How To Change Imei Of Samsung Phone

What is this code really for?

If your cell phone is stolen, you can notify your service provider. It blocks the machine’s access to its network. By the code, the police can identify the stolen device, because the missing phones are registered in the database. The owner must treat his gadget responsibly and keep the pre-recorded code in a safe place in case it cannot be viewed on the phone. The identifier has nothing to do with the SIM card. If the phone is stolen, even after a factory reset and SIM replacement, the phone‘s IMEI remains the same. When buying a hand-held phone using this identifier, it is easy to determine whether the inside of the device is clean. You can also use it to block your phone through your mobile operator. Among other things, in the interests of the investigation, the device can be wiretapped.

Imei: how to change on the phone yourself

If you need to change the IMEI on your phone, this article will give complete and correct information about what an IMEI code is, why it is needed and how to change it yourself.

How to change IMEI on iPhone

There is no simple and safe way to change the IMEI code on a gadget from Apple. Unfortunately or fortunately, these numbers are sewn into microcircuits, and it is impossible to change them with some simple manipulations. However, there are certainly hacking techniques and methods. They are mainly used by cybercriminals to implement stolen equipment. You can only change IMEI together with the phone’s motherboard. But then it will be a completely different device, retaining only the body from the previous one.

How To Change Imei Of Samsung Phone

What is IMEI

You may have already come across this concept, and then you are aware that IMEI is used to identify your phone. But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Imei. Abbreviation of the English name International Mobile Equipment Identity. It stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. This set of numbers is unique to each telephone device. This number is used in phones, tablets, and some satellite phones. In addition to simple identification, it is used to block the device from accessing the cellular network. Smartphone theft is high all over the world, and phone IMEI has become a necessary security measure.

How to check

There is a standard command to test this code. Most phones display the IMEI when typing # 06 #. For an ordinary check on the street or for a personal check, this is enough. Of course, there are other ways to find out the IMEI code, they are not the same for different manufacturers. On the iOS platform, go to “Settings”, section “General”, “About phone”. On an Android device. In “Settings”, “About phone”. If we are talking about a Sony or Sony Ericsson phone. You need to press the command Right, Left Left, Left on the keyboard. On devices such as Blackberry or newer Sony Ericsson, you need to find the “Status” section in the options menu.

How to change IMEI on Android

First you need to enter the engineering menu. It is hidden, but it is revealed when a set of special commands, individual for each model. After entering the menu, the sequence of actions is as follows: go to the Connectivity section. Cds. Information, expand the Radio Information tab and click on the Phone 1 line. The active IMEI will be written in the first field. To replace it, write EGMR = 1.7, “New identifier”, and specify the required code in brackets. Finally, you need to confirm the performed actions by pressing SEND AT COMMAND and restart the phone.

In addition to this method, you can replace the IMEI using special software. A number of utilities such as Mobile Uncle, Xposed IMEI Changer allow you to change IMEI without much difficulty.

As an example, let’s take a look at the procedure in the Xposed IMEI Changer application. After launch, go to the “Modules” tab, mark the IMEI Changer module and restart the device. After that, open the program again, enter the required numbers in the field for the new identifier and restart the phone.

Before using the described methods, you should carefully check whether this method is suitable for your phone model.

Through the engineering menu

The engineering menu is a hidden function of the smartphone and is intended for testing and setting. You can start working through the engineering menu using special USSD commands. The key combination is entered on the standard dial pad and is different for each manufacturer. On various Internet resources, you can find out the combination for a specific brand of phone.

  • Htc devices correspond to the combination: ## 8255 ##;
  • Samsung Galaxy: ## 4636 ##;
  • Zte and Meizu: 98307 #;
  • Tablet with an Nvidia processor (Xiaomi): ## 6484 ##;
  • Huawei: ## 2846589 ##, ## 3646633 ##.

