How to change the flavor of the piano to iOS

How to create 2 account in Clash Royale on iPhone?

In order to create a second account, we go into the settings, then click on the “connected” button, thereby disconnecting from the current account. Then we click again to create another account. If you have an empty account that is not connected to Clash Royale, then we go into it.

  • Take your main smartphone (which you play);
  • Run the game, go to the “Settings”. “Connect the device” (the blue button in the right column, at the very top);
  • Select “This is a new device”
  • Now grab the second phone (or an emulator on PC), on which you have never played;

How to get out of the Clash Royale account?

Press the settings in the lower part of the pop.Up menu. In the settings menu, click on the button connected (with a box). On the next screen, click on the “Settings” parameter, and then click on the “Exit” button.

The only way to move the account between devices operating under the same OS. It is to enter the system using the same GC account. After that, you can get out of the account, but this is the only way to do this. You can go to the settings, transfer the account. He will ask you if you are using an old device or a new device.

Transfer of Clash Royale accounts with Android to Android

To postpone the Clash Royale account from the Android A device, the Operating system of the green robot is equipped with another device, you can use the Google Games Supply SuperCell IDs as a service.

Running 2 Keyboards Using Only My iPhone!!

In the first case, all you need to do is access to the Clash Royale settings and tie your game with the Google account, which is used on your device. To do this, start the Clash Royale, click ☰ and click on the configuration subject.

Now click the button autonomously related to the option access to Google Play and on the screen select your Google account, or touch the element use another account use another Google account. Then enter the necessary data to the email address or phone number ES password, Venga button and that’s all.

To transfer your Clash Royale account to another Android device, all you need to do is use the same Google account on a new device with which you synchronized your game progress. Then go to the Android configuration, by pressing the gear icon, present on the main screen of the second device, select the element count the option to add an account and tap the Google item Bind your Google account.

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However, if on your mobile phone or tablet you want to use another Google account, but at the same time do not want to lose the progress of Clash Royale, run the game application, press the SUL button and select the configuration parameter in the menu offered to you, then select the connected item is visible Under the option of access to Google Play, get out of the Google current account and touch the parameters autonomously ES use another account.

On the new screen that appears, enter the data of the Google account of interest to you in the field. Email address or phone number ES passwords Venga button and that’s all.

As an alternative, you can postpone your Clash Royale account by also creating Supercell ID, as I indicated in paragraphs devoted to the procedure for transferring an account from Android to iOS.

Why can’t I enter Clash Royale?

Try to clean your google cache by going into the Service Dispatch Services Services Google Play Clean Kesh Go to the Google Settings “Connected Applications”, then turn off the Clash Royale. In Clash Royale, try to press the red button “Disable” twice.

Pure Piano By e-instruments. The iOS Grand Piano

  • Select Clash of Clans as a game that you like;
  • Select the desired language;
  • In the “Category” section, select “Other”;
  • Enter your player tag, which can be found in your game profile;
  • Fill in your email address and make sure that this is the address that you regularly check;

How to change an account in Clash Royale

After this process is completed, we can change the account in Clash Royale is very simple, we just need to do the following:

  • To change the account in Clash Royale, we will have to go out and restart the game.
  • As soon as we do this, we will try to enter with Supercell ID and then we will choose an option to enter with another identifier.
  • And voila, in this way we can change the account in Clash Royale.

How to reset progress in Clash Royale on iOS?

On the second tube (or using an emulating software for PC) we install a video game, go on “Settings” and “Connect”, pumping it on “this is an old device”. Get a code for entering. Ready, the progression of rewind.

  • Go to the settings on your device, then choose the main section and already in it choose the item “Reset”
  • After reset, restart your device and re.Connect it to the Internet.

Victory tactics

Do not enter the battle until the elixir strip becomes complete. It is better to wait out than then to be left without resources and means for fighting. However, if you see that your opponent is waiting for the scale to fill the scale, you can make the first move and attack. In this case, you will get a small, but the advantage. By the way, start the attack better with those units that spend less than the elixir, so you can look at the enemy’s actions, but at the same time save the expensive and powerful forces of your troops to let them into the battle a little later.

