How to change iPhone ID password

How to change the password on the iPhone

All users are interested in keeping their smartphone data secure. There are several ways of restricting access on Apple devices for this purpose:

All security options are applied when you try to unlock your smartphone. A person who is holding the iPhone, and does not know the password or has not passed the biometric identification, will not be able to access the mobile device. Thus, the true owner can not worry about the security of their data.

The first method of protection (password) applies to all iPhones, regardless of the year of manufacture. It represents the sequence of characters that must be entered to log in. Touch ID is more modern technology. It is a fingerprint which enters the database after you turn on your smartphone for the first time.

Touch ID was used on Apple smartphones from iPhone 5S to iPhone 8. Starting with iPhone X an alternative technology is used. Face ID. With its help, the device is unlocked by bringing the screen of the gadget close to the face. A special sensor detects the owner of the device in a fraction of a second.

Lock your iPhone with a password, Touch ID or Face ID not only on the lock screen, but also in specific apps and folders.

The smartphone lock is set when you first turn on your smartphone. Then the user can change the password at any time, add another finger for Touch ID or a face for Face ID. Next, let’s understand how you can quickly change the input data on the iPhone.

How to change your smartphone’s passcode

This is the simplest type of protection, involving a sequence of six characters. To replace it, you will need:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to “Touch ID and passcode” or “Face ID and passcode”, depending on the device model.
  • Enter a valid code.
  • Click on “Change password code”.
  • Specify old password.
  • Confirm new.

The new password will appear as soon as the user has completed all the actions described above. In order not to forget the access code, it is recommended to write it on a piece of paper or save it in a separate computer file.

Changing Touch ID on your iPhone

The fingerprint can also be replaced if your iPhone has a matching sensor. It is located in the “Home” button, which is under the screen. To replace Touch ID, as in the previous case, you need to open the “Settings” application. Further plan of action is as follows:

  • Go to “Touch ID and passcode”.
  • Press “Add Fingerprint” to add an extra finger or select any of the preset fingers to change its parameters.
  • Press repeatedly on the scanner until the system confirms that the new fingerprint registration is complete.

Under “Touch ID and passcode” settings. You can confirm the use of your fingerprint to confirm purchases through Apple Pay by activating the corresponding item.

Replacing Face ID on your iPhone

This feature works on newer Apple devices. Face unlock is only used on smartphones that don’t have Touch ID. Replacing a previously registered person is done in a similar way to what was outlined earlier.

  • Open the device settings.
  • Go to “Face ID and passcode”.
  • Click on “Reset Face ID.
  • Click on “Start” and turn your head several times within the circle on the screen until the system confirms the registration of a new person.

As with the fingerprint, Face ID can be used as a confirmation tool when paying for purchases and as another security barrier when opening certain apps or folders.

How to change your Apple ID password

Apple ID is an identification number that is tied to each person who has purchased an iPhone. In fact, this is the serial number of your iPhone, or more precisely. the account registered on it.

Apple ID is used to access the U.S. company’s proprietary services. So, knowing this option, a person can remotely lock his phone or move files from the internal memory to the cloud storage iCloud.

Apple ID is password-protected, as it should be. If you know only your ID number but do not remember your password, you will not be able to access the service.

Change your Apple ID password as usual. No special skills are needed here, all you need is a smartphone, computer or any other device with internet access.

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Changing the password from the iPhone itself

If you use your Apple ID to control your iPhone, you can change your password without resorting to other devices:

  • Open phone settings.
  • Click on the name of your account.
  • Select “Password & Security.
  • Click “Change Password.
  • Enter the cable from the iPhone that is used on the lock screen.
  • Set a new Apple ID password.

It is not recommended to set the same password for lock screen and Apple ID. This will put your smartphone in serious danger and allow attackers to access your personal information in no time.

Change your password on the Apple website

In a situation where the previous method of changing the input settings does not work or you do not have your iPhone handy, you can perform the operation on any other smartphone or computer.

  • Go to appleid
  • Enter your personal ID and your old password.
  • Click on the name of “Security” section.
  • Select “Change password” option.
  • Answer a security question.
  • Enter your old password and then 2 times your new password.

How to reset Apple ID password?

If you remember your Apple ID, but have forgotten your password, you’ll need to reset it and set a new one. Here are some ways to do it:

On an iPhone or iPad with two-factor authentication

Tap on your name at the top of the screen.

Tap Password & Security.

Specify a new password, confirm it, and tap Change.

On a Mac with two-step verification

Tap the Apple menu (in the upper left corner of the screen) and tap System Preferences

Click the Security tab → Change Password.

Enter your new password, confirm it, and click Change.

In the Find iPhone app on another iPhone or iPad

If you only have a friend or family member’s smartphone handy, open the Find iPhone app (download link) and do the following:

Make sure the owner of the device has logged out of his or her account.