As soon as the command is entered, the corresponding menu will open. It is very easy to get lost in it. Therefore, further focus on the following algorithm:

In the main window, open the “Connectivity” panel.

Click on “CDS information”, then “Radio Information”.

Select the line “Phone 1”. A new window will open, in which the first item will be marked with the currently valid IMEI. You must enter the following in the command field: ATEGMR = 1.7, “the desired digital identifier”.

Execute the command by clicking on the “Send at command” button.

In order for the changes to take effect, you will need to reboot your mobile device. After rebooting, check the installed IMEI by entering the key combination # 06 # on the keyboard.

Change using apps

Another way to replace the identifier is to use specialized programs. But to use them, you need the status and superuser rights in the phone. To activate this type of rights, you need to install the Farmarootpro5.1 application on your smartphone. Again, different brands of phones get Root rights differently. We will describe a general instruction that is not suitable for everyone:

Install and launch Farmaroot (there is no program on Google Play, so you need to search for it on the net). In the main menu, tap on “InstallSuperSU”.

We indicate the method of rooting (choose from the available ones).

Then restart the gadget.

Now that you have special rights, install one of these programs: Mobileuncle or Xposed IMEI Changer.

The procedure for working with the Mobileuncle application is as follows:

Install and run the Xposed framework app. Open the engineering mode section in which select the engineering menu.

Further, as in the previous method, go to the “Connectivity” tab. “CDS information”.

We register a new digital value of the identifier.Ategmr = 1,7, “new value” and reboot the system.

Check if the new imei is installed by typing the appropriate key combination.

This program is designed to work with MTK series processors. After successfully completed actions, it is recommended to reset Root rights and uninstall the Farmaroot application for the terminal to work correctly.

Algorithm for working with the XPOSED IMEI Changer utility:

Get superuser rights as in the previous method. Run the utility and open the “Modules” menu.

Check the IMEI Changer option and reboot your mobile device. Then open the id change app. In the item “New IMEI No” enter the new value of the personal code and confirm the performed actions.

Restart your gadget and check the result. In case of failure and entering an incorrect value, repeat again, but setting a different digital value for the serial number.

This method is ideal for terminals with a Snapdragon processor (Samsung) from Qualcomm. New numerical data can be picked up using a special generator. Such applications are in the public domain. There are also online versions in which you can use the generator, instantly picking up a new combination.

How to change IMEI on Android using the engineering menu and other methods

By rf-webmaestro Published 02/28/2019 Updated 10/01/2019

Imei is a unique number that is assigned to every released cell phone, tablet or modem. It identifies the device and is not duplicated among other devices. Many users are interested in how you can independently change this combination of symbols. This article describes all the available methods on how to change IMEI on Android.

Id change

There are several methods for recovering and changing the identification number:

  • Using the engineering menu. This menu is available on all Android mobile devices. The data is stored here in non-volatile memory NVRAM;
  • Using third-party programs and applications. For such purposes, special software has been developed to write new numbers.

What is IMEI and why is it needed

Imei is a digital combination unique to each mobile device. With it, you can track and lock your phone or tablet. The purpose of such identification is to protect the consumer’s equipment from possible theft. Such a security tool will help to track and find the stolen device in the shortest possible time. Imei applies in the following situations:

  • If attackers have stolen your smartphone, you can remotely block access to it. To do this, you will need to immediately call your carrier and provide information about the loss, indicating the individual device number. The specialists will block the phone within the coverage of their network and enter it into the database, as well as inform other mobile service providers about the implementation of these actions;
  • The set of such numbers says a lot. This code designation contains: model (first eight digits), origin and brand of the device, manufacturer (next six digits);
  • Imei can be used to track the location of a smartphone, but this requires subscribing to the appropriate service. In this case, the user can monitor from another SIM card.

Before configuring IMEI, you need to find out the currently installed number. This is quite simple to accomplish:

For all devices with the Android operating system, you need to dial the command # 06 # and press the call button. After completing these actions, a window will instantly pop up, in which the current number will be indicated.


