How To Change The Font On A Huawei Tablet

Especially advanced Treshbox readers may say that they can easily change the font on their smartphones or tablets without resorting to any outside manipulations. And they will be right. The proprietary shells of some manufacturers of Android devices allow you to make changes to fonts through the settings of the system itself. For example, HTC, Samsung and LG offer this feature and have the appropriate option in the settings of their shell. over, you can not only select the font from the existing set, but also download any other from the Internet.

If you are not so lucky as the owners of smartphones from Samsung and LG, you have stock Android or your shell does not support changing fonts, you can use one of the methods described in this article.

Attention! You take further actions at your own risk. The author is not responsible for the “bricking” of your devices.

How to change the font using the launcher

As for Nova Launcher, in this shell, the ability to change the font, unfortunately, is missing.

It is worth noting that launchers are able to change fonts within their shell, while some interface elements remain unchanged, for example, the font of the system settings window, notification bar, or any other service information. If you need deeper system changes, then you can not do without special applications.

How to change the font using applications

One of the key benefits of iFont is the ability to select a font by language with preview and comparison. There are relatively few fonts in the application itself, but you can upload your fonts here. A selection of Cyrillic letters is not bad. There are several beautiful handwritten fonts and even one of the Old Slavonic type.

iFont easily copes not only with system files, but also with individual applications, allowing you to set custom fonts for them, change styles and colors for each individual.

Like the previous application, FontFix supports two methods for installing fonts. using ROOT access (for most devices) and on smartphones whose shells have FlipFont, which allows you to change the font without ROOT rights (Samsung, HTC).

How To Change The Font On A Huawei Tablet

In general, the main and perhaps the only advantage of FontFix is ​​the number of fonts available for download. Otherwise, this application is slightly inferior in functionality to iFont.

How to change system fonts on Android manually

This method is suitable for enthusiasts who are not afraid to experiment with their device. A prerequisite for performing this operation is the availability of ROOT rights in order to be able to modify system files on Android. Actually changing the font manually is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to understand what changes you are making and clearly follow the instructions.