How to change emoticons on Samsung

How to install emoticons on Android using the TouchPal X keyboard firmware

It so happens that an additional utility is needed for correct operation. The reason for this may be the brand of the smartphone or the features of its operating system. Here is the sequence of how to add emoticons to WhatsApp on Android by installing an additional application:

Further actions depend on which version of Android on the smartphone.

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Important! During the download, you may be asked to access your phone data. But the owner of the device shouldn’t worry about the safety of their information. This application does not collect any data. This warning appears thanks to the built-in security of the phone.

What to do if Google Keyboard is missing

All Android devices support emoticons without exception. They are already built in by default in the standard Google Keyboard.

If the user does not have this application, then it can be found on Google Play. Next, go to “Language and input” and select the downloaded utility, and the keyboard will appear automatically when you enter a message.

Note! In the latest versions of the Android system, emoji sets are already included in the standard Keyboard. If you press the Enter key for a long time, you will be able to bring up a menu with emoticons, or by clicking on a separate button with a smiley image.

There are other keyboard options besides Keyboard that offer a large selection of Emoji:

  • Gboard is an official utility from Google, which is available in most smartphone models. But if it is missing, then it should be installed. Developers are constantly improving their product. Users also don’t have to worry about the reliability of Gboard because it’s an official program;
  • SwiftKey is one of the most downloaded keyboards in the Play Market. It has a user-friendly interface. Besides auto-correction, the program offers various themes. Also, the user has the ability to change the size of the keyboard window. SwiftKey keeps typing statistics, so the smartphone owner can check his typing speed;
  • Fleksy is also a simple program that supports the gesture control option. To delete an unnecessary character, just swipe. Also, the creators offer a large selection of themes and additional extensions. They are needed to copy information, paste templates. The program itself is free, but some themes can be opened after payment;
  • Ai.Type makes it possible to insert not only emoticons, but also pictures. The developers have added an option for message templates that are composed of user messages. Sometimes it’s pretty funny. But this utility does not differ in a simple and intuitive interface, which you may not be able to understand right away. There is a free version of the program, but there are too many ads in it. However, it is one of the most downloaded keyboards on Android;
  • GO Keyboard resembles the previous keyboard. There are also many different settings, themes for design. In addition to a set of emoji for Android, the creators of this keyboard made gifs, pictures available. The main advantage of GO Keyboard is the absence of ads.

Note! One of the reasons why users download other keyboards is the large selection of additional features. Many of these programs are free, but their main drawback is the presence of ads. However, you can install simple keyboards with an extended set of emoji.

Thanks to the keyboard, images and gifs can be inserted into the text

How to update emoticons on Android. detailed instructions

Emoticons have long been actively used for communication. Often, emoji can replace whole words and even sentences. It so happens that the standard set of emoticons is not enough for users. The developers have created various emojis that you can use to express your emotions. But in order to get them, you need to know how to update the emoticons on Android, which came immediately after purchasing the phone.

Installing emoticons for Android 4.0 and earlier

For the keyboard to work correctly, the installed program must match the OS version. And the options for how to make iPhone emoticons on an Android device will be slightly different.

For your information! To determine the version of the operating system, you need to go to the phone settings. This information is located in the section “About the device”.

Here’s how to add emoji to your Android keyboard:

  • You need to go to the “Language and input” section.
  • Next, you need to select the item “Keyboard and input methods”.
  • The user will see a list of suitable utilities, among which he needs to select the appropriate application.

To make a menu with emoji appear, just press the corresponding key with their image or hold down a certain button for a long time. The method depends on the installed software, device model and Android OS version.

Note! Most often, users install SwiftKey. This program can be found in the Play Market. Also popular is the Keyboard utility, which offers an extensive set of emoticons. The user only needs to select the appropriate keyboard as the main one.

Emoticons in Android keyboards 4.4 and later

The owner of smartphones with Android OS version 4.4 and higher will use another instruction for installing the required application:

  • First you need to open a field to enter text.
  • On a standard keyboard, you need to open additional functions. To do this, press the key with the image of a microphone or gear. These buttons are next to the space bar.
  • In the additional menu, the user should find a key with a smiley image. This will open a set of emoji. At the bottom of the standard keyboard, you can switch between typing letters and emoticons.
  • To change the Emoji input to plain text, you need to press the key with the letters ABC.