We also recommend watching the tutorial on this topic.

How to change the IMEI identifier on an Android device. Imey recovery methods

There are two ways to restore or change IMEI on Android:

Through the engineering menu. Like the Recovery environment, it is provided on all devices running on Android.

  • With additional software. Of the programs that allow you to register new IMEIs, you should highlight Mobile Uncle and Xposed IMEI Changer.
  • How to determine IMEI on a smartphone

    Before changing the IMEI on an Android device, you need to find out the IMEI assigned to this device by the manufacturer. This can be done in several ways:

    Look at the phone box.

  • Remove the back cover from the device and remove the battery. The required information will be on the back of the product.
  • Dial the combination # 06 # on your mobile phone. If there is no digital identifier, the display will show “IMEI not detected”. This could be a sign that you were unable to properly flash Android.
  • After you have managed to find out the id, you can proceed directly to changing it.

    Change IMEI through the engineering menu

    The engineering menu is used to test and optimally configure mobile devices. This area is hidden, but it can be activated using certain USSD commands entered through the standard dial pad. These commands may differ for different smartphone models. For example, to call the engineering menu on an HTC phone, the combination ## 3424 ## or ## 8255 ## will be relevant. For Samsung, the command ## 4636 ## or ## 197328640 ## is suitable.

    Go to the Connectivity section. Cds Information.

  • Open the Radio Information tab and click on the Phone 1 line.
  • In the window that appears, the existing IMEY will be indicated in the first field. To replace it, after the AT command, write EGMR = 1.7, “New identifier”, where you need to specify the required ID code in brackets.
  • Confirm the actions performed by pressing SEND AT COMMAND.
  • For the changed settings to take effect, the smartphone must be rebooted. After you managed to change the IMEI, you can make sure of a positive result using the same command # 06 #.

    Id change via additional software

    The use of specialized software assumes that the phone has superuser rights. They can be activated using the programs Romaster SU, UniversalAndRoot, Farmaroot, etc.

    So, to open extended access on a mobile device through Farmaroot, you must:

      Install the program on the phone and run it.

    Imei on Apple mobile devices

    The IMEI code is defined in a slightly different way in mobile devices with the iOS operating system. The code is always indicated on the package, but if you lose it, there are two ways left:

    On iPad, iPod or iPhone, go to Settings.

    Go to “Settings”, select “General” and then click “About this device”. You will see the IMEI code.

    On some Internet services, for example, SNDeepInfo, you can check the IMEI of your iPhone and find out many details about it. For example, find out the end date of the contract, if the phone is not jailbroken. Or find out which operator the phone is locked to, if it is on the black list.

    This will be important information if you decide to purchase a used phone.

    There is another method that you can use if you are left without a phone, without a box and without anything at all, but have used iTunes services at least once. To do this, download and install the iBackupBot program. With this app, run any of your iPhone backups and get the IMEI code. By the way, you don’t have to pay 35 for the program. In limited mode, she can handle this problem.

    How to find out the IMEI of the phone

    International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is an international identification code of a mobile device, which is assigned at the manufacturing plant, is flashed into a single-use chip, without the possibility of flashing. Does not depend on the inserted SIM card and identifies only the device itself.

    As mobile device manufacturers and mobile network providers explain, this code allows them to track, find and return stolen phones to their true owners, and if necessary, block their operation.

    According to the second, more romantic spy version, the code allows the special services to control the movements of citizens, listen to them and, if necessary, selectively disable their mobile communications.

    But practice has shown that not everything is exactly as we are told. When they pulled out a brand new Nokia for 800 in New York, when addressing the police, they would pat on the shoulder and say: “Welcome to New-York”. And when I called MTC and asked to turn off the phone, for reasons of “don’t get to anyone,” I was kindly informed that, unfortunately, despite the fact that I have a contract and know IMEI, they cannot turn off the phone, because that their equipment does not allow it.