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There are also so.Called dangerous combinations that are a mix of powerful units, which is able to practically destroy the enemy. For example, you put a giant in a distance from the enemy, and approximately also place a witch and a musketeer. They begin to save the elixir and eventually become incredibly strong.Do not forget that you need to create successful combinations for a better attack. For example, a giant and a skeleton army will work well, exactly like a knight with a dragon baby. And remember that you can not use air units to attack, since you will only spend the elixir in vain, but you will not apply damage.

Try to destroy the enemy’s defensive towers! When you do this, you can drop your units on the enemy field and you will have the opportunity to destroy the main tower.Do not fill the elixir strip as much as possible, since in this case he will stop acting, but it is also impossible to spend it thoughtlessly, since it is too valuable! Always leave a small amount of it so that in case of everything you strike.The diligent provisions are also fixable! Remember this and never give up just like that. Even if only the main tower remains at your disposal, try to have a couple of cards in stock for building buildings. Thus, while the enemy beats brand new buildings, your main tower will begin an immediate attack on the enemy, and you can dig an elixir to call for help in the form of units.

Very soon you will be waiting for guides that will help to make the most useful decks for the game!

How to download the game?

Initially, the application was available only to users of smartphones, that is, it was possible to download it only in Play Market and Apple Store. Today, the game can be installed on the computer. After installation, the system is automatically associated with a mobile phone identifier (Google or Touch ID). In addition, all links for downloading the game can be found on the official website. Https: // clashroyale.Com/. They are located in the lower right corner, at the very bottom of the starting page.


In order to create an account, of course, you must first download this application first. You can do this using the Android market, by introducing the name of the game in the field for search.

After installation, it is necessary to go into it, and, as described above, the system will automatically request a communication permit with the ID phone, so it will already push the new player to identify.

After it loads, the dialog box pops up, which offers the user to create a pseudonym in order to:

  • The entrance was automatically executed;
  • The result could be displayed in the ranking under the pseudonym of the user;
  • In order for the player to save his experience and track his achievements.
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As soon as the player presses the “Next” button, he is invited to come up with a name, you can turn on or disable the following parameters there:

  • Automatic entrance to supported mini-games;
  • The search for the pseudonym at the email address (the email address is transmitted by the Google account automatically);
  • All users can observe the actions of this player.

After setting up all the parameters, click on the “Create” button.

Now the user can start the settings: set up music and other sounds, choose the language of the intense and voice acting, tie it to social networks or enter Google Play, change the name.

Now that all the settings were adjusted, android owners can enjoy the game and battles.

Installing the game and creating a profile on devices with the iOS operating system slightly different from Android. Naturally, the owner of the iPhone will not find Play Market in his gadget, but it can use the App Store and enter the name of the game in the search.

The rest of the creation procedure is no different from the above. After installing and loading the game, the user will also be invited to choose a game name and configure the display of his name for other users. After that, the player can also edit the settings and tie the game profile to the account on the social network

On the computer

To run the game on PC, you need to go to the official website. Bluestacks.Com and click on the “download” key. We load and install the game. After that, the computer will also demand to enter Google. After that, the profile is created in the same way as on a mobile device with the Android operating system.


How to transfer the Clash Royale account with Android to iOS?

Moving information about game achievements between devices operating on different platforms is as follows:

  • Run the application and go to the settings menu.
  • Select the item “This is the old device”.
  • Tap on the key “Binding to another device”.
  • Next, you need to repeat the steps 5-7 of the previous instruction.

An important point when transferring data is a short validity period of the secret code, therefore, starting the procedure, it is necessary to prepare two devices in advance. You should also make sure that there is a stable Internet connection.

The presented article allows you to figure out how to transfer the Flash Roal account from the Android to the iPhone, as well as between smartphones running on the same OS. The process is carried out in a matter of minutes and will not require special skills. Once upon a time performing the profile, you can not worry about the synchronization of game achievements.

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