How to change iCloud on iPhone

Key features of iCloud on iPhone

Cloud storage provides its users with a wide and varied functionality:

  • To begin with, all data on the iPhone of various models is regularly backed up to the cloud storage in order to avoid data loss in the event of a critical error on the device, as well as when it is lost or stolen.

Important! Initially, the user has 5 gigabytes of free storage space, but if necessary, you can expand it by purchasing a paid subscription or by clearing the already filled volume

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  • The data will be available for any device that is linked to this Apple ID. For example, as soon as you take a picture on iPhone 4s, it will also appear on iPhone 4 / 4s, 5 / 5s, 6 / 6s, 7. This is suitable for those who do not like to copy a large amount of information.
  • ICloud storage will also help the user to find a stolen or lost iPhone using the “Find my phone” function by determining its location on a map.

The main benefits of iCloud cloud storage are:

  • Its variability and adaptability for new versions of the iOS operating system.
  • Absolutely free creation on any device of the “apple company”.
  • Banner link.
  • Lack of any advertising.
  • You can enter it using a personal email address.

It is worth noting that this application greatly simplifies the life of Apple users. Now all that remains is to figure out how to change Apple ID on the iPhone of various models from “four” to “seven”

Change iCloud account on iPhone 4 / 4s, 5 / 5s, 6 / 6s, 7

To expand the capabilities of the service, you need to know all the nuances of working with it on various devices. Therefore, in this article, we will take a closer look at how to create iCloud on iPhone 4 / 4s, 5 / 5s, 6 / 6s, 7 to fully unleash their potential.

ICloud change

After the user has registered in the cloud service and created his own unique email account “@ iCloud.com” or Apple ID, he can indicate it on any device as follows:

  • Connect your smartphone to the Internet.
  • After that, open the settings by clicking on the gear widget.
  • Open the section “Mail addresses” in the settings.
  • The next step is to mark the addition of a new user.
  • Select “iCloud” in the menu that appears.
  • Then enter the data specified during registration.

After doing these manipulations on your iPhone 4 / 4s, 5 / 5s, 6 / 6s, 7, you will enter the cloud storage, and regular data backups will begin on your device, whatever it may be.

Now let’s figure out how to replace the iCloud account

How to Change iCloud Account on iPhone (2021)

When buying a new device, the user will need to transfer all existing data from the old device so as not to collect contacts, multimedia and document again.

Avoiding lengthy file copying will help a backup copy of chats and other files to iCloud, which, when entering data on a new device, will automatically download all user files to the new iPhone.

To replace your iCloud account, you will need to perform several steps:

  • The first three points are identical to those described above.
  • Next, you will need to click on the “Change account” button.
  • After that, enter the new iCloud account details and confirm them.

This completes the process of changing Apple ID and iCloud data, and you can fully unleash the capabilities of your iPhone, from model 4 to model 7 inclusive, without fear for the safety of your personal data and the abundance of files on your new device.

Thus, we see that changing the Apple ID and iCloud user is not a serious problem and can be done by the user on his own. If you follow the instructions carefully, it will not take much time, and you can immediately use your new device.

Ways to “unlink” iPhone, iPad and iPod from iCloud

There are several standard ways to disconnect an Apple device from iCloud.

How to change iCloud on iPhone?

Changing iCloud on iPhone is no more difficult than changing Apple ID. in fact, the owner of the device will use the same username and password, and authorization in the main account will automatically allow you to log into the cloud storage with a new account.

Thus, after clicking on the “Log out” button, it is enough to enter your profile data in the fields that appear on the same page, click “Login / Sign In” and wait for the authorization to complete.

How to Delete or Change iCloud Account on iPhone 7 Plus 7 6S 6 SE 5 5C 5S 4S or iPad on iOS 12/13/14

Important: if synchronization with iCloud was disabled as described above before logging out of the previous account, the user will have to re-enable the necessary functions on the iPhone. this is done, as you might guess, in the iCloud subsection.

Why Untie Apple Device from iCloud

Unlinking, or deauthorizing an iPhone, iPad or iPod is needed if you want to sell or donate a gadget. If you do not disconnect the device from iCloud, then the new owner will not be able to activate it. the lock will work. In the iStore service center, the operation of disconnecting from iCloud costs a lot of money, so before selling or donating an iPhone, iPad or iPod, it is advisable to unlink the gadget from your Apple iCloud account.

What happens if you sign out of iCloud?

But before you try to change iCloud in iPhone, it doesn’t hurt to find out what functions are lost as a result of deauthorization. After logging out of iCloud on iPhone, the user will no longer be able to:

  • get on your device access to notes, contacts, electronic documents and multimedia files uploaded to the cloud from other devices;
  • using your phone to upload photos, clips and other media content to iCloud, as well as save backup copies of important data in the virtual space;
  • find a lost or stolen iPhone using the Find My iPhone service.

Important: all the listed features are not taken away from the user for good. To re-access the cloud storage on your phone and start syncing files, you just need to sign in to your old account. or recover your iCloud password.

In addition, if the owner of the iPhone plans to change the linked account, he will have the cloud at his disposal. you can use it in exactly the same order, switching from one account to another as needed.

Why sign out of iCloud?

There can be many reasons to sign out of iCloud, below are the most common.