    In addition, skilled hackers, using special software, can change the IMEI. Manufacturers are fighting hackers by modernizing the protective properties of devices, and hackers are improving their methods. But I must say that in many countries it is a criminal offense to change the code on the phone. For this you can sit on a bunk in Belarus, Great Britain, Latvia.

    Universal way

    The easiest and most universal way is to dial # 06 # on the keyboard

    However, how can an IMEI code be useful for the average user of a mobile device??

    • Allows you to find out the country of the manufacturer;
    • Software version;
    • Serial number of the device;
    • Check the originality of the phone (if the number on the small sticker does not match the number indicated in the firmware, then this is not your option).

    The old system, the so-called FAC, had a 15-character code structure. For example, if the seventh and eighth digits were 80, then you have come across a Chinese-made device, if 70, then Finnish. In the modern system, the IMEISV cipher has changed somewhat and the country of the manufacturer is indicated by the first two digits, for example 49. Germany, and 04. Vietnam.

    And how to find out the IMEI of the phone? As easy as shelling pears, remove the back cover, disconnect the battery and read this number on a small sticker.

    Assign or Change IMEI for Android Phones

    How to find out the IMEI of the phone on devices with the Android operating system? This is a separate song. Many devices do not have it at all. To do this, you need to get it. For example, for phones powered by Mediatek chipsets, you need to enter a simple code ## 3646633 ##.

    We go into the engineering menu and find the “Connectivity” tab there. We select the item “CDS information” and click. In the list we find “Radio Information”. There, select Phone and after the inscription AT and enter EGMR = 1.7, “IMEI”.

    Can be made more difficult, but suitable for almost all models

    First you need to get root rights. Then we find it on the Internet and download the restore_imei archive. Find the file run. It must be opened with a text editor. Instead of numbers after the abbreviation “exe”, we register our IMEI. The file needs to be saved. Run run.But and get the MP0B_001. We copy it to the mobile device along the path / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI / MP0B_001.

    Reboot and get a fresh and brand new IMEI.

    In some cases, it is more convenient to use the Rockchip Repair Tool application.

    In case of theft or loss of the phone, its IMEI can be found remotely. To do this, just use the Google service at the link

    There is also a database of stolen and lost phones. A similar database is located on the service

    Well, if you know the IMEI of the phone and you are an MTC subscriber, then send this 14-digit number to the free number 307. If in the answer you will be indicated that the code is not registered in the database, then you better refuse this purchase.

    How to find out the IMEI code of the phone

    In order to determine the identifier of a mobile device, there are 4 simple methods available to any user:

    Method 1. Through the numeric combination on the keyboard

    Open the numeric keypad on your phone and dial # 06 #. After that, the screen will display IMEI.

    Method 2. Look inside the phone case

    If your phone has a removable battery, you can find the IMEI number by removing the back cover of the mobile phone and taking out the battery. All information about the phone will be placed under it, including the number or IMEI numbers.

    Method 3. Look on the package.

    The sticker with the IMEI number is located on the box with the phone. In addition, the identifier is stamped on the device’s warranty card upon purchase. It is very important that the IMEI numbers on the package and in the coupon exactly match each other.

    Method 4. View in phone settings

    The IMEI number must be entered in the information list, which can be accessed through the gadget menu:

    • Open the settings;
    • Find the section “About phone”;
    • Click on the item “General information”;
    • Go to the item “IMEI code data”.

    How to change imei of samsung phone

    Many smartphone users have come across the abbreviation IMEI and a long set of numbers. Collided and, most likely, passed by. Indeed, you never know the sets of numbers associated with a mobile device. Is it worth paying attention to them?

    In the case of IMEI, it’s probably worth it. The fact is that this number is a unique identifier that is assigned to each smartphone. And it serves several extremely useful purposes. In our article we will tell you how to find out the IMEI of the phone, and what it is for.

