How To Change The Font On Huawei

How to change the font on Android and why it needs to be changed? Android-based devices give users the ability to change the appearance of the screen for the convenience of prolonged long-term use. Let’s look at ways to change the style and size of text on Android phones.

Change the font on Android. what is it for

Mobile devices in general are source of increased risk to human eye health. An uncomfortable font for your eyes complicates the work with the device and makes your eyes tired. Someone simply does not like the standard type of text, they want to replace it solely for aesthetic pleasure. Consider instructions for changing the display of text on Android devices.

How to change the font on your phone. step by step

How to change the font on the phone using the settings:

  1. Go to the screen settings, select the “Fonts” menu and turn on what you like.
  2. On phones of some manufacturers in the font settings you may need to pay for your favorite option.

If the device does not imply the ability to change the font through the settings, you can download one of many applications like HiFont. Most often, such programs already contain large font sets, and they also allow you to find and download new ones on the network. After installing the desired font, the program can be “demolished”, a new type of text will remain. If you need to replace it, download HiFont or its analogue again.

How To Change The Font On Huawei

How to change the font on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

On Xiomi there is a Themes application, log into it and type “moby” in the search. We are interested in the first search result. Next, click on the “see all” button and select and download a new font for your phone. After rebooting the device, you will see an updated text display.

Change the font on your Huawei phone

The design of the text on the Huawei changes in the settings. The result is a phone with a large font, standard or reduced. If you want to change not only the size of the letters, you will need to install the application to replace the font. Phones from the manufacturer of Huawei support the FontFix program, if the gadget has an Android version no older than 4.1. FontFix contains a menu of 4 thousand fonts, which, unfortunately, are not sorted by input language. To find a convenient Cyrillic font, you will have to work hard.

How to change the font color on the Android desktop

The HiFont application described above has sorting fonts by color, however, when you install a theme, the color of any text in your phone will change.

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But the well-known program Beautiful Icon Styler does not know how to change the font on an android phone, but it can help transform desktop icons. The application contains a catalog of paid and free icon sets, with multi-colored inscriptions, different design icons. Please note that the application will allow changing the desktop design for free 3 times, then you will have to pay for the use of the program.

How to change the font style

Many models of phones on the Android platform from the manufacturers Samsung and LG have the function of changing the font style. To modify the text on the phone, special applications are required. open the menu in the following order:

Some fonts will already be saved in the memory of your phone, and additional ones can be downloaded for free.