard and is the default installed on many devices.

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Open any application where you want to enter text. This can be a browser. Invoke the keyboard. Tap the arrow on the screenshot and hold it down until the little menu or the gear icon appears.

Click on it, and then you will see this kind of menu, where you have to select the item “Google Keyboard Settings”.

Choose a theme you like (there are many) and tap on it. Note that you can upload your own image (“My Image”), which will be reflected on the keyboard.

By the way, by default the keys have no boundaries, but you can set them if you move the slider on the screenshot below to the ON position.

These instructions work for the latest versions of the Google keyboard. If you have a version with no “Themes” section, you must update the Google Keyboard app using Google Play, and the section will appear.

How to change the default keyboard on Android

But downloading a third-party keyboard is not enough. You must also install it as a system keyboard. You can do this in the settings:

First, you will have to set the new keyboard as the default one

Now, when you invoke the keyboard, Gboard will appear on the screen. In this case, the keyboard that was installed by default will be disabled. If you want, you can remove it altogether or “Stop” it in the settings so it doesn’t pop up with offers to bring it back.

How to switch the language on the Samsung keyboard?

Samsung smartphones use their own keyboard. It’s pretty handy, but some users don’t know how to change the keyboard language: for example, you write in Russian, need to add a word in English and And stupor. It’s really quite simple.

Use as an example an application where you need the keyboard. In this case, it’s the browser. Note the space bar. you can see two arrows clearly.

They indicate that you have to press this key from right to left or from left to right. and then the keyboard language will be changed. Swipe and the language is switched (indicated by a space).

In case you need to change the language from, say, English to any other language, click on the “Settings” button.

Specify the languages you want. For example, we use two languages, Russian and English.

Turn off English and turn on French instead.

French is used instead of English.

This way you can change the languages to any other language the system supports. You can even use more than two languages, in which case switching will be alternated, for example: Russian, English, French.

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How to change the keyboard on your Android smartphone or tablet?

Not all users are satisfied with the standard keyboard installed on their tablet or smartphone. Do not worry, you can always change it, thanks to Google Play selection of keyboards. to any taste. In this article, we will tell you how to replace the standard keyboard with a different one.

We won’t show you how to download a keyboard from Google Play, because you probably know how to do it. And if you don’t know, here are detailed instructions.

So, you’ve chosen your keyboard and downloaded it from Play Market. It was automatically installed, now you need to activate it. You can do it in different ways. First, a method that works 100%.

Here we find the section “Language and input”. Sometimes it is called “Language”, the essence does not change.

Looking for “Keyboards and Input Method”, as in our case, or something like “Current Keyboard”. Press “Default”.

See the list of available keyboards. In our case, the default Samsung keyboard is used, so we change it to the Google keyboard and, respectively, put a checkmark next to this item.

Launch any application that requires data entry and see that the Google keyboard of our choice is used.

The second way which, unfortunately, does not work on all keyboards. Tap the settings icon and hold it until the menu appears.

You can change the keyboard using this menu.

Once again the second method of input method change is not supported by all the keyboards, so we recommend using the first method to be sure.

An example is shown on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with TouchWiz firmware. In your case different firmware can be used, but it does not change the process.

Pointer speed

When using a mouse, joystick with phone/tablet you can change the pointer speed. just like on PC.

To summarize. We broke down all the input language settings, how to install and customize your keyboard; how to work with a virtual keyboard and how to connect an external one to your smartphone/tablet; how to convert text to speech and change the pointer speed if you use a mouse or joystick.

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