    What is IMEI

    Imei (from English International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit international identifier for mobile gadgets. Basically, this is a serial number, which is determined by the operator when the phone gets in touch. The IMEI number is deciphered as follows:

    • The first 6 numbers are encoding according to the international classifier Type Approval Code for a specific model of a mobile device. Here the first two digits are the country code of the manufacturer;
    • The next 2 numbers are the code of the country where the final assembly of the gadget was made;
    • 6 numbers. Unique serial number of the phone;
    • The last digit is the backup number.

    Please note that a dual-SIM phone will be marked with two IMEI numbers, for each slot for a SIM card.

    What is the IMEI of the phone for:

    With the help of IMEI, you can get complete information about the device at the purchase stage by correlating the identifier contained in the gadget system with the one that is applied to the mobile phone case.

  • A stolen or lost phone can be recognized via IMEI and returned to the owner.
  • When calling from a phone, the telecom operator determines the IMEI and, accordingly, calculates the location of the gadget. Therefore, through IMEI, you can set up spying on a mobile phone or find a lost phone.
  • Having found out the IMEI, the operator can block the phone if it falls into the hands of intruders.
  • Imei code is a manufacturer’s guarantee in terms of build quality and safety for the user.
  • Why Fly

    As we have already mentioned, the presence of the IMEI code indicates that the manufacturer guarantees the quality and safety of the gadget assembly. This fully applies to the Fly models provided to us. All smartphones are perfectly assembled, equipped with powerful and productive stuffing, and are also based on the optimized and original Android.

    One of our favorite models is the Fly Cirrus 7 smartphone, which we thoroughly examined to ensure that it matches all identification numbers. In this case, I would like to separately praise the powerful 4-core processor at 1.25 GHz, which copes well in multitasking mode, excellent cameras at 13 and 5 megapixels, a bright and contrasting 5.2-inch IPS screen and a capacious 2600 mAh battery.

    Change IMEI phone.

    In the next series of articles, we will touch on the issue of changing the IMEI of various devices where it is present. As a rule, these are mobile phones and 3G modems.

    We want to warn you right away that these materials are not a call to action. In some countries, these manipulations are prohibited by law. They can also harm your mobile device.

    Let’s start with the theory. What is IMEI?
    Imei (English International Mobile Equipment Identity). International identifier of mobile equipment, a number (usually 15-digit decimal), unique for each GSM and UMTS mobile phone. The phone model and origin are described by the first 8 digits of the IMEI (the so-called TAC / Type Allocation Code). The rest is a serial number with a check number at the end.

    • Imei Installed at the factory during manufacture and serves to identify the device on the network.
    • Stored in the firmware of the device, as a rule, it is written on the packaging, in the warranty card, as well as under the battery of the mobile phone.
    • Plays the role of the serial number of the device.
    • Broadcast when logged in to the network.

    Imei is used to track devices and to block stolen phones at the level of a mobile operator (believe me. In harsh Russia this is a myth, I know from personal experience, of course you will get your phone. But if you have connections with the FSB, although it is doubtful that they will come from. For one phone).

    [ad name = “UMI 600 × 313”]

    The determination accuracy, according to various sources, ranges from several tens of meters to several meters. Therefore, for special services or law enforcement agencies, if necessary, calculating the location of a person with a mobile phone turned on does not pose any particular problems (this is so that you know that if you screw it up, then you will be found and inserted).

    Do not forget that changing IMEI in some countries is criminally punishable (In general, before going somewhere I recommend to be realistic and read the criminal code).

    Get to the point.
    Can i change IMEI? Can.
    The technical aspects of changing IMEI depend on the model of the device. In some models (most old phones and devices of Asian-Chinese production), changing the IMEI is quite easy. Just a special program and a phone-computer cable.