Increasingly, users are using emoji for communication. Such popularity of emoticons is easy to explain, because with their help a person can easily convey his mood to the interlocutor. This is also a time saver, since a few smileys are enough to express your thoughts. Therefore, the developers come up with new emoji.

Chatting using emoticons makes it easier to send messages

Note! It has become popular to create sets based on famous films or books. Also, users are more likely to install emoticons timed to a specific holiday.

There is also an option on how to change emoticons on Android. This can be done using the following instructions:

  • You need to go to the smartphone settings.
  • In the settings, go to the “Basic” section.
  • Next, you need to go to the “Keyboard” option.
  • In the settings that appear, you need to select “New keyboards”.
  • Choose Emoji from the suggested options. In this case, you need to put a checkmark in front of the English and Russian languages.

Possible problems installing emoticons on Android

It so happens that a user has downloaded an application with the set he needs, but it does not function correctly. What problems may arise during installation:

  • an error message appears during loading or the application simply does not load to the end;
  • not all types of emoticons are displayed;
  • the application is malfunctioning, while typing a text message, it may suddenly crash;
  • emoji are not displayed when sending a message.

The reasons for the incorrect operation of the selected utility may be the following:

  • the android version is incompatible with the installed application. Therefore, you should not reflash your smartphone, it is enough to find a keyboard suitable for the system requirements of the device. You can read the advice of other users on the forums;
  • the incorrect version of the application is installed if it was downloaded from an unverified site. Viruses can be another reason for malfunctioning. Such a utility must be removed immediately;
  • the application can block other programs on the smartphone. For example, an antivirus program that considers the keyboard to be a malicious utility. If the user is confident in the reliability of the application, protection can be disabled while using the application.

Important! Rarely, but there are sets of emoticons that are suitable only for certain versions of the android. This can lead to incorrect sending of the message. For example, a smartphone owner has an emoji set that matches the OS version, while his interlocutor has a different Android version, and the picture may not be displayed.

Any keyboard has built-in emoji

Installing emoticons on the Android keyboard is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to find the right version of the program. Then the owner of the smartphone will be able to express their emotions using emoji symbols. Also, the user can change the design of the keyboard and install additional tools to improve the efficiency of the typing skill.

How to change the region on a Samsung Galaxy phone

Going on a trip or even moving to a new place of residence, and now you do not know how to change the region on the Samsung Galaxy? You will be surprised how easy it is to do this. And our step-by-step instructions will help you do it yourself, without contacting the masters.

How to change the country for Google Play

If you use Google Pay, then you probably know that your place of residence is indicated in the settings of this service, namely the country in which you live. This significantly affects the payment process. In another country, the settings and options of this service may differ significantly from yours, so when you move, they must also be changed. over, this can be done only once a year.

To change the region in the service, do the following:

  • Open the Google Play Store app from your Android device.
  • Click on the “Advanced” button, open the “Account” line, then select “Countries and Profiles”.
  • Select the country you want to make the main country from the list.
  • Add a payment option for that country by following the instructions in the system.
  • The first payment method must work in the country for which you are adding a profile. By creating a profile, you can add payment technologies from other countries.

A Google Payment account has been created for the new location. The data will be automatically updated in the Google Play Store service within 24 hours.

Region change on Samsung TV in 2021

The region settings on your Samsung TV are very important for the correct display of options and settings for branded online services. In some cases, an incorrect region in the settings can make some options completely unavailable. You can unblock the region or change it by connecting the VPN service, or using a conventional remote control, voice control or engineering Smart-menu.

To adjust the parameters using a conventional remote control, you need to simultaneously press the buttons on it: info, setting, mute and power. You can also press Mute, then the combination of numbers 119 and the OK button. After waiting for the menu to appear on the screen, dial the buttons 1234, after which the service menu will appear on the screen.

Here we find the Options section. Before making changes, it is recommended to write down or take snapshots of existing settings so that you can revert them back if something goes wrong.

Next, go to the Local Set section. Change the EU parameter to EU_RS_AFR. Go back to Options and open the MRT Options item. Here, in the Language Set line, we indicate CIS, in the Region. PANUERO, in the PnP language item we change the language to the desired one. The last parameter. WI-FI Region. here we put the value that corresponds to our region.

