How to Change Password in Steam Through Phone

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Steam is a program that allows users to participate in online games. To start using it, you need to download the installation file to your computer and register your account using login, password and email. It often happens that the user forgets some data, or simply wants to change it for security reasons. Let’s take a closer look at how this can be done on Steam.

password change

To protect the profile, periodically changing the password is a mandatory task for the gamer. This is especially true when the user uses one password for the program and social networks, for example.

To change the password in Steam, you need to know the current code and have access to the email associated with the profile. If all this is, then we perform the following steps:
1. Run Steam and log in to your profile.

2. On the toolbar, select “Steam” and open “Settings”.

How to Change Password in Steam Through Phone

3. A series of options will be displayed on the screen, among which we select “Change password”.

4. Enter its current value and click “Next.”

5. An email will be sent to the attached email with a verification code for changing the password. We go into the mailbox and check the incoming mail (if the message does not appear, check the “Spam” folder).

6. Then go to Steam and change the password. First, enter the verification code, then enter the new password twice.

7. Confirm the action with the “Finish” button. On this data change can be considered complete.

Important! The password must include at least 10 characters, including letters, numbers and signs. After entering it, the system will show the degree of reliability. If it is low, you will need to edit it. Also, you cannot use the old password. Its new meaning must necessarily be different.

Change the password from the phone

The only difference between changing the password through the phone is that the verification code will not be sent to the email, but to the phone number associated with the account. To change the password in Steam, the user must perform the following steps:

1. Open the profile in Steam using the username and password.

2. Go to the “Settings”.

3. From the menu, select the option “Change Password”.

4. Fill in the field with the current value of the verification code and click “Next”.

5. The phone will receive an SMS to continue the action. Enter its value in the corresponding line, and set a new password by entering it twice.

6. At the end, click the “Finish” button.

Password recovery

You need to change the password in Steam if the user has corny forgotten its value. A very simple mechanism of action has been developed for this. At the authorization stage, you must click the “I can not log in” button.

After which the system will prompt you to select a reason from the list. In our case, you need to choose the first one (“I forgot my Steam account name or password”).

Then enter the phone number associated with the account, email address or account name. For example, you enter a mailbox. By clicking the search button, Steam will find this address in its database. Now you need to select it to send the password, as indicated in the picture.

We check the mail and copy the code that came in the message. Then we return to Steam and enter it into the appropriate cell on the screen. Click the “Continue” button.

The next step will be to change the password “Change password”. Enter the new value twice and confirm your actions.

Now you can enter your profile. To do this, click the “Sign in to Steam” button, fill out the login field, enter a new password and enter the page.

Login change

As in many other programs, the ability to change the login in Steam is not implemented. Therefore, a simple way to change it will not work. However, there is still a “workaround” way. First you need to exit the current profile and create a new account. You can do this using the Steam buttons on the toolbar and selecting the “Change user” option.

After which a login form will appear, on which we choose the option to create a new account. After registering, go to its settings and bind to the old library of games. To do this, you must log in to the account from the computer on which you used the old account. In the settings, we coordinate the shared account with family access. Now go to the profile by clicking on your nickname and clicking on the “Profile”. “Edit Profile” section.

Here you need to enter the data of the old account so that they are no different.

Then add friends from the old list by sending them relevant requests. Thus, an account with a new login will become a copy of the old page.

Change the account name on Steam

Changing a profile name is as easy as changing a password. To do this, log in to your account and click on your nickname. We open the menu item “Profile”. “Edit Profile”.

The very first line is the account name. In it we set any value you like. Then scroll down the page and save the changes. As a result, the old profile name will be replaced with the new one.

How to change email

Email is a required attribute for registering an account in Steam. With it, you can change the password and restore access to your account. The program itself regularly checks the availability of users ’email addresses and sends a corresponding notification in the system with a request to confirm the email by sending a verification code to it.

Attention! If the user cannot access the linked mailbox, it is necessary to transfer the profile to that email, which can be accessed without problems.

So, you need to change the mail in Steam as follows:
1. Log in to your account, click on the Steam menu item and go to settings.

2. Select the option “Change contact email address. mail. “.

3. To continue, you need to enter the code from the authenticator (if the user has a mobile client installed) or select the option that there is no access to it. Based on this, further actions will vary.

  • If there is a mobile authenticator, then a code will come to it. We enter it into the field on the screen and click “Continue.”
  • If there is no access to the authenticator, the system will prompt you to enter the account password (if you do not remember, restore it).

4. Having entered the password, Steam will want to send SMS to the attached phone number to reset mail. Having received the code, enter it and proceed to change the mail.

5. A form will be displayed on the screen in which you need to enter a new email. Press the button “Change email. mail “.

6. It will receive a message with a verification code. We enter it in the Steam program and save the changes. Now in the profile settings a new address will be displayed.

Thus, changing the password, username and mailing address will not be difficult for the user. The only thing that does not give in to Steam is login. However, there is an additional possibility of changing it.