Click the Forgot Apple ID or password link button?

Enter your Apple ID and follow Apple’s instructions to reset your password.

In any browser on your iPhone, iPad, or computer

Go to the Apple ID web page and click Forgot Apple ID or Password?

Enter your Apple ID and press Continue.

You will be presented with options to reset your password. Make your choice and follow Apple’s instructions.

If you have 2-step verification, you will be prompted to verify the phone number associated with your Apple ID. An SMS will be sent to you with the necessary instructions.

How to recover Idy on your iPhone using checklists

Another way to recover. using follow-up questions. When a user registers, the system prompts them to answer a couple of security questions, which will further help the person if they need to recover their password.

Take note! The difficulty of this method is that the user may not remember how he answered a question when answering and registering. It will be difficult, because then it will not be possible to restore the page with this method. It is always worth remembering that any data you enter at the time of registration can play an important role.

If the user or the user remembers the answers to the control questions at the time of registration, he can do the following:

  • To start, the user needs to go to the same page of resetting the password and its further restoration, as in the way before. The page is the same. the official one;
  • Enter the email address, and then tap on “Reset iPhone password;
  • Now the user should select the method by which he will restore his page. In this case, it’s the “Answer to Control Questions” method;
  • The user will see a series of questions which he must answer on his own. Perhaps as soon as the user sees the questions, he will immediately remember the answers he gave to them;
  • Next, the system will ask for the date of birth. Specifies the date that is valid, registered in the system;
  • As a rule, the answers to the control questions are quite short and logical. To the question “What did you give your mother as a child for her birthday?” should not be followed by a long answer. Brevity is important. The system is designed so that the answer to the question can not be verbose. The answer is most often one word, maximum two.

The system always offers two questions, so the user must be prepared to remember two answers at once. This method is not as popular, but there are some people who remember the answer to the question when they originally signed up. For such users, Apple has come up with control questions.

How to reset the Apple ID password in the browser on your computer

On the account management page, click the “Forgot your Apple ID or password” link?”.

In the form that appears, you must specify the E-mail to which the Apple ID is tied (you can see it on your mobile device in Settings → );

Highlight “I want to reset password” and press Continue.

Choose one of the two available options. restore via E-mail or with the help of control questions;

In the first case, you will receive an email with a link to a page with a form for entering a new Apple ID password. The letter may be in your spam folder;

In the second case, you need to enter the date of birth specified during registration and answer two secret questions, after which you can set a new Apple ID password.

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How to change your Apple ID without losing data

This procedure is advisable if you use a single ID on several devices at the same time, but need to reset the number on only one. That is, whether it’s a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. you need to reset the number so that it remains the same on the other device. If this operation is successful, all important information, including messages, maps, contacts, notes, and media files, will be saved. However, you will connect to all official online stores and apps using your new account.

In order to successfully complete this procedure, the user will need to create a new ID number. This can be done in any available way. via smartphone, iTunes or personal computer. At the end of the creation, be sure to specify the iCloud function.

  • Select iCloud service in the main settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the sign out button.
  • Confirm sign out and click on the account deletion button.
  • The user will see a small list of available actions, among which it is necessary to select leaving an entry on the iPhone.
  • Enter the password for the former account.
  • Next, in the settings and options of the iCloud service, enter the new data, in order to enter the new Apple identifier.

through the mail

If the owner of an Apple device can’t log into their account, but they have access to the mailbox whose address they used when registering their ID, you can restore the access code to their personal information on the personal account management page.

  • Tap “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
  • Enter the email address associated with your Apple ID.

This information can be found under “Settings. iTunes Store, App Store”.

If a reset letter is found in the mail, but the user is sure they did not ask for this information, it is worth treating the receipt of the letter as an attempt to break into the account. To avoid access by third parties to confidential data, delete the letter and use a mobile device or computer to change the security code.

What should be the password

Sometimes the system does not accept a new password when you enter it. This is due to the fact that the company “Apple” is quite strict about protecting the confidential information of its customers and puts strict conditions to the identification code.

The password must meet the following conditions:

  • differ from the name of the account;
  • must include at least one digit;
  • Among the characters must be a capital letter;
  • To be composed of at least 8 characters;
  • Do not match the old code.

In addition to complying with the system, the user should also be cautious.

Do not enter your name, year of birth, or other publicly available information about yourself as a password.

If you adhere to these rules, the risks associated with hacking your account are significantly reduced. This will help avoid serious trouble in the future.

change to iPhone

Step-by-step instructions on how to change your Apple ID password on your iPhone:

  • Go to the account settings and edit them.
  • Log in to the system with the old password.
  • Go to the “Security” tab.
  • Launch the “Change password” action.
  • Specify the real password first, and then a new password twice, which must meet the requirements.

If you change your Apple ID password, you will need to enter it to authorize in “Apple” services.