Switch the device off and on again. the lock, if any, will be released and your TV will display options available for the other region.

Instructions on how to change the region, language and time zone

Samsung phones run on the Android operating system, so to change the specified data, you can use the standard instructions for all phones of this type:

  • Open the options and expand the “Advanced settings” section of the menu.
  • We find the lines: “Date and time”, “Language and input” and “Region”. We open and edit each of them. we change the region, time zone and system language to the current ones.

If the version of Android on your device is older than 9, select the following procedure:

  • Launch Settings and open the “Advanced” section in the “System and Device” category.
  • Select the “Region” section.
  • Select the required country from the list of countries and make it the main one.
  • Return to the “Advanced” section and tap on the “Language and input” line, then set the system language.
  • Again we return to the “Advanced” menu. Now we need “Date and Time”. here we select a new time zone and set up the clock if it is out of order.

How to change region on Samsung Galaxy Watch

In the Galaxy Watch settings, it is possible to independently change the time zone, as well as add the ability to show the time for other cities.

To change the time on your phone, activate the “Clock” application, click on the “” icon (the button in the form of three dots on the left side of the screen) and select the settings section. Find the item “Clock” and change the date and time in it to the current one. If your location is outside your home time zone and you need to know what time it is in your home city, click the “Show home time” button.

To add a time display for several regions at once, in the application settings, click on the globe-shaped icon. this is the “World Clock” section. In the search box, enter the name of the new city to add. You can add multiple locations and move them around in the list to customize the display order. Save your changes. you will now see a few hours. To display them, swipe right on the time display.

How to set your own SMS ringtone sound in Samsung a50 or a51 phone

Many people prefer to change custom SMS sounds in Samsung a50 and a51 to their own. Nothing to be surprised.

The built-in SMS sound even misleads us sometimes. When we walk down the street and there are a lot of people, we often cannot even see if we received an SMS.

This is not surprising, because most people use the standard built-in sounds, although they can put their own personal and favorite ringtone on the SMS.

If you wish, you can even set it up so as to change the melody for a specific number, for example, a shot from a weapon may mean that the boss wrote to you or the crack of a whip will tell you that your wife wrote an SMS.

It is easy to set up a custom contact signal, although I will write how to change the SMS melody on Samsung a50 and a51, you can just as well change to a30, j2, a5, j5, j3 If you are something like me, then you it’s boring to use the same music, so look at the instructions and enjoy the expanse.

How to change SMS sound on Samsung a50 or Samsung a51 to your own melody

To do this, just go to the settings. It has Sound and Vibration, and it has a notification sound. You can stagger back and forth, walk through all the built-in.

Only the melodies there will not find only the tones that are already boring to everyone, and using any music file as SMS music on your Galaxy a50 or a51 is not as difficult as you think.

You don’t need to download special apps or tools, you just need to have an mp3 music file on your phone.

If you already have it on the memory card, and most likely you already have it, then go and click to open the “Samsung” folder.

Then the application “My Files”. Open the folder “memory card” (or another location) and find the music file you want to use.

Press and hold the file until different options appear at the bottom. At the bottom of this menu, click Copy or Move. Then select the phone memory, look for the “Notifications” directory.

Move it there or copy it. Now your ringtone is ready to be set as SMS ringtone.

Open “Settings”, then “Sounds and vibes”, while pay attention to the SIM card. you can change the melody for two at once. one ringtone for 2 SIM cards.

Go to Notification Sounds. Choose your music file and voila! It is now automatically set as the default notification sound.

On Samsung a50 and Samsung a51, everything happens according to the same scheme, despite the fact that the first one uses Android 9, and the second Android 10.

Applications such as. Gmail or WhatsApp also have their own notification sounds, but you can easily change them if you want.

The procedure may differ depending on each application, though. We’ll show you an example with WhatsApp:

As you can see, do not limit yourself to standard sounds or notification melodies, you can also create and use your own.

All you have to do is put the desired sound files in the right place and they will be selected as SMS message sounds. Success.

How to put SMS ringtone on Samsung phone?

