How to Change Password on Iphone 6

Sometimes a situation arises when you have to change the password for your Apple ID account. Owners of iPhones either forget the coveted code, or consider the old one unreliable and want to come up with a new one in order to ensure security. There are many ways to change the password on iPhone, some of which will be discussed in detail in this article.

Why do I need an Apple ID?

An account is assigned by registration and activation in the system. Apple ID is used for:

The advantage of “accounting” is its versatility for different Apple devices. With a one-time registration, the Apple ID will be the same for all used gadgets: computer, laptop, tablet, smart watches.

Password Replacement Directly from iPhone

  1. Go to the “Password and Security” item in the account settings.
  2. Click the “Change Password” button.
  3. Enter the new password 2 times.

Change your password on Apple.com

We go to the official website for managing your Apple account (you can access both from iPhone through Safari, or from a computer).

Consider the sequence of actions when working on a computer running Windows:

  • We launch “our” browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.).
  • Go to https://appleid.apple.com.
    How to Change Password on Iphone 6
  • We drive in our details for the “Apple ID” at the entrance.
  • Section “Security” contains a link “Change Password”, select it.
  • Next. the stage of control questions, we answer them. If 2FA. two-factor authentication. is used in the “accounting”. for additional protection of Apple ID, you need to keep the phone on hand. A code will come to it, which will confirm the identity of the owner of the Apple device. The field is filled with the received data.
  • We re-enter the old code, then. the new one, repeat it twice. It should be noted that the reset of the “account” will occur on all gadgets.

Using iTunes

Few of the owners of iPhones do without the program “iTunes” installed on the computer. With it, you can also reset the password on the iPhone.

However, the iPhone does not have to be connected via cable to the computer.

  1. Launch iTunes, click on “Account”, then. “View”.
  2. In the pop-up window you need to log in.
  3. The next window contains information with the prescribed Apple ID and other information. On the right is “Edit at appleid.apple.com. ” Her and choose.
  4. The web browser starts again, directing to the service page. We select the country first. Further, everything is performed as described above.

Recover Forgotten Password

So, how to recover password on iPhone:

  • Open the “iTunes Store and AppStore Settings” on any “apple” gadget, press the button, as shown in the picture below:
  • Further, the display will show the iForgot service window (the verb “forgot” translates from English as “forgot”). Enter the new password 2 times and complete the procedure.


It turns out that changing the password in the iPhone account is quite simple. Ways to restore it allow you to find a way out in the presence of a device and in any situation. The main thing is to do everything correctly, following the detailed instructions outlined above.