How To Change Keyboard On Huawei

Huawei smartphones are in demand among consumers. Honor phones are considered the best among all Androids. They are easy to use and in terms of number of functions they can replace a desktop computer. Any flagship has a touch-sensitive dial. With it, you need to write SMS messages or drive in the search for the desired request. It’s easy to choose any foreign language. If you do not know how to change the keyboard for Honor and Huawei, then use the brief instruction. Follow the recommendations and use with pleasure.

How To Change Keyboard On Huawei

Types of layouts on Android smartphones

Modern Android has standard types of layouts with English. They are divided into 5 different categories. Find out which one on the phone is easy. Open a social network and start writing SMS. Now translate into English using a space. Pay attention to the first 6 digits. Match them to a list:

The most popular is the standard layout called Quarter. It is used on all personal computers and is universal. Its name comes from the location of the first six digits. The rest are more specialized, suitable for certain models and devices. Before buying a mobile phone, pay attention to this fact. Inside, they give you a look at the phone at work, you can appreciate the convenience of the layout. In the new models, everything is the same.

How to change the keyboard on a Huawei and Honor phone?

Not sure how to change the keyboard layout on Huawei and Honor? Take a little tip. Before you send SMS you need to write it. To communicate, exchange information or search in the browser you need to write the text. This can be done through Google voice dialing or virtual dialing called Swift Key. Hold the button and dictate the words. The smartphone reproduces the text. Now click “Submit”.


To change the letter set, enter the phone settings. Then do the following:

  • Open the “System” section;
  • Now click “Language and input”;
  • After you need to find the inscription “Keyboard”;
  • Click on “Multilingual or” English.

Swipe left and right to adjust the location of letters and numbers.


First download the JiBoard from the Internet. Connect the program as follows:

  • enter the smartphone settings;
  • follow the points “System”. “Gboard”. “Languages”;
  • now define the language layout;
  • scroll through the list and make a choice.

Keyboard Tips

How to configure the keyboard on the android Huawei and Honor? The main advantage of Huawei is that any phone is easily customizable. Use the default, change the letters for yourself. Reduce or enlarge them, create interesting fonts. After that, select a new background shade, replace the theme or come up with an individual one. It also includes your favorite sound or vibration mode for messages or calls.

How to add language to Honor and Huawei keyboard?

You need to set new language parameters through the “Settings”. Open the section and find in the list “System”. Next, find the item “Language”. Add unlimited amounts: Russian, English, French and many others. Switch as needed to enter data or search in the browser.

Keyboard color change

Changing color is quick and easy. First you need to open the set in any messenger or social network. Follow the recommendations below:

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

  • find the top panel and open the icon with color;
  • click on the “Themes” section;
  • specify the username and password to enter the account;
  • To download, click on the design you like.

How to switch the language on the tablet?

Not sure how to change the language on Honor and Huawei phones? To change English to Russian on any device, you need to open the keyboard in the messenger. Carefully consider the layout. Here are letters, numbers, signs and emoji. It is enough to shift the spacebar to the left or right and adjust the desired one.

What to do if the keyboard is missing on the Honor and Huawei smartphones?

Malfunctions occur in the operation of each device. The absence of a keyboard indicates a phone breakdown. The first way is to completely reboot the device. The action is suitable for any problem. The phone is updated and works as usual. If after loading the problem remains, it is worth contacting the service center. The second option is to reset to factory settings, the smartphone is fully updated. Before the operation, save photos,s and documents to a separate medium or cloud on the Internet. Otherwise, the information files cannot be restored.

How to switch to Russian on a Huawei and Honor phone?

To change the language to Russian, find the space bar or the planet icon on the keyboard. Click on it until the Russian layout appears. Use the Russian keyboard and chat with relatives and friends.