In this article, we will show you how to change or set the SMS notification ringtone on your Samsung smartphone. And if changing the melody to another is quite simple (provided that the melody is built-in), then things are different with their own ringtone. However, there is nothing complicated here either, although the process will take a little longer.

If you decide to just change the melody to another built-in one, go to the settings.

Next, select a SIM card. Even if only one SIM is installed, you still need to choose one of the options. Let’s use the first SIM as an example.

We select a melody by tapping on it, after which it starts to play. If the melody suits you, just click on the “Back” button.

Open the application “My files” or any other file manager.

We select the device memory where you saved your own ringtone. internal or external (memory card), if any. We have melodies stored in internal memory.

Long press to select the ringtone, then press “Copy”.

We return to the main memory section and open the Notifications folder.

Now we do everything the same as mentioned in the first part of the article: go to the settings, select the “Sounds and vibration” section, then select the “Notification sounds” item, the required SIM and And look for a melody in the list that will appear in this list, since we placed it in the Notifications folder. And here she is. tap on it and press “Back”.

If you transfer a ringtone from a computer or laptop, immediately transfer it to the Notifications folder, then the ringtone will instantly appear in the section with ringtones for notifications. The number of ringtones for this folder, as far as we know, is not limited.

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How to install iPhone emoticons on Android

Now we need to launch the zFont program and, on the Home tab, scroll down the page to the “Emoji” section. You don’t even have to go far there. in the TOP popular we immediately find emoji IOS14.2. We will use them.

Next, to make iPhone emoticons on your Android phone, you will need to click on the “Download” button and, after the layout with the emoji is loaded, click on the “Apply” button to apply the changes. The next step will show instructions on what to do specifically for your smartphone. I’ll show for the two most popular brands right now. these are Samsung and Xiaomi.

How to make iPhone emoticons on Android (Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.)

That’s how for me. so there is absolutely no difference which emoticons to use in correspondence. The main thing is emoticons, and how they differ from one another is the tenth thing. But not everyone thinks so, and therefore many people often look for an opportunity to make iPhone emoticons on Android phones: Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. Unfortunately, there is a way to do this using the built-in customization of the interface, in simple words, by simply installing the theme in the settings. The only way I know to put iPhone emoticons on my Android smartphone is to use the special zFont 3 Emoji Custom Font Change application. In this tutorial I will show you how to use it on the example of Samsung and Xiaomi phones.

How to change emoticons on Xiaomi Redmi

After applying the package with iOS Emoji on your Xiaomi phone, you will see a choice of three options that allow you to put iPhone emoticons on your smartphone. I chose the third method, signed as Latest, that is, the most recent and relevant.

Then a window popped up with further instructions, where it was written that it was necessary to activate the theme (Apple Me) iOS14.2 in the theme manager. What I immediately did.

Please note that in the theme manager, I left only a check mark on the “System” item, and I removed the checkmarks from the “Desktop”, “Lock screen” and “Icons” items, since I do not need them. I only need emoji. Then the phone will ask you to restart it, after which the changes will take effect.


Installing and Configuring zFont 3 Emoji

In order to install the application on your phone, you must go to the Play Store, find the zFont 3 program there and click on the “Install” button. Note. the description of the program indicates No ROOT, which means you do not need to have superuser rights to use the application.

After installation, you will first need to give zFont permission to access files on your smartphone, and then to install additional applications and install packages from third-party sources.

The phone will warn you that it is dangerous. But we need iPhone emoji emoticons and nothing will stop us. press the “Accept” button. This completes the installation and configuration of the application.

Putting iPhone emoticons on Samsung

With Samsung smartphones with their trendy One UI, the installation of new Emoji is much more difficult than with Xiaomi. There is one very important condition, without which you will not be able to make iPhone emoticons on Samsung. you must have a working account in the Samsung account. Then you will see the following list of actions:

The first five steps are installing the “Circle Rounded FlipFonf” application, changing the default font to the one specified in the instructions, saving a backup of the settings to the Samsung Cloud and removing this application.

Then you need to install the selected iOS Emoji package, change the font to Default and restore the settings from the previously made backup to the cloud.

Attention! You only need to restore the settings. You don’t need to restore anything else!

Well, that’s it! Now you can check the iOS emoticons on the keyboard. They must be replaced system-wide, i.e. in all applications!