You will also have to adjust a number of settings, including figuring out how to change iCloud.

  • Click “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
  • Enter e-mail associated with an Apple ID.
  • Choose a recovery method (email or security questions).
  • The first option will send a message with a link to a page that resets the old password and sets a new one.
  • With the second one, you need to give your date of birth and answer the questions.
  • If the answers are correct, you will be prompted to create a login passport.

Through the iTunes Store settings

  • Select the iTunes Store and App Store column in Settings.
  • Click on “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
  • Enter your Apple ID.
  • On the tab that pops up, type in the phone number you specified during registration.
  • Enter the passcode for the device.
  • Enter a new password for the account twice.
  • Re-enter your Apple ID.

You can also use iTunes to get a locked device back online. To do this, connect it to a computer that was previously synced with the device. Then starts the unlocking process by pressing the “Home” button for a long time. Then you need to follow the system’s instructions.

How to change the iPhone password

Apple cares about the security of personal data of its users. Especially for this there is an advanced protection system, which does not allow intruders to get access to confidential information. Everyone holding an iPhone can not only protect your device, but also, if necessary, change the password.

Before referring to the methods of changing the password, it is necessary to understand in what situations it is used. To do this, it is necessary to distinguish between two concepts:

In the first case, it is about protecting the iPhone. That is, in order to unlock the device, a person will need to enter the password. Ideally, only the owner of the Apple iPhone should know it. But if desired, it can be guessed by an intruder, thus gaining access to confidential information.

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Touch ID and Face ID are more secure. The first technology is unlocking the phone by fingerprint (before iPhone 8), and the second is unlocking by face (starting with iPhone X).

The Apple ID password is a different story. It is not used to unlock the smartphone, but is used when a person wants access to an account.

Every iPhone owner is required to register an Apple ID. It is an identifier that allows you to use the services of the American company, as well as to download applications through the App Store. That is, the two passwords are used in different cases. The first. when unlocking the device, the second. when logging into the account.

Be that as it may, both means of protection play an important role in the security of the user. Therefore, the owner of the device should always remember the password, as well as know how and where to change it.

How to change the smartphone password code

The passcode is used to unlock the iPhone. As soon as a person activates the screen, he immediately sees a message in front of him that he needs to enter the access code. You can change the input parameters as follows:

After entering the new settings twice, the code will be saved. Now it will be used to access the iPhone desktop.

In addition to the passcode, remember to register Touch ID or Face ID. Otherwise, you will not be able to unlock the device, if you suddenly forget the password.

How do I change my Apple ID password?

An Apple ID is an account that is needed to make purchases through the App Store and iTunes, as well as to use other services of the company. It, like the smartphone itself, is password-protected. But it can be used not only on your iPhone, but on any other device, including your computer. It all depends on how a person wants to authorize in the system.

Given the peculiarities of Apple ID, it should be noted that you can change your password in different ways:

Depending on what purpose the person uses the Apple ID data for, the method of replacing the input data will differ. However, you should consider all options so that you do not have problems with the operation in the future.

Changing your password from the iPhone itself

As a rule, the need to use Apple ID appears when you first turn on an American company smartphone. Therefore, it is important to consider the way to replace the input data directly from the mobile device.

Now that your new login information has been saved, be sure to write it out so you don’t forget it. Otherwise, you risk losing the ability to access your account.

If you’re worried about forgetting or losing your password, get two-factor authentication from your phone number. In that case, you should be able to easily restore access.

Changing your password on the Apple website

Account settings are used to access the company’s services, among other things. So you can always replace the input data through the Apple

The same operation is performed on the iCloud, which is used to interact with the proprietary “cloud” iTunes.

Even if you have changed it on the company’s website, the new input data will be used on your phone (App Store and other services).

Using iTunes

Anyone who has been using Apple equipment for a number of years is well aware that to pair a computer with an iPhone, iTunes is required. It is a large Apple store with extended functionality. The account password is also used to log in, and the access parameters can be changed at any time.

Thus, changing the password via iTunes is an implementation of the previous method, but with prior authorization in the Apple store.

How to restore the Apple ID, if you do not have access to the phone

The third way to recover your Apple ID will suit users who have already upgraded to iOS 15 and who can predict in advance that they may forget their password. Because you can’t use it after the fact without prior preparation. So if you know that you’re prone to forgetfulness, you should probably think of an escape route. And you can do this with the “Trusted contacts” feature.

You can choose trusted contacts to help you restore your account

That user will receive a recovery code for your Apple ID in case you ever forget your password

Now, if you happen to forget your Apple ID password and can’t access iCloud, you can go to the user you added to your list of trusted contacts and ask them for an unlock code. Once you’ve added him as a proxy, he can generate a code that will allow you to reset the password from your account. After that you will be asked for a new combination. Don’t try to think it up yourself, but use a password manager. It’s more convenient this way.

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