Planned handover of the device to a new owner (sale, gift, etc.).

Switching to a new Apple ID account.

Delivery of the device to a service center (most SCs accept for service and repair only with an “empty” iCloud).

How to change iPhone name in iCloud?

You can change the name of the iPhone shown in iCloud when AirDrop, tethering, and computer.

  • Open “Settings” “General” “About this device” “Name”.
  • Touch the button. enter a new name and then tap “Done”.

How to Clean iPhone Before Selling?

Removing personal information from your old device

  • If your iPhone is paired with your Apple Watch, unpair.
  • Back up your data on your device.
  • Sign out of iCloud, iTunes Store, and App Store.
  • Return to the Settings screen and tap General Reset Erase Content and Settings.

Is it possible to work with an iPhone without Aycloud?

With Activation Lock activated, you will be prompted for your Apple ID and password every time you try to disconnect Find My iPhone, sign out of iCloud on your device, or wipe and reactivate your device.

What to do if you don’t remember your Apple ID mail?

When prompted for your Apple ID, click If You Forgot Your Apple ID to find it. Enter your first name, last name and email address. If you enter an incorrect email address, you can try again with a different address.

How to unlink iCloud on iPhone?

Output on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Enter your Apple ID password and click Turn Off. Include the data you want to keep a copy of on your device. Click Sign Out. Click Sign Out again to confirm signing out of iCloud.

How to change email password on iPhone

To change the iCloud password via E-mail, go to the recovery page in the browser, then click on “Forgot Apple ID or password?”, Select “Reset”. You will be prompted to confirm the phone or email number you provided when you created your account, or to ask for security questions. You must enter an email. A confirmation letter will be sent to the mail, you should follow the link and change the code. Now you will need to log into your account in the settings to update the code digits.

How to change password on iPhone

When using gadgets from Apple, a special iCloud account is created, for which you need a password. Thus, the company “Apple” monitors the number of phones, tablets, laptops from one owner.

Note! If you lose your gadget, you can use your account to find your phone using the Find iPhone application or recover data.

If you know the Apple ID and you just need to change the username or password from the cloud storage, it is best to do this on the Apple website. You don’t have to make a new system to log in. To change the data, you can use a special section on the site. Step-by-step instruction:

  • You should log in to the website www.Apple.com/ru by clicking on the “Login” button in the far right corner.
  • Dial your personal data (Apple ID, code characters).
  • Enter the “Security” section, click the “Change” button and specify a new username.
  • Select the “Change password” item. On this page you need to answer security questions.
  • The last step is to enter your old password once and your new password twice.

The data from the site should automatically sync with the phone. If this does not happen, you need to manually update the data on iCloud on the iPhone.

If you need to change the password on the iPhone, because you forgot the old one, you can do it in two ways:

  • Through the mailbox specified during registration. Go to the authorization section and click the “Forgot your password” button. In the window that appears, indicate your mail. After a while, a letter should come to her with a link to change the data.
  • With the help of security questions. This method should help if the user does not remember his mail, which he indicated during registration. You should click on “Forgot your password” and select the item to reset data using questions. If the answers that were specified during registration match, you should be able to generate a new login code.

Note! When changing the password, make it long enough and do not use simple symbols, it is better to combine lowercase letters and numbers.

Change iCloud password via Mac

First you need to go to the settings. In the upper right corner there is a search bar where you need to enter “Password and Security”. Then go to the “Change” icon and enter the system characters from your laptop. Next, proceed according to the instructions on the device screen.

Note! If the search icon appears, you need to go to the settings by clicking the apple symbol in the upper left corner. Further “System settings”.Apple ID.

If you failed to change the code numbers, it means that you were not logged into iCloud through your laptop. You can change it as follows:

  • Type in the search bar “iCloud” or through the menu go to system settings.
  • Select “Account”, then “Security”.
  • Then you can change the password through two-step verification or using recovery keys (phone number, email, security questions).

How to change iCloud password on iPhone

iCloud is the cloud storage you need to sync, save, and update your iOS and Mac data. The work takes place in the background, so many users forget about this function and are surprised when the gadget asks for some numbers. In this regard, the question arises of how to change the password for iCloud on the iPhone. In most cases, the need to change it arises when selling a phone or buying a new one in order to secure your personal information on the device and cloud storage. How to change iCloud password on iPhone?

Change iCloud password on iPad

Replacing account information on an iPad is the same as on an iPhone. If your phone has been updated to iOS 11 or later, you can replace the data through two-factor identification with a recovery key attached to it. You can use it to reset the old and set a new password.

Other options

If there is no access to any of the devices, then changing the code characters is available through the Locator service, which can be used from someone else’s computer or iPhone.

If authorization fails, you should contact technical support through the official Apple website. With step-by-step instructions and bind keys, you can restore or change your account information.

Did you fail to change the password digits? You can read the article again, try to find similar markings and points through the search or in the settings of your gadget, then follow the instructions.

Important! You should not rely on your memory, it is better to write down all logins and passwords not only to accounts, but also to the emails associated with them.

Thus, there are several ways to change iCloud password on iPhone. If this fails, you can try resetting all settings on your phone. But this is the very last option that you can use, since all data on the device will be deleted.