Emoticon for cat lovers

And I thought it was “thank you”.))))

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Great emoticons, are they ugly?

And how to change Android Oreo emoticons to old 2016 emoticons?

And it seems like if you replace them, then they will be displayed only on your smart.

How to change emoticons on Android

I think every Android owner has ever wondered, what the hell is Google? Why are your emoticons so ugly. My opinion may be subjective, but iOS emoticons look much better and more interesting than standard Google emoticons.

I decided to change the set of emoticons on my Sony Z2. I succeeded and I would like to share with you.

Thadam, that’s all, now you have a set of emojis with iOS10.

p.s. The post is repeated, because for some reason in the previous one was considered a hidden advertisement. The author of the application has nothing to do with me, I just share what I found myself on the Internet. A discussion of the application is also available on

How to stop being afraid and love adb

Recently, more and more people refuse to get root rights. Everyone has their own reasons. Someone does not want to bother and read complex manuals, someone is afraid of losing the warranty. Google also contributes to this, allowing in new versions of Android, although not easy, but still perform some actions that were previously impossible without root. Today we will talk about fine tuning through adb. Mostly the article is written for people who do not have root rights on the phone, for those who still have root rights. the article is provided as is. The author of the article is not responsible for your actions.

First, let’s remember that none of the actions described in this article can ruin your phone. You do not have root rights, which means it is impossible to spoil any component of the system. This does not concern your personal files and the application, it is only about the system components, the firmware, in short. Also, these actions can in no way affect the warranty of your phone, in fact, for the same reasons. Without root, we just don’t touch system components. We use only what the system itself allows us, as a user.

Let’s analyze a little the system itself. Android does not have disks like Windows. There are folders. Folders can be, for example, a memory card. Imagine that when you insert a flash drive on your computer, a “flash drive” folder appears on the desktop. You take it out, it disappears. This is roughly how the system works on your phone. And so, getting into the shell of your phone, you find yourself in the root, main folder. It contains a bunch of folders where you do not have access. For example System (firmware folder) or Data (application data folder). That is, you seem to have access to these folders, but only for reading. You cannot modify, delete or add your files there. No root access for this. We are interested in the internal memory of the phone, a memory card, where recording is quite accessible to us. And so, the internal memory of the phone is always called / sdcard. The memory card may be located in a different location, but usually it is / storage / 0123-4567

In order to get into the shell of your phone (command line), you need to perform simple actions on the phone. Go to the phone settings, look for the item “About Phone”. In it, look for information about the firmware, version, etc. We are interested in the item “Build number”. You need to click on it quickly 10 times. The inscription “Developer mode is enabled” should appear. Fear not, nothing bad will happen, just a new “Developer options” menu will appear in the phone settings. You need to go to this menu and turn on “USB Debugging”.

Next, you need to install adb on your computer. To do this, you need to download “15 seconds adb installer”. Unfortunately, I can’t give direct links, but I’m sure by searching in Google you will find the file you need.

Run as administrator, several times agree by pressing “Y” on the keyboard, install drivers from Google Inc.

Once you have installed adb necessary drivers, you can work with phone command line.

To do this, in the start-up press Run and hammer in CMD with your hands. Well, or anywhere on the desktop, press “Win R” on the keyboard, type in “cmd” (without quotes), press Enter.

You are at the command line of the computer. To connect to the command line of the phone, type in adb shell. A dialogue may appear on the phone. “Should I trust this computer?” Click to trust. If everything went smoothly, you should see something like 1 | greatlte: /

pwd. shows the location (full path) to the folder where you are

rm.rf. remove recursive force (delete a folder / file along with all its contents) (This is a dangerous command! If you run it while, say, in the root of the phone’s memory, you will erase all files (photos, for example) on the memory card. It is better not to use this command without fully understanding that what is she doing).

mv. move (move or rename)

cd / sdcard / Downdload. change folder to / sdcard / Downdload

mkdir Papka. creates a Papka folder in the folder where you are

mkdir / sdcard / Downdload / Papka. creates a Papka folder in / sdcard / Downdload

copy bxActions.APK bxActions1.APK. creates a copy of bxActions.APK named bxActions1.APK in the folder where you are

mv bxActions.APK bxActions1.APK. renames the bxActions.APK file to bxActions1.APK in the folder where you are

mv /sdcard/Downdload/bxActions.APK /sdcard/bxActions.APK. transfers the bxActions.APK file from the / sdcard / Downdload / folder to the root of the internal memory (/ sdcard)

Feel like a hacker, start using the Tab key on your keyboard. For example write cd / SD [press the TAB button] turns out. cd / sdcard

Continue. cd / sdcard / Dow [press the TAB button]. you get cd / sdcard / Downdload / and now you can press Enter. It turns out faster, if you get used to it, life will become much easier)

The Tab button on the command line tries to continue what you write by substituting the names of files and folders that are in the system.