    In other models, in order to completely change the IMEI, it is necessary to replace with new parts of the electronic components of the phone (processor chips, flash memory, or controller), and then re-program the device’s flash memory. Some models allow a “partial” IMEI change, in which the phone software is modified (a patch is installed to the firmware) so that it sends the correct IMEI number to the base station, and not the one programmed in the phone’s hardware. In case of an “incomplete” IMEI change, the original IMEI value will be restored after updating the phone software. We will not consider legal aspects.

    However, I want to note that in real judicial practice there were both facts of indictments with the imposition of a sentence in the form of three years of suspended imprisonment, and the closure of cases due to the lack of corpus delicti. Depending on the country, the maximum sentences for committing such crimes are quite tough. Up to 5-8 years in prison.

    Since I have a Samsung phone, then the models of this company will be considered (later I will add descriptions to others, but since blood alcohol is off scale today, then. A little later) To change the firmware (and change IMEI), we will need a service cable (in the kit often includes a data cable that is not suitable for such purposes). I will say right away that the procedure for changing IMEI is similar on many phones.

    For work we need:

    the device itself

  • Correct firmware
  • Firmware cable and necessary software.

    I hasten to please you. Everything related to software. Everything can be found on specialized forums. Don’t be lazy.

    Before starting, you must be clear about your actions. Attention! Power should not be turned off until the end of the procedure. Therefore, it is better to sew from a laptop with a fully charged battery. Otherwise, the problems can be very serious (imagine that half of the operation and the lights were turned off and. The mobile will be R.I.P.).

    Let’s look at an example Samsung IMEI changer.
    I do not specifically post this software (and do not knock on PM). It can be found on the Internet (but check on the virusstotal.). Make sure the software works with your model.


    0. (Programmers have a score of 0!). Now we carefully read the procedure 10 times!!

    1.Run the test.Exe program

    2.In the opened window of the GSM Phone Test Program V1.0 click the Download button

    3.Wtdn RAM Downloader window will open

    4.Click the Open button and from the TEST directory open the file corresponding to your phone model.

    Example: for the N500 model, you need to open the N500.Axf file
    (As I said, you need to search for these files in advance, and only for your model).

    5. Click the Line Settings button and set the following values ​​in the Comport Line Settings window that opens:

    Baud Rate: 115200 (this is the port speed)
    Data Bits: 8
    Stop Bits: 1
    Parity: None
    Port: Com1 (attention. The number of the com port to which the cable and phone are connected !!).

    7. Click OK to close the settings window.

    8. Make sure the cable is connected to the phone and click the Start button.

    9. The boot process takes about 10 seconds (depending on the model and capabilities of your computer).

    10. After the download is complete, the program will display the message “Downloading operation finished”.

    11. Click OK, the WTDN RAM Downloader window will automatically close and a menu for selecting further actions will appear.

    12. Press the EXIT button to exit the program.

    13. Attention! If the menu does not appear, you need to check the connections and repeat all over again. (look where you made a mistake, may Google come with you!).

    14. If you have succeeded up to this point, I congratulate you, young phreakers, now let’s not waste time. Immediately launch the IMEI.Exe program.


    16.In the New IMEI line, enter the IMEI number and click the Change IMEI button.

    17. If the program displays an error message, this means that either the phone is not connected, or it is not in test mode, or the program does not work with this model.

    18. If there is no point 17, then everything is fine

    A few recommendations from me:

    1. If you are not sure of even the smallest detail. Do not do that! It is better to understand and understand than to carry it to the trash.
    2. This article is for informational purposes only.
    3. I am not responsible for your actions. You do it at your own peril and risk! Remember this. If the mobile phone is not cheap. Buy an old one, practice will only be a plus.

    4. I will replenish the article as far as possible. Post reviews of how to sew other models, as well as possibly phone models with which it is best to deal, and if I have time, I will probably touch upon gsm modems.

