How to Change Screen Color On Phone

Most of the options used to customize the appearance of Windows 10 Mobile are in the panel Options → Personalization. In this panel, you can configure the start screen (Start), lock screen, color theme and sounds. Some other system settings, one way or another related to personalization, are available in other sections, we’ll talk about them separately.

You can choose a suitable background image for the initial screen or an application that will replace it automatically in the “Start” section. Wallpaper can be placed behind tiles. “Full Screen Image” or inside tiles. “Image Tiles”, in the first case the user is allowed to change the transparency of the tiles in the range from 100%. Of course, you can refuse the background image altogether, returning to the classic style of the initial screen design, as in Windows Phone 8.

Using the option “Show more tiles”, you can increase the number of columns of tiles that simultaneously fit on the screen from two to three or from three to four, if the scale of the screen changes (we will talk about this below). For convenience, all changes are immediately shown on the thumbnail of the home screen at the top of the panel.

In the “Color” section, the user is invited to adjust the colors of the interface: choose one of two supported basic colors. dark or light, as well as a suitable color theme (accent colors). In the latter case, one of almost fifty colors is offered to choose from.

To select a ringtone (ringtone), enable or disable vibration, sounds of keystrokes, lock and unlock, camera shutter, as well as system alerts, use the section with the saying “Sounds”. For a ringtone, you can use tunes prepared by Microsoft developers, the device manufacturer, or your own compositions. Touch symbol In the list of available ringtones, playback of the selected melody starts.

To add your own ringtones to this list, connect the smartphone to the computer via USB and copy the files of the songs you need to the folder Ringtones on a smartphone. This can be done directly on the smartphone, using the Explorer application, if the ringtone is already stored on the built-in drive or memory card. Finally, the appropriate applications available in the Windows Store will help you choose, download and prepare a ringtone.

How to Change Screen Color On Phone

It’s not hard to guess that in the “Lock screen” section you can change the background and configure the display of notifications on the smartphone’s lock screen. Just as in the case with the initial screen, the wallpaper for the lock screen can be manually selected or supplied by applications (there is no possibility to turn off the background image here). “Option” turning off the screen after sets the time until the screen turns off: from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, and also allows you to refuse automatic shutdown at all.

For one of the applications used by the user, detailed notifications (status information) can be displayed on the screen, for five more. brief. It is up to the user to decide which applications will report their activity on the lock screen, but their developers should also provide for the corresponding opportunity.

You can change the screen brightness, enable or disable automatic brightness control, rotation lock, and also change the screen zoom in the panel Personalization → System → Screen. In manual mode, there are three levels of screen brightness: low, medium, high

To zoom in or out, use the slider “Size of text, applications, and items on this display”. If you reduce the scaling, you can achieve the display of four columns of tiles on the initial screen, increase the number of shortcuts that fit on one screen in the “All Applications” menu or the “Options” panel, for example. In addition, on some devices with large screens, zooming out activates the “tablet” mode of operation of system applications.

App notification sounds

If a ringtone is selected in the panel Options → Personalization → Sounds, then notification sounds for applications are configured in another section Settings → System → Notifications and actions → Show notifications for these applications. To change the sound, you just need to select the application from the list, and then the appropriate melody from the “Sound of notification” list. You can also use your own ringtones for notifications.

Some smartphone makers complement system personalization tools with their own. For example, Lumia owners can use the screensaver for the locked screen (Glance Screen), adjust the color profile of the display or sound using the equalizer. Their range and the set of available functions may differ from model to model, so in this article we did not know about them consciously.