What can adb do? Let’s start with the basics. Reboot to main modes.

reboot bootloader. reboot into download mode or bootloader mode

reboot recovery. reboot into recovery mode

Working with the display of any system characteristics:

getprop ro.bootloader. show bootloader version (Samsung only)

getprop ro.boot.carrierid. display phone region (Samsung only)

getprop. displays a full list of commands immediately with the results, you can see a bunch of information about the phone

These two commands, push and pull, download and upload files to the phone from the PC and vice versa.

For example. Open your cmd on your computer. There you also find yourself immediately in some folder. Usually this is some kind of C: \ Windows \ System32. Let’s say you need to download a file from your desktop to your phone. At the PC command prompt, write. cd C: \ Users \ Vasya \ Desktop

Vasya. username, you have it by itself is different) Use the TAB button as written above, it will be faster and easier. The task is to write C: \ Users \ Vasya \ Desktop instead of C: \ Windows \ System32

Once you are at the command line on your desktop, you can, for example, send a contact file to your phone:

And the contacts file will be copied from your desktop to your phone, to the / sdcard / Download / folder

Using the pull command, you can, on the contrary, download from your phone to your PC:

adb pull /sdcard/Download/contacts.csv contacts.csv

The file should be in the folder where you are using the command line on the PC (but we are on your desktop, right?)

We give special permissions to any program using the bxAction example:

BxActions requires two special permissions to work, WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS and READ_LOGS. These permissions can only be given through a computer, through adb. The developer himself recommends entering the following on the command line:

adb shell pm grant com.jamworks.bxactions Android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

adb shell pm grant com.jamworks.bxactions Android.permission.READ_LOGS

These are correct commands, but they don’t tell you if they worked as you type. I recommend typing like this:

adb shell. here we go to the shell of the phone

pm grant com.jamworks.bxactions Android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

How to change ur android emojis to ios emojis[zfont problem fixed](galaxy themes)

pm grant com.jamworks.bxactions Android.permission.READ_LOGS

If you encounter any errors while typing, you will see it. If all is well, the output will be empty.

In this not very tricky way, you can grant applications permissions that previously could only be accessed by getting root! Unfortunately, Google allows not all rights to be issued in this way, the same Titanuim Backup will not work, however, many other applications now know how to work, being content only with the rights available in adb.

I will list a few applications that asked for special rights, I issued them via adb and the applications work fine. It. Wakelock Detector, Tasker, Adhell, Andromeda, AutoNotification, bxAction, Substratum, SystemUI Tuner.

There is a situation when you have installed some kind of application, for example a theme. You want to remove it, but you cannot find it in the list of installed applications. It also happens that an application is in the list, but it is not deleted. The built-in package manager will help us here.

Each application has a unique package name. Let’s say this is the internal name of the application, such as the system sees it. You only see the name from the so-called translation strings. Even if the application is not translated into any other languages ​​besides the native language of the developer or just English, in any case the application will have a so-called default translation in which the name of the application will be spelled out. Thus, you see bxActions instead of com.jamworks.bxactions in your application menu

There are, of course, packages that are, say, some kind of system add-ons that do not translate even in the default translation file and leave the name of the package directly. By the way, clones are created using the same logic. It is enough to rebuild (just rebuild through special software) the com.jamworks.bxactions package named com.jamworks.bxactions1 and upon installation you will receive the second bxActions application) Such a clone will not always work, but this is one of the ways to create a clone. The system sees applications with different package names as separate applications.

View all packages installed on the system, incl. those that are embedded in the firmware and cannot be deleted

The package manager can also install applications. For example, you dropped bxActions.APK into the Download folder

Congratulations, you installed the application without touching the phone)

The package manager can also disable applications. For example, you do not like the built-in browser, you are using Chrome yourself installed from the market. Out of habit, you go to the settings on the phone, select the application item, find the built-in browser, but there is no item to disable, there is only a stop. This is where the package manager comes in handy. Of course, you will say that you can put some kind of Disabler from the market, but this is not always convenient, so just know that there is a way to do it through adb.

pm disable com.jamworks.bxactions. to disable

pm enable com.jamworks.bxactions. to turn it back on if you change your mind

There is one catch, you may not know what the name of the Browser application package is. Usually, if you go to the properties of the application through the settings (Settings. Applications. BxActions), then in some line the name of the package is indicated, but on Samsung, for example, not always. If there is no place to see the name of the package, but you don’t want to look in the output of cmd package list packages, you can use third-party software. For example, the conductor that I constantly use is able to do this. In Solid Explorer, open the side menu, applications, select a system or user application, see a list of applications and under each one is written the name of the package.

How to enable emoticons on Samsung

I have no guest mode

On some smartphones, the function is either not available or available in a different form. For example, on some Samsung smartphones it is called a different term, look for private mode.

Emoji on Galaxy. how to enable emoji keyboard

First, we note that the Emoji keyboard on the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 does not need to be separately searched and downloaded anywhere.

And even more so, do not worry that you will have to demolish the native Samsung keyboard, so convenient and functional to put Emoji. It is already installed on these devices, you just need to know where to turn it on.

For those who are not yet in the subject, we explain: Emoji is a large set of emoticons, or, more simply, cute and cool emoticons that are fashionable today to insert into text messages and emails.

It is believed that all these bright colored faces and icons allow us to convey our emotions much better in the process of correspondence. By the way, thanks to a recent update, now you can send emoticons with Emoji even to the iPhone, while they will be displayed the same way as on Android (there may be some nuances, but in general the emoticons will be very similar).

In the Android 4.4.2 mobile OS, the Emoji keyboard is available in a built-in, so to speak, form and, accordingly, is loaded by default as part of the update on the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 models. read more about them here.

Another thing is that not all users yet know where to find Emoji and how to enable it. The process of quickly mastering Emojii is also complicated by the fact that, firstly, the keyboard with emoticons does not work with all applications, and secondly, it is located in different mobile programs in different ways.

Therefore, we will try to tell you how to find Emoji in some of the most popular Android applications, as well as where exactly to look for it, if you suddenly did not find the option to enable the emoji keyboard in your Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3.

As we said, Emoji support is a built-in option on the original Samsung keyboard. So using it you will see emoticons on your S4 (S5 or Note 3) in messages received from the same devices.

So what else can you control?

On Samsung devices, we can use Samsung Knox to manage the following list of features on your child’s device. These settings are available in our web control panel when you click on your Samsung device in Kid Mode and then click on the Advanced tab. Please note that these features will only appear on our web dashboard if we detect that your child has a Samsung device.

Disable multiplayer mode. this is the option to disable guest mode and create a new account.

Brighten up your stories

Emojis, Stickers and GIFs. it is the lifeblood of smartphone chats and interactions. The emoji and sticker suggestion features in Samsung keyboard help you automatically find the icons you want based on the context of your conversation. 2, 3 For example, if you enter the word “love”, the keyboard will display a heart-shaped emoji in the forecast window. By clicking on the sticker suggestion bubble, the function will open the corresponding stickers from Bitmoji and mojitok. Then you can simply tap on the emoticon or sticker to insert it into your message.

To enable emoji and sticker suggestions, enter Smart Typing in Settings and toggle the buttons next to Suggest Emoji and Suggest Stickers When Typing. You can choose sources of stickers by entering the menu “Suggest stickers when typing”.

The S20 keyboard also lets you search for GIFs and stickers. All you have to do is enter a keyword into the search bar and it will show you images that can bring your stories to life. Tap the Expand Toolbar icon, click Search, and enter your keywords. The function will then display different categories of search results.

Plus, you can even search for contacts, images in your gallery, and content on Netflix and Spotify to share with friends right from your keyboard without switching between apps. 4 You can access these search functions by clicking the corresponding icons on the keyboard toolbar.