How To Change Huawei Lock Screen

Need to move time on Huawei or Honor lock screen? Many users have problems performing this operation on Android mobile phones. Our article will address this issue and provide the information you are interested in.

How to move time on Honor lock screen?

Huawei and Honor smartphones are very popular. In fact, these phones are produced by one company, only under different brands and they are designed for different market segments. Smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer use their own shell. It has a stylish interface and chips. One of the features of the shell is beautiful and unique date and time widgets.

Many users have a question: “How to set the time on the lock screen, move it to another location”? It is important to know that the shell of these smartphones does not allow you to move widgets in this area. You can use only the style and placement of elements that is provided by the developer.

Is there really no way to re-arrange widgets? The only option is to set a different style for the lock screen. Required:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. In the menu, find the item “Security and Privacy”.
  3. Click on the “Screen lock and passwords” section.
  4. Go to Lock Screen Style.
  5. This section offers several options for later selection. Click on one of the styles, then click on “Apply”.
  6. Now on your smartphone a different lock screen with a different design and placement of the clock. But you can always return the previous option according to the described scheme.

There is a Themes application on the desktop. In it you can find additional options for the design of the shell and lock screen. For smartphones from this Chinese manufacturer, there are many different themes for every taste.

How To Change Huawei Lock Screen

How to remove time from the lock screen?

The ability to completely remove the watch also raises many questions. Can this be done at all? Let’s look at this issue in more detail.

Turn off the time

The clock on the lock screen in Android OS is disabled through the settings. But since manufacturers upgrade the system and produce their own shells, this operation is not always carried out according to the standard scheme.

EMUI did not detect such a function. The clock cannot be removed from the lock screen, the developers did not add such an option. Perhaps it is present in custom firmware for these devices.

How to remove double time on the lock screen?

The EMUI shell has the ability to display home and local time. A dual clock appears on the screen for user convenience. But they can be disabled according to this scheme:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Scroll to the date and time settings.
  3. Find the item “Double watch”.
  4. Click on it to deactivate.

How to put time on the lock screen?

The clock on the lock display is available immediately after the activation of a new device. This widget is included in the operating system at the software level. Therefore, the owner does not need to manually activate the watch.

Why is the wrong time on the lock screen?

Is the wrong time on the lock screen? There are many reasons for this. lost settings, software errors, problems on the developer’s servers, etc. What the user needs to do:

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