How To Change The Dial On Huawei Watch Gt

The dials for Honor Band 6/5/4/3 are of several types, so if you do not like the design of one, it is possible to install another. Everything happens remotely with the connection of the tracker to a smartphone or tablet Huawei. It doesn’t matter what version of Android you have or the EMUI shell. The algorithm is standard everywhere, and we have prepared step-by-step instructions for changing this parameter.

Important points

To begin with, consider several important points, the observance of which will help to achieve a result.

  1. To control your fitness tracker, download the dedicated Huawei Health app to your phone. It is through him that all the presets on the smart gadget are installed. Soft Huawei Health is in the Play Store and on the official website of the company. It is better to use only these sources, since others are unreliable and there is the possibility of harming the components of the device’s operating system.
  2. After downloading and installation, the configuration is in progress. In order for the bracelet to always keep in touch with the smartphone, you need to activate Bluetooth. This is the channel through which communication occurs, so bluetooth can not be turned off later.
  3. After establishing a contact, registering and logging in, separately download the dials on the Honor Band.
  4. The setup will go through Huawei Health, so no internet or mobile traffic is needed.
  5. Make sure the latest version of the application. Because older or non-updated versions do not support dial settings.

Where to download the dials for Honor Band 6/5/4/3

They are directly in the Huawei Health software in the corresponding section. There are about 50 of them, but they are all diverse and vibrant, so everyone will find something for themselves. Developers are constantly updating and improving the current list, so after waiting a bit, you will receive interesting new offers. So far, among the most popular are:

How To Change The Dial On Huawei Watch Gt
  • shadow in dark amber tones depicting a black swan;
  • simple. minimalism, a stylized clock and a status bar;
  • love piggy and love pid. cute pink pigs boy and girl, which will become a glamorous addition to the image;
  • evening. a pink hare in a yellow suit is presented in this topic as a bright element of modern creativity, also on the display in the same bright colors placed standard symbols from the status bar;
  • woven, tunnel, rings. tracker display themes for fans of geometry and vibrant modern shades;
  • pop. a standard watch dial and status bar, decorated in the style of the 80s;
  • pixels. elements of this design are created pointwise, but even small elements are displayed quite clearly and clearly;
  • jewels. display design that will suit lovers and lovers of bright diamonds and rhinestones;
  • spunk. wavy cartoon clock in different colors with arrows.

How to add new dials on Honor Band 6/5/4/3

The algorithm for setting the dial on the Honor Band 6/5/4/3 is simple:

  • go to the software Huawei Hels;
  • go to settings;
  • go to the “Dials” section;
  • choose from the proposed stylized options suitable;
  • below click on the inscription “Install”.

How to change the dial on Honor Band 6/5/4/3

To change the design, you use the same algorithm, just choose a different theme. It automatically changes, and is displayed instead of the one that was before.


All adjustments to the Honor Band work only through a special application. Here, in the settings section, in addition to changing the display design, the following options are available:

  • notification settings;
  • reading information;
  • display messages and status bar;
  • monitoring of life processes, etc.

Through the bracelet

There is a possibility of changing the design of the dial through the bracelet, and such an algorithm will be effective:

  • tap anywhere on the display;
  • hold for a couple of seconds;
  • in the settings, select “”;
  • find the dials there;
  • Choose a suitable topic;
  • click on “Update”.


To completely remove the additional design of the display on the tracker, go to the application settings, go to the “I” tab, select an existing theme, right-click on the “Delete” command. It remains only to confirm the action.

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