How to Change Screen Resolution on Android

The screen resolution is set by the device manufacturer. This parameter is determined based on the size of the device and pricing policy. Often, users do not have the permission that is pre-installed by the manufacturer. This problem mainly affects gadgets with a small screen size.

Due to the low resolution of the screen, the user is faced with a number of problems. For example, not every can be watched on such a device, many photos of good quality may not open, and some sites in the browser will not display correctly.

Faced with these difficulties, the user involuntarily asks the question: how to change the screen resolution on an android device? It should be noted immediately that it is impossible to change the standard functions of the smartphone. To do this, you will need superuser rights and a number of third-party programs.

Despite all the difficulties, some users do not want to put up with huge icons on the screen and other inconveniences that low resolution creates. If everything suits you, then it is better not to carry out the described actions, since they require certain skills and experience.

Display resolution is a certain number of pixels located on one unit of area. The more of these pixels, the sharper the image on the screen will be.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Android

In order to change the screen resolution to android, you need to find out what resolution is by default. You can find out this information in several ways:

  • see the instruction manual;
  • go to the official website of the manufacturer and see the description of the model;
  • in some devices, information about the display resolution can be viewed through the main menu by clicking on the “About phone” tab;
  • take a screenshot of the screen and see the properties of the resulting screenshot (how to take a screenshot, read in our article).

Screenshot is done by pressing the volume button and the power key. After that, the picture is automatically saved in the gallery. On some firmware there is a special key with which you can take a screenshot. In any case, the result will be similar.

After the current screen resolution has become known, you can proceed to install the necessary programs.

LCD Density Modder Pro

This is one of the most popular programs that allows you to change the screen resolution on android. Before using it, you must obtain superuser privileges (root), otherwise nothing will work.

Before you begin to obtain rights and increase permission, it is worth taking care of the safety of data and making a backup copy. If you neglect the backup, you can not only lose all your data, but also disable the gadget itself, without the possibility of recovery.

Utility LCD Density Modder Pro has an intuitive interface. The only difficulty is that the application is not Russified. Given that the bulk of the population is more or less fluent in English, there should not be any difficulties.

Photo: LCD Density Modder Pro

Adjusting resolution with this application is very easy. The main thing is not to set limit values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the device may not technically pull. The main advantages of the application include very low system requirements and the ability to undo changes at any time.

Change permission without third-party programs

The display resolution can be changed without using third-party programs, but without root-rights it is impossible to do. If you have already received superuser rights, then only the file manager will be needed to change it. You can find many such managers on the Internet (read the review of file managers on our website) and each of them will perfectly cope with the task.

The following actions must be performed:

  • download file manager;
  • among all the device files, we find the System folder;
  • open the build.prop file;
  • in the line ro.sf.lcd_density we change the numbers, which are the screen resolution.

After adjusting the values, all changes must be saved. After that, restart the device. Do not significantly change the initial values. This may cause the display to malfunction. That is why it is important to find a middle ground.

Second Screen (Download)

Another application that will help expand the boundaries of the screen is Second Screen. The principle of operation for such applications is identical. First you need to acquire superuser rights, and after that, using the application, the settings in the system files are changed. The application can be installed absolutely free. over, it has a fairly powerful functionality and a number of additional functions. Among the shortcomings is the lack of the Russian language.

Photo: Second Screen

Many devices that run on the Android system have a very low screen resolution, which does not allow to fully use all the features of the gadget. This situation can be fixed with the help of special software and file managers. The whole procedure takes a little time. The main thing is to choose the optimal display resolution that this or that model can support. The only difficulty in this process is getting root rights.

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