    Samsung owners (tested on SWIFT platform) can reset their IMEI code on the keyboard 27673855 #. But there will be a complete reset. Everything will be lost. Imei will change to factory default. Do it at your own risk. It will be much more difficult to restore it!!

    Is it possible to change IMEI

    In older phone models, the IMEI changed quite simply. In particular, this could be done using a terminal program and several commands. But, now everything is much more complicated, because manufacturers are increasingly writing IMEI in a special memory area that cannot be rewritten programmatically.

    However, it is still possible to change the IMEI on some phones. For example, this is done through the engineering menu of the device or by obtaining ROOT rights (if it is an Android smartphone). If you need to change the IMEI on the phone, then you need to look for information on your specific device. There is simply no universal instruction for changing IMEI that would work on any device.

    It should be noted that in some countries changing the IMEI is prohibited and is a criminal offense. Therefore, before doing something like this, you need to clarify whether this will violate the laws of your country.

    How to find out the IMEI of the phone

    After assigning IMEI to the phone, it is recorded in several ways that duplicate each other. Any of these methods can be used to find out the IMEI of the phone.

    First, the IMEI is written into the phone’s firmware, that is, into its software. This information can be viewed at any time using request # 06 #, which must be typed on the device keyboard. Code # 06 # works equally well on both push-button phones and modern touchscreen smartphones.

    After entering this code, the IMEI immediately appears on the screen, which was assigned to this phone. If the phone has been assigned several IMEIs, then all of them will appear on the screen at once.

    Secondly, IMEI is indicated on the phone itself, usually this is done on a special sticker located under the battery. And thirdly, IMEI is always indicated in warranty documents and on the phone box. Thus, the user always has several ways to view the IMEI of his phone.

    What is phone IMEI

    Imei is a unique number that is issued to any mobile equipment operating in such mobile networks as GSM, IDEN or WCDMA. For example, mobile phones, satellite phones, smartphones, tablets and laptops with mobile Internet support, 3G modems and other similar devices receive such a number. The number of received IMEIs corresponds to the number of SIM-cards with which this device can work. For example, if the phone supports work with two SIM cards, then it receives two IMEI.

    The abbreviation IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, which can be translated into Russian as the international identifier of mobile equipment. Manufacturers of phones and other mobile devices receive these identifiers from special international organizations that are authorized to issue them. For example, such identifiers are issued by BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications). In the future, manufacturers distribute the received identifiers to specific phones that they release, thus achieving the uniqueness of each IMEI.

    As for the structure of the IMEI, it consists of 14 or 16 digits (in this case it is called IMEISV). The first 8 digits indicate the phone model and origin, the rest of the digits include the manufacturer-supplied serial number and check number. In the case of IMEISV, which consists of 16 digits, the software version is also indicated.

    What is phone IMEI and what is it for

    When discussing phones, smartphones or other mobile devices, a term such as IMEI often pops up. In many materials, the authors recommend checking or changing the IMEI, while explaining what it is. Now we will try to close this knowledge gap by telling you what IMEI is in a phone and what it is for.

    What is the IMEI of the phone for?

    As already mentioned, IMEI is a unique phone number, so it is convenient to use it to identify phones in a mobile operator’s network. The mobile operator can use the IMEI to determine your phone model and the communication technologies they support. It also allows mobile operators to blacklist the phone and not serve it again.

    Due to its uniqueness, IMEI can be used to track a phone even if its owner changes SIM cards. In addition, IMEI can be used by customs officers to determine the legality of the phone.

    It should be noted that IMEI is the identifier of the phone, not its subscriber. To identify a subscriber in mobile networks, another unique international number is used, which is called IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and is recorded on the user’s SIM card.

    How to find out the phone model by IMEI

    If you know the IMEI of the phone, then you can find out its model, specifications, production date, and also the country of the manufacturer. To get this information, you just need to go to one of the sites that have a database and enter your IMEI there. For example, you can search for information on sites such as: